A college student learns what it means to be a slave

I remember the first time I was exposed to this world. I was 20, and in my 2nd year of college, majoring in aviation technology. I had been studying my brains out for a paper when I decided to take a break and have some good naughty fun online. I took out the notebook and was goofing off in the chat rooms for a bit. I had a few women I chatted with from time to time, even cybered with a few, but the ones in my area weren't on, so I surfed a bit, checking some of the naughtier chat rooms. I took a break for a moment and went to the soda machines in my dorm, and when i came back, I had a few instant messages on the screen. Most were from bots, but one had 5 words on it that intrigued me... "ever been a sex slave?" this one said. I was curious, so I pulled up the profile. It was blank, just age, sex and marital status was filled out. 37, female, single. No URLs or anything, so it didn't look like I bot, so I answered.

"Not unless you count the time my ex girlfriend tied me to a chair and gave me a hummer", I replied. There was a brief moment when I thought I was wasting my time, but then the screen answered with "Did you like being tied up?" We chatted for close to an hour, and she asked me loads of questions about past sexual experiences, what I found attractive sexually, and if I loved oral sex, specifically, blow jobs. She told me that she loved young men because they came sooooo much and had the ability to cum a few times a day easily. I was getting hard thinking of the conversation and where it might lead. She asked if we could chat again, and I eagerly replied that I would.

Over the next couple of weeks she and I continued our exploration of each other. She was 37, loved to play tennis, enjoyed skiing, and had a 30' boat she had just put into storage. She was a sun worshipper, and it seemed to me that she was a woman of leisure. She kept herself fit, and told me that she was rather tall and had short strawberry blonde hair. Since I hadn't seen a picture of her yet, I was holding my expectations in check, but the mental image I had already was very nice. After about two weeks of chatting, she started asking rather embarassing sexual questions, but I answered truthfully. "Have you ever tasted your precum when you masturbate?" was one. I told her after a moment's hesitation that I had. "Did you like it?" was the next. I told her even though the thought kind of repulsed me at first, I was curious and did taste it. Then she asked if I had ever tasted my own cum before, either from masturbating, kissing a woman after getting a blowjob, or going down on a woman after I had fucked her. I told her yes, on two counts, and that I didn't mind- the women seemed to love having me go down on them after I came, but usually I wore a condom and didn't have an opportunity to 'eat a cream pie'... but I had tasted my cum from my fingers after masturbating (something I was a little ashamed to admit, but I liked doing it) and I had tasted a little of my cum after kissing a woman who gave me a great blowjob once.

She seemed fascinated with my responses and asked if we could meet sometime. She flattered me by telling me how cute but rugged I was in my photos I had on MySpace, and that double whammy made me even more eager to meet her. It turned out she lived less than an hour's drive from my dorm, and she wanted me to go to her summer house to meet her. She was closing it up and wanted "a man's help". I agreed to meet her at a popular restaurant near her place so we could have lunch. It was then she sent me a photo of what she looked like. She wasn't kidding- she was very tall and slender, and reminded me of that woman on CSI, the redhead, but she didn't look so severe- her face was softer and not as angular, and her eyes held a certain sparkle to them, like she got the joke before anyone else did. I was enraptured. Her photo was her on the boat, wearing a bikini- something I rarely see women over the age of 25 in... this woman was a definite MILF. We would meet next weekend.

The next week passed by in a flash, and yet it dragged. She told me her name was Johanna, and that she was REALLY looking forwards to meeting with me. I was also instructed NOT to masturbate or have any orgasms for the following week. Every night when I went to bed, I wanted to, images of her dancing through my mind in an endless x-rated video. I was so hyped up that the days were a blur- but the nights crept by. I hadn't seen her online the whole week and a part of me was scared that she wouldn't show. Maybe she had lost interest. Finally, Saturday morning arrived, I checked my messages and there was a two word message from her. Twelve noon. I packed my discreet 'overnight' bag in my car, and after scrubbing myself clean, picking out my nicest casual clothes, I was off. Finding the restaurant was easy enough, and I made it with a good 20 minutes to spare. I parked, wondering if I should wait outside, or get a table for us. I decided to wait for at the bar, where I could see the entrance. Sipping a Capt. Morgan's and Coke, I fidgeted, half watching the television above the bar but mostly watching the door. At two minutes of, she arrived.

To say Johanna looked 'beautiful' would be like calling DaVinci a 'good drawer'. Words didn't do her justice. One might as well draw music, sculpt the wind, or paint a poem. Matter of fact, there was only one word that immediately came to mind when she took off her sunglasses and I saw her eyes in person, and that was 'fey'. They were playful, yet mysterious... filled with child like glee but definitely in control. She smiled at me when she saw me, and walked towards me with a confident stride. I introduced myself and took her hand and kissed it. She grinned, like a kid on Christmas morning finding exactly what she wanted under the tree. Little did I know how apt that analogy would be.

Soon, we were shown to a table and, being the gentleman (and wanting to make a good impression) held her chair out for her. Lunch passed by in a blur- I didn't even remember ordering, and barely recalled eating. We talked of light matters, a few deep questions thrown in here and there- but we explored each other over the course of an hour or so... both of us liking what we found. After lunch, we had a light drink and told each other little stories of our childhoods. I felt a little out of my league, but Johanna was completely at ease. It rubbed off on me as well, or maybe it was the alcohol, but I doubt it... after all, I had only had two drinks in nearly 90 minutes on a lunch date, and I had drunk quite a bit more in the past with no ill effects, but I certainly didn't want to make a fool of myself. I started milking the last half of my drink.

When Johanna asked if I was ready to give her a hand at the house, I waved the waitress over and took care of the charges, then after I pulled Johanna's chair out again, she suprised me by slipping her arm into mine as we walked outside into the crisp fall air. I walked her to her car and she told me to get in, that it was okay to leave my car here for awhile. She drove one of those Porsche SUVs, an elegant silver one. I felt ashamed of the non-descript die cast hunk of metal I called a car, feeling once again out of my league. She didn't seem to be the 'show off' type as far as material things, though- she just knew what she liked. I felt a little more at ease.

After a few minutes, we found ourselves on a dirt road that wound through the woods for at least a quarter mile. I commented that you'd think the town would have had it paved by now, and she kind of laughed and said "Why would they? I can't name many towns that would pave a residential driveway... but I may have gravel laid down on it next year- it gets quite muddy in the spring." I was flabbergasted, and about to be full out astonished in a moment. The trees parted, giving view to a commanding view of the lake, with a 'summer home' larger than my dorm. There was a field perhaps half the size of the quad to one side, with a wrought iron handrail leading over the edge down to the water. When we parked, I could see them going about 30 feet to a dock that would have held a half dozen boats easily, although there was none there at the moment. Then, I remembered she had just had hers put into storage. The house was a blend of log cabin and contemporary, with glass from floor to cathedral ceiling in the immense living room I saw as we entered. Johanna gave me the grand tour, and I half wondered that if this was her 'summer house', how would her regualr home look? As if reading my mind, she answered my unspoken question.

"My home is actually a bit smaller than this- not as much land... I only go back to the city during the summer for parties and such, but I do like to entertain from time to time. I found this at a fairly reasonable price... practically available for the asking." She grinned at me with those fey eyes and said "But I might find a few reasons to stay later in the season this year..."

We did some of the usual things people do when closing up a summer home. Taking some of the furniture off the deck and putting it in the storage shed, taking the outdoor plants inside, the usual things. After about an hour of getting some work done, she noticed my khakis were a little dirty, probably from taking the dock hardware up to the shed. She disappeared for a moment and came back with a pair of flannel nightpants and a matching top. She smiled and took my hand, leading me to the bathroom.

Johanna turned on the shower, which was big enough to fit 4 people in there without squeezing, and had 2 showerheads at opposing walls. There were mirrors and hanging plants everywhere in the bathroom, as well as a long countertop with two sinks, as well as a bidet, which I had heard of but never saw before. She grinned and told me to undress, and she began to do the same. Within moments we were both naked, and we stepped into the shower together. At first, I began to move towards her and caress that magnificent body, but she shook her head and playfully pushed me away, telling me to wash myself so we could watch each other. I was being tortured- I wanted to kiss and run my hands over every inch of her- my erection was aching the yearning was so strong. Her pubic hair was cut in that little 'landing strip' cut that drives me wild, watching the rivers of soap cascading down her long, lean legs. She ran her fingertips over her breasts, her strawberry-like nipples puffy with excitement. We watched each other rinse our bodies and turned the shower off, and again, I started to come close to her, and she wagged her finger back and forth to say 'not yet'...

We toweled ourselves dry and by now I was physically aching for her touch. She took my clothes and put them into the washing machine, then put on the flannel nightpants and top, leaving me nude. I felt uncomfortable, but she seemed to enjoy my uneasiness. She told me to follow her to the kitchen and prepare us some fresh fruits and something light to eat. I took a look in the fridge and found some bananas, strawberries, cream cheese and a baguette, and took a knife from the carving block and began slicing the fruit as Johanna sat at the table, watching me. When I had laid it all out onto a serving tray, she told me to get two wine glasses and a bottle of wine from the rack. Not knowing much about wines, I decided to make a calculated guess and chose one she had a few bottles of. I made a show of reading the label, even though only a few words were in English. Then I presented it to her and asked if this is what she would like. She nodded, and I felt like I had just scored a point or two...

I poured two glasses about a third full, and sat down across from her. It was still light out but getting darker, and the room was getting cast with long shadows from the setting sun. I sat across from her, VERY aware of my nakedness, and frustrated because I couldn't do a thing about it. Everytime I mentioned how I wanted to hold her in my arms, she said "That's very sweet of you, but I have other plans..." I was confused, but willing to play along. After we finished eating, I poured us both another glass of wine, but as I started to pour mine, she said, "Not for you, my dear pet... I want you at full abilities tonight..." then, Johanna had me get up and follow her to one of the bedrooms upstairs. I remember thinking to myself, "at last!" but it turned out to be a study or a library. There was no bed, but there was a rolltop desk with a computer table next to it, a wide screen television, bookcases galore, and a minibar. The chair at the rolltop desk was a wooden rollabout, and the one at the computer table was a leather one. So, this is where she plays online, I thought, as she motioned me to sit in the wooden chair.

She asked if I was into light bondage, and I admitted that I had tried a little bit of it before, which made Johanna smile. She then took two silk straps with a padded insert, and strapped my arms to the armrests of the chair. Then, she took my ankles and strapped those as well to the post supporting the base. I was comfortable, but my toes didn't even touch the floor, and I was helpless. Then, she turned the chair to face the television set and put in a dvd. "There," she said, with a hint of smugness, "Now you can't be a naughty boy and touch yourself. This is to get you warmed up." With that, she turned on the television and hit the play button. "I'll be back for you in a little while, there's something I need to do..." she kissed the top of my head and let out a little purr of contentment looking down at me- my cock standing up straight and me bound to a chair. Then she left.

The movie she put in was nothing but film clips. The first few minutes were of women sucking cock. Then, there was clips of men stroking themselves, then of women rubbing themselves, then of women sucking more than one man at the same time. The clips seemed to be cut just before orgasm each time, and I was getting very aroused watching it all. Then, there was a woman kneeling, holding a brandy snifter under her chin as several guys came all over her face and in her mouth, the glass catching any she missed. This went on for several minutes, and when the last of them came, she drank it all from the glass. It was VERY arousing. My cock was aching to be touched, any touch. After she drained the glass of semen, it showed a woman with a shemale, first he/she was standing over her, fucking her mouth, then they got into a 69. It was a little freaky, but the shemale did have nice tits...

I was in there alone perhaps a little over an hour, watching all kinds of scenes. At one point, there was a montage of cocks cumming everywhere that lasted at least 10 minutes. Guys cumming on themselves while masturbating, cumming on women's faces, tits, pussies, on their tongues... sometimes it was two guys cumming together as they stroked each other or masturbated side by side. The last clip showed 2 women masturbating each other as across from them, two guys were doing the same. Then Johanna came back in, wearing a fuzzy terrycloth robe the color of snow. She looked so beautiful, I could barely speak. Even after seeing her body in the shower, somehow, seeing her in a robe was driving me wild. I yearned to see her nude body again.

"It's time, my pet. Now be a good boy and do what you are told. You shall always address me as "Mistress". You will always answer when I talk to you. And you will always answer "Yes, Mistress" to any question I ask, even if you want to say 'no'. Now, do you know what a safety word is? You may answer no if you do not."

"No, Mistress..." I answered.

Johanna smiled. "Good, you are learning. A safety word," she explained as she undid my straps, "is a word that one says when one simply cannot or will not do something that is ordered, or a 'hard limit'. Like if I ordered you to eat some cashews and you are allergic to them, obviously, that would be a hard limit. So, you would say the safe word. But the safe word is NOT to be used lightly, only in case of a genuine emergency. I would never have you do anything that would hurt you permanently in any way. But you are my pet for my amusement. Your safety word is 'banana'. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress." I nodded, looking slightly downwards. She had me stand up and put a blindfold on me. It was made of black velvet and felt fairly comfortable. She had me go downstairs, leading me down step by step, one hand on the railing. There was soft music playing, something classical, with lots of strings- cellos, violins, and the like, but I didn't recognize it. I was led to another chair and told to sit. As soon as I sat down, she tied my arms to the armrests and my feet to the legs. This chair didn't roll around, but at least it was cushioned by what felt like leather. It was then she removed the blindfold. She was kneeling in front of me, and a man about 5 years older than I stood in front of me as well, facing Mistress. He had nearly jet black hair and a goatee, and was wearing a white towel around his waist. With a twist of his wrist, his towel dropped and his cock, half-erect, was facing away from me at a 90 degree angle. I looked up at Mistress and she let her robe drop as well. Under it, she was wearing a black bustier with no panties, flesh colored stockings, and red high heels. She looked absolutely gorgeous. The living room now had candles everywhere, as if it were the setting for a ceremony of sorts.

"Did you like that video?" She asked.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Did you like seeing all those cocks cumming?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Hmmmm, I just bet you did." She looked at my aching erection and smiled. "Would you like to see this cock cum?" She grinned lopsidedly, reaching up to stroke the man in front of me.

"Yes, Mistress."

The man stood motionless as she started massaging his cock. Within a minute or two perhaps, a thick drop of precum appeared from the tip. She touched it to her fingertip, held it up to her lips and breathed on it. "I think you want a taste of precum, wouldn't you, my pet?"

I was flabbergasted, but answered, "Yes, Mistress."

Closing my eyes, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue a little. I felt her place her fingertip on my tongue. It was electrifying. I had just tasted another man's precum. It didn't really taste like anything, just a little slick spot on my tongue. But the thought was there. While I was coming to terms with this, I heard Mistress say, "Now, there, there. That wasn't so bad, was it? Would you like some more?" I dumbly nodded, and answered, "Yes, Mistress."

Mistress was stroking him more right in front of my face, milking out another drop. This man had turned to face me a little more, and I saw her lithe fingers glide along his shaft. The tip of his cock was mere inches from my face. She stroked him more and more, getting another drop.

"You want to taste it bad, don't you, my pet?" I looked up at her and saw that coy smile.

"Yes, Mistress."

"You want to lick it from his cock, don't you?"

I said meekly, "Yes, Mistress."

"Let me hear you say it, my pet. Let me hear you say you want to lick his cock."

"I want to lick his cock, Mistress." I was breathing heavy, part of me repulsed, but immensely turned on. She guided his cock towards my mouth as I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue, opening my mouth. I expected just to lick the tip, but she guided his cock into my mouth and moved her hand behind my head, slightly pushing my head forwards. I started sucking him, horrified at what I was doing. She looked down at me, grinning from ear to ear, as she stroked him into my mouth with one hand and pushed my head forwards with the other. It felt so incredibly alien having another man's cock in my mouth. I felt a tear roll down my cheek at my humiliation, which only seemed to please her further.
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