Morning sex between Mistress and her slave girl

*i was asked by several people for a second chapter, hope to you all enjoy it*

Chapter 2:

Weeks have passed, months, all in a blur. Pain. Pleasure. Rules, rules, and more rules. Her mind was boggled by all that happened to her since that day she was made into a sex slave to her Master and Mistress. Her old life seemed like a memory of a dream from long ago. Had she ever lived another life, beside the one she was now wrapped up in?

She moaned softly as she rolled over and open her eyes to the early morning light. Before coming here, she had not been a morning person, now she started each morning at exactly 8 am. The soreness from last night's actives came back with shocking force as she swung her feet to the floor. Red welts and new purple, black, and blue bruises covered her ass, breasts, and thighs, made her shiver and suck in a quick breath as she moved quickly to the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror always surprised her at what she saw. The girl reflected back at her was no longer her, the girl she had once known. The girl being reflected back was a whole new girl, as different from the old girl as night was from day. Shaking her head, she quickly bathed and went through the motions to prepared for the day. After she was ready, collar on, hair up in a high pony tail, a light dusting of makeup, white thigh highs with little white bows on them, finished off with white three-inch heels she made her way to the middle of her room to awaited her bodyguard. On her knees, thighs spread widely, hands clasped tightly behind her back, back straight, head up, eyes on the floor she waited for the day to start. Knowing that the camera was recording her every moved she remained as still as possible.

While she waited, her mind drifted over the turn her life had taken. It was still hard to believe it had been months since she took that step, yet it seemed like only yesterday she was in that room with the spotlight gleaming on her as many unknown people watched her being made into a sex slave to her new Master and Mistress. Her new life was always full of new things to do and learn, sometimes she felt so overwhelmed she didn't know how she managed to continue on. But knowing her Mistress had gone through the same thing herself, made her determined to survive and make her owners proud of her.

Mistress. She was an amazing woman. Strong, sure of herself, submissive yet she made one hell of a Domme, truly a wonderful passionate woman that left her breathless and full of longing. She would do anything to make her happy and proud that she and Master had chosen her to be their new slave girl. It still amazed her at how intense her feelings were for her Mistress, never thinking that she would ever be attracted to woman. All the times she had pushed her to the limit and into the hazy world where pain was pleasure and pleasure was pain still left her needing more to understand the power she held over her.

She was snapped out of her memories when familiar shoes came into focus, Mistress in her famous red high heels. Mistress came to get her instead of her bodyguard, which only happened when she was either in trouble or Mistress wanted her to herself. She hoped it was the later because she wanted her Mistress so badly.

"Good morning my sweet little girl." Her Mistress's voice purred above her.

"Good morning Mistress. Sleep well?" she replied, as did every morning to whoever greeted her.

"Very. Stand up."

She stood as gracefully as she could. Keeping her legs apart, arms still behind her back, she stood to face her Mistress.

"Relax little girl. I'm here to make us both feel good." She could almost hear the wicked thoughts that ran through her Mistress's mind as she relaxed her body and allowed her arms to fall limp by her sides.

Mistress stepped closer; her cool fingers grabbed her chin and tilted her head upwards. Before she could lock her glaze with her Mistress's, her Mistress crushed her lips in a searing kiss. Moaning deep in her throat she opened herself to Mistress's assault. Their tongues dueled and battled, all the while Mistress kept inching her closer to the bed while holding her close. They stopped only when her knees bumped into the edge of the bed. Mistress pushed her just enough to send her tumbling back onto the bed.

Mistress took a moment just to look at her little slave girl, how flushed she was with excitement, how the lust glistened in her eyes, how wet she was already. A wicked gleam sparkled in her eyes as she took in the beautiful sight before her. The welts and bruises colored various parts of her little slave's body, making her even more desirable. Liquid heat flowed through her body as she climbed onto the bed.

Laying her body along side of her squirming slave, Mistress smiled at her as she began to kiss her. Small butterfly kisses over her flushed face, down her neck, feeling the rapid beat of her pulse, over and between her heaving breasts. Taking a nipple in her mouth, the wicked Mistress began her favorite sport, tormenting her little slave girl. Biting down, she loved to hear the grunt of pain emitted by her little girl then the sigh as she turned that hurt into pleasure as she licked and nibbled the pain away. Her little slave was so responsive to her touch; she had no idea how beautiful that was to her.

She began to twist and squirm as her Mistress placed open mouth kisses on every welt and bruise that covered her body. Gasping, she arched upwards, seeking more of her Mistress's attention, needing more, desperately. Shaking her head Mistress continued her slow assault oh her helpless little slave girl. Even without any bonds, the girl belonged to her, bound to her by her own submissive nature. When she felt the gentle push, she complied by rolling over so her Mistress could continue her play to her back. Heat spiraled low in her belly as kisses flamed lust and desire throughout her young body. Her Mistress loved to make her pant with need and longing. She was helpless while in the hands of her Mistress.

She felt the bed move as her Mistress got off as she turned her head to watch as her Mistress headed to the closet. She shivered in fear and excitement at what her Mistress would bring out of the closet; a whip, a paddle, a belt, the choices were almost limitless, the closet was very well stocked. Still lying on her belly on the bed, she swore she could almost hear her Mistress thinking over what instrument to use to torment her little slave girl. Finally her Mistress came out carrying the heavy leather belt. While the clink, clink of her Mistress's heels filled her ears she watched as the belt was folded in half and the snap of leather snapping leather made her jump, almost like it was the first time she had ever heard that sound.

Her stomach does a little dance of fear as her Mistress stood at the foot of the bed, just looking at her. She made brief eye contact with her Mistress before turning away. Her Mistress was enjoying this quite a bit which made this even more nerve wracking for her.

"Get into position. I am going to keep at it till you drop, but if you drop too early I will know. Now be a good girl and take all you can, then I will make it all better." She scrambled into position on all fours with her ass aimed for taking her punishment. Drawing a deep breath, she prepared her mind and body for the first blow of the heavy leather belt. After all this time, she had finally learned that relaxing into the punishment is the easiest and best way to deal with the pain. Fighting it only made it hurt more.

The first blow caused the breath to rush out of her. She moaned softly as one after another the blows fall upon her trembling body. Tears formed and as the pain filled her they began to fall. Her Mistress made sure she does not hit any area already too heavily bruised, but there were plenty of places left on her body, her Mistress had plenty of places to torment.

Power rushed through Mistress's body as she watched her little slave girl take all she dished out for her this early morning. The sound of her tears spurred her on; soon the room was filled with the sounds of sobs and hiss of the leather kiss upon the ass of a powerless slave girl. Mistress did not stop, no matter how many times she begged; she knew as well as Mistress that only her complete surrender would end the pain. Mistress and slave were caught up in the timeless battle of who would surrender first. Will Mistress tire out before the slave has taken more then she usually takes, or will the slave fall before her Mistress even begins to show signs of strain?

Despite or maybe because of her submissive nature, the little slave girl held on and took the pain willingly. Every cry and broken sob echoed throughout the room. Mistress heavy breathing echoed her cries. Then, in the end, she fell, the pain all of the sudden too much, her need to be touched gently raged through her mind as her body accepted the pain and she floated into another realm.

Sighing she turned over and embraced her Mistress. She felt the tip of the strap-on as her Mistress sent her higher into orbit. Complete words escape her understanding as she let lose breathy incoherent sounds as her Mistress sent white lighting pleasure throughout her body. Pushing upwards she took more of the strap-on into her, higher she floated, flied, soared. Teetering on the edge she felt the tension build, she screamed she fell; fell into complete and pure sensation. Over and over she spasmed, till she was breathless and limp, she slipped slowly back into the real world with a soft smile.

While she was coming back to herself, Mistress had put things away and had crawled onto the bed and watched her as the real world returned to her world. Blinking her eyes back into focus, she smiled warmly at her Mistress.

"Thank you Mistress, for everything." Mistress just smiled and she took one more deep kiss before standing up and helped her to her feet. Unsteady they made their way to the bathroom to clean up.

After coming out of the bathroom, Mistress snaps the leash onto the front D-ring of her collar.

"Let's go get some breakfast. I don't know about you but I'm starving." Mistress smiled and winked as she tugged smartly on the leash and headed down the hall to the breakfast room. While her ass glowed, her heart soared; she was in heaven as she followed her Mistress into her next adventure.
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