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I was working on the receiving dock, like usual, when I saw a large, flat bed trailer pull into the open bay. It was cold, the wind was blowing at a steady 20mph and I really wanted to get some coffee. The bell rang as I was opening the bay door. I took a deep breath since I wanted to just get this over with as quick as possible.

"What do you have for me today?" A new driver, a matter of fact the woman standing in front of me threw me for a loop. She was wearing cowboy boots and a blue cowboy hat. Now in the Midwest this might be acceptable, not in the Northeast. But she was smiling and friendly when I shook her hand and let her inside.

"Howdy, got a few pallets for you." She was easily in her mid fifties, kind of tall and, well, stocky. Ok, a bit beefy but not too out of control. She introduced herself as Ruth.

"Hi, I'm Ruth." She shook my hand with some grip.

"I'm Michael. Come on in and get warm." She was walking over towards the bay door. The back of her truck was already open. I went to work and took out the three pallets. Nothing too big, it only took five minutes. I always make small talk with the drivers.

"So Ruth, where you coming from." She smiled when I broke the ice.

"Honey, I'm from here, I'm from there. Got my apartment on wheels so I don't have a permanent address." I got a chance to check her out. She was wearing a leather jacket, which she had unzipped. Underneath was a tight, too small t-shirt that really showed off her round, full breasts. Now it was cold outside and her nipples were at full mast. Her belly hung a bit over the top of her jeans. Those jeans, they were a bit too tight. A good worn pair of jeans accented her ample ass. It was a nice butt, something that you could grab hold of. But the first thing you noticed was her eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes.

"You live there all by yourself." I was just trying to make some conversation. Ruth went with it.

"Only when I'm not entertaining guests." I had noticed the cab of the truck. It was big and obviously new. I wanted to check this out for myself.

"How about a tour." I took the paperwork from her and signed off where I had to. She took her copies and opened the door.

"Follow me and you shall see." I followed her to the cab. It sat up pretty high and Ruth just jumped up on the drivers side to open the door.

"Come on in." The front part of the cab was black and shiny, lots of leather and chrome. I climbed over her to get to the passenger seat. Here I was straddling this woman's lap and I just met her. But she didn't seem to mind. I think she set me up. Her jacket was open and I was straddling her lap. Ruth ran her hand up my leg as she "helped me" cross over her.

"There you go." That's when I got a view of the back end of the cab.

"Wow." That was my first reaction. A big bed filled the back of her cab. There were shelves along the one side with a DVD player and VCR. Oh, I should also tell you about the flat screen TV that was hanging along the back wall.

"Satellite TV, Internet access." I saw the laptop sitting on one corner of the large bed. There were pillows everywhere and nice red satin sheets. On the ceiling were photos and pictures of various places and people. Ruth was sitting on one end of the bed when she patted the edge for me to come take a better look.

"Come here babydoll." Babydoll, she just called me babydoll. I got up and sat down next to her. It was a waterbed.

"A waterbed in the back of your cab." I bounced a little bit to get the bed to move. Ruth rode up and down on the small wave. She laid down and patted the spot next to her for me to join her. I laid down and really got a good look.

"Like my layout." That's when I saw the posters and pictures lining the walls. Naked pictures and posters. Men and women, doing different things. Some were signed and dated, others had phone numbers written on them. I thought I could be a little forward here.

"Friends of yours, how do I get a spot on your wall?" Ruth sat up and looked at me.

"That's easy babydoll." I saw her flip on the TV. A few seconds later a porno was playing. Two guys and a girl and they were getting busy. So here I was, technically working and wanting to lay back and have some fun, but knowing that in five more minutes my fellow workers will be out looking for me. So I kind of broke the moment with my next comment.

"Looks like you do a lot of entertaining." The guy on the screen had the girl bent over while she sucked on the other guys cock. I had to go, but I wanted to find out where she was going.

"In town for a while?" Now I knew she was making stops around the area and there was a good bet she would be somewhere local for the night. I sat up and was facing her. Ruth took her cowboy hat off and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Babydoll, you want to come over and play with Ruthie?" I wanted to, it was obvious.

"Yeah, why not. I just can't stay out here too much longer." She put her finger to my lips and told me to wait one minute. She pulled her bag opened and jotted her cell number down on a piece of paper. Then she slipped the number into my jacket pocket.

"Babydoll, give Ruthie a call when you get out of here and I'll tell you where I am." I nodded and told her I would be out at 4. She leaned back on her bed and pointed towards the door.

"You can let yourself out ok, right babydoll?" I stood up and winked back at her. She didn't acknowledge me. I opened the door and step out. Ruthie was lying on the bed with her jacket off. She was wearing a tank top. It clung to her big tits. There was no bra anywhere, her tits were hanging free. I gave her a little wave but she wasn't paying any attention.

I punched out and immediately went for my jacket pocket. There it was, the cell number she had written down. I had been waiting all day for this time and now I found myself a bit hesitant to dial it. Before I could talk myself out of it, Ruthie picked up.

"Hi babydoll." I could here voices in the back.

"Hi Ruthie. Where you hanging?" What did I just say?

"Well babydoll, I'm parked at the back of the industrial park right around the corner from you for the night." I was nervous but I didn't want her to know. So I thought I'd be cute.

"Can I come over and play." I heard her giggle just a bit while she was obviously chewing on some food.

"Sure babydoll, you can stop by." She was eating something. So now what, do I stop and get some beer or something?

"I can stop and get some beer?" Another giggle.

"Nah, babydoll. I have beverages. Just bring yourself." So, was anyone else there, should I ask her?

"You all by yourself Ruthie?" Silence.

"Hello", more silence. I hung up my phone and started my car. The industrial park was right around the corner. Part of me wanted to just leave. I headed towards the back entrance and went up and over the hill. I could drive by and see if she was there. I took a right and drove around the first set of buildings. Following the road around the back, I still didn't see the truck. One more place to check. I turned the last corner and there it was. She had dropped her trailer off and was parked in the corner of the lot.

Do I knock, what should I do, maybe I'll just leave. I was having a conversation with myself. But I did make my way to the passenger side of the cab. I decided to knock. I heard Ruthie's voice.

"Hi babydoll, come on in." I opened the door and climbed aboard. She was lying on her bed watching the flat screen. Sounded like the boys from Orange County Choppers. Ruthie had been eating and drinking. I saw a few empty beers and a half eaten chicken sandwich. Ruthie was propped up on the pillows. She had her cowboy hat on along with a very small Harley t-shirt. I noticed her bare legs, she wasn't wearing any pants. She had a skimpy pair of panties on. Ruthie rolled towards the side of the bed and sat up. She swung her legs onto the floor and stood up. Leather thong, she was wearing a leather thong.

"Hi babydoll." Ruthie leaned into me and gave me a kiss. I was getting a bit excited, nervous, but excited. She was a traveling trucker, biker, hippie chick all rolled into one. She had to be at least 5'9", 180, easily 38D tits. But she carried it good and really didn't look bad. And her cute smile and eyes just had that sexy look to them. I took my jacket off and sat down on the edge of her bed. My shoes came off next. Ruthie motioned for me to stand up.

"Michael, you need to get comfortable and have a drink." She reached for my belt buckle and undid it. Before I even thought about saying anything she had my pants unsnapped. Ruthie wasted no time in pulling them down to my ankles. She had dropped to her knees and was now only inches from the bulge in my shorts. Ruthie wasn't kidding about getting comfortable. She stood up and grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt. In one quick motion she pulled it up and over my head. I was now standing in the cab of her truck in my boxer briefs and nothing else. In less then 3 minutes this truck driving woman had almost stripped me naked.

"You still want to get up on the picture board babydoll?" She had laid back down on the bed. The t-shirt she was wearing had worked its way up to expose her left tit. She was wiggling towards the back reaching for something. It was a video recorder and a digital camera. She snapped two quick pictures and told me to turn around.

"Want to show momma that ass babydoll? I was so turned on. I slowly pulled my underwear down and shook my ass at her. She snapped some more pictures and hooted a bit to get me going.

"Yeah, that's it babydoll." Then she told me to take a look at the pictures.

"Lie down here next to me and take a look at these pictures." I left my ass hanging out and swung it towards her. She smacked my ass as I laid down on her bed. My cock was hard and sticking straight up. Ruthie smiled as she saw my underwear barely containing my member. The tip of my cock popped out of my waistband as I slithered to get a better look. Ruthie snapped a whole bunch of pictures. She leaned in close and took a picture of the head sticking out. I saw a lot of naked people in the pictures. Many different hard cocks, pussies and tits. There were some great shots of blow jobs, some cum shots, lots of up close fuck shots. Ruthie had put on a porno. Two guys and a girl. Ruthie handed me a fishnet thong and told me to put it on for her. I asked her to pull my underwear off. She reached down and grabbed the waistband. My hard cock popped out and Ruthie giggled a bit. I wanted her to stroke it and play with it, but she didn't. I stood up and made sure she got a good look at it. Ruthie snapped away, taking close ups of my balls. I stroked it for her and she liked that. I slipped the fishnet thong on and climbed back onto her bed. The action on the screen was heating up. Ruthie took her t-shirt off.

"Babydoll, suck on my titties." I licked them and slowly sucked her right tit into my mouth. I massaged them and licked my way across her chest. I switched back and forth between them, each time making sure to give her a slow wet french kiss.

"Lie down here next to momma babydoll." I lied down besides her and she pulled the comforter up and over us. I began rubbing my hands down to the top of her thong, teasing her pussy from the outside. Ruthie moaned but took my hand away. She did reach into my thong and begin to stroke my cock.

Ruthie stroked my cock as she talked.

"Babydoll, you have such a nice cock. Look at all those hot pictures, you like what you see?" I had been looking at all of them. There were two guys doing Ruthie, Ruthie and two chicks, Ruthie and 3, no 4 other naked people. She was picking up her pace as she began sliding down under the covers. She wasted no time taking my cock into her mouth. She sucked it down her throat and swirled her tongue over the tip. I was oozing precum, I wanted her to finish me off.

"Babydoll, Momma wants three cocks at once, is that ok with you." She grabbed my hardness and slowed her pace.

"Yeah Ruthie, invite your friends over." I was horny, I didn't care. She pulled the covers off of us and told me to put the thong back on. I had a hard time getting it over my cock. Ruthie slapped at it and laughed. She climbed out of the bed and opened the passenger door. In climbed two guys. Talk about having something planned. One was a short, skinny type, maybe 140 lbs. He was bald and a bit older then myself or for that matter Ruthie. She kissed him and told him to get naked. He wasted no time stripping off his clothes. The other guy was a lot bigger. At least 6"3", he had to weigh around 275. He had a ponytail and a full beard. Ruthie kissed him a bit longer but unlike the other guy, Ruthie began to unsnap his belt buckle.

"Babydoll, this is Sam and this is Karl. Sam was the small guy. Ruthie told me to get out of bed. I was wearing a fishnet thong in front of these two guys and sporting a raging hard on. Ruthie ordered Sam to lie down on his stomach. Then she took a pair of handcuffs from her bag and handcuffed Sam behind his back. She had him lying at the edge of the bed and propped him up on all fours. She then took some rope and tied his feet together. She smacked his ass hard. Meanwhile, Karl had stripped naked. He had a bigger cock then I did. It was fatter and at least two inches longer. Ruthie handed him a matching fishnet thong. He slipped it on and moved closer to me. Ruthie was now standing between us and began stroking both our cocks. What do you know, she does like more then one.

Ruthie stripped her thong off. She was completely shaven. She was facing both Karl and I and had us take our thongs off. Ruthie played with both our cocks in her hand She rubbed them together and she made us stroke each other for her. The movie was still playing. A leather dressed mistress had three guys kneeling before her. She had a big strap on between her legs and was greasing up those wide open assholes. Ruthie smiled and made us watch the movie.

"I'm going to fuck both of you up the ass. Then you are going to fuck the fag boy Sam over there." she was making us stroke each other and watch the movie. Then she told Karl to suck my cock.

"Hey sissy boy, get on your fucking knees and suck his cock." He got on his knees and took my cock into his mouth. I was ready and Ruthie knew it. She helped by stroking me. I felt my balls tighten up and grabbed the back of Karl's head. Ruthie licked her finger and stuck it in my asshole. She moved it in and out and before I could even moan, she had a second finger in my ass. Karl began jerking me off fast, he wanted my cum. I shot a load right into his mouth. The second one shot over his nose and forehead. I opened his mouth and shoved my cock as far as it would go down his throat. He gagged but Ruthie held his head still. I knew it would be hell taking his cock in my mouth and I wanted him to feel a little pain first.

My turn. Karl stood up and went to kiss Ruthie. I smacked his ass and joined the kiss. Our tongues met and shared the load. Meanwhile, the movie was still running. The leather mistress was taking her time fucking each ass with a big black cock.

I went to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I had sucked a cock before but Ruthie didn't know that. I sucked him down my throat and he made sure to grab the back of my head. Ruthie was cheering me on as I took it out and began jerking him off and sucking his big cock. I could barely fit it in my mouth. I wanted him to fill my mouth with cum. I began sucking on his balls and playing with his asshole. Ruthie had slipped on a strap on and was lubing it up. It was so hot to see her with a big cock between her legs. It was bigger then Karl's and I knew she was going to fuck him first. She grabbed him by the shoulder and leaned him forward. He bent over looking out the front window. Ruthie didn't show any mercy and plunged that rubber cock right up his ass. Two strokes and she had it in. He grunted and looked like he was going to start crying. His cock was very sensitive now and he tried to pull it out of my mouth. I gripped down and gave it a little bite.

"Oh babydoll, suck his cock for momma. You fucking dirty little boy." She pumped his ass hard and fast. Karl was getting ready to cum. He wanted me to stop sucking and I let his cock pop free of my mouth. He reached down and began jerking off. Four, five strokes and he blew his load. Big streams of sperm shot into my mouth. I gagged and swallowed it all. I knew his cock was too sensitive but I took it into my mouth again. He screamed and Ruthie spanked him hard.

"You fucking bitch, you better not cry. She spanked him again and continued to bury that cock in his ass. It was 12" long and thick. The realistic balls were slapping his ass. I had stood up with some of the load in my mouth still. I kissed Ruthie and shared it with her. She pulled me in close and whispered in my ear.

"Babydoll, you little whore. You can come visit me anytime." We kissed for a long time and I stroked her titties as she continued to fuck Karl hard. She was pulling his hair and spanking his ass hard. The strap on would almost come out and then she would jam it in hard, all the way to the end. Ruthie began slowing her pace and pulling it out each time before pushing it all the way back in. Slower and slower, Karl begged her to stop.

"Please Ruthie, please stop." Ruthie knew he had enough and she finally pulled the strap on out of his ass for good. Karl fell onto the bed. He was spent. Ruthie ordered him to roll over on his back. She smacked the head of his cock hard. Karl cried out. Ruthie just laughed.

"Babydoll, you and I are going to fuck Sam, how about that." She grabbed hold of my hard cock and guided me towards the chained up trucker. She spit on my cock and rubbed her spit up and down the shaft. I was hard and ready and she wanted me to fuck him hard.

"Fuck his ass pussy. He is nothing but my little bitch." Ruthie began kissing me and playing with my balls as I spread Sam's ass open. I slipped my cock in and began pumping. He cried out that it hurt. Ruthie smacked his ass.

"Fuck him hard babydoll." I made sure I drove my cock into him at a bad angle. It hurt, he was squirming and trying move but he couldn't get free. Ruthie took my hand and had me stroke her strap on. It was long and hard.

"I'm going to fuck your ass with this babydoll." She was fingering my asshole again. I squirmed and kissed her. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and squeezed my nipples. I took the pain out on Sam's ass. Thirty seconds later, I blew my load. It was leaking out the edge of his tight hole. He was whimpering.

"Karl, you little fuck bag, get over here and suck all that sperm out of that faggots asshole." Ruthie was naked, she had taken the strap on off. I got a great view of her pussy. I wanted to lick it for her. Karl was licking something a lot dirtier. He spread those asscheeks open and stuck his tongue up his hole. Sam moaned as Karl sucked around his balls to get every drop. I wanted to eat Ruthie's pussy. I leaned into her and whispered in a very sexy voice.

"Hey baby, I want to lick that sweet pussy of yours." Ruthie moaned and let me stroke her sweetness. I slightly spread her pussy lips and she moaned a bit more. Finally, she jumped onto the bed next to Karl. His face was buried in Sam's ass. I watched Ruthie spread her pussy open for me. I got on my knees and began teasing her. She wanted it bad. I wanted to suck on it before she got fucked. I started at her asshole and worked my way up to her clit. I licked her like an ice cream cone. She gripped my head with her legs and moaned as she leaned her head back.

"You are so fucking good babydoll. Eat mommas pussy" Her hips arched up and she let me dig in. I love eating pussy and I gave her my best. I worked her slow and then continued with slow hard thrusts. She was bucking and moving before she came.
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