Mistress surprise visit

The garage floor was cold. Things didn't improve for me where the floor was wet and my skin touched it. On my face it was the tears. For my legs and hips, it was the lube and her wetness that made it so cold. I lay there alone and in near darkness. The mosquitoes, having been kept at bay for several hours were now making inroads into the garage and starting to land. This was the reason I awoke.

Things were hazy, but coming to me again. I was nearly naked and on the floor of my garage. I had been out there working on the boat and remembered hearing her voice. Her voice. She was not supposed to be here tonight. She told me she was out of town. And I had the house to myself. I thought perhaps another 4 hours tonight trying to get the hang of lofting might prove useful. No distractions, a new six pack of pale ale from the new brewery and a beautiful summer evening to work. But now, I glanced at the floor in front of me seeing my tape measure and square in front of me, fallen from the workbench and clattered to the floor. The memory of that sound brought me back.

She didn't kiss me when she came in. She moved in for a hug but quickly twisted me around and fastened my wrists together with a zip tie cuff that the police use during larger disturbances. I couldn't fight back at all and she could have her way with me.

"Hello Pup. Got some nice wood here." she smiled at her pun. Beautiful pieces of lumber were set out on my workbench, waiting to be turned into the hull of a ocean pointer I had been working on for the past three months. She caressed the wood and then looked up at me. "Good to see you pup. You can forget about the work tonight. But you'll be getting a workout." She pushed all the wood to the back of the workbench, nearly clearing it and several tools fell to the ground. She found a utility knife in the drawer and played with the blade, extending and withdrawing it while she grinned at me. The blade caught the bottom of my shirt and pulled. The back of the knife touched my stomach, causing me to draw back. She grabbed my shirt "Don't pull away!" she barked. Reflex was hard to fight. I did my best, but now I know she deliberately touched my skin with the back of the knife while the front of the blade cut the front of my t-shirt with little effort. My chest now bare, she cut the front of the shoulders on my t-shirt, allowing the shirt to slowly slide off my shoulders and then fall to the floor on its own.

Now she smiled and grabbed me, kissing me deeply. Her tongue danced in my mouth and I simply accepted her kiss afraid to react to it. She pulled me closer, strangling my body with her arms in the grip of such a tight embrace. She missed me, yes. But she was also going to make sure she got whatever it was she came for. She pulled my belt off my shorts now, the multi-tool falling to the floor in its leather sheath with a thud. "Turn around"

I turned around and she pushed my hips into the workbench, forcing me to notice that I was aroused and that my excitement was causing me some measure of discomfort against the workbench. I felt the leather cuffs going around my wrists now. Soon the knife cut through the zip ties. The knife jumped as she cut it, briefly digging into my lower arm. My arms were free for only a moment as she moved my hands around to my front, clipping them together again. She made quick use of one of the many overhead hooks in the garage, pulling my hands up toward it and hooking my arms to it with a small piece of chain. As I had reinforced all the ceiling joists for holding up small boats there was no chance that my two hundred pounds was going to pull free by accident. I felt the warmth of the blood trickling down my arm as they were raised above me. "Sorry about that pup, accidents happen." I could not see her face, but I could hear her and knew she was grinning at the thought. The blood dripped to my armpit now, continuing its slow advance down my body.

She pushed into me from behind, grabbing at my hips and then moving one hand to my pants. Quickly they were unfastened and the zipper lowered. She dug quickly into my underwear for her prize and found it quickly. "Well here it is pet, my toy. How is it feeling these days? Getting tired of its little prison?" She grasped the entire package with her hand, shaking it when she referred to it is as her possession. The new chastity device was more secure than the last one and was well worth the wait from its European manufacturer. I couldn't touch myself with it on and was forgetting what it felt like to touch my shaft. My balls were left somewhat free, but never hung low enough to get any useful feeling from them if I did touch them. I felt her other hand come around and heard the wonderful noise of the lock. She was unlocking me. I quickly felt the freedom of air against my shaft as she removed the cage part of the chastity device. "Poor baby, it's been locked up for how long now?"

"Two weeks locked Madame" I quietly replied.

"Two weeks of not touching. And over a month now of not cumming too pet. How are those balls? Nice and full? Think they might get a chance to spill tonight?" Again, I knew her voice well enough to know she was grinning. And I knew her well enough to know that my balls would not be spilling their load tonight. Not in a circumstance like this.

She pumped my cock now and it quickly hardened to its full potential. Then she stopped and pushed my pants and underwear down to my ankles. "I must say pup, I'm impressed with your obedience. No sign of anyone around and no sign of me and you wore your panties like you were told. Very good. Your cock looks so nice in panties. It would look better without the cage, but we know that we have to lock that thing up before you get any naughty ideas." She pushed my hips against the workbench again, my cock rubbing painfully against some part of the bench. It scratched it. Her fingers ran down my back, down my sides and with the right side, her fingertips ran lines through the trickled blood, accelerating its drip toward my hip. She made little circles of it on my hip now, then I heard her suck a finger into her mouth. Another circle and her finger was in my mouth. I tasted the saltiness of my own blood and my mind went even deeper into that space. The space in which she would soon push me further with a taste of her pussy on the same finger. The flavors mingled and made me dizzy.

Distracted, I was pulled back to reality by her fingers playing around with my ass. Soon she spread my cheeks and was applying lube. A quick insertion of something small startled me, but soon I realized she was injecting lubricant into my ass with some type of syringe. "Pup, I didn't come up here just to cut you and tie you up. I was in the mood for a fuck. I was thinking how nice it would feel to cum while I was fucking this ass." She slapped my ass once with her hand. "So pup, stick it out a little . And don't let me hear a single complaint. Nothing. If I hear anything, I'll go to the car and get a larger one."

She moved behind me now and I pushed out my hips as much as I could with my arms bound above me. I heard the velcro of her harness and felt her left hand on my hip. I felt the head of her cock pushing its way in between my ass cheeks. The head soon pressed against my ass, pushing in immediately. She had never done this before. There had always been a warm up. I let loose a sort of shout and cry, surprised by her assault. She pulled back once and I heard the bottle of lube open. Then another slide into my ass part way and out again. Now both her hands were on my hips and I felt her pull me into her as she thrust in. I shouted again, crying out. "Shut up!" she exclaimed from behind me. "I told you this was for me. And I want to fuck you. I am going to take this ass, it's mine. I'm going to fuck you until I cum. You're my bitch tonight pup. You're absolutely mine." She started pumping me, not too fast, but still faster than she normally started. I grit my teeth and clasped my hands together, fingers intertwined. I did not even notice that the blood had started dripping to the floor. Her hands on my hips, she fucked me. She really fucked me, like she had never done before. She was pumping into me rapidly, and she was lusty. I could hear her groaning and moaning behind me. This was new for us both. She had never been so raw in her treatment of me. My ass quickly gave into the assault but my mind raced. She was invading me so violently. I sobbed. My eyes were closed and I was held only by the hook in the rafter, my body was going limp. I sobbed to her. "Mistress... Mistress please... " I sobbed.

"Complaining? YOU'RE COMPLAINING?!" What was left of my mind tried to protest this. I was not complaining, but merely sobbing. And as was my habit I would sob her name. But she had other motives. She stepped back from me, the cock leaving my hole wanting. Some of the lube dripped from my ass as she stepped away. My eyes closed still, I could here the garage door and then a car door, then her return. Then velcro again. She was making good on her threat.

"I'm sorry Madame. Please Madame, Je suis désolé. Je fais des excuses. Please." I tried to implore to her in my feeble French that I was sorry. It fell on deaf ears.

"Vous avez été averti! You didn't listen, now shut the fuck up!" Her hands went around my head, shoving the gag into my mouth and quickly fastening it around my head. I couldn't talk at all now, but I could whimper. And whimpering is all I had left. As I closed my eyes tight at the entrance of the new larger dildo in my bottom, I lost it. My mind was completely lost. I was completely broken. I can only remember sobbing uncontrollably into my gag as she raped me. That was, as honestly as I can describe it, what she did. She was raping my ass, taking it for her own pleasure. I vaguely remembering her shaking my hips as she came. I remember her taking me down and my collapsing to the cold garage floor. I remember her turning out all but one of the lights in the garage as she left. And I also remember her silhouette in the door frame, her beautifully shaped body interrupted only by the shape of the dildo still jutting out from her body. It bounced lewdly as she stood in the doorway.

"And remember pup, you'll be at my house at 8:00 am tomorrow. I will accept no excuses."

And now, all I feel is the chill. My hands cuffed in front of me. A trickle of lube that occasionally drips from my bottom, reminding me of her presence. Reminding me that she raped me. Her lube being left as the cum a man would have left. It drips and I feel used. My knees, sore from my body falling on the floor, remind me I was used. I won't notice the dried blood down my side until I shower in the morning. I also won't notice the chastity device was returned to my cock and that I was imprisoned again.

But the scent of my lovely Mistress, my Madame, which hangs in the air reminds me of something different. Something that makes my mouth turn up at the corners. The reminder that she loves me immensely; completely. And I fall back asleep again on the floor, despite the chill and despite the mosquitoes. And I love her too.
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