Julie and Sam pull Joe deeper into his submission

Warning: This story contains sexually explicit acts between adults. If you are not of age or do not want to read such material, you should not be at this site anyway. For those of you that enjoy erotic stories, read on and enjoy.

This is a continuation from Rooming with an Employee, Part Two. I highly encourage you to read part one and two first. Part Three goes deeper into Sam and Julie's game with Joe. Thank you for your comments.

Needless to say, I didn't get too much sleep that night. With my dick and balls in that restraint and the butt plug vibrating away, I was in a high state of arousal all night. I don't know who tied my hands and legs up, but they did a good job. As much as I fought the bounds, I could not get free.

After about two hours, the batteries finally went dead. I drifted off to sleep but the dreams did not help. I kept dreaming of fucking Julie. Each time I would get close to cumming, Sam's face would pop up. We would instantly change to another sexual position and I would have to try and build back up to it. I really didn't like Sam now.

It felt like I had only been asleep for fifteen minutes, when I felt some movement on the bed. I started to open my eyes but all I could see was a pussy being lowered to my mouth. I don't know who's it was, but I did hear her say, "There is nothing like a morning orgasm. Start licking bitch."

What other choice did I have, I started licking. The pussy was very musky. Not fresh at all. I really started to get into it and so was the girl on top. I could barely hear her moaning through her thighs. I knew she had at least one orgasm but she was not stopping. Damn this girl is insatiable.

All of a sudden, I could feel somebody pulling out the butt plug. "Oh thank god, that was really..." my thought was cut off by the plug being shoved back in and turned on. Apparently, they were just changing the batteries. Now, not only did I have a pussy over my mouth, but also my ass was vibrating like crazy. If it hadn't been for the restraint squeezing my cock and balls, I would have shot all over her back.

At least twenty minutes and three orgasms later, I felt the body on my face start to relax and sit up a bit. "He can definitely lick some pussy. Do you want a go?"

"No, you really took care of me last night. Plus, I think his tongue needs a rest."

The person on my face finally rolled to the side and I finally could see that it was Sam. As much as I loathe her and hate to say it, she looked really hot. This was the first time I really got to look at her. She probably stood about 5' 8" and weighed around 130 lbs. The amazing thing was she had a pair of d cup fake boobs. I don't normally like fake tits, but they fit her body perfectly.

I was awakened from my daze by the sound of Julie's voice. "Hey baby, I hope you have enjoyed our little game so far." Before I could answer she started again, "It will only get better from here. Like I told you in the letter yesterday, 'this will be a weekend you will never forget.'"

"You're damn right he won't forget it. This will be the weekend he looses all control to a pair of 19 year olds."

I couldn't tell what the hell was going on. Their words kept going in and out. I couldn't seem to grasp exactly what they were talking about. Apparently, Julie recognized my confusion. "It's okay Joe. It will all be explained to you shortly. I don't want any interruptions while I am explaining this to you so we are going to stick this penis gag into your mouth."

I looked over and saw Sam holding this dildo-looking thing with straps on it. She looked at me and told me to open my mouth. I must have frozen for a little bit because Julie thumped my nuts. In the swollen state they were in because of the restraint, it hurt like hell. I opened my mouth to scream but Sam shoved the dildo into my mouth and quickly strapped it around my head. The gag was holding my mouth open but I could not utter a word. I could feel the penis shaped gag resting on top of my tongue.

"Good. Now that I can't be interrupted, I think I will ride your cock while I explain our little predicament to you." With that said, Julie straddled my waist and dropped all the way down my cock. "Oh god, you do have a nice cock Joe. I am going to enjoy telling this story now." She started a slow back and forth rocking motion.

"You see Joe, Sam and myself have been friends since we were babies. Our parents lived right across the street from one another. Oh jesus, I bet I have three orgasms before I finish this story. Growing up, we were always together. Playing dooolllsss. Walking to grade school. Ohhhh gooddd, here comes the first one. OHHH SHHIIIITTT!! That was great." Julie sat on me shaking for a little bit, and then resumed.

"One night, Sam stayed over at my house and we got to talking about boys. We had never really talked about boys before. Our discussion quickly turned to what girls and boys were supposed to do together.

"Curiosity definitely got the best of us, so we went to the Internet. We started looking at porn. First, we looked at straight sex. I kind of enjoyed it and could feel my pussy starting to itch. I had masturbated before but I felt uncomfortable doing it in front of Sam. Sam quickly said she didn't get it. 'That doesn't look like fun. His penis is pretty gross looking.'

"OOOHH GGGODDD, telling you this story is, Ohh shit, making me cum so much faster. That's two, baby. Your dick does wonders to me Joe.

"Anyway, I kept clicking through a bunch of pictures, getting more and more turned on. Then, I came across a group of lesbian pictures. Sam and I looked at each other and started laughing. The more pictures we looked at the more turned on we got. Neither one of us were saying a word, but I could hear Sam's breathing getting louder and faster.

"I slowly looked over to see Sam rubbing her pussy through her panties. I didn't know what to do, but apparently, my hand had a mind of its own. My hand slipped inside my pj's and started going to town. Sam must have noticed because she started moaning. We brought ourselves to orgasm pretty quickly, and just kind of sat there with our hands in our pj's.

"Sam finally broke the silence, 'I don't know about you, but that looks like a lot more fun than being with a guy. You...uhm...think we could try that?' I was so turned on. I just grabbed her and we started kissing. Clothes started being awkwardly pulled off. Tits got mauled and pussies got filled.

"OOOHHH Shit. Here comes number three." Julie started shaking on top of me. This was definitely the biggest of the three. It took her about two minutes to finally calm down and start her story again.

"That night, we did everything we saw in the pictures. I couldn't tell you how many times we came, but it was a lot. From that night on, we knew what we wanted. Any chance we could, our faces were in each other's pussy.

"The only problem was the small town that we lived in. Everybody in it was very religious, including our parents. We knew that we had to keep it a secret. If anybody in the town found out, we would be shunned. There is no telling what our parents would do to us.

"So, to keep us in the good graces of the town and our families, we did our best not to get detected. I started dating boys, but Sam just could not get herself to do that. Eventually, the rumors started flying around about Sam. I did my best to crush them, but of course, there were always those people that wouldn't let it go.

"She got teased a lot. One night, a group of guys tried to corner her. They had the full intention of raping her. They started grabbing her boobs and her ass. They started to take off her clothes, but, luckily, a cop happened to roll by. The cop didn't notice them but it was enough to scare them off. From that point on, Sam has wanted revenge on all men. She told me that she wanted to get an older guy to do whatever she wanted. She wanted to completely control him. I told her that it sounded like fun and I would help her out anyway I could. So, we moved here and I met you.

"I am finished with the story, but I have one more orgasm getting closer."

Julie really started bouncing up and down now. She was doing everything she could to get herself off. She started rubbing her clit and moaning like crazy. I wanted to cum so bad but the straps around my balls were making it impossible.

"OOOHHHH FFFuck, here it comes. OHHH SHIT... Shit...uuuhhhgggg. Oh god, you cock is so good." Julie just feel forward onto me, her tits smashed against my chest and my cock still buried in her pussy. She just lay there motionless.

Sam starts to rub her back and her hair. She looked down at me and said, "She does this sometimes. When ever she has a couple of big orgasms in a row, she will pass out."

A couple of minutes later, Julie starts to stir. She finally looks up at me with this huge smile on her face. "I love it when that happens. That was so intense."

This girl was driving me nuts. At this point, my nuts were so swollen; I would have done anything to cum. I heard part of their story but I was to busy concentrating on my cock and balls.

Instead of getting off, Julie starts a slow grind. She starts working her pussy back and forth. She looks down at me and asks, "Do you want to cum in my pussy?" All I could do was nod my head.

Julie looks over at Sam and nods her head. Sam reaches up to my head and removes the gag from my mouth.

"I am going to let you cum but under one circumstance. You have to make my pussy nice and clean after. Are you willing to do that?"

All I could say was, "Yes."

"I want to hear you say it Joe. I want to hear you say, 'I want to lick my cum out of you pussy.'"

"I...want to lick my...cum...out of your pussy." I whisper

"Louder Joe."

"I want to lick my cum from your pussy." This time I shouted. I didn't really care. I just wanted to cum.

I saw Sam move down the bed. "Oh thank god, she is going to remove the straps." I thought. Instead I felt her turn off the butt plug and start to pull it out. The next thing I see is a dildo in her hand. She starts to lube it up and then I feel her start to put it back into my ass. It was a little bit bigger than the butt plug, but since my ass had been stretched for so long, it slid right in.

Sam started to slide the dildo in and out. At the same time, Julie was slowly grinding on my cock. "How does it feel to have Sam fucking you in the ass with that dildo? You like it don't you? It's going to make you cum, isn't it?"

I couldn't reply. I just knew that I was ready to cum and these two sensations were driving me crazy.

Julie leans down to my ear and whispers, "Let me hear you say how much you like Sam fucking you with that dildo. Tell her to keep fucking you till you cum. If you say that, I will let you cum."

I couldn't handle it any more. "Oh god Sam, that feels so good. Keep fucking me in the ass. I want you to make me cum."

Once the words came out of my mouth, Sam unhooked the straps. I instantly started cumming in Julie. It was the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. It was so powerful that it kind of hurt. I started screaming. Julie started moaning. It felt like I pumped more cum into her then I have ever pumped in my entire lifetime.

Julie looks at me with this grin on her face. "That was amazing Joe. I have so much cum inside of me. It's kind of gross that you want to lick it out of me, but, whatever gets you off."

With that said, she slides up my body and places her slimy pussy right on my mouth. She starts to slide it all over my lips. I didn't want to lick it but I remembered about earlier. She made me say it earlier and she was not going to get off until I licked her completely clean. So, I opened my mouth and started licking. The taste was a bit more overpowering then last night. There was a lot more cum than last night too.

I don't know how long it took me to get Julie clean, but I know that she had at least two orgasms. Each time she would cum, more of my cum would get pushed out into my mouth.

Julie finally rolls off of me and lies down next to me. She looks over at me and says, "God Joe, that was amazing. I can't wait till I get to fuck you in the ass like Sam just did." She then leans into my ear and whispers, "You did a good job Joe. For such a good job, we are going to give you a reward later. For now, get some sleep. You are going to need it." She kisses me on the check and her and Sam get up and leave. I didn't know how much sleep I was going to get but I was relieved that they left the cock strap off and the butt plug out.

I don't know how long they let me sleep, but I actually felt rested when I woke up. My wrist and ankle restraints had also been removed while I was asleep. There was a note lying on the nightstand next to the bed. It read:


This morning was great. For doing such a great job,

Sam and myself feel you should get a reward.

Come to the living room.


Your Mistresses

P.S. Do NOT put any clothes on!!!"

I had to read the note five times to get everything sorted out in my head. This morning was such a blur, and this note was not helping. I got really excited when I saw that I was getting a reward. I also got a little confused/scared at the "Your Mistresses" and the "Do not put any clothes on." After what they put me through twice this morning, I didn't think I should piss them off. I got out of bed and went straight for the living room as naked as can be.

As I got out to the living room, I noticed Julie and Sam sitting on the couch watching a video. I couldn't tell what it was but it definitely sounded like a sex video. Julie must have heard me approaching. Without even turning around, Julie said, "Come have a seat on the floor between Sam and I." What else could I do? I walked around the couch and sat down between these two ladies. As I was walking, I heard somebody press stop on the tape and start to rewind it.

Once I sat down, Sam was the first one to speak. "We both thought you did a good job this morning. If you keep this up, we will all enjoy this new arrangement." I was about to ask what fucking arrangement, but was cut off by Sam again.

"Since you did do such a good job this morning, we decided to make a video for your reward. While you are watching this, we expect you to do nothing but watch the screen. No turning around, no talking, and definitely no touching yourself. We will be talking to you so do not turn around when we do. Nod your head if you understand!"

I was so stunned all I could do was nod my head. I guess somebody hit play on the VCR because the TV started up. On the screen was my bedroom with me lying in bed. I couldn't tell what was going on. Then I see Sam walk in, climb up on the bed, and then straddle my face. The only sound you could hear is Sam moaning.

I feel Julie lean down to my ear and whisper, "If you haven't caught on yet, we video taped our last session."

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This was actually what went on earlier. I was actually watching Sam riding my face. As much as I loathed her, she look hot as hell riding me. My dick started to get hard.

After Sam had her first orgasm, you could see Julie walk into the side of the frame. She sat down at a chair next to the bed and spread her legs wide. She was masturbating while watching Sam ride my face. I couldn't help it. I reached down and started stroking my rock hard dick.

SMACK!! "I told you NOT to touch yourself. If I see your hands getting close to that disgusting dick of yours again, we will tie your hands behind your back."

My balls were on fire. I don't know what the hell Sam hit me with, but it hurt like hell. I felt a hand grabbing at my arm to sit me upright and somebody says, "Now continue watching the show."

It was now really hard for me to focus. My nuts were still on fire but the scene was so hot. Sam finally had her third orgasm and I could hear her say, "He can definitely lick some pussy. Do you want a go?" All Julie said was, "Yes, but I think his tongue needs a rest." You could see Sam roll off of me and Julie straddle my waist. She started humping my cock and moaning real loud.

I was waiting for Julie to start telling her story but it wasn't starting. I was really confused. I turned to Julie and was about to ask when I felt something get shoved into my mouth. I could instantly tell it was the penis gag from this morning.

"Didn't Sam tell you not to turn around and not to speak? Now, continue watching the show and we will explain." I turned back around and waited for my explanation.

After ten more minutes of watching, Julie finally started talking. "You see Joe, Sam is very good with computers and video editing. She edited out the sound of me telling the story because it took away from the excitement of the sex scene."

She did have a point. The scene was sexy as hell just hearing Julie's moans. We were coming up on the scene were Julie passed out. God it was hot. She was bouncing on my shaft so fast she was almost a blur. Then I could hear Julie scream and fall forward. She was just lying on top of me. I could see Sam come over and start stroking her back and talking to me. I wanted to start beating off so bad but my nuts still hurt from the last time.

Julie finally sits up and starts a slow grind again. I can hear Julie say, "Do you want to cum in my pussy?" I could see myself nod my head and say, "Yes." Julie starts to ride my cock again and I could hear myself scream out, "I want to lick my cum from your pussy."

Holly Shit. They edited out what Julie said. All the stuff about making me say it. Jesus Christ, it sounds like I wanted to do it.

The next thing I hear is myself saying, "Oh god Sam, that feels so good. Keep fucking me in the ass. I want you to make me cum." I could see Sam at the backside making a slamming motion with her hand. Instantly, I can hear myself screaming out my orgasm.

I see Julie get a grin on her face and say, "That was amazing Joe. I have so much cum inside of me. It's kind of gross that you want to lick it out of me, but, whatever gets you off." She then slides up my body and I could see myself licking my cum from her pussy. Julie has her orgasms and rolls off of me. The last thing you could hear on the tape was Julie saying, "God Joe, that was amazing. I can't wait till I get to fuck you in the ass like Sam just did."

I didn't know what to do. I was so confused. They had edited that whole tape to look like I liked getting fucked in the ass and eating my own cum. I didn't know what the fuck I was going to do.

"I can tell you are a little confused Joe. I will let Sam explain things to you. She has been dieing to tell you."

"You might not remember me say that you were going to loose complete control to a couple of 19 year olds. Well, here it is. That videotape was you losing complete control. From this point on, we are in charge. We are in charge of you, that penis, your orgasms, and your life. You will do whatever we tell you, whenever we tell you. You are our slave and we are your Mistresses."

Julie chimes in, "And don't think about telling anyone. We have many copies of this tape. We will send it out to people. Could you imagine this video being shown on the big screen up at work?" Julie must have noticed the fear in my face because she added, "Don't worry Joe. We don't want to hurt you. We just want to have as much fun as two 19 year olds can. Plus, you really seemed to enjoy this morning. Just look, your dick is hard from watching our edited video."

She was right. My dick was still hard. Even after hearing the words from Sam, I was still excited. My head was spinning. I didn't know if I should get up and run or just sit here like the beaten man I was. Before I could even decide, I felt a hand wrap around my penis. I looked over to see Julie smiling.
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