His Domme is a woman that squirts

This older true story is from 2003, but thought I'd post it anyway...

This story is 100% true. I met my first Mistress online at a BDSM board about 2 months ago. She lives in the same city as I work. One of the best things I love about her is that when she cums, she squirts, and I mean a lot. She also has already started whoring me out to other women(one so far).

We only had about an hour before we both had to be back to work so it didn't give us much time, but that is about the only way we could meet with our work schedules like they are. Luckily she only lives about 5 minutes from where I work.

We entered her apartment and she walked to the back to get my collar. I new I was suppose to start undressing at the door and wait for her return(from past sessions). When she came back I already had my clothes off, nothing on but what she told me to wear under my cloths. I left on my nipple clamps, harness that held a 7" cock in my ass, and pink g-string panties. I got down on all fours as she put my collar on and then attached a dog leash to it. She had her clothes off and led me over to the couch where she sat. She had me face away from her with my ass towards her. She saw the dildo strapped into my and pushed it in further with her feet.

"That feel good, pussy boy." she said.

She did this several times almost pushing me forward and loosing my balance.

"Turn around!" she said.

I turned around and she pulled me toward her by pulling on my nipple clamps.

"That feel good?" she said as she smiled at me.

I quickly responded in between grunts, "Yes Mistress."

She opened her legs and pulled her pussy and ass apart and commanded, "Eat my ass, pussy boy."

I moved to her ass and she pulled her ass cheeks apart. I stuck my tongue in her ass as far as I could reach and licked all around. She had a habit of pushing her asshole out like she was shitting so I could lick everything down there. I laid my tongue down flat on her asshole and licked like a puppy dog. I heard her moan so I knew I was pleasing her.

"Lick my pussy, slut." she commanded next.

I moved my tongue up to her pussy and started licking on her clit.

She would take her hand and push my head into her pussy and say, "That's it... keep licking pussy boy."

I licked her pussy and asshole for about five minutes before she said, "I'm going to cum, if you miss a drop it's more paddling for you."

The she grunted a few times and her pussy juices squirted out all over my mouth and face. I pushed my mouth over her pussy but her squirting was to much, I couldn't swallow it all. She squirted about five long streams before she stopped. I lifted my cum soaked face up and looked at her.

"Looks like you didn't get it all, slut. Turn around." she commanded.

I'm on all fours and she sits on my back facing my ass.

She takes her crop and says, "Count them out and say 'Thank you Mistress.' after each one."

"Whack!" right on my right ass cheek.

"One... thank you Mistress."

"Whack," on my left ass cheek.

"Two... thank you Mistress."

"Whack... whack... whack..."

She lit my ass up. It was really stinging but I continued to count them out up to 15 whacks.

Then she stopped and said, "Go take the cock out from your ass."

I went to the bathroom and took the panties off then removed the cock with harness. My ass felt so empty after the cock came out. I put the panties back on and crawled back to her sitting on the couch. She had some cloths pins next to her and she told me to put one on each of her nipples. I felt so honored to be able to do this. I carefully place one on each of her nipples. She took a few cloths pins and placed them on my cock and balls and then proceeded to spank my cock and balls with the crop. After a few minutes of spanking she pulled the cloths pins off.

She took the leash and I followed her into the bedroom and she layed a towel on the floor. She had lit up a cigarette and made me hold the ashtray while I was on the floor on all fours. She got her strap-on out and put it on.

"Time for me to take your ass, pussy boy."

She walked up in front of me with her 8" cock and put some lube on it.

"Open your mouth." she said as she smiled at me looking up at her.

I opened my mouth and she pushed about 4 inches in my mouth. She fucked my mouth for a while. I couldn't get but about half in my mouth before I would gag.

She said, "We'll have to work on you deep throating this cock in the future."

She told me to get on all fours and she got behind me. She put the ashtray on my back with her cigarette in it.

"Don't let this fall." she commanded.

She pushed the head of her cock into my ass but it had trouble getting in. It was bigger than the cock I had in my ass earlier. After a few attempts, the head slipped in.

"Ohhh..." I moaned.

She pushed the full eight inches in my ass all at one, then pulled it back out. It felt like a bat had enterd my ass and then grabbed my insides and pulled them out. It was not what I was expecting... I thought it would be a little more pleasurable. She did this several times. It wasn't painful, just not as pleasurable as I had thought.

I was thinking, "I better get used to it though, because I sure will be doing more of this."

She fucked me in the ass for a while then pulled out. My ass felt so wide open, I'm sure she could see in my ass.

"Get up and sit on my cock!" she said.

I stood while she laid on the floor. I moved over the top of her cock and sat down until the cock head touched my asshole.

She smiled at me and said, "Go ahead, sit on it."

I forced myself down over the cock head and once the head was in I sat all the way down on the cock. It still hurt, but I tried not to complain(slaves don't complain).

She told me, "Fuck yourself on my cock."

I tried to ride up and down the cock like a slut wanting a big cock. My balance was a little off so I wasn't a pro, but I think I did OK. My ass was definitely on fire.

She told me to get up after a few more minutes. She took the strap-on off and laid on the bed with her legs facing me on the side of the bed.

She pulled her legs apart and pushed her asshole out and smiled saying, "Eat my ass, whore."

I was standing, so I bent down and started licking her ass again. Pushing my tongue deep in her ass and cleaning her asshole was my only thoughts.

"Lick my clit!", she commanded.

I moved up and started sucking on her pussy. She was still wet with cum from before and it made it all the more better.

I continued this for several minutes and she announced, "I'm cumming... make sure to drink it all... ahhhhh".

Then she started squirting, I mean a lot. I placed my mouth over her opening and started to drink... I couldn't drink it down fast enough and it started running down to her ass. She came over and over again. She was actually pissing her cum in my mouth.

After she stopped cumming, she looked down at me with my whole face soaked and said, "You didn't drink it all again, what does that mean?".

"More whacks, Mistress." I said looking like I had just drowned.

"Clean the cum from my ass." she said as she spread her asshole out.

I dove down again and clean her ass of the remaining juices.

"Come up here and suck on my tits.", she said.

I crawled up on the bed and layed head down into her chest. She has beautiful breasts that are pierced. I love sucking on them also. I sucked each one, pulling and bitting at them. She likes me to bit harder, but I'm afraid I will hurt her. She pushes me back down to her pussy and them gives me a rabbit vibrator. This is the one that is a vibrating dildo with a clit stimulator on it.

She said, "Make me cum again with the rabbit."

I pushed the rabbit inside her and turned on the vibrator. She started to gyrate her hips to fuck the rabbit. It didn't take her but about five minutes of me licking her pussy and her fucking the rabbit for her to squirt again. As soon as she started squirting, I removed the rabbit and was splashed with her cum on my chin.

She grabbed my head while she was still squirting and said, "Drink it up slut."

I moved my mouth down on her cumming pussy and started to drink again. After few minutes after her orgasm, I cleaned her pussy and ass again.

She removed the cloths pins from her nipples and let the blood rush back to them.

She smiled at me and said, "You've been a good pussy boy today so I will let you cum. Lay down on the bed."

I laid down on the bed and she reached in her bag and pulled out a rubber glove and some lube. She greased up a few fingers and slid them into my ass. Ohh... it felt so good. I love having fingers in my ass. She told me to stroke my cock and get hard but not cum. It didn't take me long to get hard with her finger fucking me.

"Don't cum until I say so, slut." she said.

Next she pushed my ass up over my head so my cock was almost pointing at my face.

"OK... you can cum when I say so." she said.

I was stroking my cock faster and faster building up my cum.

"Ohh... can I cum Mistress? Please.. may I cum?" I said.

She smiled and said, "Yes, slut, you may cum."

That was all I needed and I started jerking, my ass clamping down on her fingers. I started to shoot all over my stomach. I was not far enough to reach my face. She used her free hand and started scooping up the cum in her hand.

She pushed her hand into my mouth saying, "Eat it all."

I greedily licked my cum from her hand. She did this several more times to make sure she got it all. She pulled out her fingers from my ass and I fell back to the bed.

She smiled at me saying, "Did you like that?"

I smiled back, "Yes Mistress, I loved that."

I took a shower at her place and got dressed to leave. Before I could say goodbye, she asked me if I was wearing the pink g-string I wore into her apartment. I said no, so she made me put them back on before I left. I was totally relaxed at work that afternoon.
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