Mistress makes me lick her asshole for an hour

Mistress Mary - Visit 02 04/19/07 11:30am

I arrived at her apartment and was escorted to her room. She had me undress completely while she sat on the bed facing me.

Earlier that morning I had taking a cord and wrapped it around my balls to help with stretching and then took a picture of it with cellphone and sent it to her. She wanted me to tie it like before and watch me. Afterwards she showed me two better ways to tie it tight so my balls would stay extended.

She left the last one tied so my balls where pulled away from my cock. She got undressed and laid down on the bed with her back up and told me to giver her a massage. I got up on the bed and kneeled beside her. Her arm was laying off to the side of her and she moved it up between my legs so she could rub and squeeze my tight balls as I massaged her.

This went on for about ten minutes then she got up and retrieved her 8" purple vibrating dildo. She told me to bend over then proceeded to stick it up my ass. Once inside she had me sit up so I was still kneeling with my ass sitting on the bed, sort of sitting on my knees. The bed pressed against the dildo holding it deep inside my ass.

She laid back down and I continued to massage her back as she played and squeezed my balls and dick. Every once in a while she would reach under my ass and shove the dildo in harder. I continued to massage her for another 20 minutes with the dildo in my ass before she gave it one last twist and removed it.

"Lick my ass!" she commanded.

I take her ass cheeks and spread them apart and dive in. I land my tongue right on her asshole. I lick, tongue, and kiss it. After a while I even put my whole mouth over her asshole and suck in. This goes on for about another twenty minutes with my tongue buried in her ass. I'm still kneeling beside her and I'm just leaning over to my side to lick her.

I move down the bed so I can get between her legs and she scoots her ass up a little and gets on her knees. Now I have great access to her ass. I go at it again, licking, sucking, tonguing her asshole. I stick my tongue deep in her ass and fuck her with it. Occasionally she pushes her ass back onto my face so I'm even buried further in. I continue to lick her ass for another 40 minutes. I'm talking nonstop ass licking at it's best. I had no breaks, just me cleaning her asshole with my tongue for a solid hour. I loved it.

She turns over, spreads her legs in front of my well used face and says, "Eat my pussy!"

I lower my head between her legs and bury my face in her pussy. I move my tongue to her clit and lick all around it. I spend alot of time licking her pussy lips and tongue fucking her. I put my mouth over her pussy and create an air tight seal and start sucking on her. I know I spent 30 minutes sucking on her before she gets up.

She turns me around and lays me on my back. She gets in a 69 position and lowers her pussy onto my face. I know what I'm suppose to do and start sucking/licking her pussy again.

Now that she's near my cock and balls, which is still tied so my balls are extended, and starts squeezing them. I'm moaning into her pussy as she tortures my balls. Then I start to feel something wet on my cock head. She's actually licking my cock head and sucking the head. It felt great! It made my dick rock hard. She would play and pull on my balls as she sucked the cock head. Then she took my cock all the way into her mouth. Oh... that was awesome. I had to stop sucking her so I could just enjoy that. She did this several times in between torturing my balls. This continued for about 20 minutes.

She got up and told me to cum on her asshole and lick it up. She removed the rope from my cock/balls. It took me a while to cum, but I finally shot all over her upturned ass. Immediately I dove down and sucked all my cum up from her asshole.

Once done, she lays back on the bed so her pussy is just over the edge of the bed. I'm kneeling on the floor directly in front of her pussy.

"Suck my pussy and make me cum. It's my turn now." she says.

Again I dive into her pussy, licking and sucking away. About 10 minutes later she starts rubbing her clit while I have my tongue deep in her pussy. She start moaning and I can tell she it getting ready to cum. I continue my licking and when she starts cumming I move back up to her clit so she can cum on my face. It was great!

Afterwards we were both tired(at least I was). I looked at my watch it it was 2:50pm. What??? I spent almost three and a half hours there. All of it buried in her ass and pussy. :-) When do I get to do it again????

Thank you Mistress.
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