Crystal uses several buttplugs on Tyler

I decided to ditch my original story line are redo it with this one. Enjoy!

"Morning sunshine," Crystal says as she wakes me up.

"Morning," I reply as I rub my eyes.

"Sleep well," she asks.

"Pretty good," I reply as I quickly kiss her.

"I hope you did," she smiles.

"How about you," I ask.

"Tossing and turning," she laughs, "tossing and turning, but I'll be okay."

"Why were you tossing and turning," I ask as I get off the bed.

"Just couldn't sleep," she smirks.

"So any plans for today," I say as I turn on the shower.

"We'll see," she starts as the water masks her voice.

I take a quick shower and towel off. We have a similarly quick breakfast. We only have cereal. We play footsie under the table. We flirt a little but nothing too serious. We wash the dishes quickly. We watch a little TV after breakfast. Just a normal Saturday, which isn't normal for us. The way it's looking we won't be doing anything. We just cuddle on the couch and watch a movie on HBO. We make out a little and she lets me finger her. She usually doesn't like when I do that since she had the abortion. She gingerly strokes my cock.

"Wake me up when it's time for lunch," she tells me as she falls asleep in my arms.

I wake her up a little after noon. We have some soup and we eat it quick. We once again do the dishes quickly. We go back to watching TV. We watch another movie on HBO. We don't do anything during the movie, not even kiss. I try to initiate some foreplay but she gets annoyed.

"I gotta take a piss," she smiles as she gets up off the couch.

"Okay," I say as she stands up, "I love you."

"I love you too," she smiles as she walks out.

She takes a while to come back from the bathroom. I seriously don't think she'd take this long.

"Close your eyes," I hear her yell from across the house.

"Okay," I yell back.

I close my eyes and keep them shut. I feel her presence in the room. I hear something being placed on the table. I feel her hand on my face. She breathes into my ear and it gets me hard.

"I love you," she whispers, "now open your eyes.'

"Yes," I say.

I open my eyes to see a familiar black dildo and patent leather strap-on and patent leather boots. Her nipples are erect and hard. Her body looks decent for being through a pregnancy. But she has been working out to lose weight. I look on the table to see small case it. I wonder what it is. I don't want to ask. I'm sure I'll find out later.

"Baby," she smiles.

"Yes," I reply while looking up at her.

"I'm going to do something to you that you've never done before," she says in one quick breath.

"And," I start.

"And if you feel uncomfortable let me know," she replies.

"What are you going to do to me," I ask.

"You'll see," she smiles as she slowly strokes the dildo.

"Yes," I reply, "I'll do anything for you my sister, my wife."

"I love you," she smiles back, "Now see that case?"

"Yes," I say in anticipation.

"Part of your fate is in there," she says in a sexy voice.

"Any other parts," I ask.

"They'll be here later," she smiles.

"I can't wait," I exhale.

"Now take that case and follow me," she orders.

"Yes," I say standing up and grabbing the case.

We walk back to the bedroom. She sits on the bed.

"Now," she starts, "put the case on the nightstand. Now I'm going to stay on the bed. As long as you're here on the bed with me you can do anything you want to me, except sex. The moment you get off the bed I get into mistress Crystal and you'll obey my every command, is that understood?"

"Yes ma'am," I reply.

"Now you only have one hour to do what you want," she warns

"I understand," as I get on the bed.

I push her onto the bed and look at her body. I keep starring at her. I want to do something to her but I want to see what she has in mind for me. I lightly touch her body. I blow on her nipples and kiss her stomach. I want to know what she has in mind for me. I can't take the wait. I can do whatever I want to her for an hour or I can just get off the bed and find out immediately. I look at her dildo and I want to suck it. But I know I'll be doing that anyways.

"I want to start now," I say to her.

"I won't start it unless you get off the bed," she says before I kiss her.

"Yes ma'am," I say as I pull back and get off the bed.

"Good," she says before switching into character, "Now, GET NAKED FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I comply and strip off my clothes. I stand there naked for a second and she walks up to and kisses me.

"Now get the case," she demands.

"Yes Ma'am," I say in submission.

I reach over to the nightstand and hand the case over to her. She opens it and places it on the bed. She keeps the contents out of my sight. She gets off the bed and walks out of the room. I'm tempted to look in the case but decide against it. I hear her opening the door. I hear another woman's voice. Crystal quickly returns to the room with a very attractive young woman.

"Tyler," she starts, "This is my friend McKenzie, and she's going to be videotaping this. And most likely we're going to be watching it after we get done doing it."

"Nice to meet you," McKenzie smiles.

"Don't talk to him," she tells the girl.

"Yes," McKenzie replies.

"Now," Crystal says, "let's see what's behind door number one."

She grabs the case and turns it around to reveal a small sheet covering the contents. I want to see what it is. The other girl videotapes my wife's every move. Crystal slowly removes the sheet to reveal a bottle of strawberry flavored lube.

"This is if you're a good boy," she says placing it on the nightstand.

She then pulls the sheet back some more to reveal a bottle of unflavored lube.

"This is if you're going to be bad," she says as she places it on the nightstand.

She pulls the sheet back to reveal a small syringe.

"This is for your own good," she says as she hands it to McKenzie, who in turn hands the camera to my wife, "McKenzie is an RN. This shot is to keep your dick numb for about three hours. I don't want you to cum too quickly."

McKenzie grabs my cock and finds a vein near my penis and inserts it. I feel the needle pierce my skin. Then she injects the liquid. I barely feel it. Crystal gives the camera back to McKenzie as she throws the needle into the trash. Crystal then goes back to the case.

"And this," she says as she pulls the sheet back even more to reveal a bottle of lube that claims to protect against HIV, AIDS, and other STDs out of the case, "is for much later."

She places it on the table as I wait to see what else the case holds in store for me.

"And finally," she says as she removes the sheet.

My heart skips a beat as sheet is being removed.

"These are for your faghole," she says as she picks up a small butt-plug.

The contents of the case are finally revealed to me. Three black butt-plugs each in varying sizes await my faghole. I can't wait to feel them inside of me. I want them in now. I want them all in me. Just then my penis goes numb. Oh shit, I think to myself.

"Is your penis numb," she asks.

"Yes ma'am," I reply as she pushes me on the bed and grabs the flavored lube.

"Good," she smiles as she begins to put flavored lube on the small butt-plug, "Now get on your back and lift your legs up."

I comply and do so. I lie down and lift my legs up. I slowly spread apart my anus. McKenzie slowly moves in with the camera while Crystal slowly probes a finger inside of me. I then feel the tip of the butt-plug being inserted inside of me. It feels good; I just wish I could feel my dick. She slowly fucks my ass with it. But before too long the entire plug is inside of me. She then puts my legs down on the bed as she gets on it with me. She playfully touches my hair and kisses me briefly. But she then gets of the bed.

"Get on your hands and knees," she demands.

I comply and do that. I jut my ass up high so she can see the plug better. McKenzie gets close to my ass and then Crystal begins to tap on the plug. It feels strange and awkward but I like it. She then tries to push it in even more, but she knows she can't. I feel her beginning to lick my ass. I can feel her tongue approach when the plug is at. I feel more lube being poured on my ass. Her tongue licks it up and slaps my ass ever so gently. She then pushes me face first on the bed. She buries my face into the pillow and then she pulls my head back up by my hair.

"Did you like that," she asks in a sly tone.

"Yes, ma'am," I reply.

"Good," she laughs, "McKenzie and I are going into the other room for a little while. You better behave yourself. If you get off this bed, I'll be very upset. I'm leaving the camera in here so I'll find out if you've been naughty. Understand?"

"Yes ma'am," I reply.

"Come on McKenzie," she says as she grabs her hand, "let's leave this faggot here in the room."

I see them kiss as they walk out of the room. They slam the door hard as they walk out. I lie on the bed for what seems like an eternity. I feel the plug inside of me and I tap it quickly. I love that feeling, it's so strange and weird, yet so satisfying. I hope Crystal doesn't get mad if I do that. I could care less if she does. I just want to please her. I look at the clock on the nightstand and realize they've been gone for almost fifteen minutes.

"So how was it," Crystal yells out as she and a now naked McKenzie enter the room.

"Good," I reply as she picks up the second plug, "were you a good boy?"

"Yes ma'am," I reply.

"It's time for number two," she smirks.

She picks up the next largest sized plug. She places it on the bed. She then runs her tongue up my legs. She finally stops when she gets to my ass. I feel her teeth as she gingerly bites on the butt-plug. She keeps it in her mouth as she leans over my face. She pulls open my mouth and drops the plug into mine. The strawberry taste is kind of strange. But I keep the plug in my mouth as the other girl continues the documentation of all of this.

She gets the plug off the bed and lubes it up with the flavored lube. She then does exactly what she did before, except she fucks me a little harder with it this time. She then taps it even harder than before. She slaps my ass even harder and slaps my face. I almost spit the other butt-plug out of my mouth. But I'm able to keep it in, thankfully. She pinches my nose and I almost spit the damn thing out of my mouth again. I think she wants me to spit it out. She then begins to tickle my stomach. I hold back the laughter. She then touches my numb penis. I can't feel a thing down there. She hits my dick, it looks pretty rough, the way she hits it. She continues to tap the plug with even greater intensity. She continues to tickle my stomach and pinching my nose. She wants me to spit the plug out like there is nothing else to do. I keep it in. I almost spit it out. But I bite down on the plug each time. It gags me a little but I'm able to keep it in my mouth. I notice McKenzie switching out tapes from the camera. She then continues recording my humiliation. Crystal slaps me as she starts the second tape. I almost once again spit the plug out. Maybe I should just do it and see what happens. But I don't want to. I want to keep it in my mouth. I can't let it out until she wants it out. She hits my penis again, but I don't feel it, obviously. She then hits the plug harder than she ever has before.

"Fuck," she yells out as she slaps me, "are you ever going to spit that thing out!"

"I don't think he will," McKenzie says.

"Shut the fuck up," Crystal snaps back, "You could easily be in his place."

"Yes Mistress," she says in shame.

I then begin to wonder if she is a true mistress or dominatrix. How many more men or women could be under her grasp.

"Okay," Crystal says as she straddles me, "what is it going to take you to spit that thing out."

I mumble something with the plug in my mouth.

"Shut the fuck up," she says as she slaps me.

She then exhales and takes a deep breath.

"I guess we'll upgrade," she smirks.

She takes her tongue and works it up my leg to my ass. She then takes the old plug out of my ass and puts it in my mouth. She then takes a glob of flavored lube and places it in my ass. She then feverously begins to eat my ass. I squirm and flail my arms as she continues to eat my ass. Here tongue probes deep in my ass. I'm seriously loose down there. I can't take it. I have to yell out. The plug in my mouth makes it difficult. It's larger than the other one so it's difficult to keep it in. She then works two fingers inside of me. She slowly spreads her fingers apart inside of me. It drives me crazy; I wish I could feel my dick. She spits inside of my ass and works a third finger in me. I can't take it any longer. I spit the plug out of my mouth!!!!

"Finally," she exclaims as she pulls the fingers out of my ass.

"What," I say in ecstasy.

"Shut the fuck up," she yells, "Did I say you could talk?"

"No ma'am," I reply.

"You've lost the right to a flavored lube," she grins.

She then lubes up the third and final pug. She uses the regular lube and lubes up her two fingers and works them inside of me. She then pulls the old plug out of my mouth and puts the two fingers back inside of me. She fingers me furiously. I feel as if I'm going to cum. She then violently shoves the plug deep inside of me. I cringe and bite down on the one in my mouth as it finally conforms to my ass. She then taps it some more and hits my numb penis. She makes McKenzie get closer and record my punishment. Crystal finally takes the plug out of my mouth. I breathe a little bit better now. I feel more relaxed. She then kisses me.

"I love you," she smiles.

"I love you too," I reply.

"Did I say you could talk," she blurts out.

"No ma'am," I say in submission.

"Good," she smiles, "Now before your penis gains feeling we're going down to the basement. That's where the final part of our little day is going to happen."

She then lifts me up out of bed and pushes me out of the bedroom. McKenzie follows us out as we make our way to the basement. Crystal turns on the lights and she leads us down the stairs. I'm afraid of stepping on something with my bare feet. But luckily I don't. I notice a bed in the center of the basement. It has four chains attached to it. There is a nightstand next to it as well. I feel nervous as she pushes me onto it. She then leaves the room and McKenzie watches me as I wait for her to return.

"So," McKenzie says as I make sure the plug stays inside of me, "how did you meet Crystal."

"I don't think I want to talk about that with you," I reply.

"Fine," she smirks, "I'll tell you how I met her."

"How," I say as I tap on the plug.

"At a bar," she says, "she seduced me and told me about her husband or should I say brother."

"Maybe so," I say.

Just then Crystal re-emerges. She's carrying the case and something else in a black bag. She pulls the HIV/AIDS lube out of the case and she reaches into the bag and pulls out several small bottles of some substance I've never seen.

"Okay McKenzie," Crystal says, "Now it's your turn to have a little fun with him."

"Yes Mistress," she replies.

Crystal then throws the bag on the bed and takes the camera out of her hand. McKenzie then grabs a bottle of lube and places it next to the bag. She then sucks on my numb cock as Crystal sets up some lights in the room while still recording. I then notice several other cameras around the bed. I begin to regain feeling in my penis. It feels good. She's not as good at sucking cock as Crystal or Ted is, but it's a change of pace. She then opens the bag as Crystal sets up the chains on the bed. She quickly pulls the plug out of me. McKenzie then pulls out a HUGE butt-plug, larger than I have ever seen. It's flesh colored and has a huge base at the bottom. McKenzie lubes it up very well. She then lubes her fingers up and jams them in my ass. She finger fucks me harder than Crystal ever has. She makes several snide remarks and calls me a faggot many times. I love it. She pulls her two fingers out and slowly works the plug in my faghole. It stretches me out like I've never been before. It feels so good and it is unbelievable. I want more of them inside me. She finally gets it inside of me.

"Fuck," I yell out.

"Mistress Crystal," McKenzie says, "it's inside of him."

"Good," Crystal says.

Crystal pulls the girl off the bed and pushes me on the bed. She places me on my stomach. She then chains me to the bed by each arm and leg. She then straddles me.

"I love you," she says, "I can't wait for you to experience this tonight. You'll know how I felt that day. You'll like it more than I ever could."

"I love you too," I reply.

"Shut up," she says as she places a blanket on me.

She places a pillow under my head and kisses me on the cheek.

"McKenzie and I are going shopping," she says, "take a nap, until we come back. It's not like you're going anywhere. Your penis should be good to go shortly."

The two leave the basement and she turns off the light.

The next thing I know I hear several voices approaching the basement door. I can't tell who they might be but I hear Crystal. Then the lights come on...

To be Continued...
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