Life changes when wife surprises him on business trip

I travel every week for work; love to wear lingerie; get a huge thrill out of anal penetration and being restrained; and my greatest excitement comes from subbing to my Her biggest thrills and greatest orgasms come from taking my fantasies and making them into realities with her personal twists. She has not always participated in my fantasies and now she owns them.

We had a very ordinary sex life until she surprised me on one of my trips and changed our ordinary into extraordinary. It was a typical work-all-day and then play-in-my-room evening. I have a collection of lingerie; dildo's; butt plugs; gags; and restraints and had them all out that night. My contracts are usually a year or longer and the hotels are only to happy to keep my locked bag of goodies over the weekends while I am gone. This allows me to amass a nice collection of panties, bras, stockings, corsets, falsies and even a pair of high heels that I can lock.

As soon as I got to the room that fateful evening I locked myself into a CB-2000 before I could be tempted to skip straight to an orgasm. First came a Viagra, double enema and a light snack. Next I showered, shaved from my eyebrows down, and rubbed baby lotion all over, except for my breasts. I applied a light coat of adhesive and put my 38D breast forms in place. Next was the red vintage boned corset, black fishnet stockings and my 5" heeled red patent leather pumps with the locking strap. I pulled the laces on the corset as tight as I could, tied them off and connected the middle eyelets together with another lock. The Viagra was kicking in by now and my penis was completely filling the chastity cage.

Now that the outside was prepared it was time for the inside. First my ass needed to be filled. I lubed up my asshole and an 8" vibrating dildo, then, tottering slightly on my heels I slid it home in one long slow stroke. I buckled on my butt plug harness and reached between my legs to attach the vibrating dildo and pull the strap from back to front, fitting the split around my caged cock and balls and locking it to the buckle. It was tight enough to allow about an inch of movement but there is no way to get the dildo out until the strap is unlocked.

With the close of every lock I was feeling more helpless and more excited. You see, I had suspended the keys in a 16 ounce plastic cup of water and left them in the freezer that morning. To make things more interesting I turned off the water to the commode and flushed it which drained the water tank. Using a towel, I wrapped the cup of frozen water and keys; placed it in the bottom of the tank and replaced the cover. That would make the keys much more challenging to get to once I completed my self-bondage.

An hour had passed and the Viagra was adding to my excitement and frustration. I knew I needed to finish fast or I would shortcut the process. I locked my ankles together with a short chain; locked my wrists behind my back with padded cuffs; and knelt down on the bed. I used a strap-on harness to attach an 8" dildo to a pillow so that I could pretend I was being forced to give a blow job later. Then I flipped on the vibrating dildo, used handcuffs to attach the ankle and wrist chains together as I fell over on my side.

At last, I could relax for just a moment and start appreciating my situation. I was tightly laced into a corset with stockings, high heels, 38D breasts glued to my chest, wrists and ankles locked in a hogtie and every key was frozen in ice and stashed in the back of the commode. I knew that there was enough slack in the hogtie that if I could get myself up onto the commode lid I could barely reach the cup. Of course I have to get the lid off without dropping it and then get the cup into the tub or sink and run hot water on it unless I wanted to wait several hours for the ice to melt. As I lay there resting as best I could I realized that if the ice melted the keys would fall to the bottom and I might not be able to reach them!

The vibration in my ass was very pleasant on my first. Then it started really working on my prostate gland and combined with the situation I was in and the Viagra it caused my penis to become painfully hard in its cage. I was really starting to get a little panicky when there was a knock on my door! Now this had happened before and it was someone with the wrong room number and they went away. I lay very still as they knocked again. Then little panicky feeling went completely off the scale when I heard my wife call out my name as she knocked again!

Oh that I had just kept my mouth shut, but for some reason I blurted out "just a minute honey!" Why in the world did I open my mouth? As soon as I heard my voice I knew I was in a world of trouble.

She called my name and said, "is that you?" I was stuck now in more ways than one. I started scooting to the edge of the bed not having a clue what I was going to do when I got to the door.

I called out again, "just a minute honey!"

She replied with "what's wrong, what's going on; what are you doing?" I could hear her trying a plastic room key in the lock, but the inside latch held.

As quick as I could I walked on my knees to the door, managed to unlock it with my teeth and took a really deep breath. I asked her to try her key again and fell over on my side as she walked in the door with an overnight bag in her hand and a shocked look on her face! "What the hell is going on?" "Who did this to you?" "Oh my God, you did this to yourself!" And then she was speechless. For a moment so was I.

I had no clue what to do or say as she just stood there and stared at me. She closed the door and locked it again, set her bag down and then dropped into the chair closest to where I was laying on my side. I started to speak and she held up her hand in a stop signal so I closed my mouth. After an eternity which was probably no more than two minutes she stood up and started examining me. She tested the locks on my heels, corset wrists and ankles and then gave a very stout pull on my cock cage which brought tears to my eyes.

Again I started to speak and this time she kicked me in the ass and said, "shut up and don't make a sound until I give you permission" so I closed my mouth again.

She started to walk around the room and saw the other lingerie and toys on the table. Then she saw the dildo strapped to the pillow on the bed and said "my, my, my." I tried to get into a more comfortable position and she said sternly, "Be still! You can move when I say you can move!" I slumped back to the floor.

She walked through the whole suite checking the bathroom, opening all of the drawers, looking in the closet and finally opening the refrigerator. She took out a beer, popped the top, kicked off her shoes and sat back down. She pushed me over on my back with her feet and then propped them on my 38D fake titties.

She took a deep pull from the beer and toyed with my caged penis using the toes of her right foot. And that is how we stayed until she finished the beer. My arms and shoulders were in pain, my butt was still vibrating and I started taking note of how she was dressed. A tight fitting low cut red top, a short black leather skirt and from my vantage point I was getting glimpses of red lace covering her pussy. Her hair was down and her makeup was just a little heavier than usual. The heels she had kicked off were red patent leather like mine, but the heels were not as tall. Again I cursed the cock cage as my penis was making a valiant painful fruitless effort to get erect.

Finally she put her beer down and leaned over until her face was close to mine. She said, "First you are going to lick me to a nice orgasm. Then we are going to talk. It looks like you did all of this on your own and that means you have a lot of explaining to do. While you are bringing me to my first orgasm you should be convincing yourself to be 100% honest with me when I allow you to talk."

She stood up and removed her skirt confirming my earlier suspicions that she was wearing red lace...a thong no less. Then she sat back down with her butt on the edge of the chair and used a single finger to motion for me to get up. She pointed to her beautiful panty covered pussy. I had not been given permission to speak so I struggled up onto my knees and then leaned into her crotch. She made no effort to move her panties and I certainly couldn't so I started licking through them. After a while she moved them to the side and I got busy using every tongue technique that I had used successfully in the past and a few I had only read about. Eventually she grabbed my head by my ears and finished herself off with my nose and tongue.

She bucked so hard that she knocked me over on my back as she came. As I looked up past her beautiful feet, legs and pussy I saw a smile of ecstasy on her face framed on the sides and bottom by her heaving breasts and on top by her beautiful hair! What a sexy site and again the pains came from my caged cock. When her breathing had slowed to something close to normal she stood up, stepped over me dragging a foot across my cock and walked into the bathroom to clean up. I heard her peeing, but when the toilet did not respond to her attempt to flush I again got that panicky feeling.

"What's wrong with the toilet?" began a long discussion of how I had gotten into the state I was in when she arrived. I told her everything. How I got all of the lingerie, toys and restraints; how the iced keys worked and why they were in the back of the toilet; how I planned to escape and what I planned to do as soon as I could get to my penis.

She laughed at the last part and made a fateful statement that holds true through today, five years later, "You will never have an orgasm again that I do not allow and you will only come how and when I say." As it turns out that those were only the beginnings of the rules I live happily under now.

"For now, lick the pee off of my pussy because I don't like that rough toilet paper." She squatted over my face and I licked away. Another rule was added when she said, "Your tongue is better than any toilet paper, from now on you will lick my pussy clean whenever I piss."

My shoulders and arms were really hurting now and I chanced to speak without permission. Actually I asked for permission to speak and that was violation enough. By now the ice had melted and she had the keys in her hand. She pushed me over on my stomach and unlocked the cuffs between my wrists and ankles allowing me to stretch out my aching arms, shoulders and legs. After about ten seconds she told me to pull my knees up under me. As I did I turned my head so that the pressure from my upper body would not be on my nose. Now I was on my knees and face with my butt up high in the air.

She walked over to the couch, picked up my discarded belt and walked back behind me. This belt has metal medallions spaced every four inches and as she started beating me with it I could feel several of them being driven into my ass cheeks. She was in no hurry and began to lecture me as she swung. By the time she dropped the belt my ass was on fire and I had the first set of rules fully imprinted in my brain.

- Complete honesty

- Immediate obedience to all requests

- Learn to anticipate and fulfill her needs

- Cock cage when I was not in her presence and some times when I was

Then she told me to stand up, unlocked and removed the belt holding the dildo in my ass but had me reach down and hold it in place. I thought she was going to let me strip down so we could get some sleep but she was not ready for that. While I stood there feeling silly in my corset, stockings, heels, cuffs and dildo she removed all of her clothes and propped herself up at the head of the bed. When she motioned for me to join her I shuffled awkwardly over to the bed, then knee walked to the spot she indicated between her legs.

She moved the dildo laden pillow over between her knees and told me to get busy sucking. I had only sucked my dildos when I was alone and it was very humiliating to be commanded to do this homosexual act in front of my wife. When I hesitated she asked me if I needed another round with the belt and my sore ass prompted me to get busy. I tried to act like I didn't really know what I was doing but she wasn't buying it.

She told me that if I didn't get my lips on base of that dildo in 60 seconds she would pull the one out of my ass and make me lick it clean. Gag reflex and all I managed to get that dildo down my throat that my face was buried in the pillow.

After four or five minutes of my blow job technique she got bored, pulled me off by my hair and started masturbating using the saliva lubricated dildo. I didn't even get the pleasure of seeing her pussy because she was thrusting the dildo in and out using the pillow. Things weren't going quite as fast as she wanted so she told me to turn around and start fucking myself with the dildo in my ass. The closer she got to her orgasm the faster she made me fuck myself until my ass was on fire, my prostate was screaming and dick was turning purple from pushing up against the inside of the cage.

Then she rolled over so that she was riding the dildo pillow and screamed for me to start licking her ass. I quickly got myself into position and dove in tongue first. Just a few seconds of that action and she had the biggest orgasm that I had ever seen her shake, moan and groan through. She collapsed on the bed with her bottom half still on top of the pillow, dildo buried to the hilt, eyes shut and such a satisfied smile on her face.

I knelt quietly behind her being very still in spite of my penis screaming in pain. Eventually she rolled to her side and let the dildo slide out of her red and glistening vagina. She pointed to it and told me to lick it clean which I gladly did. It tasted wonderful.

She was getting sleepy now and I knew better than to ask for relief. She let me slide the dildo out of my ass and told me to wash it and the toys. I saw her hook the keys on a chain around her neck.

She let me take off my corset and stockings, but not the cock cage and breast forms. She rummaged through my lingerie and picked a thong back teddy with a low cut neck and had me put it on. We finished getting ready for bed and were snuggled in the spoon position before she gave me permission to speak.

I told her how much I loved her and how much I was looking forward to this new stage in our relationship.

She chuckled and asked me if I knew what a creampie was and I told her I did. She told me it was time to go to sleep but that if I was good tomorrow I would get to eat my first creampie.

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