Continuing a mans bottomworshipping enslavement

Monday morning.

He didn't know how he got home, it was all just a blur. He'd showered for ages, washing himself vigorously in an attempt to wipe the weekend from his mind. His face looked back at him in the mirror, haggard and drawn, and he was barely able to look himself in the eye.

When he dialled a number it rang for a long time before: 'Hallo, Browning and Willow.'

'Mr Browning please,' Dave said. His jaw ached and his tongue felt as if it had been put through a mangle.

'Who is it calling?'

'Dave Watson.'

'I'm putting you through to Clare Willow.'

A few seconds then: 'Clare Willow. How can I help?'

'It's Dave Watson. I wanted to speak to Mr Browning.'

'I'm afraid he longer works here,' she said. 'I'm looking after your case now. Perhaps it's best if you come into see me. In fact I'm free in half an hour, could you come then?'

Debby luxuriated in the thick lathered bubble-bath, a large fluted glass of chilled Cristal in one hand and her cellphone in the other. Her body ached from all the attention she'd made him perform on her. But it was a nice kind of aching, a contented sort of languor. Even her anus felt quite tingly, but then she had put him rigorously through his paces in that area for longer than any other.

'Hi, sweetie,' she said, 'it's me.' The white foam teased her chin.

'How did it go?' Sheryl excitedly asked.

'You would not believe how divine it was,' Debby gushed. ''I made him do everything you told me to try and it was just so absolutely gorgeous...'

'I can't wait,' Sheryl sniggered. 'I've got him for three days too. And isn't he going to be surprised when he sees me!'

Laughing uproariously, they happily chatted about how their horses were doing and how much they were going to spend on their shopping spree at the end of the week.

'I'm afraid the business didn't fetch as good a price as we'd hoped,' Clare Willow told Dave.

He couldn't believe it, kept shaking his head.

'But Browning told me it would get at least a hundred and fifty grand,' he protested.

'Nothing like that,' she said. She was attractive in a stern sort of way and her wide backside stretched the tight skirt. Why was it every female he'd seen in the last week all had huge protruding arses?

She went on: 'And your ex-employee has increased the amount of her compensation to the grand sum of two-hundred and seventy-thousand pounds.'

He wasn't sure but he thought he caught sight of a tiny smile. No, he couldn't have. 'Jesus H!' he exclaimed. 'What does she want, blood?'

'That's to stop it going to the tribunal,' Miss Willow continued. 'Otherwise she would press for more.'

His head was held firmly in his hands. He thought it was going to explode. 'Okay, when the firm is sold how much will I still have to find?'

'Two-hundred thousand,' she said. Her reply came very quickly he thought.

'Two... hundred... thousand!' he wheezed. 'Where the hell can I get that sort of money?'

'Apparently she's willing to accept it in instalments over a period of time.' Clare Willow smoothed her hands across her vast expanse of bottom.

'How long?'

'Over a few years,' she replied with a smile. 'In fact I believe this to be a very fair offer.'


'If it went to a tribunal it could be a great deal worse.'

His cell phone went off. 'Hello, yes it's Dave.'

'It's Liz from the agency. Just calling to say your next client is getting impatient, she's been waiting for half an hour.'

'Oh.' He began to feel extremely pressured.

'And as you're on the exclusive 'anything goes' service you'd better get there, like yesterday.'

'I'll be there soon,' Dave said glumly.

'Ok, have fun,' Liz said, disconnecting.

'Some work,' Dave said to Miss Willow's question-mark on her face.

'That's good because you'll have to earn as much money as you can,' Miss Willow informed him. 'It sounds like you're busy.'

'Very,' he said.

'Just leave everything to me,' she said, then smiled. 'And try not to work too hard.'

The block of apartments was the sort that has a plush entrance-hall and tight security. Dave pressed the intercom for flat fourteen.

'Yes?' a tinny female voice said.

'It's Dave,' he said back.

'Come up,' she replied. The voice seemed familiar but it was crackly so he paid no mind to it.

The buzzer sounded and he pushed open the door and took the lift. The flat he wanted was further along the corridor. Then he rang the bell.

'Hi,' she said, grinning, standing in the doorway. She was tall, black and beautiful and wore a silken housecoat.

Dave's jaw hit the ground. A strange dizziness suddenly overcame him and he couldn't speak, couldn't even say 'hi' back. He just stood there, stunned and shocked.

'Surprised?' she beamed, pulling him inside.

'Sh... Sh...Sheryl?' he stammered.

Slowly peeling off her gown, she let it slip to the deep-pile carpet. Now all she was wearing was stockings and suspenders and high heels. Not even a bra or panties.

'W... w... what's going on?' was all he could manage to utter.

'You're going to worship my big arse,' she gleefully informed him.

'B... b... but I don't understand.' He sank into a settee, trying to comprehend the turn of events unfolding.

She sat close beside him surveying him with a superior air, her eyebrow arching arrogantly.

'Okay, Honey,' she said softly in his ear, her arm round his shoulders holding him close. 'Let me spell it out for you...' Her tone made him swallow hard. '...I'm taking you to a tribunal for sexual harassment, only now I don't have to 'cos you're coughing up two-hundred K. Right? Are you with me so far, Honey?'

He nodded weakly, unable to quite fully understand yet slowly beginning to see where she was leading to.

'So, you owe me a heck of a lot of money. Right?' Her face said she was loving every single moment. 'And that means you have to earn good money to pay me back. So you got yourself a good job and it pays you well to err, how can I put this delicately...' Her grin stretched from ear to ear. ' licking women's backsides...' She gave out a loud chuckle. 'And it just so happens, Honey, that I like my arse to be worshipped and licked by a man such as yourself.'

Dave felt as if he wanted the ground to open up and to swallow him up. This was the most humiliating moment of his entire life and she was enjoying his predicament to the extreme.

'W... w... why?' he went. He was close to imploding. 'Why me?'

She laughed, pinching his reddened cheek. 'Because you've actually done it. It takes something for a man to kiss and lick a woman's bottom. And from the moment you first did it you knew that once you've done it you can do it again. Most importantly it pays well. You don't like doing it, do you? But you know now that you do it well and you earn a good living doing it.'

'You set me up,' he managed to gasp. Her intellectual logic was making his brain spin.

'Just think, you lick women's arse for a living,' she sniggered, wallowing in his humiliation. She stood, pulling him to his feet. 'And that's got to be the most humbling thing a woman can get a man to do.'

She had a wicked look on her face as she began to strip the clothes off him. 'And I get off on making someone like you get down on their hands and knees to kiss my sweet black butt.'

Her laughter was gleefully mocking.

'Lie down,' she ordered, pressing him down to the floor. 'And don't forget I've got the 'anything goes' service.'

She was bigger and stronger than him, and the past week had taken its toll on his strength. She wrestled him to lie on his back with her sitting astride him. His arms were pinned and she was an Amazon. Her swollen vulva lips stared him in the face.

'I've had enough,' he protested. 'Get off me, I want to go.'

'But you won't get any money if you go now,' she giggled.

'I don't care,' he said. 'I'm not going to lick your fat arse,' he persisted.

'Oh yes you are,' she chuckled.

'I refuse,' he insisted. 'Just get off, I want to leave.'

'No way,' she grinned. 'You've made me too horny to let you go now.'

Still pinning his arms she turned herself so she sat on his chest facing his feet. He struggled like mad but she was heavy. She had a typical African woman's bottom, large, protruding like a giant onion. Now it was her bulbous black buttocks that were staring him in the face.

Suddenly without any notice she sat down on his face, any movement in his head skilfully restricted by her heels. She held his wrists firmly so all he could do was writhe his lower half. But to no avail. She had him exactly where she wanted him -- suffocating beneath her dark-skinned moons. And her weight bore down on him relentlessly.

'Gonna lick my fat arse yet?' she laughed, enjoying the knowledge he was smothering under her voluminous bottom.

His lungs screamed for mercy. He couldn't move his head in the slightest from her weight crushing it. He started to panic threshing this way and that. He thought she was going to remain seated on his face until he passed out. This was absolute torture. She let him catch a quick gasp before sitting back down, squashing his face with her giant buttocks. She sat there enjoying herself immensely, anticipating the delights which would inevitably follow.

'Kiss my arse,' she ordered. 'Or I'll keep this up for the next three days.'

The next time she let him breathe he was close to passing out. The second he'd recovered enough she thrust her bottom aggressively against his face. But he made the mistake of turning his face away. Clenching either side of his head with her powerful legs, she forced him to look directly up at her bulbous backside, then cruelly sank down on him, submerging his victimised face with her firm flesh.

She continued this torment for some forty-five minutes, relishing his suffering.

'You ready to kiss my arse yet, Honey,' she snickered down at his fast weakening body.

She leaned forward to enlarge her bottom in front of his face. Gasping as he did it from the strain of suffocation, he kissed her nearest buttock.

'That's it, Honey,' she smirked. 'Kiss it all over. Nice and slow, mind.'

His lips caressed her dark-tan coloured skin on each enlarged buttock cheek.

'Mhh, you're good at this,' she breathed, murmuring in utter contentment, as his lips brought all her erogenous zones together, building up for the elevations of bliss that were soon to come.

'Lick it now,' she dominatingly ordered. 'Lick it all over, and do it slowly.'

Reluctantly, his tongue snaked out to brush against her anal flesh. She'd won. She gasped at the sensation of him licking her posterior. It felt so good.

'Rim me,' she commanded, parting her bottom cheeks to make it easier for him to comply.

Obediently, he poked his tongue between her arse cheeks to lick around the anal muscle.

'That's nice... just keep it there,' she breathed.

Her eyes were the first to go, rolling around her head, then she drooped forward. Her climax built up to a crescendo quickly, wave upon wave of ecstasy sweeping right through her entirety.

'Now get it in deep,' she commanded.

Dave lay beneath her, his tongue on autopilot. It slowly wended its conquered way, slowly circling her anal passage, pausing only to ingress into her hole's welcoming depths. He'd never been so humiliated, and now this cow was making him lick her arse. And she was loving it. But it was no use. He'd have to work like this for a few years then he'd be able to finish paying her off.

'I hope you realise you're going to have to work for a quite few years to pay me back,' she managed to tell him in between gasping. 'It may take a bit longer than you first thought. Cos the money you owe me is at a high interest rate. You'll probably have to keep on working like this until you retire... Keep going, don't stop. That's it, in a bit deeper. Slowly,' she wheezed, pausing for only a moment and the silence was deafening.

When she finished climaxing she climbed off him and lay on her stomach, her bottom poised for further detailed attention.

'Tell me how beautiful my ass is while you give me some more analingus,' she ordered, wiggling her backside in his face. His tongue felt so delicious slaking over her dominating buttocks, in and around and all about.

This was going to be a very enjoyable three days. The best time she'd ever had for as long as she could remember.
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