Black bull wins white husbands consent to pursue his wife

This is the first installment in a story of about a black man who manipulates a white husband into granting his permission for the black man to pursue a sexual relationship with the white man's wife. The story also includes scenes of male power exchange. If this is not your sort of story, please move on. I am not interested in feedback related to the inappropriateness of the subject matter.


The email arrived today. My heart had been beating frantically ever since I opened it. My lips moved as I read it in silence off the screen:

We will meet in public first. You will keep your mouth shut as your wife and I discuss what will happen between the three of us. We will go back to your home and there will be red wine and two glasses. You will open the bottle and pour your wife and me a glass. You will then go back in the bedroom to get her ready for me. In the meantime, I will walk around your home. I will look at your CD's, your photos. I will see where you have traveled together, what you looked like on your wedding day. I will see what sort of food you keep in your pantry, what sort of liquor you drink, what books you read. I will learn something intimate about your life together as you are kneeling back in the bedroom, fumbling with her clothes to prepare her for me.

You will come out of the bedroom first. You will kneel in front of me and tell me what you want. Then you will tell me why, and I will understand you. I will hold my glass of wine out for you, and you will drink a sip from me as you kneel. Only then will she come out to greet me. She and I will then return to your bedroom. You may or may not be asked to join us.

After we are finished, I may decide to continue my control over both of you. I may make you call me to ask permission whenever you want to have sex with her. I am likely to deny you. I am also likely to come back, but only when requested. You will request it; of this I have no doubt.

Please show your wife this email and then get back to me quickly.


Wow. I did not expect the email to get inside my head like it did. I printed the email and stood shaking it as I laid it down on the desk.

This all started about a month ago and has moved faster than I ever would have imagined. I had been working out at the same gym for years. For most of that time, there was a guy there named Ron. We knew each other by sight, but had never been introduced. He was a very large, extremely muscular black guy that was probably in the best shape of anyone in the gym. He wasn't a steroid monster, he was lean and fit. He was about thirty years old, and a very good looking guy. He was always dressed well when he came and left the gym.

It was just another Friday evening when I had been working out. My wife Kelli was meeting me at the gym so we could go out to eat afterwards. She was standing in the gym lobby when I walked out of the locker room. To my surprise, she was standing there talking to Ron. They didn't see me, and I watched her as she flashed flirtatious eyes back and he leaned into her while they talked and laughed.

"Hello," I interrupted. "Oh, hi, honey. This is Ron; do you two know each other?"

"We've seen each other around. I'm Jack." I extended my hand to introduce myself.

"Yeah, I recognize you," said Ron as he extended his hand. "I was just chatting with your...?"

"My wife," I answered.

"Really... wow. Well you are a lucky man."

"Definitely," I answered, feeling a bit insulted by his surprise that I would be attached to such a beautiful woman. Kelli was definitely attractive. She was about 5'6", 135 lbs, with long, dark hair and beautiful, large breasts. But I wasn't so bad looking either. I was in great shape, and I felt very comfortable with my appearance.

"Well we're off to dinner," said Kelli. We said goodbye and headed out the door. I glanced back and saw Ron's eyes following Kelli's ass as we walked away.

"That guy is hitting on you like you were the last woman on earth."

"Oh, come on, honey. He wouldn't go for me. He is sooooooo gorgeous. He could have his pick of women."

"Except you, I guess," was my weak reply.

"Now sweetie, you know I would never have sex with another man... without your permission." She smiled, but I wondered if she was really kidding.

In any event, dinner went great. We didn't talk anymore about Ron. When we got home, we had phenomenal sex. She ravaged me like she hadn't done in years. It was fantastic.

The following Monday I saw Ron at the gym. I just nodded a polite hello to him. After I was done working out, I went to the locker room and undressed down to a towel to go in and get a sauna before hitting the showers and going home. As I was undressing, I saw Ron come in the locker room after me. I think he saw me naked as I wrapped the towel around myself and headed into the sauna. It was empty except for me. I leaned my head back and turned up the heat.

In a few moments, the door opened and in walked Ron. He sat down directly across from me. He had himself covered with a towel when he walked in, but he quickly removed the towel and placed it around his shoulders. This was not unusual. Many of the guys at the gym were comfortable without clothes, and some would sit in the sauna completely naked. As I sat there, I could not help but glance down between his legs. Centered in his perfectly toned body was a cock that hung at least eleven inches without an erection. It was hard not to stare at it. I kept trying to steal glances at it.

"It was nice meeting your wife the other day," remarked Ron.

"Oh, yeah. Thanks."

"She is beautiful. Great body, gorgeous tits."

"Uh, yeah... thanks."

"I bet she's an awesome fuck, isn't she?"

I pretended not to hear him.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" asked Ron.

"You mean talking about my wife like that?"

"No, I mean being naked in here with you. I see you keep trying to look at my cock."

"No I'm not."

"Sure you are, but its ok, you can look. I know it's pretty big."

I took him up on his offer. In fact I was EXTREMELY uncomfortable, but I looked down at his cock. It was amazing. A full ten, maybe eleven inches hanging soft, cut between his legs.

"It grows about another two inches when it gets hard, and gets about as big around as a can of shaving gel, not shaving cream, but you know, the gel that comes in the cans... like Edge?"

"Yeah, I'm aware of it."

"Does your wife shave her pussy? It's Kelli, right? Does she shave her pussy?"

"I'm not sure it's any of your business."

"Is your cock hard right now?" asked Ron.

"No," I lied. I was covering it with the towel and had my hands folded in my lap.

"I don't believe you. Will you move your hands so I can see?"

"No." I should have got up to leave, but I couldn't.

"Is it hard because you are looking at my body, my cock... or is it because I'm talking about your wife? Is your cock hard because you like to hear me talking about Kelli... talking about her pussy?"

I stood up to leave.

"Jack... be back in here tomorrow, same time, ok?"

I left. I took a quick (cold) shower, got dressed and went home. I kissed Kelli as soon as I walked in the door. We made love, and I came almost instantly. What was inside my head? What was happening? All night long I tossed and turned in bed.

The next day I was determined not to go to the gym. However, my cock was hard all day. I could not stop thinking about Ron, or more precisely, Ron and my wife. This was insane. What was I doing? When the end of the day came, I hurried to the gym.

I saw Ron working out. He barely acknowledged me. I was looking at the clock. When the time came, against my better judgment, I went back into the locker room and back into the sauna. Within minutes Ron was in there with me.

"I knew you would be back."

I said nothing.

"For some reason, a lot of white men want to see me fuck their wives. I think you may be one of those men."

Again, I said nothing.

"Actually, it brings couples closer together. When I fuck a married white woman, I only do it with the husband's permission. I take a lot of time to make sure that he is very invested in the process. There are a lot of ways to make him part of the experience. Would you like it if I fucked Kelli? Are you ready to ask me to fuck your wife?"

"She would never go for it," I snapped.

"Ok... assuming she also gives me permission... are you ready to give your blessing. I want you to tell me that you want to see me fucking Kelli."

"This is ridiculous," I stood to leave.

"Come back tomorrow, but this time bring me something of hers... a pair of her panties. Put them in a sealed Ziploc bag for me."

I stormed out, making certain to hide my erection as I did.

That night I went home and again came on strong to Kelli. This time she just wasn't in the mood, and I ended up having to go into the bathroom to try and relieve myself. She knocked before I could finish, so I ended up being worse off than when I started. I was horny as hell, but had no chance for relief.

Kelli left for work before I did that morning. After she left, I rummaged through her dirty clothes and found a pair of pink thong panties. I pulled them out and put them in a Ziploc bag. Why the hell I was doing this I do not know.

I went to the gym that evening and again saw Ron. He came up to me while I was doing bench presses and towered above me as if he was spotting me.

"Do you have my package? Did you do what I asked?"

"Yes," I snapped. "I have it. It's in my bag in the locker."

"Ok, in twenty minutes, meet me in the locker room. We'll then head for the sauna and have another chat."

I did as he instructed. He was already in the locker room. I discreetly passed him the bagged panties. He put them into his own gym bag and stuck it back in the locker. I then undressed, wrapped a towel around myself, and went to the sauna. This time someone else was in there. Ron came in and we both waited patiently until this other man left. When we were alone again, his towel came off and went back around his shoulders as in our previous sauna chats.

"So you brought me her panties; you're doing good. Are you ready to give me permission to go after your wife? Are you ready to tell me you want me to fuck Kelli? Are you ready to see this massive black cock in your beautiful bride's body."

I answered him with a silent stare. He knew I was interested, because I was playing his game, but I refused to give in to him.

"Look, you're the one that's so sure she won't go for it, what have you got to lose. And if she does, well... you know you want this. You want to see this black cock sliding in and out of her pussy, those pink lips wrapped around black flesh. Don't you, Jack?"

Again, I didn't respond.

"Do you know what a cuckold is Jack?"

"No, I don't."

"Why don't you go look it up when you get home. Cuckold... C-U-C-K-O-L-D," he spelled it out.

I got up to leave. He stuck out his hand and gave me a small piece of paper.

"We're not going to meet here tomorrow. I want you to come to my place instead. That's the address."

I looked at the paper.

"Six o'clock. Don't be late."


I arrived at the lobby of a high-rise apartment building the next day at five minutes until six. I expected just to ring a buzzer to be let up, but a doorman in the building greeted me and escorted me to the elevator without introduction.

"Mr. Chambers is expecting you," he said as he held open the elevator door and pushed the number twelve. He was smiling at me in a way that seemed very puzzling. "I will ring him and let him know you are coming up."

When I got off the elevator, Ron's apartment door was opened and he beckoned me inside. He was wearing a white bathrobe that hung down halfway to his knees. "Get yourself a beer out of the fridge," he said, "and get me one too."

His apartment was very nice. It had a clean, contemporary look and it was obvious he had good taste. I grabbed two beers and sat down on the couch in front of his big screen TV. He came into the room and took one of the beers from me. He sat in a chair opposite me and leaned back. I glanced over and noticed his cock, the object that had been the subject of this growing obsession in me, was slightly exposed to my view.

"Jack, I invited you over for a few reasons. First, I want you to see something." He picked up the remote control and switched on the TV. Then he flipped on the DVD player and a home movie appeared on the screen. It was filmed in the same room in which I was sitting. There was a man that I thought I recognized sitting on the couch and then Ron and a white woman walked into the scene. I knew instantly that I recognized the woman from the gym... and as that I thought about it, I believe the man also used to work out there as well.

"You may recognize these folks from the gym. Do you know them?"

"No," I answered, "But I have seen them."

"His name is Greg, that's his wife Ellen. We all became friendly about a year ago."

I continued watching the video. Ellen put her arms around Ron and kissed him. Greg knelt behind Ellen. She lifted her feet one at a time and Greg removed her shoes, placing a kiss on the souls of her feet as he did so. Ellen began unbuttoning Ron's shirt. Greg reached up and pulled down Ellen's skirt, then her panties, helping her step out of both. Then Ellen unbuttoned her own blouse, and removed her bra. Greg remained on his knees and positioned his face in his wife's ass. He seemed to be tonguing his wife's asshole as she again was kissing Ron.

"See, Jack," remarked Ron, "you won't be the first white guy from the gym to be cuckolded by me. You did look that word up didn't you?"

"Yes, I did."

"Ok, good. Now watch some more."

On the screen, Ron was now standing naked while Ellen knelt in front of him sucking his mammoth cock. It was hard as a rock and she was doing her best to swallow all of it, gagging in the process. Greg was kneeling behind his wife licking her asshole or her pussy from behind, I couldn't tell. Then I heard Ron instruct Greg to put his wife up on the coffee table and hold her pussy open for him. Greg did as he was told, helping Ellen get on all fours up on the coffee table. This put her exposed pussy directly at the height of Ron's waist. Then Greg, on his own initiative, grabbed Ron's cock and guided the head into the depths of his wife's body. He then made an awkward move of trying to position his head below his wife's pussy to lick at her clit while she was fucked by this beautiful black man. Ron pulled him away by his hair and told him to take a seat while he finished.

"Look at her face, Jack. She loves my black cock. Kelli will love my black cock also. Don't you want her to have my cock? Look at me... I bet that Kelli, your wife, is already fantasizing about my black cock in her white pussy... thinking about my seed in her womb."

I said nothing. I watched as Ellen's face contorted to express the waves of orgasmic pleasure. Then Ron picked her up and laid her on the couch next to her husband. She looked straight into Greg's eyes as the fucking by her lover continued.

"You see, Jack, that's love. That look is love. She loves her husband because he is allowing her pleasure that she could never get from him."

Back on the screen, Ron's teeth flashed as he grimaced and exploded inside of Ellen. He pulled out and grabbed Greg by the back of his hair, guiding his head between his wife's legs. I watched as he licked and sucked gobs of Ron's cum from Ellen's swollen pussy.

"That's the ultimate head rush for a cuck, don't you think? Could you imagine sucking my cum from Kelli's pussy? Have you ever tasted cum, Jack? Even your own?"

"No," I answered.

My eyes went back to the screen. Ellen rubbed her fingers through Greg's hair. Ron had just turned the volume down, but I could see her mouth make out the words, "I love you, Greg," as her husband obediently cleaned her pussy. Then, Ron's hand takes the back of Greg's head and pulls it away. He puts his semi-hard cock into Greg's mouth and Greg sucks it clean.

I looked over to where Ron was sitting, but he was gone. I turned around and saw him stepping back into the room. He was dropping his robe as he walked towards me. He put one foot up on the coffee table in front of me and held out his hand. I took his hand and he pulled me towards him, pushing down on my shoulders so that my eyes were level with his raging hard, twelve-inch black cock.

Without saying a word, I put the head of his cock in my mouth. It had a musky, slightly sweaty taste. As I sucked on it he spoke to me. In a gentle, authoritative voice he told me about how he was going to enjoy fucking Kelli."

"Do I have your permission to fuck your wife?"

"Yes. Yes, Sir, you do." He pulled out and covered my face with his cum. I was on my knees looking up at him.

"Good, cuck." He wiped some of his warm cum from my cheeks and placed his wet fingers into my mouth. I sucked hungrily, eyes closed, head spinning.

"I promise to play by the rules. I won't fuck her until she gives me permission, just like you did. Also, I won't show her the video I just took of you until after I have fucked her."

I opened my eyes in wide astonishment. Ron pointed to a small camera, barely noticeable, high up on the cabinet behind me.

"Unless, you give me any trouble."

He walked out of the room and into the kitchen. He returned with a book called The New Bride's Guide to Training Her Husband. "Give this to Kelli, tonight. Tell her you got it off the Around Her Finger site."

I took the book from his hand.

"Now leave."
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