A good slave gets a special treat

The blindfold is tight against my face, the leather cuffs around my wrists are securely fastened to the chains that snake under the bed. I'm on my stomach, face turned to the side, mouth open and panting, body covered in sweat. I've been here for hours now, waiting, and now that she's back, all I want, all I need is for her to take me.

I feel her weight shifting behind me, and then her hands are on my ass, kneading and clawing lightly as she positions herself between my legs. I'm whimpering, purring, begging her to enter me, spread me open, push me down and fuck me. I hear the smile in her voice, telling me to be patient while her fingers are slowly trailing up and down my back. Then, slowly, she's sliding inside of me.

I'm pushing back against her immediately, my fingers making fists in the sheets. My back is arched, there's a scream locked in my throat, I feel for the briefest of moments that I can't breathe through the excitement. Feeling the cold of the silicone and the lube spreading me open. Slowly sinking into me, teasing me, letting me get used to it, opening me up for what's going to come next.

She tells me to get on my hands and knees, that she has a surprise for me. I obey immediately, pushing back again against her hard rubber cock, and she starts moving in and out, slowly at first, then faster. I love her fucking me, and she loves seeing me helpless like this, watching her "cock" slipping in and out of my body.

Then I feel someone else get on the bed in front of me and I back up, pushing her deep into me, my mouth falls open, moaning. I hear her tell me that it's ok, that this is my surprise that she promised, that it's going to be fine and to just relax. I'm shaking, terrified, but I try, loving the feeling of her fucking me too much to stop.

Then there are hands on my head and in my hair, and I know what's going to happen next even before I feel the soft warm skin of his cock on my lips; before I taste the salty sweet taste of his pre-cum on my tongue as I open my mouth wider and suck him into my mouth. His fingers twine themselves in my hair, pulling my mouth forward onto him. His cock's pushing against the back of my throat even as she's burying herself in me. I'm trapped between them, a toy for them, something to use, and I love every second of it. This is one of my greatest fantasies come to life; I'm barely able to hold myself up on my hands and knees as they both fuck me harder and faster.

She reaches down, touching me and I cum instantly. I feel him swelling in my mouth, his thrusts becoming more urgent as she's fucking me harder and faster, the other end of the double dildo buried deep inside her. Suddenly, almost at the same time, her hands clamp onto my hips and his pull my head forward. Hot, salty-sweet cum is flooding my mouth and I'm swallowing as fast as I can, but it's not fast enough and I'm gagging, and he's cumming over and over. It's running down my chin and still he's cumming, it feels like it'll never end, and I never want it to.

And the whole time, she's buried all the way inside me, her hips bucking against mine and she's cumming too, her body shaking as she leans over and presses me down against the bed, pulling my face away from this strangers cock. A final jet of hot, sticky cum splashes against my cheek as she collapses on top of me and my mouth feels odd, suddenly empty. She's panting in my ear, telling me how much she loves me. I feel him get off the bed, hear him walk across the room and get dressed as she slowly slides out of me. Totally empty, completely spent, I barely feel her unlock the wrist cuffs, hardly notice her slipping the blindfold off of my head. He's already left the room when I open my eyes half way to see him; I'll never know who it was. She's sitting on the edge of the bed, undoing the harness, the sweat on her body shining in the candlelight.

She lies down next to me, whispering her love and happiness. She kisses my cheek and mouth. I know she can taste him on my lips, and I smile as I drift off into sleep.
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