Young man pays dearly for stealing panties

It's all too common for career criminals upon their capture to say this was the first time they had ever done anything like that. In Scott Watson's case however, it was true. As Scott filled his plastic bucket with hot water and added the pine-scented cleaning solution, he began to think about why he was doing this. One time, one mistake. He put the bucket on the cold tile of the bathroom and dropped his worn scrub brush in the soapy water.

Scott glanced at his reflection in the mirror above the sink and blushed deeply. At 5'7" and 140 pounds, he was in decent shape for 18 years of age. He wore the same thing he always wore in her house – red leather dog collar, matching ankle and wrist cuffs, an "A" cup bra and matching thong panties. Today was Friday so the color of his lingerie was hot pink. He adjusted the bra straps and knelt to the floor. As he grabbed his brush out of the bucket and started to scrub (first bathtub, then floor, then toilet, then sink and counter), he thought back to that one mistake that had cost him so dearly.


With high school graduation finally over, Scott Watson looked forward to a summer of freedom. With his older sister staying at college for the summer and his parents working long hours, he looked forward to having the house to himself. Sleeping late, TV and videogames. That was his plan for the summer. Oh yeah and trying to finally get laid. But if he didn't, he still had his collection of magazines and pictorials that he had "borrowed" from his uncle's storage building. Those had fueled his masturbation fantasies for years.

For some reason, Scott's "collection" trended towards the kinky. He loved the stories and pics of sexy women in bondage being spanked and humiliated. Even though he had most of them memorized, he would read the stories with the pics spread around him as he masturbated. The one with the cute blonde in black lingerie, on her knees, ass in the air while another woman fucked her shaved pussy with an impossibly large dildo always got him off no matter how many times he had jacked off that day.

After only a few days of mindless, daytime TV, videogames he had already beaten and jacking off until his dick was sore, Scott was bored. One afternoon, less than a week after graduation, Scott was checking the mailbox when he heard a car approaching. Scott's house was near the end of a dead-end street in a heavily wooded area outside of town. Since it was too early for his parents, he assumed it was his only neighbors, Miss Moore or her hideous daughter, Wanda.

He prayed it wasn't Wanda. While her mom was still cute at 36, Wanda must have taken after her dad. She was a big girl, towering over Scott by a good 3 inches and outweighing him by at least 80 pounds. She had big, pendulous breasts that she tried to cover with t-shirts a size too small. And this solid body was topped by a relatively large head with a bulbous nose and a mop of black curly hair usually tied in a ponytail. To make matters worse, she always wanted to talk to Scott which was difficult considering her horrible breath and even worse body odor.

But, fortunately, it was not Wanda. Miss Moore pulled the black Lexus up next to Scott and rolled her window down. "Hey, Scott. Congrats on graduation."

Scott leaned down to look in the passenger window. "Thanks, Miss Moore." His eyes wandered from her face to check out her long, tanned legs. "How's Wanda doing?" In reality, he could care less how Wanda, the unfortunate result of Miss Moore fucking some football star's brains out on her own graduation night some 19 years earlier, was doing.

"Fine I guess. Who knows with that girl?" Miss Moore shifted in her seat slightly causing the short skirt to ride up even further. "You know today's her last day of school. I told her failing sixth grade would screw her life up. She shoulda graduated with you guys."

Scott felt his cock start to stiffen as his eyes went from the attractive single mom's eyes and back to her thighs. "So, uh, is she doing anything this summer?"

A smile crept across Miss Moore's red lips as she slowly lowered her right leg giving him a brief shot of black silk panties. "Yep. I told her she's not going to lie around on her fat ass all summer. She's got a long list of daily chores and a few special projects to keep her out of trouble."

She slowly straightened her legs back out. "Oh well, gotta run. See ya Scott." The car window started back up as she hit the accelerator with a shiny black pump. Scott mumbled bye as he stood up and went back inside.

Scott raced back to his room and fantasized about Miss Moore's legs and black panties as he jacked off. He exploded after he thought about Miss Moore being the girl on her knees in his favorite pic. As he lay on his bed in post-orgasmic bliss, he knew what he had to do. He had to get those panties.


The next morning his alarm blasted him awake. He stumbled downstairs making sure his parents were already gone. He grabbed a coke from the fridge to help him wake up as he had stayed up late going over the every little detail. He sat by his front window and watched as first Wanda left for school in her trashed out Honda then the long-legged brunette rolled by in her Lexus.

Scott, dressed in dark jeans and a black t-shirt, went out his back door and circled through the woods to come up behind the women's house. He watched at the edge of the woods for any movement or sound. He sprinted to the back door and waited. Nothing. He tried the door and found it solidly locked. Scott lifted up the dirty mat, hoping to find a key. He lifted up a few pots filled with dead plants and weeds finding nothing. He then stretched up to feel along the top of the door frame. "Yes!" he cried out as his fingertips touched a key.

With his heart racing, Scott unlocked the door and pushed it open. He replaced the key and shut the door. He walked through a dirty kitchen amazed at the filth and clutter. He walked down a small hallway hoping to find Miss Moore's bedroom. The first door opened to what had to be Wanda's room. Piles of dirty clothes competed for floor space with empty soda cans and an overflowing garbage can. He looked in the next doorway finding a small bathroom. It too was filthy and the smell probably came from an unflushed toilet.

He opened the door at the end of the hallway finding another bedroom. This one was clean with glossy, black furniture and red accents. Even the walls were red. Scott began to get hard as he pictured Miss Moore nude on the red silk sheets. He found the laundry hamper in a large bathroom off the bedroom. Right on top was a black sheer bra and matching black panties. His cock threatened to burst through his jeans as he lifted the panties to his nose and inhaled. The musky smell of the crotch of her panties was too much for the young man.

He unfastened his jeans pulling them and his underwear to his ankles. He began to slowly stroke his cock as he inhaled her scent and pictured her wearing them the day before. As he neared an explosive orgasm, Scott heard an impossible sound. The sound of a car door being slammed shut.

The now panicked young man yanked up his pants and started to bolt but at the last second he grabbed the matching bra and stuffed both pieces in his jeans pocket. As he ran down the hallway, he heard the front door opening. He was trapped. With no way to make it to the back door without being seen, Scott jumped into Wanda's pit of a bedroom and squeezed under her bed. Just as he got his slight frame hidden, the lights snapped on. As Scott's heart raced, he felt the bed move above him. When a pair of ratty tennis shoes hit the floor by his head he knew that Wanda must be home. But, she should have been in school for at least another 5 hours.

He heard her open a drawer then heard the sound of a lighter. Almost immediately he smelled the acrid odor of pot. "Ok, so she's a pothead, too." Scott thought. After a few minutes of this he heard her body shift and heard a low moan. He then saw a pair of jeans and a pair of white panties hit the floor. He winced in disgust at the skid mark and yellow pee stains he saw inside the panties.

After more shifting, he heard what had to be a vibrator followed by a series of guttural moans. The mattress above him started to bounce as Wanda screamed out. "Fuck me! Oh yes, fuck me hard!" Then silence. Scott swore he could hear his own heart pounding. Then miraculously he heard Wanda snoring.

This had to be his chance. If he was very quiet, he could sneak out of the room and out the back door while she slept in a pot and vibrator induced coma. He slowly eased out from under the bed. Scott held his breath as his head passed by her stained underwear. Wanda's snoring stayed steady as he slowly stood to his feet. Unfortunately for Scott, Wanda's messiness proved to be his downfall. His foot hit a soda can kicking it into the wall.

With the loud clang, Wanda snorted and sat up in bed. She was nude from the waist down and still wore a stained black t-shirt. Their eyes locked as Scott tried to run. "What the fuck?" screamed Wanda. Scott almost made it to the door as the larger young woman hit him with the force of a linebacker blindsiding a quarterback. His head cracked against the doorframe stunning him as he went to his knees. He never saw the solid kick from the size 11 foot as it landed squarely between his legs. He fell to his side clutching his crotch wondering if that lump in his throat was his balls.

Wanda then picked him up and slammed him into her desk chair. Still stunned and nauseous, Scott felt his arms being tied behind the chair with the belt from a worn robe. Wanda scooped her jeans off the floor and put them back on. She sat on her bed staring at him.

"So, fuckwad, what are you doing in my house, in my bedroom while I'm getting off?" She sneered at the helpless, young man. "Are you a perv, Scott?"

Scott was speechless. He couldn't make eye contact but nevertheless shook his head. The slap across his right cheek sounded like a rifle shot. "Were you stealing from us, you piece of shit?" Wanda's anger was increasing as a bit of spit flew from her lips landing on his jeans.

"Let's see if you took anything." Wanda began patting down Scott's pockets as he tried to get up. "Oh, so now you want to fight, huh?" A solid jab to his gut ended any further resistance. "Well what is this shit?" Wanda asked as she pulled her mom's lingerie from his pocket.

Scott's face reddened as she thrust the silky material at him. "Oh, I get it now. You're one of those freaks who like to wear girl's clothes. And you stole Mom's panties cause mine were too big I guess?"

"Pu-please let me explain, Wanda", Scott moaned.

A second slap to his left cheek silenced him. "Shut the fuck up. I gotta figure out what to do here." A smile crossed her lips. "Maybe I should call the cops. Let's see breaking and entering, theft, attempted rape. That should make you some guy's prison bitch for quite a few years."

As Wanda cruelly laughed, Scott jerked on the tie around his wrists. "Oh, please Wanda. I'm so sorry. I saw your mom yesterday and she was teasing me and I just had to have the panties she was wearing. I swear to God."

"Hmm, so why were you under my bed spying on me?"

Tears fell on Scott's cheeks as the humiliation of his situation hit him. "I wasn't spying. I just hid in here when I heard you open the door. I thought you were supposed to be in school."

Wanda shook her head. "Dumb shit. We have semester tests this week. I only had to go until 10 today." Wanda reached for her cell phone. "Let's see now. 9-1-1. All I have to do is press send."

Scott watched her finger poised over the button that would destroy him. "Please, Wanda, please. I'll, I'll do anything you ask."

"Anything, huh?" Wanda closed her eyes thinking of what to do with this golden opportunity. "I need to think. But first we're going over to your house. You know my secrets. I wanna know yours."

Wanda grabbed the front of his t-shirt and stood Scott up. "Listen to me perv. If you try to run, you know I'll catch you. Then I will kick your sorry ass, bring you back here and call the cops. Understand?"

Scott nodded slowly. He disgustedly watched as she slipped her feet into the nasty sneakers. With arms still tied Wanda marched him out the front door. Soon enough they were in his house. Wanda went to his fridge and pulled out a beer. "Sure hope your dad won't miss this." She downed it in a few gulps then burped loudly. "Alrighty, then. Where's your room?"

They went upstairs and she flopped on his bed. "So, perv, where's your stash? I know you have to have some wanking off stuff in here."

Scott stood in silence. With lightning speed, Wanda jumped off the bed, grabbed his shoulders and kneed his already sore balls. As Scott fell to his knees, Wanda pushed him on his back and straddled his midsection. "Listen to me, you piece of shit. When I ask a question, you answer. When I tell you to do something, you do it. Now where is it?"

Scott voice trembled. "I du-don't have anything like that."

Wanda sneered at him. "Yeah, only disgusting pigs like me masturbate, right?" Her hands slipped under his shirt. She grasped each nipple between her thumb and finger. She steadily applied pressure. "Where?"

As she started to tug on his tender nipples, he squeezed his eyes tight, bit his lip and shook his head. Wanda tugged even further and started to cruelly twist. She was rewarded with a scream. As she started to twist in the other direction, Scott gave up. "Pu-please, Wanda. Tu-top of closet. Blue box."

Wanda laughed and released his nipples. "Bout time, fucker." She stood up and retrieved the box. Scott rolled over on his side, tears coursing down his face in pain and humiliation. "Holy shit! This is some kinky shit. There's too much to look at here. Get your ass up and we'll go back."


Scott knelt in the center of Wanda's bedroom as she read every story and looked at each pic. As she read, her breathing deepened and she would often rub her breasts. At one point she thrust her hand down her jeans and after a few seconds shuddered and moaned in release. When she was done reading, she stood and went down the hallway. Scott knelt silently. He wished that he had never even checked the mail that day, never saw those panties, and never tried to take them. But he had and he knew his fate was sealed. He was at the mercy of Wanda Moore, a woman who disgusted him.

Wanda came back in and dumped some things on her bed. "Stand up and turn around." She untied his wrists. "Now strip."

Scott froze for a moment. No one had seen him naked since his mom changed his last diaper. He looked up at Wanda and knew by the stern expression on her face that he had no choice. Shoes, socks, shirt and jeans came off hesitantly. "Tighty whiteys too, Scott."

Scott's face reddened as he bent to take off his underwear.

"Back on your knees boy." Wanda pointed to the floor. "You said anything I want, right?"

"Yes, Wanda."

"Your jack off material gave me a great idea. Mom's still pissed off caused I didn't graduate this year even though I'm older than you. So, she's got a ton of shit for me to do this summer. But, I'm not going to do it." She paused. "You are. And I know what everyone says about me. That I'm a disgusting pig." Scott knew that was true.

"I am this way because I want everyone to leave me the fuck alone. I know I'm not cute. Hell, I scare myself sometimes. But that doesn't mean I don't get horny. So after reading your stuff, I've decided that I want you to be my sex slave too."

Scott stared at Wanda with his mouth open. "Now wait a minute, Wanda. All that stuff is just fantasies. Besides, in all those stories the woman being the slave is what gets me off. I'm not going to do it."

As Scott started to get up to leave, Wanda pushed him hard into a pile of dirty clothes. Before he could get up, Wanda had his hands cuffed behind his back and tightened a red dog collar around his neck. Scott got up to his knees and watched as Wanda stripped. Wanda wasn't exactly fat but was just big. And hairy. She didn't shave her underarms and her crotch was a black mat of dense hair.

Wanda lay back on the bed propped up by a pillow. Her legs fell lewdly apart. "I'm only going to say this once. I don't give a flying fuck what your fantasies are. When you broke in to my house your wishes and rights ended. You are now my slave. I own your sorry ass. The rules are simple. You will not speak unless spoken to and you will do everything I say. You break the rules you get punished," Wanda giggled. "Your little stories gave me lots of ideas on how to do that. And how to train a slave, too. By the way, all your stuff does have a stupid bimbo as the slave girl. But I think I can make it work just fine. You have a mouth, nipples and an ass just like they do. Where it says clit I'll just substitute cock. And where it says pussy, I'll just substitute ass."

Scott's heart raced as he tried to figure a way out of this. The stuff he read was intense. He couldn't imagine anyone really doing those things.

Wanda broke his train of thought. "There was a lot in there about kissing feet as a sign of, let's see, submission. So slave, kiss my feet then work your way up to my pussy. By the time this summer is over your tongue will know my pussy and ass as well as it knows the inside of your mouth."

The helpless young man stared at her wiggling toes. She obviously rarely wore shoes as her large feet were dirty and calloused. Her toenails were ragged and had dirt beneath them. There was even grime between her toes. Then he thought about having his face buried in that hairy bush between her legs. He couldn't do it. "Well, fuck. Just what I figured." Wanda sat up and kicked Scott onto his back with his cuffed wrists beneath him. "Do you remember the story about the girl who wouldn't suck cock?"

Scott nodded his head slowly as Wanda reminded him. "The guy in the story said you have to make punishment memorable so that next time they beg to do whatever it was they resisted at first." For the third time that day, she kicked him hard in the nuts. As he gasped in pain, she straddled him and dangled a pair of latex-tipped clamps connected by a thin chain from her finger. "My mom is kinda kinky just like you. We never talk about it but when she has guys over, I hear all kinds of weird shit from her room. I usually just turn my iPod up and zone out. And I find all kinds of things in her room."

Intense pain shot through his left nipple as she released the clamp. This was quickly followed by the same treatment of his right nipple. She grabbed the chain and tugged lightly causing the right clamp to pop off. "Oh, my," she giggled. "Not tight enough I guess." Wanda tightened the clamp and reapplied it causing Scott to gasp.

"Okay, I can handle this, I think," Scott thought. That was until she grabbed him by the hair and pulled him over a large pile of dirty clothes. She quickly tied his ankles together with a piece of old clothesline then tied the other end to the corner of her bed. Then she tied a piece of the line around his handcuff chain and tied it off, pulling his arms painfully away from his ass that was now very exposed. He tried to move but he was stretched too tight. Besides, any movement caused the nipple clamps to set off new waves of pain.

"This may sting a little and I don't want you to disturb the neighbors. If we had any." She pulled his head up and forced the dirty panties she was wearing earlier into his mouth crotch first. She tied them in place with another bit of line. Wanda stood beside him and patted his pale ass. "I'll stop when my arm gets tired, Wanda said flatly.
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