Husband gets his due

My name is Philip. I am married to a beautiful woman called Helen, and a few days ago... I did something very stupid!

My wife, her mother, her beautician, my P.A. from work, and any of their friends, (in fact, anyone that they choose,) are now completely in control of my life. They are my Mistresses, and I am fully subservient to their every desire. In fact, I am now nothing more than their sex-slave!

Recently, whilst I thought that my wife was visiting her mother, and would not be back all weekend, I decided to indulge myself.

I resolved to use the time to pamper myself, and to pander to my secret fantasy. As soon as she'd left the house, I stripped naked... I showered, and then depilated almost all of the hair on my body below the neck, leaving only a tiny amount around my pubis. I took out my secret stash of women's clothing, separating the various items, and I lay them on the bed.

I sorted out what it was that I wanted to wear, and without pause, I began to dress. I could hardly contain my excitement... it was not often that I had the opportunity to become my 'alter-ego,' and I relished the thought of becoming a woman for the rest of the weekend!

I have been a 'closet' transvestite for many years now, but I had never found the courage to reveal this fact to my wife... I believed that she would be less than understanding, and that it might even threaten to destroy our relationship. I was not prepared to risk a divorce over it!

Little did I realise how severe, and how life-changing a reaction, I was to incite...

I began by putting on my lace-topped, fishnet hold-up stockings. I followed this with a bra, filling it with some silicon 'falsies' that I had bought a few months back... and gluing them to my chest with the adhesive which had come with them at the time of purchase.

I pulled on a pair of 'Sex-Cache' knickers, especially made to hold my cock between my legs, thus hiding my manhood, so that there would be no bulge through my clothing. I decided to wear a waist-clincher... a corset that I'd bought, which could reduce my waist to a very feminine twenty-four inches!

With my undergarments on, I chose to wear a leather mini-dress, which only came down about three inches below my panties... and that showed off the lacy tops of my stockings. I chose some ankle-boots to wear on my feet... they were the highest heels that I owned, and at six-inches in height... I would need to concentrate whilst I walked, so as not to topple over!

I sat at my wife's make-up table, and began to transform my facial features. I thinned my eyebrows, plucking them just enough that I could return to my male persona with minimal explanation.

The foundation came next. I applied it quite thickly over my face and my neck, so as to cover any stubble that might grow during my 'dressed' phase. I lined my eyes with Kohl pencil, and used super-lengthening mascara on my lashes. I delicately applied colour to my lids, added some blusher to my cheeks, and then went to work on my lips. I outlined them with a dark lip pencil, and then chose a scarlet red for my lips. I covered the lot with an 'extreme-shine' lip-gloss, highlighting the lusciousness of my now very visible mouth.

I decided to go the whole hog, and I attached long false nails to my fingers... I did so using very strong glue, knowing that I had at least two days before I'd have to remove them. Once they were attached, I varnished them, using a high gloss red that matched my lips. From my collection of wigs, I chose a shiny, straight haired wig in pure black. It was long, and it came down as far as my lower back. I enjoyed this, as I could swish it around as I walked. In the mirror, I was pleased to see a very sexy looking woman in the reflection!

I was sure that any men who laid their eyes on me, would think that I was a 'dirty bitch,' and would want to try getting into my knickers!

I went downstairs, and decided that I would have a quick nap before deciding what my plans would be for the day. I lay down on the couch, and I closed my eyes, deciding that I would wake up in an hour or so... Something disturbed my sleep, and I slowly drew awake.

As I awakened, I opened my eyes, and gently lowered my feet to the floor. I hadn't bothered to remove my boots, and so when I stood, I wobbled slightly as I found my footing. Although everything was silent, I 'felt' a presence behind me. Slowly, and with some trepidation, I turned around and faced the entrance to the room. Standing there, framed in the doorway, I saw the outline of three women.

My blood went cold! As my eyes adjusted to the light, and the shapes in doorway became clearer. I realised who it was that I was seeing. Standing there, as still as statues, shocked by what they were seeing, were three women... My wife, Helen... her mother, Susan... and my P.A. from work, Karen!

I was stunned, afraid and humiliated. I had been caught, in a most embarrassing situation... I was standing before them, crossdressed in fully feminine attire... including my sexy undergarments, my high heels... and a wig! I was fully made up, too... not only facially, but also including the long, varnished false nails that I had applied to my fingers... and the silicon breast pads that realistically filled the cups of the bra that I was wearing!

"How long have you been standing there? What are you doing home? I thought you weren't coming back here until Monday night, after your visit to your mother's." I stammered out, not knowing what to say.

"Obviously!" Helen replied.

"What's Karen doing here? I almost understand that you could return with your mother in tow... but how come Karen's here too?" I blurted out, blushing profusely.

"Oh... We were just lucky, I suppose! She came to deliver an important document to you, so that you could sign it tonight... and so that she could get it in the last post."

I blushed once again, glancing briefly in Karen's direction. I hadn't noticed Susan reaching into her bag, and taking out her mobile phone, until a bright flash appeared from her hand. I realised that she had switched her phone to 'camera' mode... and now had photographic evidence of what I was wearing, and of the way that I currently looked... evidence of me, fully 'feminised!'

I tried to move behind the sofa, so that I could kneel behind it, and hide from her camera... but before I could do so, my wife sternly said:

"Don't you dare try and hide! Stay exactly where you are. I want you in plain sight, so that we can take more photos of you! You chose to dress like this... so you will live with the consequences!"

I froze in place, unsure of how I should react. Helen had always enjoyed having something over me. She liked being in control, and being able to force me into doing things that I wouldn't normally want to do.

Having the upper hand was a power play for her... and it was just the way she liked our relationship to be! Until now though, the things she'd made me do were of no real consequence... cleaning the house, and fashion shopping with her... things like that. Now though, she had me over a barrel!

All three women now held their camera phones in their hands, and I saw them all taking pictures of me in my predicament!

"We can all see that you prefer being dressed as a woman... no, as a tart, and a slut... so, if you two ladies agree with me... I think that you should remain in feminine clothing for the rest of the weekend... the whole of next week... taking a week's holiday from work... and next weekend too!" Helen said, looking at her mother and at my P.A. for their support. The three women agreed at once, grinning broadly to one another... and my fate was sealed!

"You can't do this to me. You can't make me do it against my wishes. What if I say no? You can't force me to keep these clothes on! I live here, and all of my own 'male' clothing is here... it's in my room!"

As soon as I'd pointed this out to them, I knew that I'd made a serious mistake. Helen undid and removed her belt from the waist of her jeans, indicating to her mother to do the same, and Karen removed the long scarf from around her neck.

Within seconds, I'd been surrounded. I could feel my body being immobilised, as Helen grabbed my arms, securing them behind my back with her leather belt, whilst my knees were bound together by her mother, with hers... and before I could protest, Karen had gagged me, tying her scarf around my head, securely in my mouth!

My wife left the room momentarily, and went up to our bedroom... the next thing that I knew, a duvet cover was pulled over me, and the three women had carried me out of the house... dumping me unceremoniously into the boot of my mother-in-law's car!

I heard the women getting into the car, the engine starting, and off we went!

I could scarcely believe what was happening to me. I was being kidnapped, by my own wife, her mother, and a close work colleague... all whilst I was made up and dressed as a sexy woman! God only knew what they had in store for me, but it was sure to be highly embarrassing... and humiliating enough to furnish them with more than enough evidence to allow them to force me to comply with their every wish... maybe even to allow them to blackmail me into repeating this experience in the future!

'How did I get into this situation?' I thought to my self. 'This is entirely of my own doing! It's my own stupidity that got me into this, and I am the only one to blame!' We drove for what seemed like hours. The engine stopped, and I felt the girls hauling me out of the boot. I was carried a short distance, and dumped onto a solid floor. The duvet cover was removed. I was pulled to my feet, and my gag was taken out of my mouth.

"Are going to be a good girl, Pippa? We can't call you Philip anymore... it's a boy's name... and for the next eleven days, you'll be a girl. A slave-girl, in fact... or, more accurately... OUR slave-girl! If you promise us that you'll be obedient, and will do exactly as you're told... we will release you from your bonds. If not... well, you can imagine!" Susan, my mother-in-law asked me.

Looking at my surroundings, I realised that we were in my mother-in-law's weekend cabin. It was miles from the nearest town or village, in a large forest... so, I had no chance of help arriving, and even if I tried escaping, it would mean several hours walk... fully crossdressed, in six-inch heels... only to arrive somewhere that may give a 'feminised' man a hostile reception.

My goose was surely cooked!

"Yes... I'll be good. I have no choice, do I?"

"Karen... You've been awfully quiet so far." My wife said. "Why don't you tell us what you think we should do with our new girly, 'submissive' sex-toy?" Helen asked.

"I'd love to," she replied, "as he's very demanding at the office. I'd love to turn the tables on him for a while, but you don't think that he'll fire me for it later... Do you, Helen?"

"He wouldn't dare, Karen." My wife replied, "Remember... we are going to record a lot of this... photographically, and on video! If he tries anything at the office, just tell me... and I'll post it all over the Internet!"

I gulped... having no doubt at all that she meant it!

"Let's untie him then, and see how subservient he/she really is!" Karen laughed aloud, as she suggested this to the others."

My arms and legs were released from their bondage, but I knew that any resistance was futile, so I bowed my head, and I asked:

"What do you want of me? How can I keep you from destroying my life with these photos and things? Why are you doing this, Helen? I didn't want to hurt or upset you... I just wanted to have a weekend fulfilling my fantasy, and dressing up for a bit!"

"You never told me that this was one of your fantasies... a pretty major one too, by the looks of things. This certainly wasn't your first time doing this! So... by omission, you have lied to me! When I was a kid, my mother always taught me that it was wrong to lie... and that if she ever caught me doing so, I would be punished! Isn't that so, mum?"

"Yes dear... and I think that you are doing the right thing. How can you trust a man who lies to you? I've always preached that the punishment must fit the crime... I'm with you all the way on this one. He wants to be a girl... so... let's show him everything that a girl must do! What's more, Pippa must be punished for lying! Karen, you and I must discuss how best to do this! Do you both agree?" Helen and Karen both nodded in agreement.

"Mum, I think that we three should talk in private!" Helen said.

"Let's tie her 'spread-eagle' to the bed then!" Karen added, getting an immediate vote of agreement from the other two.

I was immediately led to the Mistress bedroom, where I was instructed to lay on my back, and where my arms and legs were firmly secured to the bedposts! The three women exited, leaving me alone... bound, helpless, and feeling very vulnerable!

I couldn't believe it... although I was alone and tied up... I was beginning to get excited!

My 'Cache-Sex' panties were made to hide my dick in my femme clothes, but were not designed to do so if I were spread-eagle on a bed... and with my legs spread widely apart. I could feel my hard-on, trying to free itself from its knicker-clad prison. I hated to think what would happen, if the women saw that I'd begun to get excited, due to my imprisonment and my servitude to them!

"Helen, you are my daughter, and I love you with all of my heart. I'm sure that you know that any advice that I give you is only that which I believe to be in your own best interest. Karen, it seems to me that you have arrived here at a most fortuitous moment... and, I hope that you will be willing to help my daughter and me to teach her perverted husband... your 'kinky' boss... a lesson that he'll never forget!" Susan said to the other two 'shocked' women.

"You've got something in mind, haven't you mum?" Helen replied.

"What are you planning Susan?" Karen asked.

"Well, first of all, he/she must remain fully feminised until we say otherwise! We'll keep him dressed up as our fully feminised, crossdressed, transvestite slut and sex-slave until Monday week!" Susan told her accomplices.

"I like it." Helen responded.

"Can we do it so that the changes will be really noticeable?" Karen queried.

"Like what?" Helen asked.

"How about taking him to a beauty salon... and getting him a full make-over? You know... including things like shaping and plucking his eyebrows... and making them pencil thin! How about making him pierce his ears, and wearing girly earrings? We could have permanent eye-liner tattooed around his eyes... He could be made to wear long false lashes... and maybe, we could get him a 'Brazilian' style bikini-wax... What do you think? Shall we do it? I think it would be great to do these things to him!" Karen suggested.

"It's a bit severe... but, it sounds like a plan to me!" Susan agreed. "It would certainly teach him a lesson!"

There was a short pause, and silence filled the room as Helen considered the proposition, but moments later, she nodded her acquiescence, and added:

"We don't even need to go to the salon... I have a friend who is a beautician... I'm sure that she'd come over and do the necessary!"

"Excellent!" Karen noted.

"Let's go ahead and do it all!" Susan replied.

Still bound and immobile, I heard the door to the room as it opened, allowing my three Mistresses to enter once again. I wondered what they had decided my fate to be... and, I tried desperately to hide my ever growing excitement from them. It was an impossible task. My rampant cock was throbbing through the silky fabric of my panties!

"Look girls... We've excited our girly 'slave!' Her 'boy-clitty' is hard and throbbing!" Karen said, excitedly!

"My goodness! After we'd forced her to be our submissive too! I think that she is beginning to enjoy her subservience to us, Ladies! It seems to me that she likes being forced into her role as a 'feminised sex-slave' for us!" My wife Helen observed!

"You see... Deep down inside, she really wants to serve her Mistresses... as a submissive slut... forced to comply with our every wish!" Susan observed.

"Call your friend, Helen... The visiting beautician that you know. Ask her to come over, tonight... as soon as she can... I think that you should explain to her that it's so that she can feminise your husband. Explain to her that Philip/Pippa needs a complete make-over, and that you will be imposing no limits as to what she can do to complete her job! Tell her that once she has finished, we will all be expecting to see no masculine traits in Philip's physique..." Susan instructed her daughter.

"Yes, let's do it!" Karen agreed.

"Okay then, I will!" Helen agreed!

Helen picked up the phone, and called her friend, Alice... the 'mobile,' visiting beautician that she knew well. She asked her if she could do her a big favour, and if she would be willing to come straight over to her house...

"Can you come over immediately? Please... drop whatever it is that you're doing... and come straight over! You probably won't believe what I'm going to ask you to do for me... but, I promise you that I'm not joking... and that I consider it to be really urgent. You know that I'd never fool around with you. We're much too close for that... but, only you can help me with what has to be done!"

Alice agreed to drop everything, and promised that she would be at Helen's house within the hour!

Thirty-five minutes later, Alice rang the front door bell, and entered the house, intrigued to discover Helen's secret! She was shown through the house, and into the room within which I had been bound and immobilised!

Shock showed on her face!

"I need you to give my husband a full make-over... I expect Philip to have been fully transformed into 'Pippa,' (his feminised 'alter-ego...') including things like the thinning, plucking, and shaping of his eyebrows... making them pencil thin! The piercing of his ears... and his being made to wear girly earrings. Permanent eye-liner should have been tattooed around his eyes... He must have been made to wear long false lashes... and he should have been given a 'Brazilian' style bikini-wax..."

"Is he willing to undergo these alterations?" Alice asked Helen.

"Yes... He feels that he has no alternative!" Helen replied.

"Once these make-over techniques have been applied to him, we intend to continue with his feminisation, until he is indistinguishable from a real woman!" Susan added.

Alice instructed me to strip naked, removing all but my make up. I did so immediately, and without complaining once. A few whispers passed between the four women, before they made me sit in a chair that Alice had brought with her to the house. It looked very like a dentist's chair, with a headrest, arms, and a long leg-rest.

Within moments, my neck had been secured to the headrest, using a leather collar... my arms were secured with leather straps, and my legs were bound apart to the base of the chair, using ankle-cuffs, separated by a leg-spreader bar!

I was naked... except for my make-up, my wig... my long, glossy, scarlet finger and toenails... and my silicon breasts, which were glued to my hairless chest with adhesive. I was bound and immobilised to the beautician's chair, and I felt very vulnerable... surrounded as I was, by my three Mistresses and their 'visiting' beautician!

I saw my wife, Helen, approaching me, and then realised that she was placing a thin strip of material over my eyes, blindfolding me from everything that was to take place. Next, I felt a rubbery, ball-shaped item being placed into my mouth, and I immediately appreciated that a ball-gag had removed my ability to speak... or to scream! My head was immobilised, using a neck/head brace, and I was finally 'prepared' for the next stage of my transformation/feminisation!
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