He pleases his selfish lover mainly with his tongue

This is loosely based on fact. I did have a selfish lover, 6 years older than me, for 2 years. The list was real, she read it as I pleasured her, as I did on numerous occasions. The one way oral traffic was real, some of the scenarios were also vaguely real; we didn't stay together and on a couple of occasions she came round, used my face and left. She wasn't as cruel in real life, didn't cheat on me and we fucked a lot too. But on every single occasion we had sex, it began with a long session of oral for her. Enjoy.

She had made no secret that she loved oral sex more than anything, being licked for long periods of time. He had admitted it was something he enjoyed doing a lot and their mutual agreement on this had given her some amazing orgasms.

Now, she arrived, soon settling on the couch and after kissing, she let him slip her trousers off. Parting her thighs, she let him see that she was wearing hold-ups, giving her legs an even sexier aspect. He was also surprised to see she wasn't wearing any knickers. Still kneeling on the floor in front of her he positioned himself, ready to bring his mouth to bear on her, but she spoke up.

"Did you do that list I asked you to write down?" she quizzed him.

"Um, yep. D'you want to see it?" he said, as he had forgotten about that.

"Yeah. Bring it here and get me a glass of water aswell. Hurry up" she gently chided and he got up and did as she asked.

Returning less than a minute later, he handed her the water and placed the list beside her on the couch. She smiled up at him and parted her thighs brazenly apart, glancing down between them, then back at his face. He knew what she wanted and positioned himself again, on his knees in front of her. As he moved his face forward, she drank some of the water and as his tongue gently brushed along one of her pussy lips, she turned he upper torso a little to the side, putting the water on the coffee table beside her. He swept up her slit, feeling her thighs press against him a little when he strayed to her clit for too long.

When he stayed just away from it, she relaxed them a little, then after a smile to herself and glancing down at him, she picked up the list.

"Right, lets see what you've come up with" and with a smirk still on her face, slipped her thighs over his shoulders, letting him support most of her weight now.

Satisfied that she was completely comfortable, she rolled her eyes in her head at the wonderful sensations below, as his tongue was now spearing slowly in and out, tongue fucking her pussy hole.

Down below, he could feel his knees pressing into the hard floor and ignored the minor irritation, working his tongue into her cunt very slowly so that she didn't get too excited, too quickly. Her legs, although shapely and in no way fat, were over his shoulders, so she was utterly relaxed, completely the opposite to him.

"1 - 'Lick you out almost every day', well it depends if I wanted licked out every day. Maybe in bed at night or something, when I wouldn't want a shag, just an orgasm, y'know?

2 - 'Offer to lick you out on a regular basis', I like that one, makes a girl feel wanted'" she commented, as he was now writing her name with the tips of his tongue on her pussy.

"3 - 'Lick your arse willingly', fucking right, you're not bad at that. But just because I like having it done, doesn't mean to say, I'm going to do it to you. I'd never do that!"

she announced, as if this was somehow fair.

"4 - 'Let you sit on my face whenever you want, for as long as you want to', no fear there. I'm intending on doing exactly that!" she said jokingly, casually glancing down at his head, watching as he kept up his oral ministrations.

"Go up a bit but not my clit" she said offhandedly, then turned her attention back to the list, as he did her bidding.

"5 - 'Give me shoulder rubs a lot', I've got an idea with that, I'll tell you about it shortly.

6 - 'When I'm licking you out, I have no say in when I'm finished. You decide when you have had enough enjoyment, I just provide the enjoyment', yep yer getting the hang of it.

7 - Learn to read your moods, like when I want a fight, or when I want to boss you around and act accordingly'. You'll get the hang of it eventually, plenty of practice" she continued.

He had been licking her for a while now when she let her thighs part wider again.

"Down a bit" she said casually and he responded, knowing exactly what she meant. His tongue was soon licking insistently at her arsehole, until it was moist enough for him to try and push it in.

In doing so, his nose brushed up against her slit, causing an even more pleasant sensation. Within a minute he was successfully tongue fucking her arse while, satisfied he was doing well, she went back to the list.

"8 - 'Make me breakfast in bed on occasion, give me the papers to read then orally pleasure me while I read them and have breakfast', the girls are away next Sunday, so mind, brekkie in bed for me that day!" she announced, smiling.

Reaching sideways, she had a drink of water, then went back to the list, while he continued to bathe her arse orally as she hadn't told him to go back up to her pussy.

"9 - 'Keep myself in tip top shape for you, so you find me attractive'. No bad.

10 - 'On occasion, have a night that's devoted solely to my pleasure. Footrubs, arselickin', fanny lickin', massages, shags on demand, do anything you want on these occasions but when it happens I'm in charge'. That's a good one. Right, up a bit now" and he was almost grateful that he could go back to her pussy as her juices moistened his tired tongue.

"11 - 'Keep my cock hard for you whenever you want a shag'. It'll no be as often as your tongue; once or twice a week does me.

12 - 'You get all the pleasure and that's what counts'. Well, aye. That's all that counts, dinnae forget it. See the other day, I was on top of you and I was using my mouth at the same time? You knew I wasn't really enjoying it, so we swapped so it was just you pleasuring me? Well, you mind how pleased I was. See, that's the sort of thing I like, I just don't feel the need to be less selfish so I'm not going to be. But that was just what I needed. As long as you don't ask me to suck your cock. Just face that it won't happen very often, now and again yeah, but you can make up for it when your shagging me. I might let you arse fuck me once in a while, but no moaning about no getting' blow jobs, right?" she quizzed him gently.

"Em, sure, whatever you say" he replied and she smiled.

"Good, that's right. Now, up a bit" she said and put down the list and brought one hand down to interlock in his hair tightly.

As his mouth moved up and he began to gently lick and occasionally suck on her clitoris, she began to build towards her first orgasm. He had been licking her for half an hour, but she knew he would stay well away from her clitoris after the first one, to let her recover.

"That's it, suck me. I want to hear you. Fuck!"

she yelled out and as he orgasm began to build, she began to pull his head roughly this way and that against her. He rode with her through it and she yelled out noisily as she came, her legs squeezing against him, then relaxing. He understood and immediately moved away from her clit, down to the very bottom of her slit, while she gasped and sighed, trying to recover from his efforts. After about 5 minutes, she was able to speak again.

"Phew; that wasn't bad like. Now, that shoulder thing I was on about earlier, I've got a braw idea about that. Get 2 cushions" she said , pushing him away.

He scurried off and returned with two cushions. She stood up and he helped her position them on the ground. Then, understanding, he lay with his head in between them. She moved her water nearby and the channel changer, before sitting, facing his feet and the tv, her crotch coming down to settle on his face.

"Do my arse first" she said casually and as he did so, she flicked on the tv.

"Now listen right. Keep doing what you're doing and when I move back a bit, that means you do my fanny, or vice versa. But at the same time, reach up and give me a shoulder massage, aright? You should be able to manage fine, but keep licking me n' all mind" she said.

He did his best to reach up and after a few minutes, the tv went on, while below his tongue worshipped her arse and his hands gently kneaded her shoulder blades. She moved back ever so slightly so his tongue was at her cunt again and she said

"I want to hear you sucking and swallowing my juices down loudly".

He began to do so and she became more turned on, his soothing hands relaxing her shoulders, while his mouth made obscene noises at her pussy, sucking loudly at it. It took her willpower to switch off and try and watch the tv instead, while he did so.

A few months later, she woke up in bed, sighing pleasurably, as she glanced down and saw her 'alarm clock' was hard at work. His head was positioned between her thighs, as he gently traced his tongue up and down her slit.

"Mhhmm, what a lovely way to wake up" she said, looking down at him, smiling. He made eye contact with her.

"Morning darling, em, so you in the mood for a bit more than just this?" he said hopefully. She let him wait, then sat up a little, to watch his progress.

"No the now. And I'm not in a rush either, so just take your time, we've got all morning. Then you can run me a bath. And while I'm in it, you're going to give me the best foot massage ever, aren't you?" she quizzed him.

"Whatever you say" he said, knowing she wasn't going to let him fuck her today.

"Hey, don'y get stroppy or I dunno when I'll let you in me next, do you hear me? I said do you hear me?" she told him.

"Yes darling" he said meekly, licking slower now.

"Well then. Now the deal is, I get all the pleasure and that's all that counts. You get to pleasure me. So plenty of head, massages, compliments, and did I say plenty of head? Lots o that. Now go down a bit, you know what to do. And maybe I might be in the mood for a fuck the night. Only maybe though. And another thing, from now on, no wanking without permission. You get to play with yourself when I let you, alright?" she quizzed.

"But, what if, well, you know, we don't have full sex?" he pleaded.

"I say what goes. You get to play with that when I give you permission to. If I'm not in the mood for a shag, then you'll settle for shagging me with your tongue. Understand? Its not about what you want, its about what I want. Promise me, you get pleasure when I allow it" she added cruelly.

"I get pleasure when you allow it" he repeated, still licking her.

"Braw, dinnae forget it. Now down a bit more fuck face, you know what to do" she said and let her legs part more as his tongue tried to push into her arse, as she smiled at the incredible sex life she was privy to.

Down below, he had valiantly managed to get his tongue inside her arse and was gently pushing in and out while she regarded him cooly.

"After I'm satisfied, you can run me a bath, give me that foot rub, then I'm going shopping, you can take the car though, and I might go for a couple with the girls tonight, so no drinking, you'll be picking me up later if I do" she declared matter of factly.

Already she was feeling good about an enjoyable day, filled with 'me' time. Glancing down at him again, she saw the contours of his muscles, his gorgeous face pressed tightly against her ass, to drive his tongue as deeply as possible into her.

Fuck, he was handsome! But he obeyed her every sexual whim and after coming out of a marriage she wanted a man who would let her have her way, all the time. And he was a perfect lover. Picking up the phone, she began to dial, then stopped.

"Right, stay away from my clit, work my two orifices and take your time. I need to make a quick call, but don't you dare stop for a second, got it?" she said.

"Yes darling" he replied gently licking her as she called her friend.

"Ness! How you doing? Me? Fine, just wondered, how about a couple of quiet ones the night. Yeah? Great, say about 8 then, I want to be home before 12, not really in the mood for a late one. What's that? Yeah, just us, no, he's going to run me in, then pick us up, he can run you home to, only round the corner, eh? How things, oh swell, couldn't be better, well, there's always room for improvement but I get my way and that's all that matters. Yeah! You should get your boy told aswell like. Ha ha! Being honest, I just don't enjoy being told what to do, I feel happier dishing out the orders like. Oral? Listen Ness, I get it whether or not I give him a shag, no joke. Yep, he knows, if he started barking the orders, he'd be gone sharpish. No, he's a sweetheart but as long as he knows he pleases me and everything else falls into place around that. Yeah, well, 8 then. See you, bye!" and with that she hung up.

"Okay stud, make me cum" she said and sighed as he responded to her command.

His mouth moved up and his tongue flicked rapidly over her clitoris, while her thighs spasmed against his face.

"Fuck, that's it, you're so dirty, lick me fuck face, fanny licker! Ah!" she groaned, coming hard against his face.

Later, after her bath, in which he'd massaged her feet while she lay soaking, she was shopping with him. Then they returned to the house and she had a bite to eat with him, cuddling up romantically and being the perfect girlfriend. But it was soon time to get ready and she stood in front of the mirror in just her blouse and thong. He stood behind a little admiring her before she glanced in the mirror.

"Make yourself useful" she said, staring at him pointedly.

He knew what she expected and approached her. Kneeling behind her, he began to lick her ass, tongue probing against the tight hole, as she sighed happily and applied her make-up. After about 15 minutes, she was satisfied she was ready and simply walked away from him without a word. He drove her to town later and waited for the call, before picking her friend and her up.

"Hi darling" she said, greeting him. Then whispering in his ear, she said "If you want your cock in me tonight, you're going to have to earn it fuck face" then Ness got in the car too and he dropped her off before they got in.

They went in the house and she used the bathroom to remove her makeup. Then he went in and joined her in the bedroom. They kissed at first, before she moved on top of him this time.

"I want to hear some proper begging" she said, moving up so her breasts were at his mouth.

"Please, let me suck on your beautiful breasts, they're so beautiful" he said.

She lowered a nipple to his mouth and enjoyed a few minutes of devotion, before saying

"Now the other one" and lowering that to his mouth. Soon though, she was getting more horny and began to slide her stomach over his mouth. Once her pussy was poised over his mouth, she looked down at him.

"Beg" she said simply.

"Please, lower your magnificent pussy to my mouth, sit there as long as you want, I'll do anything to please you, just let me taste you, please" he said and she relented.

"Oh, alright" she declared, sitting down on his mouth firmly. Watching him licking her was turning her on and she moved against his mouth occasionally but mostly sat and let him do the work.

"You know, just because you lick my arse, I will never lick yours, you know that don't you?" she quizzed him.

"Yes" he said, hungrily licking inside her fanny.

"Good. And just because I use your tongue every day, I'm not too keen on returning the favour, so when I suck you off, it will be once in a blue moon, got it?" she continued selfishly.

"Yes, I understand" he said, hoping she'd let him fuck her. "Well shut the fuck up then and make yourself useful. Worship me with your tongue" and with that, she slid forward a little.

"Where are your manners?" she said, when she felt his tongue caress her arsehole.

"Sorry. Please, please let me lick your delicious bum, your satisfaction comes first, that's the most important thing" he said.

"Damn right it is, go on then arselicker, show me what you can do" and stifled a sigh as he pushed his tongue inside her.

His tongue licked inside her ass, as she sighed out loud.

"Fuck, that's it, just like that. There's no way I'm snogging you after this" she thought out loud, pressing down a bit so his tongue could go deeper.

As she relaxed, she thought of something.

"Have you been wanking while I've been out?" she quizzed.

"Um, no, you told me not to" he said, licking again inside her arse.

"Good, because if you had, that would've been your lot for the night" she said haughtily, as she enjoyed the anal licking she was receiving.

He valiantly tried to push his tongue in as far as possible, as she expected. Then without warning, she slid back a little on his face, allowing his mouth to access her pussy. His tongue responded, delving into her cunt hole with gusto and spearing it over and over as she sighed happily.

"Fuck, that's it, as deep as possible, swallow my juices" she said and sighed again as his mouth kept responding to her needs.

"You taste so good" he said, hoping his constant compliments would drive her to orgasm and she would let him fuck her.

"Yes I do, don't I? If you lick me fantastically tonight, I might fuck you in the morning" she said, letting her words sink in to full effect, so it dawned on him that tonight would be about serving her oral needs only, hoping she would let his cock see some action in the morning.

"You are such a lucky boy and don't you forget it. Up a bit now fuck-face" and presented her clitoris area to him, giving him permission to lick her there.

He began to suck her clitoris, then her hand came down to pull his hair in towards her as he licked faster.

"Fuck, don't stop, I'm going to cum, keep licking, faster, fuck, aaahhhh!" she exclaimed, clutching his head tightly to her as she orgasmed. His tongue dipped lower again to lick her pussy until she recovered.

"I've got a braw idea" she said and rose up, turning round before sitting on his face again, facing his feet.

"Lick my arse and while you're doing it, reach up and give me a shoulder massage. Do a good job and I'll wank you off, but you're not to cum, got that?" she said.

"Yes" he replied.

"Well, don't dawdle, hurry up. And make some noise down there, I want to be in no doubt about exactly what you're doing" she said smugly.

Reaching forward, she began to stroke his hard cock while he tongue fucked her arse as ordered.

"Deeper" she said and felt him strive to respond, pushing his tongue into her increasingly relaxed ass. She closed her eyes briefly and smiled to herself, arching her back a little as his hands kneaded her shoulder blades while his tongue buried itself inside her.

"Up a bit" she said casually then

"No, yer hands ya prick, keep your tongue inside my arse!" as he moved the wrong one.

She sat dreamily on his face, looking forward to a slow build up to her 2nd orgasm - and a damn good fucking in the morning, by which time he'd be climbing the walls desperate to get his cock inside her.. She resisted the urge to laugh at how much pleasure she got and just by keeping him deprived for periods of time, he was willing to do her every bidding.

"Isn't that the best arse you've ever encountered in your life?" she offered him.

"Yes, you taste delicious. Your is ass the sexiest I've ever seen" he implored and began to tongue her there again.

"Fucking right it is. Keep the compliments coming, don't be shy now" she said, smiling again to herself.

"You are the most divine woman I've ever met" he went on between licks.

"You deserve to treated with respect and attention and if you want to be satisfied without returning any satisfaction, I should be grateful to please you" he said and she sat upright on his face more as he began to spear her again.
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