His wife tortures him

I have not written of Rebecca in a long time but I truly have so much to tell of our fetishes and adventures over the last few years. I plan to write several stories of our escapades over the past years, but I think I will keep them fetish specific for each story. The first new story covers our exploration into CBT (cock and ball torture) , and her discovery of the femdom side of our relationship.

We had always been a sexually explorative couple, but up until a few years ago the only pain or domination in our sexual lives had consisted of me tying up her massive 40DD's until they hardened and changed colors from the tightness of the ropes. After I had her swollen breasts properly restrained we would fantasize about old men seeing her this way and even doing this to her while I watched! Well that is for another story, but today's tale begins about three years ago.

Three years ago Rebecca began to express a need for something more in our sex life. She had even restrained our sexual activeness with each other greatly to emphasize her point. This led me to the internet on a search for something new to introduce to her. Although what I found was a bit disturbing I was desperate and besides what I was planning made me strangely horny. When Rebecca arrived home that Friday evening I met her at the door and hugged her lovingly telling her she should go soak in the tub and I would bring her a glass of wine. She smiled and said "That will be great, but did you find anything new for us to try?"

I just smiled and said "Be patient." I practically ran to the kitchen to get her a glass of white wine and me another beer as she headed for the bathroom. I was so excited thinking of the things that awaited me and the fact that she was at that very moment stripping off all of her clothes revealing those long muscular legs and her wonderfully oversized breasts with two inch areolas and inch long nipples that were the perfect shade of pink. As I entered the bathroom with the alcohol and a freshly rolled joint I caught site of her soapy breasts protruding from her bubble bath and had to fight off the urge to attack her.

As she sipped her wine and we enjoyed our herbal enhancement I began to explain that she might be shocked with what I had found for us but I thought she might find it interesting. Once she was finished her soak and we were baked I suggested we make our way to the computer in the bedroom. On my way to refill our refreshments I could not help but glance back and enjoy the view of my lovely wife toweling of her firm thighs as her bulbous globes dangled and swayed with her every movement. We met up in the bedroom and I had the computer ready to go as we sat down and stared at the screen before us. I said "Are you ready honey?"

She replied "Oh yes! Please just show me!"

As I clicked on the first video I had downloaded it started off with a man laying on a bed tied spread eagled with his wife telling him that he had been a bad boy for looking at porn on their computer and he must be punished. With that she grabbed his hard cock and bent it down forcefully to one side and then the other repeatedly until the man winced in obvious pain. She began to slap him in the balls until he begged for mercy then she back to bending his dick until it looked as if it would break, when he complained she began to punch his nut sack over and over. After about five minutes of this clip neither of us had said a word but as I looked over at my stoned wife I realized she had opened her robe and was rubbing her clit and fingering her sweet pussy. She was so engrossed in the video that she didn't even notice me watching her until she pinched her own nipple a little harder than she meant to and startling herself looked at me. Before I could ask her if she was disgusted with what I had showed her she told me to get on the bed now!

She commanded me to lay on the bed and spread-em! She then took our robe belts and tied my legs apart and even though she was smiling she had a crazed look in her eyes. She then grabbed my cock harder than I think she ever had and told me what a bad boy I was for trying to corrupt her with internet porn. She then proceeded to imitate the video by bending my cock left right and down the middle until I was afraid she might break it on her first try! She then began to smack my balls a lot harder than I ever thought she would, she whacked them back and forth from side to side.

She then bent my poor cock down and to the left but while holding my unfortunate cock down she pulled my balls up on top of my dick and began to punch them much harder than the girl in the video, I thought. My testicles hurt so bad, my stomach ached, and my dick was bent to an extreme angle but was literally dripping with pre-cum. I was just about to tell her that I would try to find something else for us when I saw the lustful look in her eyes, The big smile on her puffy lips, and then I saw her nipples they had grown to a length I didn't think imaginable. Before I could say a word she leaped onto my hard cock with one swift motion taking it's full eight inches in one pounce. She immediately began gyrating on my dick with her pelvis like she was fucking for points; I had never been ridden so hard in all my life! She fucked and screamed and screamed and fucked like a woman possessed! After she force fucked us into orgasm she collapsed on top of me and said "Oh my God, I love you so much! Can we please do this again and please find more things for me to do to you!" Little did I know I had just created a monster that would rule me for the next three years.

Even though I was sore the next day I had really enjoyed the ball busting experience so I got to work on locating more and more techniques for her to use on me.

I was an expert at searching for porn on the internet so in no time at all I had found more information on CBT and female domination of the male than I ever wanted to know. I decided to introduce things slowly to her as I wasn't sure how much of this I could take.

I saved everything that I found for later use and searched every day for new material. I had downloaded countless videos, pictures, and stories on these topics.

The following Friday when I arrived home from work my wife was already home and had obviously started the party before I left work. She met me at the door and told me to go soak in the hot bath she had run for me and she would bring me a couple of beers and a smoke. I was a bit taken aback but obeyed her as she was dressed in a g-string bikini that did very little to contain her puppies. As I was soaking in the tub, after about my fourth hit of herbal enhancement she confided in me that she had taken the day off work and had been doing some searching of her own. When she saw the panic in my face she said "Don't worry baby I have seen everything you have been looking at, I love it all and can't wait to break you into our new lifestyle!" With that she began to explain to me that she had learned a hot bath was best before a good ball busting session because my balls will hang much lower from the effects of the warm water and she had made the water extra hot!

My lovely wife then told me to meet her in the bedroom, when I got there she was lying on her back on the bed and had removed her bikini top, her tits looked wonderful. She was laying there with her feet dangling off the end of the bed and as I was already naked per her request she told me to stand at the edge of the bed in front of her feet. As I straddled her feet she began a flutter type kicking action right into the bottom of my ball-sac with her feet. She was kicking me lightly but after about thirty or forty kicks I was racked with pain and she was laughing hysterically. She then pulled me down on top of her and said "Do you know what the best part of kicking your balls like that is?"

I replied through the pain "No what baby?"

She said "Watching them bounce as I kick them, and then watching the pain in your face, and then watching them bounce more!" She then told me to stand back up that she hadn't even paid any attention to my cock yet. As I stood up she beckoned me closer to the bed and had me lay my dick on the edge of the bed she then stood up on the bed and began to tell me how naughty I was. I thought uh-oh but it was too late!

She said "Watch me put out this little cigarette of a dick" and she began to step on the head of my dick and twist her foot like she was putting out a cig. She looked me in the eyes as she did it and said "Ooh baby don't you just love me squishing your cockhead with my foot?" when I didn't reply she pinched my left nipple very hard and repeated herself.

I answered "Oh yes baby put out the fire in that bad little cock."

She replied "Very good my little hubby! Now fuck me with conviction if you can!" I jumped on top of her and my dick just seemed to fall into her as I pounded her for everything I was worth. I couldn't last very long and we collapsed into a pile with her once again telling me how much she loved me and what a wonderful husband I was for letting her enjoy herself like this.

Apparently my wife had not only found everything I had found but she was joining chat rooms and forums on the subject of femdom and ball busting while discussing our private lives with other people and taking suggestions. Over the next few weeks Rebecca tortured my balls by plucking them, kneeing them, and kicking them but after about a month of this she said she wanted to introduce some of the new things she had learned.

The following Friday I arrived home from work and we enjoyed our mutual hot bath and smoke session and she told me not to dress but to head directly to the bedroom and wait for me and have a few beers while I wait. As I nervously awaited her next punishment she entered the room dressed in a cleavage revealing blouse, a black mini-skirt, pantyhose, and black high heels with straps running across the tops of her feet and she was holding a ruler in one hand and a dictionary in the other. She said "You will now be taking a spelling test and I afraid your going to fail!" she said "Spell iridescent and you don't want to get it wrong!" As I began to spell I got it wrong on the third letter she grabbed my cock and stretched it out by pulling very hard on it and smacked the head of my dick ten times, once for each letter of the word I spelled wrong.

With each smack of the ruler a severe jolt of pain shot through my dick that was almost unbearable and yet she was laughing after each hit. After the fifth wrong word she said we were moving into the bonus round. With this she cupped my balls and held them up and told me to spell protuberant, even though I spelled it right she said I had cheated and she unleashed a torrent of smacks from the ruler onto my cupped balls. She told me to revel in the pain and try to turn it into an orgasmic feeling as she asked me ten more long words and in the flurry of smacks I don't know if I got them wrong or right but she smacked me anyway. We once again had glorious sex but the next day my poor cock and balls were bruised from her swats.

The next Friday when I arrived at my house I was almost scared to walk through the door! She met me as usual and we bathed together washing each other in the soapy bubbles all the while drinking and smoking and when we exited the tub she said that we were taking things to the next level. And as I got out of the bath she caught site of my unshaven balls which up until now I had always kept cleanly shaven and said "So you don't think you have to shave for me anymore? You will pay dearly for that!" She had me wait on the bed and actually told me to tie one of my hands and both of my legs up to the bed. When she entered she tied up my other hand and immediately directed her attention to my groin region.

She said "How dare you not shave for me!" and she began to pull every hair from my ball sac that I had neglected to shave. After she had painfully removed all the hair from my balls she began to tell me how much she loved showing off her big tits to other men, but she didn't want me to be with any other women and she began to snap my balls and cock with a rubber band she had brought to bed, she snapped over and over and over until she said my balls were obscenely red and she wrapped the rubber band around my nuts repeatedly until they were red and swollen. She then pulled a ballpoint pen out of I don't know where and began to write her name on my restricted nuts along with the fact that she owned them. Now I don't know if you have ever had your nuts written on when they were tight but it is a very different feeling. After she wrote on my nuts I was expecting a glorious fuck but it was not to be, she repositioned herself so that we were lying on our backs but to but with our legs overlapping. Even though our crotches were inches from each other she said ink would never enter her so she began to pound her pussy with a nine inch black dildo and on every stroke that she pounded her pussy with the dildo she grazed my sore nuts with her ringed fist. Once she had her earth shattering orgasm she got up off the bed untied me and said "I didn't deserve an orgasm since I hadn't properly shaved!"

After that episode she really took the domination to heart and the next weekend she decided that from what she had seen on the computer that my pee hole in my cock-head was too small. She told me that I should brace myself for what was about to come and she meant it. She grabbed my cock and proceeded to lube up her little finger and my cock-head in front of me and then she began to work her finger into my defenseless dickhead. My poor cock-head was looking at me almost like what are you doing?!? But she persevered nonetheless and after many painful minutes she had managed to get her little finger deeply embedded into the hole of my dick. When I told her she was going beyond the limit she responded by moving her finger in and out of my urethra and to my horror she was actually fucking my cock with her finger.

To my protest over the next few weeks she managed to stretch my urethra to the point that not only did she insert her finger into me but after three weeks of this pleasure she had managed to stretch my urethra to the point that she could insert her entire pinky finger into my cock all the way down to her hand. She had no idea how much the after effects of this hurt as every time I went to pee after her fucking my urethra that it felt like needles stabbing into my cock. It hurt so damn bad but God it was sexy to watch her destroy the inside of my dick for her pleasure. She always made a point of following me to the bathroom after she had fingered me and watching me try to pee while I screamed.

At this point my sweet wife had decided to never let me cum during our fun and at this point about six months into our play I was not in a position to tell her no after what I had already let her do to me. One day after we had been at the beach she scolded me for looking at a big breasted woman we had seen and she told me I must pay. She came into the bedroom carrying eight small pointy pine cones and she pulled out a few rubber bands and began to strap the sharp pine cones onto my cock and balls. Then telling me to put on my boxers, she said we should watch a movie together. She had me curl up to her backside and she immediately began to grind her ass into the front of my crotch knowing full well that she was rubbing the pointy objects into my groin area. She continued this throughout the entire two hour movie until we fell asleep. The next morning I awoke to her jabbing me in the nuts with her knee until I rolled out of bed and into the shower.

When I examined myself I noticed that the pine cones had shredded my balls and cock. My wife met me when I came out of the shower and proceeded to give me the best blowjob of my life until I came in her mouth and she crawled up my body for her after blowjob kiss only this time she locked into me with a fever pitch and when I opened my mouth to accept her wet tongue she spewed my own cum back into my mouth she then drew back away from me looked me in the eyes and kneed me in the nuts and no matter how disgusted I was the knee In the balls made me swallow involuntarily. She kneed me two more times in the nuts as she drew back from me and laughed! Saying "There cum-sucker, I bet you will behave yourself at the beach next time!" She then got up and headed for the den locking the door behind her. Right before I fell asleep I could just detect the sound of her typing on her laptop in the den.

The next morning I awoke to discover my cock in Rebecca's mouth and as soon as she realized that I was awake she began to really suck with sloppy abandonment. This would definitely qualify as one of her top ten blowjobs she has ever given me. This time when she finished she smiled and swallowed all of my cum. She then crawled up my body and hugged me tightly telling me how very much she loved me and that she hoped she hadn't gone too far. I told her that I loved her and that she now owned my cock, balls, and orgasms. I also told her that I was very disgusted with the cum-filled kiss she gave me though and I didn't appreciate being called cum-sucker. She said "I figured it was probably humiliating to be fed my own cum, but I had also just told her that she owned my orgasms and therefore the product produced by them and could dispose of it how she pleased!"

The following weekend began a little different in that we decided to go camping at our river lot. After we set up the tent and started a fire we began fishing, and since the river was not well traveled and our lot was secluded Rebecca immediately shed her skimpy bikini and took a seat basking in the evening sun. The suntan oil was making her body shine and her huge boobs were driving me crazy when all of a sudden I saw a canoe float by right in front of us with two men probably in their late fifties or early sixties. I had been so entranced by her boobs that I didn't even notice them approach until they were right there in front of us and instead of floating on down the river they decided this was the spot they wanted to stretch their legs.

Once they noticed they had been detected they smiled and introduced themselves and apologized to Rebecca for disturbing her sunning to which she replied "Oh don't worry about it my husband is so involved in his fishing that it is nice to be voyeured once in a while, please stay and have a beer." I was not at all shocked that she wanted to flirt with a few horny old men but I was surprised that she didn't bother to cover her body at all. She got out her chair totally naked to grab some beers from the cooler and bent over with her naked ass towards the men to put on her shoes she bounced her way to the cooler and bounced her way right up to the stunned men. She then told me "Go back to your fishing I will entertain our guests!" I was trying to watch them out of the corner of my eye but as I was facing the river she managed to maneuver the men so that they were standing behind me. I didn't mind at all that she was flirting with the men but I wanted to watch and she was purposefully making it so that I couldn't see them. I turned around after about fifteen minutes of frustration only to see that each man had their mouth's attached to her breasts. I started to ask the men to join us for dinner but when they saw me approaching the men rapidly excused themselves and hopped into their canoe saying they had to get downriver before dark. She smiled and waved at the men until they were around the bend and out of site.

Once they were gone she turned back at me with anger in her eyes and said "Why did you have to scare them away I was enjoying that very much?" I fumbled through some apology trying to tell her that I was going to invite them to stay that I didn't mean to run them off. As the sun was now going down she put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt with no bra and said we should just skip supper and get fucked up and I agreed. We were both tired but just before dark she raised her shirt up to reveal her large breasts to me and said "Look at what those wonderful old men did to my boobs!" I was shocked and instantly hard when I stared at her tits they were covered with tiny bruises and a few bite marks from the men sucking on them and squeezing them. My wife said "You have no idea how wonderful that was but it could have better if you hadn't ruined it! How would you like it if I came home every day with my big tits in this condition? Oh you'd probably love it you fucking pervert wouldn't you?"
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