Husband gets dominated amp humiliated by wife amp neighbours

This is a pure piece of fiction, written in my spare time. It contains references to MF, MM, and dildo strap-on sex, with a strong undercurrent of hubby humiliation. If this is not your cup of tea, then please, by all means hit the close button. No, it does not reflect the life style of the author. Its just ... erotic fiction.


We left our neighbours house late in the night, our minds in turmoil. We'd spent an evening I never imagined possible in our marriage, and had come out the other side invigorated and liberated. We returned to our empty house, and climbed into bed, exhausted, smelling of sex.

The next morning I had great difficulty focusing upon my work. My mind forever wondering back to those erotic scenes of the day before. I was sure Sophie would be in the same state of mind, so I picked up the phone and rang home.

"Hi honey, its me."

"Mmmmmm, Hi" she replied.

"Are you OK, you sound a bit funny."

"They're here in the house. I'm sorry but I just couldn't refuse."

My cock twitched in my trousers, knowing instantly who 'they' were.

"What are they doing?"

"They've got me leaned over the breakfast bar. He's about to slide his cock in me. UGGGGGGHHHH .. MY GOD ..."

Sophie's moan echoed down the telephone line, filling my head with erotic images.

"And what's Chantal doing?" I questioned.

"Since you weren't here, Chantal helped out. She's licked my pussy and got it ready for Mark. I've never had a woman lick my pussy before. I feel so dirty. But it needed doing. Taking his cock doesn't get any easier.." she replied, out of breath.

My cock ached and I reached under my desk to stroke its throbbing length.

"Oh, its BIG. I can feel his cock stretching me wide open. I can feel the veins running along its length, his cock head rubbing against my G-spot. Chantal tells me I've only taken 4 inches so far. I've another 6 inches to go. Oh God, I love this cock."

As much as I hated to admit it, I loved hearing my quiet wife become some other man's cockslut.

"OHHH.. He's sliding his thumb in my asshole. I feel so FULL. Oh MY GOD, I'm CUMMMMING ... UGHHHH .."

All intelligent conversation with my wife ended, as the phone line filled with the sounds of her panting. Chantal, who had obviously finished her task, came to the phone.

"Lee, so nice to hear from you. I hope you don't mind but we popped over to borrow your wife. You see, Mark enjoyed her tight pussy so much last night, he's decided to use it more often. Sophie certainly seems not to mind. Check your blog site during the day. I'll post a few pictures for you."

I sat there speechless, amazed at her brazen authority over our couple.

"Mark's going to be busy with her all afternoon. If I was you I wouldn't count on dinner being ready on the table tonight. See you later."

With that, Chantal hung up.

Before I could react, the phone rang again calling me to yet another business meeting. The remainder of the day was busy. There I was working hard, earning a crust, in the knowledge that my wife was being fucked senseless in my own home.

That evening I rushed home early. I walked in through the front door to find the house in darkness. No one home. I walked to the neighbours' house, and opened the front door. The lights were ablaze, and there to greet me was my wife. My wife, sitting on the sofa, impaled on Mark's hard cock.

Her face was flushed red, her eyes half closed, a sultry look of bliss on her face. "Oh, hi honey. Sorry I wasn't there to meet you, but he started on me again. This is the third time today!"

Mark looked at me smugly, slowly thrusting his cock in and out. What could I say to that?

"Take your clothes off, have a shower. Go and see Chantal. She's up in the bedroom. I want you to do whatever she says. You understand? Please, just do what she says. I DO NOT want to risk losing access to this cock."

With that, Mark picked up his pace, and my wife's face transformed into a rictus of pleasure.

I followed my wife's instructions. Cleanly showered, I entered the darkened bedroom. Chantal came up behind me and whispered in my ear. "Put your hands behind your back"

Click. Handcuffs firmly secured my arms behind my back.

"Welcome to my play room."

"Kneel on the bed."

Chantal pushed me forward, and with my arms handcuffed behind my back, I fell onto the bed, my face buried into the mattress, my ass pointing upwards.

Chantal then secured a metal bar to my knees, making it impossible to close my legs. The bar was in fact telescopic. She turned a little handle, that caused the bar to expand, forcing my legs further apart. I then felt cold metal clasping my scrotum. She attached a heavy ring above my balls, the weight pushing them down, stretching my sac downwards.

This woman was dirty, probably too dirty for me. However, the foreign sensations of being dominated, of being exposed in such a strange position, were exhilarating. The trepidation of not knowing what would happen next was exquisite.

She began licking my exposed asshole. I moaned.

"You like that, don't you? Sophie was right."

She contained to lick, playing with my stretched balls. She slipped a finger into puckered hole, sucking deeply on my cock. This woman was so dirty.

"You're going to be my own personal sex toy. My whore. Your gentle wife has sold you to me, for the price of my husband's cock."

As if to confirm the sale, a rising wail came up through the floor boards.

"If you resist, then your wife's access to David's cock will end, and we both know she doesn't want that. David enjoys vanilla sex. He fucks, and fucks and fucks. He does it so well. But, at the end of the day, he won't satisfy my more unconventional tastes. That is where you come in, my dear neighbour."

Suddenly, I heard a buzzing sound, from behind me. She showed me her small vibrator.

"I've got a bag full of sex toys here, and I'm going to fuck your virgin ass with every single one. We'll start small perhaps? No point in inflicting pain too early."

This woman was definitely too dirty. I began to struggle, but it was useless. My arms and legs were firmly bound. She slid the vibrator into my ass. I groaned loudly. These sensations were so foreign. Painful, but at the same time pleasurable. My splinter muscles locked down on the intrusion, grasping it firmly. However, this simply helped the strong vibrations to resonate throughout my body. She licked around my stretched asshole, easing away the pain. My balls ached under the constant weight of the heavy metal ring.

She pulled the vibrator out, letting me recover. She then took great pleasure in showing me her next toy. A cold metal butt plug. Wide and menacing. She smiled, and pressed her tool against my ass.

"Nooo," I moaned.

"Accept it, neighbour. You're in for a long ride."

With that, she slowly pushed the plug into my ass. I had no idea how far she pushed it in, but I felt as though I was being split in two. The penetration was not as deep as the vibrator, but I felt stretched beyond belief.

I gasped loudly, "FUCCKKK!!"

"Now, a little something to help your muscles relax."

The tone of her voice did not bode well.

A tingling sensation began to engulf my balls and stuffed back passage. The tingling slowly increased in intensity.

"UGGH, What the HELL is that?" I cried.

The tingling reached a level where my balls and splinter muscles jerked involuntarily as each shock ran through my body.

"Do you like it? My latest toy. Electro-stimulation. Sophie gave me permission to use it" she replied coyly.

My cries were muffled, as my face was driven further into the mattress. My ass and balls shaking wildly. The tingling became stronger and stronger, my insides on fire. My muscles slowly relaxed, enjoying the hardness and girth of this plug. My cries became moans, and at that precise instant, she buried the rest of the plug deep into my ass.

She walked around the bed, so I could clearly see her. There she was, smiling at me, her red hair falling over her heavy breasts. Between her legs, now dangled a huge strap on cock.

"You see, I have some interesting plans for your wife. But you see, she needs convincing that David's cock can be taken up the ass. I intend to use you as proof."

Chantal pushed me, and I fell onto my side. She rolled me onto my back, and the butt plug buried itself even deeper into my poor ass. She attached a chain to the metal bar holding my knees apart. The chain was obviously attached to a pulley, as suddenly my legs are pulled upwards and backwards. I lay there, trussed up like a hog, my ass and balls in full view. She turned off the current, pulled the butt plug from my ass, and I gasped in relief. She positioned herself in front of me, angling her strap-on cock towards my ass. I groan loudly as she began to push the thick cock head in. My face contorted in a look of pain and pleasure. A bead of sweat trickled down my brow. In the corner of the room I suddenly saw my wife and David enter.

Mark carried her into the room, impaled upon his cock. He lies her down, next to me, her face close to my own, and withdraws his glistening cock.

"Hi, honey. I see Chantal's making good use of you. Now you know what it feels like to have a huge cock filling your insides up. Not so easy as it looks, eh honey? Perhaps next time so won't be so willing to see me impaled on some monster cock? Anyhow, I'm curious to see if an arse can take such girth before I even consider venturing down that road."

"In the meantime, watch my face as Mark gives me a real fucking."

I couldn't beleive my wife was a willing partner in this perversion. She seemed to delight not only in that cock, but also in my humiliation. I lay there, unable to move, forced to watch the expressions on my wife's face. Expressions of bliss, of sheer pleasure, as Mark rode her hard. She was now sufficiently stretched to take his girth at full force. The whole bed shook obscenely, and my body bounced up and down, like a cork on water, pushing that strap-on in and out of my ass.

Sophie moaned and screamed next to me, spittle dribbling from her mouth, as she rode through orgasm after orgasm. It went on and on. Finally, David grunted and shot his load deep into my wife's pussy.

"Come and get your dinner, honey."

David picked up my wife and placed her over my face. Hot jism poured out of her gaping pussy, splashing all over my face. Chantal shove another inch of plastic cock into my ass, and I groaned loudly. This gave my wife the opportunity to force that jism down my throat.

"Hungry, honey? Mark has cum in my pussy three times today. Not a single drop has seeped out. I've kept it nice and warm inside. Just waiting for you."

She ground her cunt into my face, pushing the last globules of thick cum out of her pussy. Thick cum was spread everywhere. She lifted herself up, and looked down at me.

"You're going to drink every last drop of that cum. I've worked hard to make your dinner."

She called David over, grabbed his thick cock and used it to scoop up the jism spread across my face. She forced me to lick and suck every drop of cum from his cock, until it was totally clean. Then she started again, mopping up more cum from my face.

Chantal in the meantime, pushed that huge dildo further into my ass. I gasped as my muscles clenched down on the intrusion. I so wanted to push it out, but Chantal remained there, firmly keeping this plastic monster buried in my ass.

She began to fuck me with long, slow movements. I felt the thick dildo sliding in and out of my depths. The nerve endings of my virgin ass were alive with sensations never before experienced. A moan escaped from my lips. My breathing ragged, in rhythm to her thrusts. The humiliation wass total.

David's cock stiffened, and my gentle Sophie used it to slap my face. Chantal picks up her pace, enjoying this reversal of roles.

"So you see, Sophie my darling, it is possible to take a big cock up the ass. If this virgin can do it, then for you, it'll be a breeze. And then, well, the door is open to many new experiences."

Sophie looked up.

"You've proved nothing. That dildo isn't half the size of David's cock."

Chantal, grinding her dildo deep into my ass, purred "well, what can we do to convince you? Your not asking what I think you are, dear? That cock of David's has perverted your quicker than I expected!"

I cried out in protest. Chantal, an evil glint in her eye, reached into her toy bag, and brought out a monstrous strap-on dildo.

"This is the same size as David. Believe me, I've measured it."

She withdrew from my battered ass, and fixed this new monster onto her harness. They flipped me back over onto my knees, my face buried in the mattress, once again. My dear wife placed a blind fold over my eyes. Behind me, I heard movement.

I hear Chantal. "Well, Lee, you are about to be truly fucked for the first time tonight."

Sophie kisses me gently and whispers in my ear.

"But.. and this is an important but, you'll never know who did fuck you. Was it Chantal, with her toy? Or was it David with his cock? Either way, you're going to be fucked senseless, until your little cock spurts its cum. You'll finish by enjoying this."

With those haunting words, a monstrous cock head pushed insistently against my dilated hole, and slowly but surely opened me up.
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