He helps his wifes friend then wife helps him

After a very long day of work, I returned home to find Brenda, my wife's best friend crying in the kitchen. It seems that once again she had left her husband. Her husband cheats on her every few months, she leaves him, and then for some unknown reason, she takes him back. I really don't understand it either. Brenda is extremely hot. She has fiery red hair, she is tall and has incredible tits. Her tits are huge and seem to be very firm. The only thing that I can figure is that she must not be very good in bed or simply doesn't give it up enough. At least I got lucky. My wife Nicole is hot, has a great ass, deep brown eyes and an adorable smile. Neither of us have ever strayed and have a healthy, sometimes even dirty, sex life.

After the day I had, all I wanted to do was come home, eat a home cooked dinner, relax with my wife and, with any luck, get a little nookie.

"Baby, your finally home. Brenda is going to spend the night with us tonight. You don't mind do you?" my wife asked.

"Of course not. I'll put some towels in the guest room for her. I'm going to make a sandwich and go play on the computer for a while before I turn in though." I tell her.

I've been in this situation many times before, and know the routine all to well. Brenda will cry on Nicole's shoulder for the first couple of hours. Next they'll bake some brownies or cookies or something and watch a horror movie. Eventually they will start making drinks and stay up late making girl talk. It's always the same.

So I settled into my computer chair, sandwich in hand, and played some games. I can usually unwind and relax by getting lost in video games. A couple of hours later I smell the cookies and knew they were progressing through their normal stages faster then usual. I went to get some milk and cookies, kissed Nicole on the cheek and returned to the computer. I was horny and hoping to get lucky tonight but I guess that was out now. Still feeling horny though, I decided to surf some porn and jerk off. Not as good as being deep inside Nicole but it would have to do.

I locked the computer room door and settled in with some lotion and a towel. I have a few sites I like to visit. I was watching a movie clip in which a woman was on a pirate ship and was being used by the Captain and his crew. She was sucking on one guys cock while taking one in the ass by another guy. It was pretty hot and had me hard in a matter of minutes. I pulled my cock out and sat there stroking myself. I was intently watching the screen and didn't notice that someone entered the connecting bathroom. They wouldn't come in here anyway so it didn't really matter.

I continued stroking myself and watching the video. It didn't take long before I let out a grunt and shot my load into the towel. I kept stroking myself for a few seconds to prolong the enjoyment. I then got ready to turn in and watch some TV before going to sleep.

About an hour later Nicole came in and laid down next to me. She cuddles up and started rubbing my chest. "Brenda pass out or something?" I asked.

"No, I just wanted to come in and see how you were doing. So, I need to ask you something." Nicole said cautiously. "When you were in at the computer were you playing with yourself?"

I was a little surprised by the question. Nicole knows that I play with myself, I've never hid that from her. She has even watched on a couple of occasions. "Yeah, why do you ask?"

"Well, you left the bathroom door cracked and when Brenda went to wash her face, she could hear your video. She told me she went to the door and saw you. She stood there and watched you play with yourself and didn't leave until you came." she said.

I didn't know what to say. I laid there a little embarrassed. Not much embarrasses me but that did. At the same time though my dick did stir a little. At this point I didn't know if I was in trouble or what, so I just began apologizing. "I'm sorry baby. I didn't know she was there. I should have made sure that door was closed. I locked the hall door, I just didn't think about the bathroom door. Are you mad?"

"No. Actually, Brenda and I were talking and I guess Jeff hasn't even touched her in months. She jokingly told me that she needed stock in battery companies with the way she is wearing out her vibrator. Here's the thing, you know I love Brenda and would do anything for her....... we thought that maybe you and her could hook up tonight just to get her through her dry spell."

I would have loved to see my expression. I couldn't believe what I just heard. Was my wife really asking me to fuck her hot friend? I'm sure I misunderstood what she was saying. "What?"

"I know, I know. But it is really important to Brenda and I want her to be happy. Besides, I heard her talk about Jeff's love making skills and it sounds like she hasn't had a proper orgasm in years. It's only one night and I'm secure with our relation to know it won't mean anything."

I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Of course I wanted to bang Brenda. "Will you be joining us?" hoping that I was about to fulfill a lifelong fantasy.

"I know what your thinking... I couldn't have sex with Brenda. It would be like having sex with my sister. I might try being with a woman someday but not her. I'm going to send her in here and I want you to make me proud." Nicole said.

I have such a cool wife. She is sending in a hot red head for me to fuck. A guy could get use to this. It is only for one night though.

A few minutes later I hear a knock at the door and in she walked. She was wearing a pair of button up pajamas that hid her body. Laying next to me on the bed we were both a little nervous. A little nervous, ok terrified. I lean in, grabbing the back of her neck and pulling her to me for a soft kiss. Our lips press together as we get lost in the sensation. With each kiss our mouths open more and more until our tongues begin to explore each others mouth. Entwined, we kiss for sometime. My hand moves to her side and I start to rub her hip. Her hand finds my bare chest and she runs her fingers through my chest hair.

As our hands begin to explore one another all the tension and uneasiness seems to disappear. I pull on top of me and we continue to kiss. I'm certain that she can feel my stiff member against her leg now. My hands explore her back and rub her ass. Her ass was extremely smooth and felt great. Rolling her over I laid there and began to unbutton her pajama top. With each button more and more of her delicious body came into view. Finally I brush her skin as I push her top open. Her skin is alabaster with the red of her nipples a stark contrast the to rest of her body.

I grab the waistband of her bottoms and begin to remove them. That is when I realize she didn't have any panties on. Nicole is usually either cleanly shaven or trimmed really short. When I removed Brenda's pants I was greeted with a bright red bush between her legs. Removing my pants I rejoin her in the bed. Now our hands begin to explore even more and Brenda began to stroke my cock. My hand moved down and began rubbing her pussy. She was so wet. I wasted no time plunging a finger deep into her wet pussy. She raised her hips and let out a loud moan. I was determined to get her off as many times as possible before fucking her. I wanted this to be a night she wouldn't forget.

It didn't take long. No matter how good a vibrator was, it was a pale replacement for the intuitiveness of a real person. I could tell what she liked and what she didn't. I rolled her clit between my thumb and fingers, all the while burying three fingers deep inside her. As I finger banged her I used my tongue to tease her nipples. It turned out that Brenda was really loud in bed. She began bucking and screaming as her first orgasm overtook her. I was sure that Nicole could hear her friend with as loud as she was screaming. As she came down from her orgasm Brenda begged me to fuck her. "Not yet. I'm not done teasing you."

I positioned myself on the end of the bed and put her on the floor in front of me. She didn't need any prompting. Grabbing hold of my dick she took me all the way in her mouth. I couldn't believe it. She sucked my dick like a woman possessed. It was one of the wildest blowjobs I've ever had. Sometimes she's racks her teeth along the shaft and others she would lick me like a child licking a lollypop. I had to stop her or I'd cum. I needed to be able to maintain my erection if I wanted to fuck her.

I moved Brenda up on the bed and laid between her legs. I began to lick her lips and suck her clit. She went nuts. As my tongue danced across her, she began bucking her hips. When I am eating Nicole's pussy she loves it when I barely touch her clit. The sensations drive her crazy. So I lightened up and began to lick the length of her cunt ever so slightly. My tongue barely contacted her. Brenda began to cum again. She grabbed my head and mashed it into her clit. When I hit the right spot her legs clamped against me and held me firmly in place. I licked and sucked her until she was screaming and moaning at the top of her lungs. What seemed like an eternity finally subsided and her legs went limp.

As I positioned myself between her legs, ready to slip my dick into the first new woman since marrying my wife 18 years ago, I notice that Nicole is sitting in the room. I look over and she is watching us from a chair in the corner. "Don't stop now. Give it to her baby." she said.

I smiled at her and turned back to Brenda. I rubbed the head of my dick along her slit and teased her clit a little. Then without warning I slid into her. "Oh, God." is all I heard. Her pussy was tighter then Nicole's and felt great. I moved slowly and steadily building a constant rhythm. Then, as if this wasn't a weird enough night, Nicole decided to get involved.

Suddenly, I felt Nicole's finger rubbing lube on my asshole. Nicole and I have played around before, and couldn't believe it when I looked back and saw her naked wearing her strap-on. With a little push she had a finger in my ass. My cock jumped and got even harder. As I continued to stroke in and out of Brenda, Nicole's finger fucked my ass.

Brenda was getting close to cumming and I wasn't far behind. Then I heard the familiar sound of the vibrator on Nicole's strap-on. Climbing behind me on the bed I could feel the head of her fake cock. I stopped moving and held deep in Brenda's pussy. With a couple of rocking motions, Nicole's cock was inside me. I could feel the vibrations and could tell that Brenda felt them too.

Very slowly I began to move my hips, sliding my cock in and out of Brenda again. Nicole held still and as I moved I was fucking Brenda while fucking my own ass against Nicole's cock. I could tell that we were all on the verge of cumming. I began to bang her Brenda's cunt harder and harder. It was an incredible feeling to have my cock buried deep in a hot girl's snatch and have Nicole's strap-on deep in my ass. I was overwhelmed with sensations and began banging her harder and harder. Brenda started screaming and cumming and I could feel her pussy contracting against my cock.

Next I could hear Nicole's orgasm as the rubbing of the harness and the vibrator against her clit sent her over the edge. As her orgasm hit her she thrust into me and I lost it. I fell forward onto Brenda, burying my dick as deep as possible into her. Nicole followed me as the fake cock slid farther up my ass. I shot wave after wave of cum into Brenda as we all collapsed in exhaustion. Nicole pulled out of my ass and I pulled out of her.

I laid in bed with Brenda on one arm and Nicole on the other. We were all so completely spent that we fell asleep that way. I was awakened then next morning to the sounds of giggling. I got up to find both of the girls in the shower together. However that's another story.
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