A resort where women dominate

Valkyries' Pool

"There, it's all set then." Zoe says as she logs off the suite's computer.

"What's all set?" I ask as I walk into the bedroom from the balcony.



"You'll see." She says, cryptically.

After the weeks that we have been here I accept her answer; knowing that I will find out what she means in good time.

"Let's go to sleep, Baby. Tomorrow is going to be such a long day for you." Zoe says as she climbs onto our large, soft bed. I join her; taking her into my arms for a night long embrace as we go to sleep.

The feeling of a warm, soft mouth sliding up and down my cock wakes me. "MMMM, you're awake," Zoe purrs as she moves up to spoon her ass onto my hard cock and take me deep into her wet cunt.

As I lie on my side holding and fucking Zoe from behind, I sense movement in our bedchamber. Looking over I see girl placing a jug of elixir and two goblets on the balcony table. Ignoring us fucking in front of her she then disappears behind the bed to go into the toy room, as we have come to call the closet with all the costumes and restraints. I continue stroking my long cock in and out of Zoe as girl reappears carrying some things from the toy room to arrange them on the chamber table before leaving.

My cock swells and spasms as I come deep in Zoe's pussy pumping spurt after spurt of my seed into her cunt as she, too, comes with body shaking shudders.

"Oh, Baby that was a good start to a very interesting day." Zoe sighs "Let's shower and have some water before you begin your day, Serge.

After our shower we relax; sitting on the balcony and sipping our water. Zoe then surprises me by saying "Serge, you will be under my control until I release you."

I find that I can't move or react at all.

"Go to the bedroom table and bring the things girl put there for me."

I stand and walk to the table to find locking leather cuffs, a slave collar with leash and a ball gag lying there. Gathering all the bondage gear I return to the balcony to place them in front of my Lady and wait for further instructions.

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

I obey.

Zoe then locks the cuffs onto my wrists before locking them together. Without a word she then turns me around to put the slave collar around my neck. As she reaches behind me to lock it she kisses me passionately; tonguing me deeply.

"Oh, Baby, what a day you are going to have." she breathes as she pushes the ball gag into my mouth and locks its strap at the back of my neck.

Picking up the leash, she clips it to my collar and leads me across the room and down the stairs. I am a slave to her every whim as I follow her out onto the patio where I see a new tall pole in the centre near the table. Zoe walks with me following her to the pole and locks my leash to it.

"Yes, Baby, you are mine today. And all night, too." Zoe husks as she sits down at the table.

Girl, wearing the crotchless pantaloons of a room servant, walks up from the beach and across our patio to stand in front of Zoe to announce that Yvonne has her Man bound and she is ready for Zoe to visit her.

"Yes, tell her I'll be right over with my slave." Zoe says to girl.

"Slave!" I think.

Zoe finishes her drink then stands to walk over and unlock my leash from the pole. Without a word she leads me onto the beach and along a pathway, heading for Yvonne's suite some hundreds of feet away from ours.

When we arrive at the suite Zoe walks me to a similar pole on the patio and locks my leash to it. I find myself facing Joseph with him bound and gagged as I am.

Zoe sits at the table with Yvonne and says hello to her. The Ladies exchange small talk, and then get down to what they want to do with their slaves.

"Have Fiona and Raquel bound their slaves?" Zoe asks.

"MMM, yes they have and they are leading them here."

"It's going to be such an interesting night."

"I have it on good authority that either Mistress or Priscilla will be there."

"The poor slaves. Well, it's a good thing that we all heal quickly."

Yvonne laughs loud and long at that.


Within a half hour Fiona and Raquel bring their slaves and lock them to the pole with Joseph and I.

"God damn hitching post." I think as I stand, bound, with the three other slaves.

The Ladies are served drinks by boy and food by girl as the day wears on toward evening. They ignore the four of us completely as we stand in the hot sun, chained to the pole, waiting.

When the sun finally sets Yvonne says "Time to get dressed for the night, Ladies."

Four girls then sway out onto the patio with their arms laden with clothes for the Ladies. Each Lady is helped into a corset which is then laced up the back and cinched tightly until they can hardly breath. The corsets have built in bras; of a sort. They have cups that don't even come close to reaching the Lady's areolas as they are more like shelves to hold up and display their breasts than anything else. Six garters hang down from each Lady's corset to hold up the fishnet stockings the girls now pull up the Lady's legs; attaching them to the garters. Tall knee high boots with stiletto heels are then pulled onto their feet.

Zoe stands in her black corset trimmed in white lace to strut about. Her tits and pussy are even more apparent with the skimpy clothing framing them than while being totally nude.

"Well, should we take them to Hera's Pool to show them off before we go on for the evening's entertainment?" Yvonne asks as she too stands to strut her stuff; shaking her ass and tits. The Ladies all agree and stand to unlock us from the pole and lead us into the night.

Arriving at Hera's Pool the Ladies are seated at a table for four; with us, the bound slaves, expected to stand behind.

"Which one volunteers her slave?" Raquel asks with a giggle.

"Let's use Serge." Zoe shouts before she takes a sip from her rum punch.

Passing my leash to Raquel, who is next to her, Zoe reminds me to "Obey"

Raquel tugs on my leash and spreading her thighs tells me to get on my knees and lick her cunt. As I crawl under the table to obey her command I remember our first day at the resort when I saw three slaves standing and one on his knees with his hands locked behind his back at this very same pool.

I lick each of her thighs getting closer and closer to her black haired pussy until my tongue reaches her pouty cunt lips. I lick up to the top and slide my tongue onto her wet pulsing clit. Licking and sucking I slowly bring Raquel to orgasm. My leash then changes hands and I find myself being drawn on to the next Lady and when she is done with me; the next until I have brought every Lady at the table to orgasm with my tongue.

"That was nice" Yvonne says "It's time to go to Valkyries' Pool, I think."

The Ladies all agree and I find that Zoe is tugging at my leash; getting me to stand so she can put the ball gag back in before I follow her and the other Ladies into the dark garden. After a short while the Ladies turn onto a narrow path leading to a pool.

And what a pool it is. My first sight of it shows slaves tied to benches and other devices as Women use or whip them. Every Woman there is wearing a harness sporting a huge dildo. The whole area is made out to look like a Greek temple with two pools. One on a dais and another below. We are led to the lower pool and are told to immerse ourselves in it. Once in I feel my skin start to become very sensitive and my asshole start to itch like it needs something to appease it.

The Ladies leave us there and go on to visit their own pool above us on the marble dais. The upper pool has a line of slaves behind it chained to marble pillars. Their arms are strapped to shelves, which hold them out in front of them. They are being used as clothes hangers for the Ladies. A slave is led by two Valkyrie to a vacant pillar as I watch. Their uniform is a long strap of heavy leather, which starts behind the neck with the long ends crossing between their huge double D breasts. The straps continue to cross again behind their backs before coming around front again. They then come forward over their hips and becoming thinner they pass on each side of their pussy lips, which hang inches below their cunts, before going between their thighs to rise up and out over their asses to be attached to themselves on the hips of these intimidating Valkyries. The Valkyries uncuff the slave before turning his back to the pillar and have him step up onto a low stool that is placed at the foot of it. One Valkyrie lubes a dildo attached to the pillar before the other guides the slave's asshole onto it as she has him step off the stool; effectively locking him onto the pillar by his ass with his heels just off the ground. His forearms are strapped to the shelves and a large double penus gag is locked onto his head with the smaller end filling his mouth and the other sticking out, obscenely, from his face; curving upward toward it's bulbous head. He is blindfolded and has earplugs put into his ears before chains are wrapped around the slave and pillar; further locking him in place.

Zoe approaches the pool to be greeted by a slave who has his cuffed hands locked to very short chains attached to his collar. She sits on a low bench near an empty hanger slave while the slave that greeted her removes her boots and clothes. As each piece of clothing is removed it is taken to the hanger slave to be held by him or draped over him. When Zoe is finally naked the hanger slave has a knee high boot hanging from each hand, stockings draped over his penus gag and the heavy corset rests over his cock. A Valkyrie appears with Zoe's studded leather harness complete with its huge penus shaped dildo to hang it from the gag.

Zoe then steps into the dais pool to join the other Ladies there.

All around me I hear the Ladies laughing and chatting with moans and grunts of passion mixed in. I also hear slaves shouting and grunting in pain as they are whipped and spanked or fucked by some Lady's huge dildo.

After a long while Zoe and her friends, dressed in their corsets, stockings and boots again come down to claim us from the slave pool. They now all have their harnesses on with huge, wicked, looking dildoes swaying between their thighs.

I am led to a pole and, after locking my leash to it, Zoe walks away; leaving me to my fate.

I look around myself to see what's going on here and, in front me, I watch as a slave is led to a 'Y' shaped bench by a Lady. She hands his leash off to a Valkyrie who proceeds to bind the slave onto the bench for her. His cuffed hands are unlocked from behind him before he is ordered to lie on his back with his legs on the thin 'Y' parts. At the top end there is a headrest that can be raised and lowered at will and at the bottom I can see that the 'Y' parts are hinged at the knees and hips allowing a Lady to place his legs where she wants; from spread wide, to bent up with his knees on his chest exposing his ass for her to fuck. The slave's cuffed wrists are locked to the bench by his sides. Straps are then placed around his chest and waist binding him, tightly, to the bench. More straps attach his legs to the 'Y' parts and another holds his head in position on the headrest. As this is happening two more Ladies arrive with another slave in tow. They give his leash to another Valkyrie who begins to bind him to a different bench beside the first. The slave's cuffed wrists are left locked together behind his back as he is bent forward onto the padded bench top which looks a little like a sawhorse. His legs are spread painfully wide so that his ankles can be locked to the rear legs of the bench while straps are wrapped around his chest to hold him in place. A wide leather strap is wrapped, very tightly, around the slave's head. Another strap is attached to the D ring on the back of it and hooked to one of the chest straps. It is then shortened until his head is pulled up; with his mouth hanging open for easy penetration by a Lady's dildo. When the Valkyries are both done they set out some lube and towels for the Ladies' use and move on to help the next Lady.

Smiling at each other the Ladies stand from the table they have been sitting at to approach their bound slaves. The first Lady picks up the lube to apply it on her large, ribbed dildo before spreading the 'Y' wide so she can put her dildo into the slave's ass. The other two walk to the next slave to bury their plastic cocks in him. His mouth is filled first; then his ass. The Women then unhook the straps of their harnesses to step away leaving their dildoes in him. The slave has become a dildo holder! One Lady then straddles the first slave's head and moves herself down his body until she can mount his throbbing cock while she faces the Lady fucking his ass and begins to kiss and caress her breasts. The second Lady backs over the slave's face to settle her wet pussy over his mouth while she adjusts the head height to get the proper penetration from his tongue.

To my left I see a slave standing between two large marble pillars with legs and arms spread cruelly wide; chained to the top and bottom of the pillars. A Lady stands behind him lashing his back, ass and thighs with a cat of nine tails type of whip; leaving red welts in a neat pattern up and down his backside. Another Lady stands in front of him using a small, thin cane on his stomach, with an occasional swipe at his cock and hard onto his swollen balls. He writhes in pain and struggles to be free in silence, as he has been gagged by an enormous penus cock that forces his jaws open painfully wide.

On my right is a slave suspended, face up, at a Lady's dildo height by chains attached to a leather body harness. His legs are held out and spread wide by chains as well; offering full access to his ass for the Lady who is fucking him with her huge phallus. Another stands at his head with her dildo buried deep in is mouth forcing him to deep throat her plastic cock. Yet another Lady is sitting on him riding his cock as the first Ladies thrust into his ass and mouth. The third Lady's dildo is left buried to the hilt in another bound slave's dildo holding ass. Two more Ladies have untied his hands to place their pussies over his outstretched hands while ordering him to caress their clits until they come. Their harnessed dildoes stick out from the ass and mouth of yet another bound dildo holder.

Further, on another slave is lying on his stomach on the hard marble floor with his hands and arms in an arm binder that has been laced so tightly that his elbows almost touch behind his back. The pain from having his arms forced so unnaturally close together must be excruciating. The slave's ankles have been cuffed and locked together before being bent back and attached to the arm binder and the strap cinched as tight as his body would allow. A second strap goes from the ankles up to be attached to a D ring on the back of a leather hood which has been laced onto his head. That strap has been tightened as well to bend his whole spine by pulling his head back as far as it will go. There are only two holes in the hood; one for the nose and the other for the penus gag that is locked onto his face. His body is arched, taut as a bow, in a classic hogtie position. I wince to myself when I realize that his hard cock is bearing almost all his weight as it is crushed between his stomach and the marble floor. A Lady sits at a table beside the hogtied slave admiring her handiwork as she sips on a drink while another slave bobs his head in her crotch; fucking her with his penus gag.


Thanks to my soak in the slave's pool my skin has become hypersensitive and my ass needs attention by something that can penetrate it to satisfy the itching sensation I feel. I can feel every small breeze on my skin. As the minutes wear on the sensations increase. I try to rub my ass on the pole but it is too wide and smooth to be of any use for my now throbbing asshole. My frenum rings bounce on my cock and balls as I move about; driving my now super sensitive body wild with lust.

Different Ladies walk by me; feeling my ass and hefting my large cock and balls; laughing at my predicament as they walk on. Finally a Lady with no tits and very large, long nipples stands in front of me with a smile on her angular, mannish looking face which is topped by a very male haircut.

"MMM" she purrs with a whisky voice. "I've heard about you," she adds as she fondles my cock and plays with my frenum rings. She then reaches up to unlock my leash to lead me away for her enjoyment.

As I am led away from the pole we pass two Ladies. I hear one whisper to the other "Mistress has found another new toy."

We walk across the temple's marble floor to a corner table set for five but with four Women sitting at it while they enjoy their drinks and finger food.

"Oh you found him. How perfectly delightful." A tall thin Lady says to Mistress as I am led in front of the Women.

"Yes I did. I said I would, didn't I?" Mistress states proudly as she lets my leash drop from her hand. The leash's heavy leather handle falls squarely onto my balls causing me to yell loudly behind my ball gag and bend over in sudden pain. The Lady spins around to grab my leash right next to the slave collar to jerk me up straight again yelling "You do not move a muscle or make a sound unless I say so!" The leash drops again; hitting my other nut. I manage to stifle my yelp but cannot hide the spasm from the pain. Mistress slaps me hard across my face before putting her face right in front of mine hissing a slow, "I do this because I can."

I silently stand up straight because I have to.

"Turn around," Mistress' whisky voice grates.

I obey.

She unlocks the cuffs from each other, "Turn around and put your hands together in front of you."

Again I obey.

She relocks the cuffs together.

"Turn around and put your hands behind your head."

More obedience.

She locks my hands to the ring on the back of my slave collar.

"Turn around and face the table."

I turn to obey.

Seemingly satisfied, for the moment, Mistress goes to her chair and turns it so she can face me as she sits at the table with the rest of the Women behind her. Girl puts a drink in her hand when she raises it.

Smiling and looking straight into my eyes Mistress says to the Women behind her "It took days of steady persuasion to convince Zoe to bring this unique specimen; this long haired, bearded, pierced and tattooed slave to my pool. The Valkyries' Pool." Shaking her head she goes on with, "I'm jealous, though; just thinking that Priscilla managed to get lucky and have him the very first night. At one of the vanilla pools, for god's sake! What the hell was she doing there? Slumming?"

Mistress finishes her beer placing the empty glass on the table behind her. Standing she says "Rope. And lots of it."

A Valkyrie steps forward to place a thick coil of soft white rope in Mistress' hand.

"I like the contrast of the white rope and a slave's tanned body." She says to her audience.

"Oh crap." I think, unkindly, for some reason, "A running commentary for her quartet of groupies."

Mistress uncoils the long rope at my feet and after asking the Valkyrie to assist her begins to wrap it around my chest. Pulling it as tight as they can; six turns of rope are tied off with the ends then going over my shoulders onto my chest to be tied again to the front forming a kind of halter. The loose ends of the rope are allowed to fall and hang by my sensitive cock and balls. The binding is so tight that I can only take shallow breathes.

Mistress snaps her fingers and points to the floor. I struggle to obey; sinking awkwardly to my knees. She snaps her fingers again pointing at the floor and I find a way to sit on my ass on the floor in front of her. Sighing she puts a high heeled boot on my chest and pushes me backward until I fall to the floor on my back. My cuffed hands save me from a concussion. She reaches down to pull my ball sack up from between my legs before pushing my thighs together to bind them tightly above the knees with a shorter piece of rope. She does the same with my ankles; which are then pushed up until my heels are as close to touching my thighs as they can be forced and another rope is used to bind them there. The loose ends of rope that were left hanging from the front of my halter are attached to the rope around my knees and tightened; pulling my knees up toward my chest until I won't bend anymore. My sensitive cock and balls are trapped, useless, between my bound thighs and stomach.
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