Hes sexually teased after being forced to wear them

Well, this is my first submission. I like my stories like I like sex – gradual teasing leading to a big climax. This tale is a bit different from typical erotica because in this case it is the man that ends up getting objectified and sexualized by women. If there is enough interest and feedback I'll write more so don't forget to vote! Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.


Jessica and Travis had known each other for a couple of weeks and were developing a flirtatious relationship. It wasn't too serious yet, but their tantalizing and sexy interaction was starting to build. He had just invited her over to his beach house for the first time. He, also, mentioned to her that he had something daring and sexy planned. This peaked her curiosity. When she arrived, Travis gave her a friendly, affectionate hug and welcomed her in.

"Hey there, hot stuff," Jessica said playfully. "Ready to hit the beach?"

"More than ever. You ready to get a great tan?"

"Yep, I brought my bikini."

"Great! Don't keep me in suspense. Let's see it."

Jessica readily obliged as she wiggled her hips and slid out of her shorts and shirt revealing a cute string bikini with pink and white stripes. She was hoping he would approve. Her sandy-colored hair cascaded in waves to her shoulders with slight natural curl. Her green eyes flashed as she waited for his reaction.

"Lookin' good," Travis replied, "but I thought you wanted to get a good tan?"

Jessica had her hands on her hips and tilted her head slightly. "I'm not sure I'm following you…wait a minute…this doesn't have anything to do with this dare you were talking about does it?"

"Now that you mention it, I did have something a little more… revealing in mind for you."

She raised an eyebrow. "More revealing than a string bikini?"

Travis dug into his back pocket and presented her with two tiny, black pieces of fabric.

"What is that?" she enquired raising her eyebrow even more.

"It's what they call a wicked weasel bikini. Sexiest swimwear in the world."

"Umm, it looks more like an eye-patch if you ask me. There's no way I'm putting that on."

"Ah, come on, Jess," he pleaded. "We're at a remote location on this beach. No one comes out this way. It will be just you and me." She still refused but he was persistent and continued to coax her.

"Okay, if I agree to this then there has to be something in return – meaning that I get to pick a dare for you."

"All you have to do is name it," he replied with a big grin. The chance of seeing Jessica in the world's smallest bikini would be worth almost anything.

"I can't think of anything off the top of my head but I'm sure I'll come up with something." She went into his room to change and several minutes later, shyly slinked out. She was greeted with a loud whistle from Travis. The bikini left very little to the imagination. Jessica was glad she kept her private area closely trimmed because the tiny triangle of fabric was only a few inches wide and just barely enough to keep things covered. Her perfectly round ass was in full view with nothing but a string in the back. The top wasn't any better. It was just enough to cover her nipples but the tightness of the strings somehow managed to support her ample boobs causing them to thrust forward and appear to defy gravity.

"Oh, DAMN, you've got a banging bod!" Travis admired with his jaw nearly hitting the floor.

Jessica couldn't help but feel self-conscious. For one, she felt like she was about five pounds overweight but Travis thought she was perfect. Those few extra pounds were in all the right places – mainly in her boobs and accentuating her feminine curves. Her shiny bellybutton ring coupled with the barely-there bikini drove Travis absolutely crazy. He would love to throw her on the bed and fuck her brains out now but he was enjoying the anticipation of their first sexual encounter and letting things happen slowly.

Once outside, they spent an hour on the sand sunning themselves on large towels. Jessica was enjoying the warmth of the sun on her nearly naked body. Travis's eyes roamed her erotic form hungrily. She had to admit, she enjoyed that as well. He was a bronze Adonis with a body she'd always fantasized about. He had nicely rounded pecs, six-pack abs, and well-defined biceps that she'd love to find herself wrapped in. His torso was completely shaved, which worked well with his physique.

Jessica was glad no one had decided to take a stroll by their secluded spot. She was almost starting to get comfortable with her lack of attire. After an hour, they went down to the water and started splashing and chasing each other in the waves. Travis enjoyed watching her melons bounce in her tight, skimpy top. Her glistening, wet, curvaceous body was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen.

Travis, unexpectedly, started walking up the beach. He turned to Jessica and said, "Come with."

"Where are we going?"

"We're going to take a walk."

"Uh-uh. No way. There's a crowded public beach less than a mile from here."

"Well, actually that's the second part of your dare – to see if you can walk through a public area in the world's skimpiest bikini. It'll be therapeutic and help you conquer those insecurities."

"I don't consider myself all that insecure, but this wicked bikini or whatever you call it crosses the line. I could get arrested in this thing. Let's just go inside."

"Well, darlin', you don't have a choice in the matter." Travis twirled his house keys on his finger. "The only way you're getting back in is if you take that walk with me."

Jessica folded her arms over her voluptuous breasts. "Nope. Game over. Now let's go inside so I can get some clothes on."

"If you don't come with me, you don't get your clothes or your car keys. I bet you could get free cab fare dressed like that," he joked. Travis made his way back to the house and she marched after him. He sprinted the last twenty yards and she made a mad rush to catch up. The door shut and locked before she got there.

Jessica pounded on the door. "Let me in, Travis," she said through clenched teeth.

He opened the door a crack but it was chained. "Sorry, but you won't finish my challenge so you can't come in. I'm calling one of my buddies to come pick you up and give you a ride home. He'll LOVE that!"

Jessica heard him pick up the phone and start dialing. "Wait! Don't do that." She put her head against the door and sighed. "Okay, I'll walk up the damn beach with you."

Travis opened the door and put his arm around her as they started walking. "I'm glad you finally succumbed to reason."

"I'll have you know that payback's a bitch," she sulked.

They started their stroll along the water. After five minutes they started passing other people out enjoying the sun. Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing to gawk at Jessica. This bikini made her feel more naked than if she were wearing nothing at all. It was designed to draw attention to her most intimate parts.

"Do you realize there is probably a hundred times the fabric in your board shorts than there is in this thing you've got me in?" she complained. "I don't find that fair at all."

"Hey, it's a man's world. It's the way it should be."

She rolled her eyes. Soon they reached a busy public area. She had the captive attention of every single male on the beach. Even the women watched her intently – some with envy, some with jealousy, and even a few with desire. One guy jogged by and turned around ten yards after passing them. He slowed down to walk their pace as if that was part of his original plan. The man was apparently mesmerized by the rhythmic up and down motion of Jessica's bare ass cheeks as she walked.

She had hoped that she wouldn't be the only one in such a revealing state but that wasn't the case. Jessica saw a few string bikinis but they were conservative compared to what she was wearing. She was clearly becoming a spectacle of attention.

Two boys, about twelve, watched dumbfounded with their jaws dropped. They were unable to keep their thoughts to themselves. "Whoah, did you see that!"

"Holy shit, I can see her ass!" his friend replied out loud.

"Okay, I'm going back now," Jessica informed Travis with annoyance.

"Wait, some buddies of mine are right over there. I want you to meet them."

Jessica let a small whimper escape her lips as two of Travis's friends approached.

"Where did you find this catch?" one of his friends asked as he looked Jessica up and down admiringly. They introduced themselves and Jessica gave them a shy hello. They continued to make small-talk with her but it seemed they were mainly talking to her tits and ass, rarely looking her in the eyes. She could tell that Travis was enjoying the awkward exchange as he had a shit-eating grin on his face the whole time. Jessica kept her hands clasped in front of her trying hide the small triangle of fabric located between her legs. This only succeeded in making her look even more provocative as her arms were pressing her boobs tightly together.

His friends finally left after what seemed like an agonizing eternity for Jessica. One turned back and said, "It was a pleasure meeting you, darlin.'" She gave him a small unconvincing wave.

"Can we go now?" she pleaded.

When they got back inside Travis's house, he approached Jessica and put his hands on her hips, pulling her close to him. "Now that wasn't so bad was it?" He started tugging at the thin string of her bikini bottoms. "You know, I'm dying to see what's underneath this." The sexual tension between the two of them had reached a climax and he was ready to deliver on it.

Jessica pushed his hands away and said with a naughty voice, "No-no. Before you get what you want, you have to perform a dare for me."

"Okay, just tell me and we'll get on with it."

"I'll come back over tomorrow and then tell you."

Travis groaned. "I can't wait till then!"

"You're going to have to find a way. See you then." She slid back into her clothes, gave him a small kiss on the lips and left.

When Jessica arrived the next day she got out of her car wearing only the pink and white string bikini that she had initially planned to wear the day before. She pranced up to Travis and gave him a playful kiss.

"Where's that little number I gave you to wear yesterday?" he asked.

"Not today. It's your turn. Are you ready for your dare?"

"Why do I have the sinking feeling I'm going to regret this."

Jessica rummaged through her beach bag and pulled out a men's lime-green G-string. "Ta-daaa!" She giggled.

"Uhhh, no. Nada. No way."

"Oh, come on it's only fair."

"First of all, there's a big difference between a girl wearing a g-string and a guy. It's more common for girls to be seen in them."

"Oh, stop it with the double-standard. After what you made me wear yesterday in front of the general public, I think it's time for you to deliver. And don't forget," she said naughtily and whispered in his ear, "if you complete your dare, you'll get exactly what you've been waiting for."

Travis thought it over. There was a good chance that no one would come this far up the beach. His horniness for Jessica was worth the risk so he finally agreed with reluctance.

After he changed, Jessica gave her approval. "Woo-hoo, baby, I think I'm going to drown in a puddle of drool!" She walked a circle around him to check him out more thoroughly and patted his bare ass. His body was everything she'd hoped it would be. She knew he had been a quarterback and competitive swimmer back in college. His time as an athlete had sculpted his body into a work of art.

He wasn't comfortable being on display, even if it was just for Jessica. On the bright side, he would be able to get a more complete tan with it. "Alright, let's get this over with."

When they were on the beach, Jessica was relentless with the teasing comments. Travis was starting to get annoyed but knew he had to put up with it and had it coming after yesterday.

"Okay, I won't tease anymore. I don't want you grumpy with me. Here, let me put some lotion on your back." Travis was on his stomach and Jessica started applying it liberally. She straddled him to get a better angle and her crotch was pressed right up against his ass as she massaged. He felt a soft warmth through her bikini, which was sensational as he felt gentle thrusts against his rear following the motions of her massage. After a few minutes she dismounted and started working the lotion on his butt cheeks.

"Umm, you don't have to do that," Travis said.

"We don't want your bum to get burned now do we?" Jessica giggled and continued to massage letting her fingers glide along his crack. Travis's heart started racing.

"Now roll over."

Travis laughed. "I think I'm capable of doing my front."

"No, I want to," she said in an almost commanding voice.

Travis obeyed and Jessica started with his legs, working her delicate hands slowly up his thighs. Her hand lightly brushed by his balls, which were now filled to capacity with all the pent up anticipation of having sex with this woman. He felt a firmness forming in the pouch of the G-string. To his surprise, she straddled him in order to rub his chest with lotion. The front of her bikini was pressed up against his growing manhood. The warmth he felt from her earlier now felt hot and moist underneath the thin fabric of her bikini.

After several long and exhilarating minutes she dismounted. "Oh, my," she said. "Do we have a visitor?" His prick was pressing skyward as it filled the remaining contours of the bright green pouch.

"If you don't stop with the teasing, I'm going to have to rape you right here on the beach."

"Now we can't have that. We're not finished with our dare yet."

"I fulfilled my end of the bargain," Travis replied. "We've been out here for hours so let's go inside."

"But don't you remember, the dare comes in two parts like we did yesterday. Now we have to take our walk along the beach," Jessica said with an evil grin.

Travis laughed at her. "You're crazy if you think I'm going in public like this. See-ya inside."

Jessica followed him in with a pout. He approached her and pulled her towards him. "Come on, baby, don't get moody on me." He tickled her until she laughed. He started playing with the ties of her bikini. He tried to pull and untie it but she had it double-knotted. "Let's go to the bedroom."

"You're not getting any until we even the score. You haven't fulfilled your end of the bargain." She had a hard time turning down his advances. She wanted his body, which was now completely bronzed from a day in the sun. The contrast of his tan against the neon-green G-string was exciting to her. She hungered for the hunk of meat that was bulging in his pouch but she refused to give in.

"Okay," Travis said, "just pick something else to complete this deal. I can't go up the beach like this. I know too many of those people and they'll never let me hear the end of it. Just come up with something else."

She thought it over for a moment and then came up with an idea. "I'll be right back. Let me get something from my car." When she returned, she was carrying an overnight bag. Travis got his hopes up thinking she was planning to spend the night with him. She started rummaging through her bag.

"Here we go." She presented a pair of lacy panties to Travis with a wicked smile. "Your task is to wear these all day long tomorrow. If you succeed, you'll get your prize tomorrow night."

"Tomorrow night! I can't wait that long." Travis had been saving up for his first encounter with Jessica so it would be explosive. He'd even refrained from jacking-off for the past week. Now he had to spend another night with blue balls.

"That's the deal or nothing at all," she replied.

He stared at the panties dubiously. "This lace is going to hurt, rubbing against my stuff all day long. Don't you have anything else?"

"Hmm, let me think. Ooh, let's try these." She tossed him a pair of pristine white, satin G-strings. He was glad there wasn't any lace on them, which was way too feminine for him. He wasn't wild about the tiny one-inch bow with a decorative diamond on the front. Unfortunately, these were even skimpier than the lace ones. He wasn't sure he'd be able to squeeze his penis into them even if it was soft. The satin, however, might be more comfortable than lace rubbing him all day long. Weighing his options, he reluctantly took the white G-string from her.

"Make sure you wear them all day long. I might make a surprise visit tomorrow so you better have them on. If not, then the bet's off."

Jessica's brother was away for the summer and left his beach home for her to use, which was about five miles from Travis's place. She called him the next day and asked him to meet her there at 9pm. "Don't forget your panties," she reminded.

Travis made sure he played by all of Jessica's rules. He was anticipating the fuck of his life and didn't want to miss out on it. The tightness underneath his clothes was uncomfortable and took some getting used to, but he dealt with it. When he arrived at Jessica's, he was surprised to see that she had four friends with her – all sexy and dressed provocatively. They were a montage of hot pants, miniskirts, bare midriffs and tight tops.

Travis was surprised to see that Jessica wasn't alone so he played along. "This is a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting to see so many lovely ladies here all dressed to the nines."

"We've been out clubbing." Jessica flashed him a sexy smile. "Hated to leave so early but I wanted my friends to meet you."

Jessica looked the sexiest he'd ever seen her – except for the day she wore that micro bikini. She wore a tight, black miniskirt that left her luscious thighs on full display. It sat low on her hips leaving a generous view of her lovely, soft midriff. A glint of light danced off her shiny belly button ring causing Travis's heart to skip a beat. The miniskirt had a low slung belt with a large, silver buckle that sat just above her most treasured region. Her top was purple with black swirls and tied at her breasts. It was tight, showing off the fullness of her delicious melons. The top had full sleeves that reached her wrists, which brought a hint of elegance to her slutty attire. The outfit was completed with a sexy, black choker.

Her friends looked equally stunning. Tiffany was a tan blonde who had a Scandinavian look about her. She had turned a pair of low-rise jeans into cutoffs that were cut so short that her ass cheeks were practically hanging out the back. The shorts were so tight that she was apparently unable to button them. The inch of open zipper displayed a little V, which left Travis fantasizing about what was beyond. Her white T-shirt was equally short and barely contained her plentiful rack. The words 'Too Sexy' were displayed over her knockers in large, shimmering, pink letters. Travis noticed how Tiffany kept trying to make eye contact with him while giving him a 'come-hither' look.

The bubbly red-head was Caitlin. She was wearing a bright green party dress that was snug and conformed to her shapely figure. If it had been any shorter she'd be flashing her panties for the world to see. What captured Travis's attention the most was the large, oval opening in the middle of the dress, which left her beautiful and lightly tanned tummy on full display. Caitlin always seemed to be on the verge of a giggle-fit and kept giving Travis naughty glances as if she had some dirty secret that she was dying to share.

Erica was a raven-haired beauty that exuded confidence. Her shiny, black shorts were the shortest Travis had ever seen in his life. In fact, they looked closer to bikini bottoms, barely two inches wide at the hip. He thought that was exactly what they were until he saw a pink string peaking above the shorts revealing that she had panties hidden underneath. They seemed very risqué even for the club scene. Her pink top, although only covering her breasts, had a swank look about it. It had full coverage all the way to her neck except for a diagonal opening, which revealed an exciting view of her cleavage. She had an intense gaze that was unsettling to Travis – almost as if she could see to the depths of his soul.
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