Cougar seduces and feminizes young man

Paula seduced him, the cougar, but Bob was young and vulnerable to her vastly greater experience. One of the first things she did was bed him.

She sucked his dick into her warm mouth, drooling all over the shaft as she bobbed up and down, swirling her tongue expertly. Her strong index finger worked its way into his ass, wriggling and pressing. It gave him an orgasm like he never had before.

She kissed him afterward, letting him taste his own come in her mouth.

Cunningly, gently, she guided him in the fine art of eating pussy.

"You need more practice," she panted slyly, sweat glistening on her skin, her body still shivering with orgasm.

She always required him to provide a lot of oral sex whenever they were together; Bob obliged his lover to his utmost, not wanting to lose this sexy older woman.

On those few occasions when she allowed penetration, she always mounted him. He thrust beneath her, planting his hands on her hips so that he could help her bounce to maximum effect. He watched her pleasure shine on her face gloriously, as she pounded down on him with all her strength.

She eventually stopped sucking him off. She would make him come by milking his prostate, shoving her fingers inside and twirling them around until he shouted and blew his load all over his own stomach.

And then it was a slim vibrator. And then it was her medium-sized dildo. Ultimately, she graduated to a strap-on. She shoved him face-down on the mattress and fucked him stupid, his ass slapped in stinging swats as she pegged him relentlessly.

The silk pajamas she bought him and insisted he wear around her house were masculine at first, but over time they evolved to sunshine yellows and pinks with lace.

Sometimes he whined that he never got to fuck her like he used to.

"You've never had sex like you have with me, isn't that right?"

Convinced, Bob continued with the relationship, submitting to her every whim.

Paula continued to use his tongue, mouth, face and ass for her pleasure...and his.

Over the course of time, she convinced him to let his hair grow, and to get rid of what little body hair he had, so that he was smooth from nose to toes, and his brunette locks brushed his ears.

He took the pills she gave him, even though he wasn't convinced the unmarked bottle held 'vitamins' like she claimed.

He *knew* they weren't vitamins when they caused him to grow perky little breasts, with pronounced, extraordinarily sensitive nipples.

"I love your rosy nipples," she said, diddling them, every now and again giving them a tweak or a tug. Having his nipples played with caused him to drip precome copiously.

When he inevitably lost his menial job, she shrugged and pointed out that she never needed his money. Her all-women real estate firm was doing great business.

"No, what I need from you is to stay home and do housework and prepare meals for me."

But once he had agreed, his pajamas were replaced with dresses, high heels, make-up and earrings.

He cried, more than once, over his new mode of dressing, but she rewarded him with sex like no other on those occasions. Glorious sexual servitude! He felt safe nestled between Paula's thighs, his face engulfed by her furred lips, her clit, her ass, her thighs.

"Oh, oh," he moaned as he took her strap-on to the hilt, over and over, until he finally blew his load onto the sheets.

When Paula's sister --who knew Bobbie back when he was a man-- came over drunk one night after a disastrous date, he was dismayed when she was allowed to use him as well.

Paula sent Bobbie to answer the door, knowing Glenda would likely take out her frustrations on her sister's little feminized boyfriend. She was right.

"Come on, bitch; eat my cunt!" whooped Glenda, as she rode his face, careless of his need to breathe. "Lick that pussy!"

Soon, it wasn't just Paula's sister, but her friends and her sister's friends. All using him, all riding his face for their own pleasure. They all had a different touch, a different smell and taste, but none of them desired him as a man. He was no longer a man. The piece of meat that hung between his legs was superfluous to his new life as Bobbie.

His ultimate fate: He became the cute receptionist for Paula's all-woman real estate firm. He answered their phones and answered their carnal needs. At their beck and call.

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