Domme and sub meet in a hotel

As I walk up to your hotel room my nerves have me on edge. After our last rendezvous in the restaurant my mind is consumed with the unknown. Pulling myself together I knock on the door.

Standing there staring at the blank door for what feels hours like I suddenly become aware of the couple entering the room next to yours. Mid 20's man and woman. He's fit with dark hair and eyes a bit taller than me but the same build. She is a cute little short red head with curves. I wonder if they'll hear the ruckus that will be going on your room tonight. We'll they stop and listen? I bet they will. No doubt they will and perhaps they will join in on their side of the wall. Just as I start to slip into thoughts the door opens. Standing there to my front is my Goddess.

Looking down at your feet, I trace your patent black leather boots with needle points heels with my eyes. Following them up to your thighs where they finally stop. Staring at your crouch I see shinier leather. This time a very small triangle just covering your clit with the thinnest of string tracing under of what I can only imagine splitting your pussy lips. On the front of this little sliver of leather is what appears to be a ring or some sort of device for attachments. A quick shudder passes through me thinking of what's in store. Moving up your smooth belly is covered along with your breasts. They are housed in a tight leather corset. Your tits just out of sight being squeezed by the corset. You hands on your hips with more shining leather passing up to your bicep's.

"You silly cunt, why are you clothed? You are not allowed to be clothed in my presents now strip dick bag!"

Out in the hallway the other couple just got in the room. I look back and forth nervous afraid of getting caught but I strip immediately hoping no one sees me. I rip my shirt off and drop my pants. Shoes then socks fly off I'm naked as the day I was born with my clothes bunched in front me.

"Good, now crawl your man pussy in here. And leave your clothes out here, You won't need them till you leave and maybe not then."

Doing as ordered I crawl following my Mistress into the room closing the door behind me I turned my back on my Mistress and immediately regret it. Snap! I feel on my ass. I jump as the crop hit my right ass cheek. I turn in time to see the next blow coming and grit my teeth taking the punishment.

"Don't ever turn your ass to me unless I tell you too. Now crawl you sorry excuse for a man into the bathroom and get the tube, bully down."

Doing ass I'm told I back into the tub, keeping my eyes on my Domme. She gives me the wry smile knowing that my submission is total with no reservations. Once in the tub laying face down my Mistress walks in bringing with various toys of which I strain to see but cannot.

"Put your hands on your ass slut."

Moving my hands one to each cheek I fill the cold embrace of handcuffs on each. My Mistress moves down to my ankles as I feel them forced apart and clamped as a spreader bar pushes my feet to the sides of the tub. Immediately my cock grows underneath me straining against my body weight.

"Now slut, it's time for you to get dirty, and then it will be time for you to get clean."

My Mistress steps up onto the ring of the tub. Straddling over me looking down at the back of my head.

"Time to wash your hair."

Pulling your thong to the side she lets out a golden stream aimed perfectly to the back of my head. Feeling the warmth soak into my hair I try to raise my head to get it out of the puddle forming above the plugged drain. The urine now flowing from the top of my head over my face and into my open mouth as my Mistress would want from her dirty little cunt.

"Good boy, swallow Mommies piss."

Finally the stream ceases to flow and my Mistress get off of the tub looking at the large puddle underneath my head.

"That's a little bit of piss. I think we need more don't we! Now piss for me slut!" You command.

"Yes Maam." I whimper humiliated as I never have been before. Working my cock trying to squeeze piss out so I'll be laying in it, how you humiliating. I love it so, my Mistress knows how to use her slut, I'm too lucky. Finally a stream flows adding to the pool under my face and covering my chest in piss.

"Good little cunt you are. Now, put your face down in it and blow Mistress some bubbles."

Doing so, the humiliation reaches new heights and knowing that the night has just begun makes my cock throb under me.

Suddenly the spigot comes on with bitter cold water immediately on my head filling the tub quickly. You look down at me smiling as the piss filled water rises and I try to keep my nose above it so I may breath. Just as the water is going to overtake me it is shut off. Straining my nose clears the water by the slightest of margins. The cold and fight for air have shrunk my cock as I shiver bit. Quickly a bucket appears on the side of the tub.

"Now my little slut, how many cubes can you hold?" You ask evilly.

Feeling your hand leather clad hands work down to my cheeks are pushed apart revealing my vulnerable man pussy. The cold sensation of ice being applied to my ass over takes the cold feeling of the water. Looping my asshole 4, 5 , 6 times you tease me as I strain for breath. Finally the cold push as the first cube part my hole followed by a finger pushing the ice deep inside me.

A moan escapes me, "ahhhh" as my mouth is quickly filled with the tainted water. I choke for a second before regaining my breath.

"Now don't die on me little slut, the best is yet to come. Besides if anyone is going to kill you, it'll be me." You say with an evil cackle. Suddenly I feel the needle like point of your boot placed on my head forcing my face under the water.

I begin to squirm trying to come free but I'm pinned by your boot and stuck at your mercy. Not sure how long I'm down before you release the pressure and I force my nose above water and breathe as deep as I can.

"Don't be scared slut; I'm not going to kill you. I don't fuck cold pussy, well not dead cold pussies." You laugh as another cube is pushed home.

Quickly now you begin filling my ass with ice cube. I'm shack furiously under the water. 10, 11, 12 cubes in, I'm afraid but I trust my Domme.

"My poor boy looks cold. Look at you little cock all shriveled. Ok, now I want you to dive in there and pull that plug with your teeth, the sooner you do the sooner you'll warm up. In fact, if you don't pull it you won't come out." With that your boot pushes my under.

I'm fighting trying to see the plug and get my mouth onto it. I bite down on it but miss. Again, and again I try. Almost out of breath I get to it and pull out to the side. Immediately it begins to drain. Still under water I hope it drains quick enough or this could be bad for me. Just in time the water descends low enough for me to breath. Huffing and puffing I feel the pressure off my head and a slap of 2 more cubes in my ass. Unlashing my feet the spreader bar is removed.

"Now stand cunt"

Standing as quickly as I can I shiver as the shower is turned on. First freezing cold then followed by warmth as you try to bring me to the polar opposite.

"Good boy get warm for Mommy. Wash that piss off you, you dirty slut." You say enjoying every second of your control.

The shower continues for a minute or so until it's quickly shut off. Drying me off with a towel my prick becomes hard again as you knew it would. My asshole leaking water like a freshly cummed in pussy from the ice cubes still melting inside. You spin me around and begin sucking and licking the juices coming out. Spinning me back around we share a hard sloppy kiss swallowing the juices together.

Grabbing me cock in your gloved hand you lead me out of the tub to the bed. The four poster bed is setup already for bondage as my hands are released from the cuffs.

"Get on the bed and lay spread eagle!" You command.

Lying on the bed you move to my left hand and secure it to straps on the left bed post then to the right and more of the same. Moving to my legs you push my right leg up toward my right hand on the bed post. One elevated you secure the ankle close to my hand. Doing the same with my other leg my ass is elevated and spread with my stiff cock pointed from above to my face. Undoing the top button of your corset your tits spring free looking as beautiful as ever.

Moving around the side of the bed you grab the two candles in glass jars, one red and one blue. They appear to have been burning for hours. The wax is looks to be liquid a few inches down on each. Grasping the blue candle you mount the bed stand over my vulnerable ass in the air.

"I think your ass and balls should be blue tonight, well for now." As you drip a stream of hot wax directly on my ass hole.

I squirm throwing your aim off and covering the cheeks as well.

"Oww, it hurts Maam."

Moving the drip to the bottoms of my balls precum instantly appears at the tip. You cease dripping wax and place the candle down.

"Oh my, what have we here." Taking your fingers you pinch the head of my cock forcing the precum out. Looking down at me you smile. "Taste test time!" Reaching down you force your finger into my mouth and begin fucking my mouth with 2 fingers. "Now swallow cunt," As you withdraw your fingers. "You like you Mistress' cum don't you slut?"

"Yes Maam, I love you spunk." I reply proudly.

"We need to keep it all inside though, can't let any get out till its time. So we need to plug that dirty little piss hole there," you say as you reach for the red candle blowing the wick out. Placing the candle underneath my cock you bring the candle up dipping my cock in 3 inches of hot wax.

"AWWW fuck," I yell as the molten wax enters and surrounds my cock. Pulling the candle down and back up again you redip my dick like it was a strawberry in chocolate. Again in agony, "Fuck, please stop Maam, please."

"Shut up you fucking bitch, it's my cock and I don't want it to leak; and now it won't." Going back to the blue candle you drip it graciously across my ass and balls. Some spilling down my stomach and squirm biting my tongue to stay quiet.

"Good little slut, your making Mistress very happy," you say reassuring. Dismounting the bed I lose sight of you for a minute or so only to regain it as you return with your crop and what appear to be a huge appendage attached to your groin. As you climb on the bed the first crack on my ass of the crop, taking off a bit of wax. Looking down on me I see your 8 inch long 4 inch round dildo point at my ass.

"Say hello to my little friend," you quip. "Now, I'm going to remove all the blue wax with my crop. Once that's done I'm going to cum in your ass with my big cock. Any question?" You laugh and immediately slap another chunk of wax of my ass. I jump just as another blow is landed. Working the crop like the master you are swiftly but painfully you remove all the wax from my ass leaving only red marks in its place. Moving up to my balls the first smack brings tears to my eyes and takes my breath away. Again you remove wax with a short swift smack.

"Awww," I yell out unable to remain silent. Smack, smack, smack and more wax is removed. Smiling down on me one last crop this one harder than the others as the last bit of blue is removed.

"Argghhh, no more please Maam, I beg you. No more Mistress please, fuck me Maam, fuck your little slut."

"It is that time you fucking little whore. I'm going to rape your fucking whole. After tonight you will never been the same. You're going to crave me, obsess over me, and need me and my big fucking cock." With that a huge glob of lubricant is smeared on my man pussy. The head of the massive cock I can feel on my hole as you push. The head breaks through and I gasp as I'm stretched wider than ever before. Feeding me your dick slowly you begin to fuck me. Working towards fitting your massive dong in my ass. Looking up between my legs I see your tits bouncing above your corset and you slide 2 inches in, then 3, then 4 filling me. Building up pace as you push deeper. The cock hits the water from the ice cubes you placed in the there earlier. My asshole making a sloppy wet sound like a juicy pussy. Cause that's what it is a soaked my pussy swallowing your big dick. Pushing deep into that wet cunt, finally all 8 inches fill me. I'm panting as my pussy is loosening to fit this enormous strap on from my Queen.

Letting all 8 inches sit in me for a second, you look down at me and see my face. Seeing the look that says after tonight I'll be yours and everything you said is true. Pulling the cock back out to the very tip then ramming it home I get my first full taste of my Mistress. Back out you pull then slamming forward hitting my prostate my cock twitches. Again and again building up speed and rhythm till your full out fucking my pussy, your pussy, that's what it is now, it's your pussy and belongs to you.

"Fuck me Mistress, please fuck me!!!" I yell out uncontrollably. Panting I say, "Rape my man pussy Maam, take me Maam oh please."

"Take it you dirty slut, swallow my cock with your ass." Ramming your cock into my wet ass faster and faster. You pull the cock all the way out and inspect the hole as it holds open. Slam, back in and out once more. "Look at that fucking hole of mine. It's so pretty I love fucking your pussy." Back in and feeding me all 8 inches as fast as you can you work my ass. Your panting and I can hear the orgasm building inside of you a the strap on rubs your clit. Fucking my ass, you reach over and break the wax from my cock and pull the wax from the piss hole. Hurting like hell I jump forcing that cock in deep.

"Don't cum till I tell you, that's my cock and I'm going to shoot my load all over you little slut face." My balls already full of jizz react when your hand slides on my cock. My ass taking the pounding like the wet whore I am. Both of us moaning and panting as we both build towards climax as you ravage my ass with that huge cock. I hear it in your breath as you near I'm fighting back using every ounce of strength to keep from cuming. Just when I can't hold out anymore you yell out "Ah, ahhh , ahhhhh, cum for me slut!!" You begin quivering as the first throws of an orgasm hit you. Your hand stroking my cock aims it perfectly as my first spurt leaves it and lands squarely in my open mouth and face. Quivering in my ass and me on your cock as shot after shot of cum land on my and mouth. Your eyes roll back as a second wave hits you. Juices flowing down your legs as you shake. My cum landing on my stomach as the last throws of my orgasm subsides. Leaning forward filling me one more time as both of us spend our last moments of ecstasy staring into one another's eyes, Mistress to sub and sub to Mistress.

Looking down at my cum covered faced you withdraw the huge prick from my ass. Releasing my legs I lay flat on my back as you straddle me. Whipping the cock across my face and below covering it spunk you have the most gorgeous smirk on your face. "Time to clean up little slut."

Opening my mouth knowing my place and loving it so, you feed me you're cum covered cock still dripping from my soaked man pussy. Once clean you withdraw it and untie my hands.

"Now strip me whore it's time for bed!" You command.

Rising I grasp the left glove removing then the right. Moving around you I unbutton and remove the corset. Allowing you to take a seat on the bed I crouch at your feet and slowly remove both boots. Reaching up I grasp each side of your thong with the big black cock still attached and slowly lower in take it off your feet. You reach and grasp me, bringing us face to face. We share a deep kiss, filled with passion, the passion that just brought us to this juncture. "You can sleep in bed with me but you will be at my feet. Like my little slut dog. I will wake you tomorrow and we shall continue our "play". Now get the lights whore and get in bed."

I rise and turn the lights out moving back the bed and crawling in across the bed at your feet. "Good slut."

"Good night Mistress" I reply. "I Love You!" the words slip from my lips, confirming what you already knew and achieving your goal.

"I Love you too subbie."
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