Mark discovers that Miranda is how he now serves Janine

Janine had been slowly beginning to work Mark over by using 'creative discipline' and during the last day she had developed her hold even further.

Mark woke up with DVDs and photo's laying around him showing himself in quite a few unsettling positions. He was sore all over and had a headache that let him know he drank far to much the day before. He was wearing a thin black babydoll which he had bought Janine months ago and had a pair of silicone breasts glued to his chest.

"Janine,... Janine, what happened yesterday?" Mark called out and was met by only silence. After which he took a quick look around and found he was the only one there.

Looking at the DVDs which were strewn about closer Mark realized they were all labeled as copies and had yesterdays date on them. Choosing one that said 'Miranda's Oath' he popped it into the bedroom TV and sat down to see what it was that had left him with such a headache.

The movie started with a shot of Janine talking to someone holding the camera. "Is it on? Good. Little Miranda here had something she wanted to tell everyone. Go ahead Miranda tell them."

The camera panned across to show Mark in feminine attire laying across the couch in seductive pose. His nails and lips painted a deep lusty red and makeup applied flawlessly to his face, his eyebrows were high and curved in a feminine manner. He had on heels, fishnet tights and a slinky red dress.

He looked directly into the camera and purred, "Hi, I'm Miranda. I've been such a naughty girl, pretending to be a man when all I really was was a puppet without proper strings." Taking a deep breath and looking throughly satisfied Miranda glanced at someone behind the camera and back at the screen.

Then continued in with an expression of lustful satisfaction. "I've found my true puppet master and purpose. I will become a true sissy as she requires and I will not allow myself to go back to what I once was. Before this day is done, I will be certain that no one will change my mind."

Licking her red lips and caressing her breasts Miranda said "I am a slut and will be a pantie slave and sissy to my love. I will not let myself become deluded that I am better than her." In a seductive manner Miranda licked her lips just as the movie ended.

Mark, confused and weary, looked around to see if any of the other DVDs laying around had a different name written on it. When he picked up a DVD labeled 'Permanent Reminder', he noticed a page written in his handwriting. Upon picking it up he felt the pit of his stomach sink.

The paper was a photocopy of a notebook page which was titled 'Confessions'. It was a log of all the times and customers who had been overcharged and why. There was the time he had charged twice as many hours as he had worked. How he had spent three quarters of his working time drawing doodles. Many other minor indiscretions were listed to intricate detail. With this list written in his own hand he could be looking at some serious jail time. It was signed Mark and then Miranda and there was a stain on the paper as well beside his signature. No telling what that was.

Scared by the number of things that seemed to be stacking against him Mark went put the DVD in hoping it had something benign but inside he was scarred to death it contained something far worse.

The DVD began with a shot a Janine stroking Miranda's back. Miranda was laying face down on a table in red lace panties and black fishnets. "Everything is going to be okay, you want this right? We can stop this still do you want to stop?" Janine whispered.

"No my love, I want to be everything for you. Since I have neglected you I deserve this, I want this as a permanent reminder that I'm yours and always less." Miranda said in an apologetic tone.

The scene shifted as if some time had passed. Miranda's face was exposed but a sheet lay draped across her back. "Lets see the work shall we" said an unknown female voice.

As the camera approached a female hand removed the sheet revealing a tattoo of calligraphy on Miranda's lower back. It was drawn with three colors using pink, purple, and green ink. There was a delicate rose on one side of the calligraphy and a heart on the other. The word in the middle seemed to mark to make his heart stop it was short and read in large letters 'Sissy'.

Mark reached behind him, and as soon as he made contact with his back he felt the sensitive area and a bandage indicating it had all really happened. He shuddered as he thought of what else may be revealed on these DVDs.

There was only one more DVD with a unique name 'Innocence Lost' was its title. With sweaty palms and a heart that was racing Mark put it in to watch, to find out what thing he had done to warrant such a title for the video.

The movie started focused on Janine face. her luscious lips were a hypnotic shade of blood red; her hair was down and curled around her face innocently. "Miranda, My pretty little sissy are you ready to begin your new life? Can you handle what girls do?" Jenine said with a hint of mirth.

The camera then panned over to to include Miranda. She was dressed predominantly in white: white stud earrings, a broad white barrette pulling her hair back, red lips, a heart-shaped pink necklace with an inset pink stone, pale pink nails, an off the shoulder frilly, tight, short white blouse; a white miniskirt, white thigh-high fishnet nylons with pink bows at the top and white heels. "Yes, my love! I am ready to serve in anyway possible, I absolutely adore this outfit you picked for me! What shall we be doing next?" Miranda said excitedly.

Janine, removing a silken robe, revealed a black lace bodice and panties as she walked over and stood near a chair beckoning Miranda to come over. "Sissy, on your knees in front of me." she said forcefully.

"Slut, time to use that pretty little tongue of yours to get this party started right. If you can do it well I might have other surprises in-store for you."

Miranda on her knees slid aside Janine's Panties and began to seductively slide her tongue up and down. The warmth of Janine filled Miranda with a strong need leading to longer, deeper caresses. Janine began to breathe quicker as Miranda continued both up and down and side to side slowly intensifying Janine's need.

"Do it faster!" Janine urged breathlessly. "Do it harder! Sissy fuck me with your tongue and don't stop!" she demanded

Janine began to quiver pinning Miranda where she was until finally, in one wave of pure ecstasy she climaxed. "Stop now sissy, but don't get up, you're not done. I want those pretty little lips of yours to get some more work before we continue." she said in a whisper.

Janine knelt down beside Miranda and pulling a cloth from behind her began wiping Miranda's face. "You got your lipstick everywhere, we'll have to get a stay-put variety for you soon. There we go all better."

From a bag beside her she pulled some lipstick and began to slowly reapply it to Miranda. Quietly she continued "Sissy, I want you to do something so you can understand more fully what it is like to be a woman. Just remember you are not to ever do this with a man, only with me, unless I say otherwise."

Janine stood up and pulled a strap-on out of the bag and slid it up her luscious legs and then demanded, "Sissy, now you learn something new. Lick and suck like you would like it done to you. I have done this many times before especially recently so ignorance is no excuse. Treat it like it's real and if you do it well I have one last surprise for you."

Miranda began to slowly lick the dick. Her tongue darting from between her cherry red lips caressing the strap-on as if it were real. Sucking on it as if it were the best lollipop ever. Janine encouraged, "Suck it honey, Don't you like it?"

"I love it, Janine, I don't want to stop" Miranda said plaintively between licks. "The more I suck the more I want it." Continuing to suck taking more and more of the cock into her mouth, Miranda's cock got hard and began peaking above her panties and skirt, precum glistening on the tip.

Janine asked curiously, "Do you like cock? Would you like something a bit more fulfilling? Something to keep you a sissy forever?"

"Oh yes, I love cock I want to be a sissy forever I only want to be able to take it more." Miranda responded, lust and need in her response. "Please let me be a sissy!"

"Turn around then, I want you on all fours." Janine said, reaching in her bag. she pulled out a tube of lube and rubbed it over the end of the strap-on. She began rubbing Miranda's ass, massaging it. "Your tattoo is inspiring from this view, I like it, but this may hurt or feel a little odd at first, trust me though you'll learn to love it."

She pulled Miranda's panties to her knees, leaving the skirt in place, and putting the head of the cock against Miranda's tight little asshole. Slowly she began pushing it in and out going slightly deeper each time.

Miranda began moaning and trying to take more and more inside each time. "Oh please, fuck me faster! Please fuck me deeper! It feels so good, I want more." she begged.

"Did I hear you right? You want more cock? Are you sure that's what you want?" Janine teased. Continuing to fuck Miranda harder and faster until the entire 6inch strap on was going in on every thrust.

"I want it more, I love the feel of cock I want to have it fuck me! I want to be fucked it feels so good I just want it more, I want it more than anything else right now. Please fuck me!" Miranda pleaded.

Just then Miranda said "Slut, if you want it you'll have to work it on your own! Let's see if your a true sissy girl or not!" and immediately stopped moving, staying still with the cock only halfway inside Miranda.

Miranda squealed with frustration when everything stopped and very quickly began working it deeper herself, back and forth. Forcing herself all the way on the strap-on and nearly off again until screaming in ecstasy as she came. "God that was absolutely spectacular." she panted

Janine backed up and took off the strap-on leaving nothing but her perfect feminine body with black silk lingerie enhancing its effects. "I think that from now until I say otherwise if you want to come it'll have to be by strap-on, Miranda. I don't think the sissy in you would accept it if it was any other way."

"Thank you, my love. I will forever be your sissy." Miranda said, and then the video ended.

Mark was beside himself after everything he saw and just sat in silent shock when Janine walked into the room a few minutes later.

"It's amazing what hypnosis can do isn't it?" she chirped, "Just to remind you where you sit, I've got all these DVDs and the confession in a safe place to expose you to your friends, family, and the whole community if you decide to something brash later."

"So that's how you got me to do all that, hypnosis?" Mark said wearily.

"By no means! You did that yourself, Miranda. We just made you sleep and forget for a few hours so we could get everything in place in case you changed your mind. Also now you have every reason in the world to do exactly what I tell you to. I want you to change to make things better for us." Janine explained.

"How did I do all that?" Mark asked

"Miracles can happen, no need to forget," she said recalling the words which would make him remember everything that had happened the day before, remembering Kathleen and the video camera, how she explained everything he had done to her emotionally and above all how bad he felt for what he had done and the actions he had taken afterward.

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to do what I had done to you, I'm sorry, please forgive Mark, but now I'm Miranda and I'm glad to be her" Miranda sadly said. "I hope to get better."

"I'm sure you will, Miranda. I will help you change as best I can, I've seen it work for someone else, I hope it works for us. If not, at least you'll get a chance to see how the other half lives. though I expect what is about to be taken from you may shock you a bit."

(To be continued ... Denial: Third Comes Conversion)

Authors Note: This series is my first, so feedback is appreciated. Also, if you like the style and topic of writing and wish to see a certain circumstances told let me know and maybe I can work it into a different story/series.
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