Terrys back

****This is a story that contains a man being humiliated. If you are offended by such, just simply don't read it.*****

It had been four months since we had seen Terry although the awareness she had given my wife was still very much present. A change had occurred in her. She was more confident now, sure, but it went beyond that now. She had no problem coming home from work and telling me about the hot new intern they had just hired, or how when she went out with her friends she made sure I saw her outfit before she left.

She started doing something else too. Her flat chest, something I always adored and teased her about at the same time, was now constantly being enhanced. Gone were the training bras and A-Cups that I bought for her and forced her to wear, teasing her about her inadequacies the way she did to me. In their place now were full lift and padded B-Cups. My wife wasn't a true B, but the extra padding ensured that every tight shirt she wore was a head turner.

She forced me to do something else. Begin saving for her eventual boob job. I insisted that she didn't need one and surprisingly she agreed with me 100%. She said it wasn't for her, in fact her self esteem was at an all-time high. Instead the boob job would be for me, but not in the traditional sense. She wanted nothing left to make us equals she said. She was above me now, and having me pay for her boob job would be the final piece she needed to ensure my fidelity forever.

Her sister came over around ten and the two of them, dressed almost identically in soft cotton black mini skirt dresses, headed out for the night. It was Thursday, ladies night and she, as she now always did on Thursday nights, told me not to wait up.

What was I to do? I stopped lying to myself months ago. The episode at the sex shop, where I was forced to do something I never thought I would, was enough to forever change my outlook on our marriage. She could now tell me whatever she wanted and I would not only comply with her, but I would do it joyfully. Now Thursday night was her night. She'd go out, sometimes with her sister, sometimes by herself, and she'd drink, and dance, and do all the things she was never quite able to do. The only rule was, she'd always come back. I was nervous at first, who wouldn't be, but she came back, and she always comes back, and it's more than that. She comes back with stories. Stories about sweat-inducing night clubs, being sandwich between two men, going into back rooms and having her way with random strangers. She hasn't gone all the way yet. She hasn't actually had sex with anyone but Bill and me. But she's done just about everything else. And her favorite part? The still utter look of shock on my face when she calls out with glee how much larger/stronger/thicker/manlier they all are in comparison to me.

The phone rings around midnight but I'm too busy watching TV to answer it. Then about a half hour later, there's a knock at my front door. It can't be my wife, she doesn't get home until four at the very earliest. A little warily I get up to answer it.

Standing beyond my quiet front door was a very pregnant Terry.

"Hi Tom."

"You're pregnant?"

"Hello to you too."

My hand was still on the door.

"Sooooo are you going to invite me in?"

I stumbled out of her way and let her into my house, mine and my wife's house. It was getting cold out, so her long coat covered most of her body but it did nothing to hide her firm and pregnant stomach.

She glanced around my house. "Hmm small. I'm not really surprised. Where's your wife?"



"With whom?"

"Her sister."

This made Terry smile. She slipped her now only slightly larger body out of her coat and held it out. I scurried over to take it from her and hang it up.

"Is her sister attractive?"

I opened the closet and hung up her coat with my back to her.

"Yea, I'd say she is."

"She more attractive than your wife?"

I thought about that.

"She cleans up better."

When I turned to face Terry I was amazed to see that, from the back, she looked exactly the same as always. Her shoulders were still taught and strong and they pitched sharply into her tight waistline.

"Why are you here Terry?"

She turned to me. The black cotton shirt she was wearing struggled mightily all along its plunging V Neck with her now starkly more ample chest. Terry always had firm, beautifully proportioned breasts, but like many woman, her body had decided to increase their size, and overall fullness, by nearly three cup sizes in anticipation of her coming child.

"I need you."

Those three lone words, small and barely spoken, were filled with such potential and anticipation that a naughty little smile broke out across my lips.

"Aw that was so cute!" She smiled and walked towards me. He hand reached out and she cupped my crotch. "You've missed me haven't you?"

"In ways I can't describe."

"I haven't spoken to your wife about this. I know last time her and I had an understanding. You both knew what was going to happen that night. And yes, she did get the fuck of her life from my husband, but you both knew about it. This is different Tom. She doesn't know that I'm here. She has no idea that another woman is in your house.'

She was right. Especially with my wife's new found independence, she wouldn't take lightly to Terry being here without her express permission. And even if I did ask her, she'd probably want Terry to herself. I thought about this for a moment, the fact that my wife would instruct me to let her have Terry instead of me, and I thought about how very different my life was. I now yearned to be controlled by a woman. I wanted to tell my wife because I wanted to hear her say no to me.

But another part yearned for Terry. My wife was a beautiful and plain creature, and especially in her new role as head of our household, I had desire for her I thought long diminished. But Terry was pure. She was an elemental force. I, in all honesty believed that there was no man impervious to her will. It was in her DNA, she was the culmination of every woman's struggle for equality, she was a reckoning force, an equalizer. She was pure feminine brutality and sex. And I adored her.

"I don't care. If you need me, I'm there for you."

She laughed at that and spun slowly, her big belly pulling her shirt half way up her stomach.

"You know I'll have to have fun with you though. I don't want you to get caught but I do want you to squirm. I want you to wriggle on the hook as she suspects but can never prove. I think your wife is a lovely creature and I do so wish to manipulate her."

"I love her."

"Of course you do." She made a cute sad face at me, curling her lower lip. "You love her so much you're willing to cheat on her."

"It's not like that."

She took a step towards me and placed a finger on my stomach. Her belly was inches away, her heavy heavy tits were plump and round just beneath my vision.

"Do you love me?" She asked it cute and sweet and all the ways that woman can control me.

"I love her."

"I know you do Tom, I'm not doubting that, yet." She smiled and grabbed the collar of her shirt. She pulled it slowly down. Her breast strained against the material, swelling as the fabric pushed against it. She kept pulling and her blue-ish veins pushed against her skin, her right breast screamed to be free. Then her nipple cleared the shirt and the ripe thing jumped from its prison and hung in all its feminine glory. Her nipple was engorged because of her pregnancy, and the whole tit was thick with muscle and milk.

"But you need me."

"I need you." I repeated staring at that beautiful breast.

"You want me."

"I want you."

He hand pressed into my crotch, my cock already sprung and reaching for her grasp.

"And you love me."

"I—" I balked. Cheating was one thing, but she was asking for something so much more.

Her thumb and forefinger compressed around the front of my shirts, seeking out my small cock with ease and grasping the head through my pants and underwear.

"I want to feel this in me, Tom. I know I told you in the past you weren't worth it. And you're not. No little prick this small deserves to be in any woman, especially me. But I can't fit my husband anymore. He's just too much man for me."

Her fingers pulled and pulled on the fabric of my pants. My balls swelled at the feeling.

"But you're not, are you?"

"Ahh." I yelped as her hand delved between my pants and my underwear.

"You're never too much man are you?"


"I know things Tom. I still work with your wife and she loves telling stories about you."


She squeezed hard, to the point of pain and my legs went together and I collapsed onto the couch. Her hand never left my pants. Now she stood above me, leaning over and grasping my balls with her mighty hands.

"I heard you had a little episode. I heard you gave your wife a little kiss."

"I can't believe she told you that."

"Of course she did Tom. I've taught her to be a woman. A strong and controlling woman. And real woman say and do what they want."

She released her grip and unbuttoned my pants. My little dick shot up and stood waiting for her attention.

"Did you give your wife a cummy little kiss?"

She smiled at me and pulled down her pants. She wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy was shaven clean, much cleaner than my wife's and her lips were plump and waiting.

"You tasted a mouthful of cum didn't you Tom? Admit it to me and I'll fuck you. You hear me little boy. You'll get to fuck me finally if you just admit it to me."

There was nothing in the world I desired more than her.

"Yes. Oh shit Terry yes. I ate cum off of my wife's mouth. Now please fuck me."

She cackled loudly. I almost got nervous, the thought of my wife hearing her from outside if she had decided to come home early. But Terry's pleasure, even the simple pleasure she gained from my humiliation, was everything I was living for at this moment.

She pushed me flat on the couch, out of a sitting position.

"My stomach is too big Tom. We can't sit facing each other because your cock is too small. Lay flat."

I laid back.

She squatted over me. Her pussy lips parted. My cock slid in.

She moaned slightly and then let the weight of her body slide fully on top of me.

There Terry sat, finally. This perfect pregnant woman was finally atop me. I stared at her grandeur. Her face was fair and her eyes ringed with dark liner. Her hair was tight and back like always, even her hair obeyed her every command. Her shoulders and arms were still taught and strong, a testament to her work out regime even during her midterm pregnancy. Those beautiful breasts of hers, now more voluptuous than any woman I had ever seen, lay gently atop her big pregnant stomach. Even that turned me on. I have heard that some woman get stretch marks, or other imperfections. But her stomach was round and smooth, and it propped up her huge tits, letting them bounce and giggle with her thrusts.

"You will cum in me." She smiled and worked her hips. I could tell she was getting pleasure from me. Somehow this woman was finding pleasure in me and that was enough to push me to the brink.

"Do you want to cum in me Tom?" She smiled and enjoyed the playfulness of her voice, the slow pushing of her hips.

"Oh God yes."

"You need to be naughty with me Tom. You're naughty with your wife, so you need to be naughtier with me."

"Whatever you want darling."

"Darling!? Ha, I like that."

She was having no trouble speaking to me. My cock was fully inside her and she felt so little pleasure from it that she was having a full conversation with me.

"How does it feel?"

"Incredible!" I yelled.

"You feel that room?"

I did. She was so loose. I could barely feel the inside walls of her pussy.

"Yes, it's so open."

"My pussy is used to real men, Tom."

The fact she said Men and not Man was nearly enough to make me squirt.

"This is a great privilege I'm giving you, you understand that?"

"Yes Darling yes."

"Small, insignificant men like you have no business fucking real women."

"My God I'm going to cum."

"Do it, you little man. Do it. We've been fucking for less than two minutes. Waste it. You little fuck. Waste the time you're finally getting some from a woman."

She contracted the walls of her pussy and I was finally able to feel it constrict around my cock.

"There you go. Now you can feel it. Now you're not lost in someone else's stretched pussy. Fuck it Tom. C'mon."

Even for me, the shots of cum that let loose from my cock was a lot. I bucked against the forceful thrusts of her hips and shot deep inside her womb. I wasn't scared. I knew she was already pregnant, so I held her down and squeezed every lasts drop of cum I had into her.

She leaned over her stomach closed her pussy with her fingers.

"Good little boy now." She crawled over me and squatted over my face."Now it's time to be naughtier with me than with your wife."

Her fat throbbing pussy was held fast between her fingers inches from my mouth.

"You want to eat cum with your wife? Now you're going to eat it with me. Do you want it?"

I didn't say anything. Truthfully, now that I blew my load I was feeling rather vulnerable to the whole thing.

"Tom, this is what I want. Do you want to give me what I want?"

"Always." I couldn't help saying it.

"Open up now."

I opened my mouth.

She opened her fingers.

My cum dripped in thick loopy strands from her sweaty pussy and into my waiting mouth. It was salty and bitter but I was too humiliated to concentrate on the taste. I felt her push and another thick glob came out.

"Close your mouth now dear."

Her fingers touched my chin and gently guided my mouth closed.

"There you go." She said as the next glob pushed all over my lips and chin.

Now she lowered her whole self on top of me and rotated her hips there so her cummy pussy lips pained my face with my own seamen.

She laughed the whole time she did it. But not a menacing evil laugh. It was more the laugh of a mother at her child, when the child did something incredibly cute that she couldn't help but laugh at.

She finally released me and pulled off. She stood in front of me and pulled me to a sitting position.

She looked me in the eyes and kissed my stained lips, slowly and tenderly.

She whispered, our lips now joined by string of my own cum. "You need me," she said.

"I need you," I repeated.

She kissed again, longer. I searched for the taste of her lips through the pungent smell.

"You want me," she whispered when our lips parted.

"I want you."

She smiled and her tongue emerged from her mouth and licked my lips clean.

"You love me," her final whisper.

"I love you so much." I could have cried it.

"Good boy."

She patted my head and got dressed. She told me to stay as I was and I was more than willing to do so.

"I want you to clean up but do NOT brush your teeth, or eat a breath mint, or otherwise get rid of that taste in your mouth. I want you to think of that taste. I want you to savor it because you will taste it plenty more in the weeks to come. And I want you to get nice and close to that beautiful wife of yours and give her a nice cum smelling kiss. You got me?"

"I understand."

"Later you can call me and tell me what little excuse you came up with for her when she realizes you've gained a taste for it."

She put her jacket back on and headed for the door, barely stopping to give me a glance.

"I do so enjoy your company though Tom."

She smiled and opened the front door. Just before closing it she stuck her head back in. "Oh and Tom?"

"Yes?" I called back to her.

"Tell me you love me again?"

"I love you so much Terry."

"Ahh, thank you." And she closed the door and was gone.
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