Mistress took him for fun and games

I'd been serving my Mistress for a few weeks when she suggested that maybe we should go away on holiday. We had met via a UK BDSM website. I'm 30, five foot 8 and have a thing for mature dominant BBW. Mistress Viv totally fitted the bill. She was in her late 40s, about 5 foot 7, big all over and very voluptuous.

We found a lovely villa with a pool on the island of Fuerteventura. The villa was very private from neighbours and only a short stroll from the nearest town. After a couple of days Mistress told me she had found a lovely beach on the other side of the island; a beach with a slight twist. Up until now we had been really lazy, sunbathing by the pool and me attending to her throughout; as a good sub should!

We hired a car and drove over to the beach. We left fairly early in the morning when the air was cool. As we drove closer it was clear that this wasn't your average beach, but a nudist beach! Mistress winked at me and made it clear that there is no going back. Now we had both been nude, or rather I had been, nearly the whole time back at the Villa. That was fine as we were alone. However, being nude in front of others was a different kettle of fish. You see whilst I'm content with my body as a whole, one part of it really let me down: my very small penis. And it was this reason Mistress brought me here, to humiliate me!

I unloaded the car and we both found a patch, not central, to set-up our stuff. The beach was beautiful and not too busy. I put the towels down and then we both stripped off. I catered for Mistress throughout, making sure she had cold drinks, adequate sun cream on her and that the parasol was wasn't leaving her too exposed. I loved applying the cream and the privilege of touching her sensual body. In fact my pleasure was obvious as I couldn't avoid getting an erection, which she took great delight in teasing me about. For much of the morning we lay reading books, chatting away, Mistress mocking me for lying on my front and watching the world go by.

After a short while Mistress wanted to make sure that my little penis was on show to humiliate me: making go into the cold sea and walk pass the people sunbathing. The sea was very cold at this part of the day and it gave a lot of shrinkage which Mistress thought was hiliarious. Mistress also took great delight in pointing out how small I was compared to the other men on the beach; indeed clearly being excited by those that were particularly well endowed.

After lunch a couple sat down near us and who happened to be from England. Both of them (Brenda and Bob) were in their late 40s and very friendly. Brenda was a curvy attractive lady while Bob was about 6foot and fairly portly. The four of us immediately hit it off and we chatted away about our holidays so far and restaurants that we had visited. It felt really strange to be sitting around naked, talking to people who were also naked and who we didn't know 10 minutes earlier! But it was also amazing how comfortable it was. It wasn't long before I noticed that Bob sported a very large cock but not only that, Mistress was clearly giving it admiring glances! It was much longer and thicker than my dick anyway!

Mistress then told me to go get some drinks and I offered to get Bob and Brenda some too. I returned carrying them and totally exposed. When we were sitting chatting, before, I was sitting behind Mistress and they couldn't see my groin area. Mistress said "Good Boy" as I handed her her drink. What shocked me more was Brenda as she said "He is a good little boy!" I blushed bright red! To which Mistress replied "Yes, he is a good little boy", which lead to them all giggling at my expense. Brenda's response indicated that maybe they were both kinky too.

We continued to sit around chatting as the day wore on. Throughout it was obvious that Mistress was struggling not to look at Bob's member. She had earlier whispered to me, while they went for a swim in the sea "Have you seen Bob's cock? It's very impressive, it's lovely, big and solid unlike your pathetic little penis" I nodded in agreement, a little wounded but very turned on about it.

When they returned to their towels, Bob headed off to get some drinks. Brenda turned to Mistress and said " I see you like Bob's cock - nice isn't it?" and winked at her. "Is James your boyfriend, if you don't mind me asking?". I just sat there passively listening in.

"My Boyfriend? Oh no hun, he's my little man about the house...does my chores and whatever else I ask of him. But no, he isn't my boyfriend or lover. There are a couple of guys back home that take care of that particular need. Poor little james just isn't up to the job! Look at his little pecker, not much use to me" "So I see" laughed Brenda "So how about you and Bob? You seem very relaxed around here".

"Yes, we've been here a few times. It's very liberal, just how we both like it!" Brenda said with a beaming smile.

"Us too. Well, more me but James will do anything I tell him to. He's like a little pet".

"Sounds like a good way to live. Bob would never be like James and let me boss him around".

Bob had now returned with the drinks. Mistress then announced "Why don't you both come back to our villa after these drinks. It's very secluded". Brenda and Bob gave their clear approval. I on the other hand wondered what this would entail for me.

It was about 4pm when we got back, and the sun was still out and very strong. Mistress invited them to use the sunbeds by the pool, and without hesitation they headed straight for them. Bob sat on a sunbed between his wife Brenda and Mistress. It was clear that Brenda had told Bob all about my relationship with Mistress Viv. Mistress ordered me to get some drinks from the fridge. I handed out the cool San Miguels with Brenda saying "thanks little man"

Mistress laughed and said "Oh, you've noticed how little he is then?" Brenda then took Bobs cock and started to stroke it and then invited Mistress to take over saying "I bet you'd love to feel a cock this holiday, you haven't so far! Gone on, stroke it" I couldn't believe what I was seeing or hearing. Bob was sitting back with his hands behind his head in his element. But despite it, my own feelings were given away as my small dick was rock hard and pointing at the three of them as I stood watching at the foot of the sun beds.

I watched Mistress as she stroked Bob's cock "mmm...oh James...look at Bob's big cock. It's magnificent. And your poor little dick; it's just a toy. Look at the comparison!" which lead to all three of them laughing. Brenda was now casually stroking her clit, which annoyed Mistress.

"Now Brenda, james little dick may not be much to look at but...james where are your manners...letting a lady have to please herself...get down here now" Mistress pointed at the spare sun bed and ordered me to lie on it. "There Brenda, don't do it yourself, use james tongue!" Brenda walked over and lowered her pussy onto my mouth, with her bum covering my face. I started licking her for all I was worth. Flicking at her clit and occasionally inserting my tongue. Her pussy was soaking wet and I was loving it. I was dying to cum and started to wave my cock in the air with my hips.

"Surely that's better hun?" Mistress enquired. Brenda just moaned back and nodded. Brenda then grinded her bum into my face, reached forward and slapped my dick. I did my best to make Brenda come. Mistress was still slowly stroking Bob as they watched me service Brenda. It didn't take Brenda long to cum which was received by a round of applause from Mistress and Bob. I loved it.

As Brenda got off me I saw Mistress with her hand wrapped around Bobs now fully erect cock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I'd never seen Mistress like this. Whilst I knew I was her slave and not her lover, I always hoped that one day I would get to have sex with her and be her lover. The look on her face told me that I'd never be more than her slave. I could see how much Mistress was enjoying it

Mistress then came over to me and told me to get her ready for Bob's huge cock. I was still lying on the sunbed and face was still covered with Brenda's jucies. My own dick was leaking a little from all the excitement and Mistress wiped it off and offered her finger to me to lick clean "dribbling again james?" I nodded "Yes Mistress, I can't help it, please let me cum". "Now dear, we're not here for your pleasure, but you're here for ours."

Mistress then lowered her pussy onto my face and I worshipped her pussy for a few minutes. She was already very wet. Mistress then got off and told Brenda to keep an eye on me "Brenda, be a dear, can you tidy up James if he continues to dribble and make sure he doesn't play with his little toy"

"No problem Viv. He is a little dribbler, isn't he?". As she came over to sit with me.

"Don't forget your manners james" Mistress scolds me.

"Thank you Brenda". I said meekly

Mistress was now back next to Bob who was casually stroking his huge cock. "Now James, this is how a real man fucks. Watch carefully. Brenda, you're such a lucky woman to have Bob. Bob, I hope you appreciate Brenda" Almost dominating all 3 of us! "James, ask Bob to fuck your Mistress with his big cock".

I felt utterly humiliated, yet I couldn't help being so aroused by it all. "Bob, please fuck my Mistress with your big cock".

Mistress demanded "I can't hear you, say it again, say what you want!"

"I want to watch you more than anything. I want to see you get pleasure from Bob that I could only dream of!"

"I bet you want to play with your little dick when you watch your Mistress with my Bob? Shame you're not allowed" Brenda whispered in my ear.

Mistress was lying at an angle so that I could see everything. "Are you ready for me Viv?" Bob asked.

"Just put it in, I need your big hard cock"

I watched as Bob started to slide his cock into her. "OOh james..... bob is so big......and hard....." pausing between to catch her breath as she spoke. All the while Brenda was feeding me my precum. I was so jealous of Bob. I wanted that to be me, but yet I was so excited and loved it. The sunlounger was struggling to take their combined weight and Mistress ordered me over to put the sunbed mattress on the floor. I couldn't help but watch Bob's cock slde in and out, with Mistress face glowing.

Mistress then got off the sunbed and went on all 4s on the matress. Bob positioned himself behind Mistress, while she ordered me to kneel in front of her.

"kneel down so i can put my hands on your shoulders.... you have a full view now of bob fucking me doggie..." I do as I'm told. Mistress looked me in the eye throughout and i loved the reaction she has as he slid into her. I watched as her huge breasts swayed to the fucking. Brenda was now watching next to us and masturbating. Mistress whispered into my ear "look how he fills me up......turns me on..... will make me cum so hard...see how I could never settle for you puny dick...oh god this is amazing. He's fucking me like I need to be fucked...fucking me like you never could"

"yes Mistress..thank you for letting me watch"

"Play with your little prick, as you watch Bob fuck me. I want to see you cum. Look Brenda, look at my little pet rubbing his cock for all it's worth". I literally couldn't hold back. I came instantly, shooting my cum onto the floor. Brenda laughed. "That was pathetic, you lasted less than 5 seconds! You clearly love watching your Mistress being fucked by my husband" Bob was still working working his cock into Mistress "Fuck me harder Bob, i love your big cock inside me" I found my cock getting hard again already! It was at that point both Bob and my Mistress climaxed together.

Bob rolled off, exhausted, with his cock flopping onto his thigh. While he took a breather, Mistress asked Brenda if she had played with a dick as small as mine. Brenda laughed a no. "It is tiny but very excitable. Have a play, make him cum on my tits". Mistress was also a little worn out and sat back in the lounger. Brenda wanked me above Mistress ample bosom and after a few minutes I cum all over them. Mistress then made me crawl on top of her and lick her breasts clean. I love licking and sucking on Mistress nipples.

By now Brenda was as wet as the sea and crying out to be fucked. Mistress leaned over and started to suck on his cock to bring it back to life. Another thing that she would never do to me! Bob then went over to his wife and fucked her too. While this was going on Mistress ordered me to get between her legs and lick her spent pussy, which was oozing Bobs cum. "Know you place boy. Clean me all up boy" I licked away as I could hear Mistress groan and Bob pound Brenda. Mistress let out a "mmmmmmmmmmm, it's where I love you best boy, your tongue between my legs" as I licked Mistress as best I could, which I loved too. It didnt take long for Brenda to orgasm and Mistress to follow not long after.

It was a truely amazing afternoon.

The end or to be continued?!?
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