Harry gets electrical pain and pleasure

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My Ling stood up, straddling Harry's belly, took a last look at the wires and connectors attached to Harry's tenderest parts, turned and stepped up on his quivering belly. Her unexpected weight forced the air out of Harry in a grunt and gush of air from his nostrils.

She took a few half steps up his torso and stopped in front of his grotesquely stretched nipples, lifting her foot and placing just her toes under the bar. With a little smile she lifted up a bit on the bar and watched Harry squirm in pain. A little more blood oozed from the pierced nubs, distinguishable from the earlier rivulets by its brighter color.

Harry foamed a little around the ball gag as he bit down on it in response to the sharp pain.

She stepped over the tit stretching bar and stood on his upper chest making it difficult for him to breathe. Her toes with bright red painted toenails rested lightly on his neck; her weight back on her heels. She lowered herself slowly to a crouch and then, balancing herself with her arms behind her, slid her feet down past his chest and along his neck, tickling his jaw and ears with her toes before dropping her feet down on the wooden platform below his head, sliding her dripping wet panty covered cunt along his upper chest and neck before rising up to straddle his face.

Harry looked up at her standing over him and grimaced, knowing the worst was yet to come. My Ling stared down at him, boring a hole in his eyeballs with her own jet black, merciless eyes. They were like a doll's eyes, unmoving black circles, no emotion. Harry felt like a lab specimen, an object, nothing more.

Without glancing away in the slightest, My Ling hooked both thumbs under the waist band of her white panties and slid them down very slowly, showing her teeth through the garishly, bright, red lipstick, without smiling. With great balance, she gracefully lifted her left foot up and slid the panty leg hole past it, replanted her foot and then gracefully repeated the move with her right foot. As the panty came free, it pressed down on Harry's mouth and nose, implanting her musky scent deeply within him.

Her nether lips, cleanly shaven, were bright red, swollen, engorged beyond belief, slick and shiny with her juices. Her pink inner lips were also engorged and bloomed outwards revealing her dark pink dripping hole. A few drops of her cunt juices dripped down on Harry's lips and mixed with the sweat forming in beads under his nose.

Harry felt a pair of hands behind his neck untying the strap holding his ball gag in place as Madison worked the strap free. My Ling pulled the ball out and tossed the gag harness to the floor. She lifted her left foot up slowly and slipped it into the dangling "stirrup" loop. Holding onto the metal rods above the table for balance, she then raised her right foot and slipped it into the other stirrup loop. Releasing her grip on the metal rods, she slowly lowered herself down on his gaping mouth, gripping his hair for support and balance. She felt his hot breath on her wet gash as she planted her nether lips on his open mouth.

Harry didn't know what hit him when the first jolt of electricity tore through his balls and exited though his prostate and out his asshole. He was frozen in place, rigid with overwhelming pain. It was like a molten hot hand suddenly crushed his balls and then punched on through his groin and out his rectum. He didn't react until the juice was stopped moments later, flinging himself up in a convulsion of muscular contractions.

"Hmmmm, don't think he liked that Laura," My Ling said, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. "Better get that tongue moving counselor; that first shot was only half strength."

Harry was still shaking and jerking, the pain still gripping his punished balls and rectum, but he realized that she wasn't bluffing and immediately got to work tonguing her sopping quim.

Dr. Jansen stepped over towards Harry's face and knelt down on the platform, face just inches from his own. She adjusted a couple of dials on her remote, showed him the device and then slowly lowered her lips to his eyes and licked the pool of sweat that had collected in the corners. She loved the taste of fear and, after that first jolt, Harry was practically brimming with flavor. She pressed the button on her remote and watched Harry react.

This one was different. Not unpleasant, it was a totally different sensation than he had ever felt before. After adjusting the frequency, voltage and current, the effect was like a hot, pulsing, prickly, gripping hand, rhythmically squeezing his balls, his dick and the inner reaches of his gut. Dr. Jansen smiled down at him and stood up. My Ling rode his face, eyes clenched in feverish lust as she galloped in pursuit of the big "O." Dr. Jansen added a hand to the action, slowly massaging the girl's nipples, pinching and rolling them between her thumb and forefinger.

"Oh Yes - OH YES! More, . .. MORE! Give me that tongue. Lick it! Lick it harder! Faster! Harder! Faster! Yeeeeeeessssssssss!" My Ling screamed in abandon.

My Ling was riding him hard, groin pressed tightly against his open mouth, knees and thighs pressed against the sides of his head. Dr Jansen cranked up the juice just a hair and watched Harry react, thrusting his hips up, now flailing with a strange combination of pain mixed with pleasure. She increased the frequency, turning the imaginary gripping hand on his dick and balls into a machine like pistoning sensation.

A little more current and it was like turning the heat up, the imaginary hand getting hotter and hotter. More voltage and it was like the imaginary hand grew thousands of needles; the pain stabbed and ripped at his balls as sparks flew from the plates on his conducting gel covered nuts. He was still tonguing her like an automaton, mindlessly sucking and slurping at her rock hard pebble of a clit.

The petite girl gripped his ears and nearly ripped them out of his head as she jammed herself down on him. Her legs started to jerk up and down, curling as she crunched herself down to engulf every inch of his plunging, licking tongue.

She closed her eyes tightly as the heat in her groin built to a fever pitch. Deep in her womb she felt the first small muscular contractions that she knew always triggered an explosive orgasm. Again and again she ground herself into him, smothering him, smearing her juices all over his cheeks.

The first massive contraction hit somewhere near her sensitive cervix and expanded exponentially until it engulfed her entire groin, spreading outward like the surface of a rapidly inflating balloon. She went rigid, legs curled tightly up, torso crunched down, thighs pressed tightly against the sides of his head, experiencing the most intense, melting, erupting orgasm of her life. She threw her head back, opened her mouth wide and suddenly filled the room with a piercing scream of pleasure, "AAAAAAAAiiiiiiieeeeeeEEEEEEE! AAAAAAAAiiieeeeeeEE! AHHHHhhhhh! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!

As soon as Dr. Jansen saw My Ling stiffen, she adjusted the controls to give pure pleasure to her subject, rewarding him in Pavlovian fashion for pleasuring the woman above him. Although it did not trigger an orgasm, an impossibility with the metal probe jammed deeply into his cock and the pressure ring around his shaft, it did induce a warm, vibrating sense of euphoria in the tightly bound man. Dr. Jansen smiled as she knew that, like it or not, Harry would associate this pleasurable feeling with the smell, taste, touch and sight of an orgasming woman.

My Ling continued to pump her legs in bronco busting fashion as she milked every last quivering spasm out of the crashing orgasm, emptying her juices onto his face. Harry struggled to breathe under her crushing, smothering pussy while accepting the warm, pulsating currents of pleasure that coursed through his groin and rectum.

The combination of endorphins and electrical stimulation relaxed his muscles completely. All of the tension in his widely stretched legs disappeared. They hung limply from their thigh and ankle cuffs. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply through his nose, taking in the thick, pungent aroma of the flowing gash pressed down upon his face.

For the first time since becoming aware of his prisoner status, Harry let down his guard, all thoughts of resistence, escape and revenge banished from his feverish mind.

My Ling collapsed over his face, sweat covered torso sliding over his girl cum covered cheeks as she hung limply over him, the only motion coming from her deep breaths. Slowly, she straightened back up, slid her feet out of the stirrup loops, planted her feet firmly on the wooden platform and stood up. The flushed, pinkish red color of her neck and upper chest and the deep red color of her shiny, blood engorged labia were the only remaining visible evidence of her intense experience.

She was business-like again as she toweled herself dry, brushed her hair and slipped her panties back on.

Madison and Shanella were soaked with sweat and juices as they leaned against the table, fingers deeply embedded in each others hot, wet boxes. Madison twirled her thumb around Shanella's engorged clit as the black woman urged her on, squeezing her thighs tightly around the red head's hand to drive it further up.

Harry watched and enjoyed the show, allowing his body to float along with the warm, pulsating sensation of the electrical current coursing through his dick, balls and rump. He closed his eyes and didn't see Dr. Jansen adjusting the dials on her remote. He didn't notice as she stepped over his upturned visage, straddling his face.

He had just registered the cool, smooth touch of nylon against his inflamed ears when the massive jolt hit him.

His eyelids shot open and eyes bulged as a sharp, ripping pain, unlike anything he had ever experienced, tore through him, slamming into his spine, shooting up his spinal cord, crashing into the base of his neck, exploding in his brain. He tried to scream but nothing came out. He had no muscular control, not even the control necessary to force air, and therefore, sound out of his body. It was as though a small nuclear device was set off somewhere between the base of his cock and the top of his rectum, blowing everything around it apart in a blast of sun-like heat and pulsing radiation.

The shot Dr. Jansen hit him with only lasted a moment, but when time seems to stand still, as it did for Harry, a moment lasts forever. Although the juice was turned off, Harry remained rigid for several seconds as the massive pain reverberated through his body. Finally, a mighty yell erupted from Harry's open mouth, a message from the very depths of his soul, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He went into convulsions as every muscle in his body suddenly began contracting and spasming on their own. Arms, legs, torso, all seemed to be separately alive, jumping, jerking, shaking and quivering as the pain his mind experienced remained fresh and replayed itself in his frontal lobes; the seat of his reason and rationality.

Dr. Jansen waited for the jerking limbs to stop before slowly bending over to whisper in his ear. "That is the penalty for peeping. Your function in life now is to service us, not obtain pleasure by watching us. When you are done servicing us, you will disappear, taking nothing for yourself. Any pleasure you may receive will be at a time and place of our choosing, not yours. Pleasure will be dispensed to you like food and water. You will never take it for yourself."

Harry looked up at her and saw those icy blue eyes boring into him. He immediately looked down, averting his eyes, not wanting to seem like he was challenging her.

"Oh, and Harry, just for your information, that was only a seven on a scale of ten. And, like the Richter Scale for earthquakes, each number on the scale reflects a ten-fold increase in effect. It could get worse; a lot worse - in fact, a thousand times worse," she said in an even, quiet voice as though she was discussing the weather.

All of the color seemed to drain from Harry's face as Dr. Jansen's words struck home. For the first time he understood that life as he previously knew it was over. There was no escape. They could do what they wanted with him and they had no compunctions whatsoever about torturing him to death. The pain they could inflict was unbelievable in its intensity, and they could inflict it wherever and whenever they wished.

Dr. Jansen loved this part, when the reality of their situation finally sunk in. The shot on the seven scale always did it. She'd seen huge men crumble into powder when hit with the "7" bolt. The most confident, arrogant, successful "Alpha" males were reduced to cowering, whipped puppies in a matter of a few moments with the combination of psychological pressure and massive infliction of pain that formed the core of Dr. Jansen's method. Harry was no different.

No matter how many times she saw it, it still made her pussy wet. And the best was yet to come!

Madison and Shanella continued to finger fuck each other as they leaned against the table. The tall black woman bent over to lick Madison's strawberry red nipples, laving it in small circles around the hard, sensitive, erectile nubs with just the tip of her pink tongue.

Harry looked away and shut his eyes tightly to avoid even the appearance of looking at them. Dr. Jansen smiled as she watched Harry's reaction.

A few moments passed, quiet except for the low moans of the two woman locked in a passionate embrace. Harry thought there was some sort of a break going on so he relaxed a little and let his mind drift in the darkness of his closed eyelids. He felt a light, tickling sensation along the crack of his widely spread ass cheeks which he initially thought was sweat rolling down the taut skin.

The sensation got a little heavier so he opened his eyes and looked up at the mirror that reflected his image from the rear wall mirror which gave a feet first view of his prostrate body. He saw the slight form of My Ling kneeling between his upraised legs, running her thumbs alongside the inside of his crack. Harry's legs jerked back in startled response to her small, cool, slick fingers.

He watched intently as the slim girl dug her fingertips under the protruding base of the electrical probe jammed into his rectum and moved it. Her other hand held the end of the rubber hose and bulb that had inflated the seal at the base of the probe, locking it into his cavity.

She turned a small valve counterclockwise and he immediately felt a reduction in pressure against his anus. She lifted and turned the base a little more and then slowly drew it out, the wider part stretching his tight anal ring before sliding out. Harry breathed a small sigh of relief, believing that at least the electrical torture was over. His sense of relief lasted only a few moments as he watched her open a leather case.

Harry wasn't quite sure what it was but he knew that if My Ling was going to be using it, it was not good news for him. It looked like some sort of clear plastic tube, maybe a foot long and an inch or so across, with a narrow rounded nose at one end and a small cross bar or handle at the other.

He watched in dreaded fascination as she picked up a plastic container, inserted the narrow end into the top and pulled back slowly on the handle. Harry watched as a clear, viscous fluid was slowly drawn into the tube. It looked like some sort of giant hypodermic syringe but without the needle. My Ling drew the handle out until the slim plastic rod connected to the handle was almost as long as the tube.

Harry wasn't real bright about these sorts of things and didn't get the purpose of the device until My Ling started circling his tight, puckered anal ring with her middle finger. The remaining gel that had been used for the electrical probe provided all of the lubrication she needed for her slim finger as it slid in easily up to the first knuckle. Harry's eyes grew wide as he looked at the tube and realized where it was going.

He struggled to get loose, tugging as hard as he could on the ropes holding his arms tightly down behind him and those holding his legs up and widely spread. He knew that resistence was a serious mistake when he felt the first stab of pain in his strangled nuts as the weights responded to the movement by bouncing and swinging. He felt a sharp sting on his chest as the weights holding his nipples up swung around in a small circle, stretching the sensitive nubs even further.

Harry took a deep breath and held it, trying to stop the awful tugs on his balls and nipples by freezing himself absolutely still. It didn't help much as Newton's Laws of Motion prevailed and kept the weights moving until the energy of his previous struggles was fully dissipated.

My Ling now had her thin middle finger all of the way into him and she was using it to stretch and lubricate him, rotating it in small circles, pressing against the inside of his anal ring. It was not an altogether unpleasant feeling but Harry couldn't enjoy it with his balls and nipples being stretched and strangled by the swaying weights.

Harry allowed himself to slowly exhale, still holding himself perfectly still as he watched My Ling pick up the giant syringe and place the narrow tip at his anus. As she slid her middle finger out, she introduced the tip of the syringe in, replacing the soft digit with the hard surface of the tube. She worked the entire tip into his resisting hole, stretching his anal ring to accept the one inch tube.

Harry gasped and grunted as the tube went in, unused to anything moving through his asshole in that direction. She pushed the plunger of the syringe slightly and he felt something warm and slick shoot into his rectum. She twisted the tube around a half turn and then back to where it was before pushing it in another inch.

Madison and Shanella finished pleasuring each other, hands slick from each other's love juices. They gathered near Harry's pinioned head and ran their wet fingers over his lips and tongue, giving him a taste of their juices. He slavishly licked their fingers, swirling his tongue around them to gather every drop. Harry was distracted by the taste and scent as My Ling continued to slide the tube into his tight rectum, stopping at intervals to squirt additional lubricant into his bowels and to turn the tube to evenly coat his rectal walls.

With the tube about half way into him, Madison and Shanella pulled their hands away from his licking tongue and climbed up on the table. Madison straddled his chest while Shanella continued on down and stepped over his hips, straddling them. Smiling down at Harry, they reached for the weights and gave them a tug and a push, starting them swinging in a wide arc. The effect on Harry was immediate, the scream of pain echoing from the stone walls and floor.

My Ling continued the penetration of his ass with steady, downward pressure, sliding the tube further and further up his ass. She had injected about half of the viscous fluid into his bowel and was slowly injecting more as she greased the path of the tube with its contents. With about three quarters of the foot long tube into him, she stopped pushing it in and just continued slowly depressing the plunger, shooting more of the fluid into him.

Harry took almost no notice of the thick, warm, oily substance filling his rectum since his balls and nipples were on fire as they were squeezed, pulled and strangled by the swinging weights. He closed his eyes and tried to retreat, to disappear but nothing could remove him from the awful pain he was suffering. His dick and balls had turned a dark purple as the strangling cord and inflated ring cut off most of the blood flow, depleting the oxygen from the blood
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