Jeffrey and Kate come to terms

I looked up at Kate, and saw that Beth was walking behind her. I couldn't think of an answer since my brain had turned to mush. The two identically gorgeous coeds looked around the pool and saw my cousin Bobby, and Tim, and Ted, all submerged in the deep end of the pool, just their heads above water. Kate looked down at me and said, "do those other guys have swimming suits on?"

I was dying inside, and then Patty came over, took the two girls' hands and said "We've got to talk," and took them away. I watched as my sister sat down on one of the folding chairs next to her boyfriend Andrew, as the twins sat together on a divan across from them for an intimate chat. There followed a lot of Patty talking that I couldn't hear, followed by one of the other of the twins asking questions, and Patty or Andrew answering. All during this the twins kept looking over at the pool and looking at their brother with wide, unbelieving eyes. I took a deep breath and tried to maintain my calm. I really liked Kate and didn't want anything to scare her off from dating me, but I sort of decided that it was all out of my hands now and there was nothing I could do about it.

I noticed that the rest of the Martin women were all making themselves scarce, puttering in the kitchen and by the barbecue, far away from the important discussion taking place on the folding furniture. I guess they all trusted Patty to take care of the problem, one way or the other.

After many minutes of serious discussion, there seemed to be some resolution, as the three girls sat back in their seats and made room for Andrew to stand up. He seemed nervous, and I figured it was a good sign when he began to pull down his swimming trunks. His sisters seemed more interested in the revelation of his nudity than Patty, who cast me a quick glance and the "OK" sign with her fingers. She turned back to see Andrew stepping out of the puddle of his trunks on the cement, and Patty picked them up and folded them in her lap.

Andrew stood in front of his two seated sisters, hands dutifully at his sides, as the grinning twins took their time looking at his now-nude genitals, surrounded by wispy blond hairs. He was nice sized, not too big, but not small either. He looked proportional.

Kate was the first of the twins to look away, and she looked toward me in the pool, with the grin still beaming from her face. She took one more lingering look at her brother's endowment, then said something to Patty, and stood up. I watched her drop her terry cloth robe onto the divan and she padded toward me in bare feet and a shocking pink bikini. She really looked good enough to eat.

We'd never done more than kissed, and a little petting of her C-cups through her blouse and bra. Seeing her in the low-rise string bikini was a revelation. Her breasts were gorgeously jiggling in the little triangles of pink fabric, tastefully spilling out just a bit on all sides. But what really caught my attention was how low on her obviously shaved belly the bikini bottoms rode. The front panel of her bikini bottom was gathered on the string, making it extra narrow, revealing not only her entire thighs, but the hollows between the taut curvature of her belly and the swell of her hip bones. It was also riding very low on her belly, so that if she'd had pubic hair unshaved, it would have surely shown. Basically, it seemed to cover nothing but the lips of her vulva, which were clearly outlined in the clingy fabric. Her lower lips with big and full, puffy and pouting downward in the cleft between her thighs, just beckoning like a siren's song for a male tongue to bathe it in pleasure.

She was walking toward me slowly, taking her time, giving me a good look. When she was a few feet away, she spun once, giving me a view of her backside, the bikini was again gathered rather narrowly, allowing half of each cheek of her heart-shaped ass to be visible.

I was wrecked. Just by walking 20 feet this girl had given me an erection. And she knew it.

Kate came to a stop at the edge of the pool with her toes peeking over the water, one foot on either side of my head. She put her hands on her hips and said, "My, my, Jeffrey, don't you have an interesting family..." It was a statement, not a question.

I was looking up into heaven. I could see the flawless curvature of her soft inner thighs rising to meet the pouting lips of her delectably oversized vulva, looking so warm and inviting. I couldn't help but lick my lips. Above her precious pussy, I could see the swell of her breasts, and I noted a good inch of billowy breast flesh showing beneath the under-sized triangle of fabric the enclosed the centers of her breasts. Above her breasts was the face of an angel, smirking wickedly, so maybe not an angel, but a real classic beauty.

I couldn't believe it when she bent her legs and lowered her exquisite ass and squatted in front of me still somehow in a ladylike fashion. In this position, her knees were only a few inches apart, and if she were wearing anything else, it would have been fine. But in this bikini, already barely containing the prodigious lips of her fantastic pussy, the tiny panel of obviously un-lined and clingy fabric could not contain her most womanly of charms. I gazed, from only inches away, at the now-deepened cleft of the full lips of her vulva, and saw that the fabric was not wide enough to contain her lips; so much of the blessed pink fabric had been tautly pulled between them. I could see almost an inch of her bare, shaven, pink lips on each side of the hot pink fabric. I wanted so badly to let my tongue dart out and test their softness and taste her body's most wonderful charm.

"Jeffrey," she said in a soft, husky voice I hardly recognized, "my eyes are up here."

I looked up startled, and she chuckled deep in her throat. "Boys are so easy," she said, standing back up and demurely adjusting her bikini to once again hide her precious lips that I wanted so badly to worship. "You should get out of the pool now, Jeffrey." She smiled her wicked smile again, "I'll go wait for you in the shade."

She turned and walked slowly back to her sister, purposefully swaying her heart shaped and partially-clad ass to great effect.

Bobby broke the spell when he swam up behind me and whispered, "Oh. My. God. Who are they?"

I explained the relationship between Patty, Andrew, the twins, and me.

"Then I'm in love with Beth," he said, grinning.

I couldn't blame him.

Having just seen Tim's fate for having an erection, I dreaded the humiliation of dealing with mine in a similar fashion. Not that I hadn't done it before, but the prospect of masturbating in front of an all-female audience was totally different with the twins present. But I knew I had to get out of the pool.

I watched as Bobby, Ted, and Tim walked up the steps one by one, to the complete dismay and thrill of the twins. They looked like they had never seen anything so wonderful, based on their facial expressions. I saw that Beth had lost her terrycloth robe as well, and her string bikini was just like Kate's, except that it was a deep purple instead of hot pink. I wondered if Beth's vulva were as stunning as Kate's.

After the 'parade of wet, naked men' had finished, and the guys were all by the barbecue toweling off, I looked at Kate, sitting on the divan. Andrew was again standing naked in front of his sisters, and I followed Kate's gaze to its new target. She was watching her sister Beth's hand as it fondled her brother's testicles, while Patty was caressing Andrew's bottom. Oh, my. This was getting very interesting.

I knew I would not be the only boy with an erection for long. Andrew's penis was already beginning to throb to half mast. I took that moment to exit the pool, hoping Kate wouldn't see me. No dice, as soon as I hit the top step and turned toward the house, I saw that her eyes had missile lock on my erect penis as I began to walk toward her. I felt my erection waving back and forth with each step, and my testicles were similarly jiggling side to side against my thighs. Kate reached out her hand and took mine, guiding me to stand next to her with my raging erection only inches from her cheek.

Patty spoke first. "Jeffrey, we girls have had a little talk, and we have devised a plan." She had an imperious quality in her voice that would brook no argument. Kate has decided since you guys have dated, that she will officially claim you her boyfriend, at least for the duration of today's pool party. As such, you are required to obey her and she has to give her permission before any other girl touches you. As you can see, I have given Beth permission to touch my boyfriend, Andrew, which she confessed she has always wanted to do."

Patty turned her attention to Andrew's penis, now grown to full erection, and smiled. Beth was continuing to feel and massage Andrew's testes, seeming oblivious to our conversation. "As you can also see, Andrew now has a nice erection too. This means, of course, that both of you boys are going to have to relieve yourselves in front of all of us girls."

I looked around and saw that the women of the Martin Clan were filtering back into the pool yard, preparing to enjoy further festivities.

"First, I'm going to take Andrew over to the other ladies, and let him have his way with himself. In the meantime, I think Kate wants to have a little talk with you."

With that, Patty took Andrew by the penis and led him over to the patio table, where all the women were seated drinking wine coolers. Beth smiled at Kate, my penis, and my face, said "See you later," and followed her brother over to the table.

Kate motioned for me to sit down where Patty had sat, and I did so. I sat on the edge of the chair and kept my legs apart so that my testes could hang down and my erect penis had plenty of room to jut lewdly toward Kate. She smirked.

"Jeffrey," she said, "I think I need to explain to you why Patty invited us to come over, and why your mother allowed it."

"That would be great," I said, "since I have no idea how my mom would let one of us invite people who aren't members of the family, without instructing the boys to wear something."

"Well, I've been keeping secrets from you, so I'll try to make this story short..."

This is what she told me: Patty was at her house alone with Andrew, and the twins both got home early because some of their classes were cancelled. They walked in on Patty, sitting on a kitchen chair, with Andrew lying naked across her lap, receiving a spanking. It was quite a shock, not to see Andrew being spanked, but to see someone other than their mother spanking him. Spanking the men in their house was something the twins were completely familiar with, because they had heard their mother spanking their father for years, and the same with Andrew. They knew their mother spanked her men.

Andrew jumped up, and was of course, very embarrassed. He covered his genitals, only allowing the twins a fleeting glance at his genitals, and fled to his room and locked his door. Patty sat the twins down and had a heart to heart talk about boys, spanking, nudity, etc. She told them that in our family, it was commonplace for the women – mother, sister, aunt, whatever – to spank the men in their home. She also said that Andrew had confessed the same to her about the twins' household.

Patty that she'd had a talk with their mother, Laura, about what Andrew had told her. Laura had given Patty permission to spank Andrew whenever she felt it would be good for him, since they had been dating over a year and it was getting serious.

Laura had said, "If there's a chance of you taking him as your husband, you'd better start to discipline him now and not wait until after you're married to mold his behavior to your liking."

Patty had then told the girls about the 'extra' thing in our family – boys swim naked. She was very frank about it, since Andrew had already attended a pool party and been exposed to this unique heritage. The twins then and there had decided they wanted to attend a pool party, so Patty had asked my mom. My mom talked to their mom, and things worked out.

As Kate told me this, I heard the cheering section fire up, and knew that Andrew had ejaculated in front of 8 women, including Beth. It made me realize my time was approaching.

Kate told me one last thing that had convinced my mom to allow the twins to come over; she told her mom that she really liked me, and wanted to start dating me regularly.

This was a big confession for Kate, and I appreciated it. I looked into her eyes and they were very sincere.

I was silent, and she finally said, "Well, do you have anything to say, Jeffrey?"

I gulped and whispered, "Well, um, I, uh, well..." I couldn't find the words.

"Jeffrey, say something in English," rather more firmly than she'd spoken to me before.

"I, uh, really want to date you, a lot. Uh..." I gathered all of my courage and said, "You're the most wonderful girl I've ever met. I don't go much time without thinking of you, and, uh..."

"Uh...what, Jeffrey?" she said, smiling the way females do when a male starts trying to profess affection and stumbles all over himself acting like a complete idiot.

"I love you," I whispered.

"REALLY?" she said quite loudly.

I bowed my head, undone, at a loss to know what to say or do. "Yes, Kate. I do."

She smiled, looking between my legs. "I've wondered for several months now, about your penis. I'm glad I'm finally getting a good look at it. I think I should get to touch it before you masturbate in front of your cousins and sisters. Don't you?"

I nodded and closed my eyes, feeling her hands tentatively touch me, begin to feel my size and shape, and growing more confident handling me by the moment.

"You know, Jeffrey," she said, "I haven't been truly honest with you. My mother is a lot like your mother. She rules the roost at home. I decided long ago that I would have the same kind of relationship with a man that she has with my father. I've been hiding my dominant side from you so as not to scare you off, but since a week ago, when I found out you get spankings and you go naked in the pool in front of your entire family, I know you can handle the real me. I think you have great boyfriend potential, Jeffrey, and I've really liked you since the day I first saw you."

"You are the woman of my dreams, Kate. I hope I can meet your expectations. I really do love you."

We hugged and kissed passionately, and she wiped a tear from my eye.

She stood up and brought me to my feet, looked up into my eyes and said, "Let's go, mister, the girls are waiting."

She gripped me by my penis and boldly led me to the patio table, just as Patty had done to Andrew. I was less nervous than before, but even for the hundredth time, this was still an ordeal for any boy.

Kate sat down on a chair on my left side as I stood before the table of smiling women. She looked up at me and placed her right hand on my bottom possessively, and with her left hand she fondled my testicles gently teasing me quickly to full erection. It felt so good to have her hands on my body. She was the woman of my dreams.

My mom looked at me and said, "Well, Jeffrey, get on with it, the ladies are waiting."

A Proud Patty piped in, "Andrew gave us a very good showing, Jeffrey, so don't disappoint us." All the females giggled at the hint of competition, of course, whereas Andrew hung his head with embarrassment, sitting in Patty's lap with his limp and sated penis resting gently in her possessive hand.

I noticed Beth was grinning madly at her sister, so pleased at the whole affair as to be beside herself with glee. That one bore watching, I was sure of it.

I took a deep breath and began to stroke my penis. In my mind, I was doing it for Kate, and I concentrated on feeling her hand on my testicles and squeezing my bottom. I closed my eyes and began to stroke faster, imagining myself over Kate's delightful lap; her hand rising and falling upon my bottom, firmly swatting me with love and concern for my wellbeing. The other women kept silent as Kate began to coach me, as though she'd done it many times before. She released my bottom and took my left hand in hers, squeezing it tight to give me encouragement, while her left hand began to probe deep in my scrotum and roll my testes with greater Vigor.

"Jeffrey," she said softly, "I want you to stroke your penis long and hard, and make a nice big ejaculation for me. I want to see each powerful spurt of semen. I want you to give me every drop. Make me proud of you, Jeffrey, show me what a good boy you can be for me..."

Her words brought me right over the edge. I began to ejaculate as I felt Kate's tongue start to lick the palm of my left hand. I gasped and gave my first spurt, followed by another and another. My semen just exploded out of me in obedience to Kate's commands, and I just kept coming for her, all for her as she made love with her tongue to my other hand. I throbbed and pushed and struggled through my orgasm, demanding and giving everything I had until I had coaxed the last little pulse, the last little dribble from my drained organ. All the while, Kate was also grabbing and pulling and kneading my testicles right to the edge of pain and they pulled up into my body. When I could do no more, I collapsed forward onto the table, catching myself with my semen-soaked hand, and hearing the roaring applause and cat-calls of the girls at the table.

Kate guided me down as my knees buckled, to sit in her lap. Beth scooted closer on Kate's left and cradled my shoulder and head in her arms, caressing my face and smiling at me. I felt Kate take my right hand to her lips and clean it of semen with her tongue as the table grew silent to watch. When she finished with my hand, she turned her attention to my withered penis and gently dabbed up any remaining semen with her fingers, and slipping them into her mouth. At the last she bent over me and took my wet penis in her mouth, gently tonguing me and sucking the last drop of semen from me.

I awoke minutes later in the twins' arms as they caressed me lovingly. I noticed many of the ladies had left the table and were busy elsewhere.

I looked where Kate and Beth were looking and I saw that Kim and Terri were holding their brother Bobby down, lying on his back on the barbecue counter with his thighs spread wide apart and held firmly by Patty and Jaime. My sister Karen was at work with her mouth and hands between Bobby's lewdly spread thighs. She was forcing the boy to come for her and he cried out and shook helplessly in ejaculation while his mother caressed his face and cooed lovingly in his ear.

I looked over at the divan, and there I found my sister Jaime. She was sitting between Uncle Ted's raised and spread thighs, stroking his big penis with one hand and fondling his testicles with the other. My mother was kneeling beside him, twisting his nipples with her hands and lewdly commanding him to "Spurt boy, come for your niece! Let us have your semen now or I'll spank your bottom raw!"

The twins heard my mom and followed my gaze. They smiled as they witnessed Ted's prodigious ejaculation begin with one spurt onto his chest, but then my mother let go of his nipples and dropped her mouth onto the head of his penis, sucking him hard as Jaime continued to stroke him and giggle in triumph.

Kate's hand was gently caressing my penis and testicles, I wished I could give her more, but I needed more time to recover. She spoke softly, "Jeffrey, I was so proud of you. Your ejaculation was just wonderful and it made all the ladies very excited, as you can see. They all decided that they needed to make sure none of their boys were holding back any semen. It's very exciting to see all these naked men being made to come. But mostly, I loved watching you spurt." She paused a moment and then asked, "Were you doing it for everyone, or just for me?"
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