Young Jeffrey is feeling very exposed


Note: It might be best for you to read the first part of this story, "Ms. Andre dates my dad" before reading this part. Thanks!

A few weeks went by with Dad going out with Ms Andre, and after a few more dates, Ms. Andre again invited dad and me to come to her house, but this time to stay over a long summer holiday weekend, so that the two families could get better acquainted. This time, her daughters would be home and she also had an additional guest -- her sister Victoria.

She again picked us up and brought us to her house. We got unpacked in our rooms and Ms Andre told us that everyone was gathering at the pool so we should get into the swimming suits she had laid out for us, and then to join them. She said that our two little briefs, both white, would look wonderful on us and we'd "look cute as a matched set". She gave my father a serious look and said, "You may join us at the pool wearing these nice swimming suits, I'll have towels there for you boys, so don't bring anything else. And don't keep us waiting."

My dad's eyes looked down at her feet and he said, "yes, Ma'am."

She smiled, "Good boys," and left.

I studied the 'swimming suit' in my hands a moment and saw that it had a pronounced 'pouch' made of different fabric than the rest of the garment, but didn't have the elastic ring like our pajama bottoms and pouch panties she had already given us. The pouch of the swimming suit was almost wispy, the fabric was so thin and sheer and seamless white.

My dad and I quickly got out of our suits and ties, stripped naked and put on the little briefs. It was then that I first really noticed that my dad had no pubic hair anymore, his genitals were clean shaven. It was very different, and in some way very nice looking. His genitals looked very clean. I put on my briefs and saw that they were sheer enough that the dark patches of my pubic hair showed through a little even above the pouch. Luckily, I had fairly sparse and light colored hair, so it didn't look like a big black bush or anything, but I wondered if I should try shaving down there too...

My dad's briefs snugly fit him and seemed all white, though the shape of his penis was clearly evident because the pouch was of the thinner, sheerer fabric that was very clingy and very stretchy, almost gauze-like.

I said, "These suits are so tiny and thin, I feel embarrassed to meet strangers. And my pubic hair looks kind of odd in this suit."

"Don't worry, you'll be fine," he said. "It's best for us to just do what she asked, it makes life much easier." I started looking for something to cover up with and dad said, "She wants us to come to the pool in these briefs and nothing else, Jeffrey, so let's just get it over with."

We walked down the hall, through the living room and den, through the bar and game room, and finally to the glass door leading to the pool. I looked around as we walked and again noticed all the bronzes and statues, and the paintings and photos on the walls. Every piece of art depicted full, explicit male nudity of some kind, and there were no female nudes. Again, I thought of how this family of females must all enjoy these artworks, and now my dad and I were going to be 'living art' for their enjoyment. And what could be more natural than for women to look at naked males?

I remembered the "intimate time" I had spent with Ms. Andre during our last visit, how she had guided me to masturbate for her and had whispered such naughty things in my ear, making me confess all of my darkest fantasies. I shuddered at what the weekend would hold for me, what new revelations I would learn about this family of women, and about myself. I was filled with fear and excitement as I bravely walked toward my next adventure in this woman's home. I would, in moments, be confronted with two college-aged daughters of Ms. Andre, and her sister Victoria, the author of all those books in the game room. I worried if they would find me attractive. I worried that my body wasn't good enough for them, especially compared with all the art work in the house, whose subjects were always well-endowed.

Will butterflies dancing in my belly, I kept walking behind my dad, following his lead.

We paused at the glass door and my dad said, "Jeffrey, remember we are guests here and the ladies will be in charge. This is their home and we need to be polite and cooperative. It's best for us to be obedient and grateful. If they ask you to do something, it's best to do it cheerfully and make them happy. Do you understand?"

I wondered if my dad had met these women before, and if so, what had happened between them. He seemed comfortable with the idea of being among the ladies dressed in these "swimming suits" of ours. I wondered if the daughters or the sister of Ms Andre had already seen my dad naked at some previous time...

I nodded and he opened the door and we stepped out into the sunlight to present ourselves to the smiling faces of 4 women, 3 of which I had never met. I gulped because suddenly the reality of wearing such a tiny sheer pouch, which so completely revealed my genitals, truly hit me. I fought the urge to run back inside. Fantasy or no fantasy, this was a situation I was afraid of.

The two younger girls were obviously Ms. Andre's daughters, Becca, 21, and Erin, 23. They were both stunning beauties in little black bikinis with sheer robes over them. They were both like their mother, raven hair, grey eyes, voluptuous. It was hard not to stare at their beauty. Ms. Andre appeared at my side, wearing a deep purple one-piece suit that was halter-style with no back, but two wide swaths of fabric barely able to cover her ample breasts, which attached to a ring, low on her belly, connecting to the 'panty' portion of her suit. She was absolutely stunning, even though she was in her late forties, and she took my breath away.

She put her arm on my shoulders and introduced me to her daughters. I shook hands with each girl as they looked me up and down, smiling.

Ms Andre gave me a kiss on the cheek, said "I'll leave you kids alone to get acquainted," and led my dad away to see her sister, leaving me alone with the girls.

"Nice to meet you, Jeffrey," said Erin, "you look really nice in your suit."

"Yes," said Becca, as she boldly felt my arm, "so muscular and yummy, just a chip off the old block, isn't he?"

It was very embarrassing the way both girls were looking at and feeling my body. Their eyes would go back and forth from the sheer pouch of my little brief to my face and back, making me very self conscious. I felt butterflies in my belly, nervousness, and a little excitement in being so 'exposed' in their sight. The way they looked at me so blatantly made me feel like a piece of meat, or property. I supposed this was how women felt when leering men would ogle them with lustful intent. It made me shiver.

Erin said, looking at my pouch, "I can see the family resemblance," and they both giggled. "You know, once he gets his full growth and all..."

I looked startled at this statement.

Seeing that, Becca said, "Silly boy, of course we've seen your dad completely nude, he's been here many an evening since mom started dating him. He's very attractive, and his penis is beautiful, especially erect." She smiled, watching the embarrassment on my face and the redness of my blushing.

Erin added, "And now that mom shaves him, he looks really good." Becca nodded enthusiastically.

I had suspected the possibility that my dad had been naked in front of these girls, since he was strangely comfortable coming out to the pool in the sheer-pouched suit. But now that I was faced with the proof that these girls had seen my dad naked, the knowledge gave me such an odd feeling. I was shocked at the revelation, but somehow excited too.

"Oh, don't be embarrassed, Jeffrey," said Erin, "it's just the normal way of things in our family."

"Yes," said Becca, "I'm sure you'll get used to it sooner than you think."

As my brain was trying to process these revelations, and doing a poor job of coming up with any kind of response, Ms. Andre returned and rescued me by taking me by the arm and leading me away to introduce me to her sister. I couldn't help it, but my penis was beginning to feel a little heavier and I was very aware how my genitals swayed in front of me as I walked beside Ms. Andre. I was afraid I would soon have a very embarrassing erection!

The 40-something beautiful Brunette I was soon presented to was Victoria Andre, Jordan's younger sister. She was a professor at university and the author of those books in the game room.

She greeted me warmly with a smile and a kiss on the cheek. "Hello, Jeffrey," she said, "Jordan has told me so much about you."

I blushed, wondering just how much she had been told, and then I recovered enough to say, "I'm glad to meet you, Ma'am."

She smiled warmly, gave me a hug and said, 'Nice to meet you, Jeffrey, you're a fine looking young man."

Victoria was wearing a bright yellow one-piece suit with a plunging neckline and high-cut thighs, showing off her voluptuous figure. I couldn't help but notice that the lower portion of her suit clung to her body, clearly outlining the cleft of her labia. Her feminine lower lips were full and large and clearly defined in the thin yellow fabric. Her heavy breasts jiggled wonderfully with her slightest movements, and her large nipples poked out at me. "Up here, Jeffrey," she whispered conspiratorially, "it's not nice to look at a Lady's breasts instead of her face."

I blushed, "I'm sorry..." I was conscious of another little throb in my groin from being in the presence of so many beautiful women. They were all so curvy and mature and sexy and I was on estrogen overload, surrounded by so much 'real woman' sensual power. I sort of let my hands fall in front of the little pouch of my briefs to try to hide my growing and stiffening embarrassment.

Ms. Andre cleared her throat, "Jeffrey, a boy stands up straight with his hands at his sides when a Lady is speaking to him." I glanced at her and she had a stern but smug look on her face. I looked at Victoria and she innocently nodded her head in agreement.

I took a deep breath, stood straight, and let my hands fall to my sides as I said, "Yes, Ma'am."

I felt both women's eyes gaze down my body and come to rest on my briefs. I felt my penis really pulse; now half erect and pushing at the thin fabric which stretched so easily to accommodate my growing needs. I dared not look down to see the front of my sheer pouch. It was clingy and form-fitting, but so stretchy that it did nothing to hide my growing erection, but allowed each throb and pulse of my penis to be clearly seen. Every detail of my penis was clearly visible through the thin, sheer fabric, including the shape of my swelling glans.

Ms. Andre smiled and picked up two glasses of iced tea. She handed them to me and said, "Jeffrey, I'd like you to take these drinks to my daughters."

I knew if I did it, I'd be walking across the patio with my hands occupied, putting my stiffening penis on display, wiggling in front of me as I walked toward the girls. I felt my face look down at her feet, just as my father's would so often do, and I heard myself say just like him, "Yes, ma'am."

"Good boy," she said.

I walked toward the girls across the patio. They were seated on a chaise side by side talking to my dad, who was standing in front of them. The pouch of his briefs was on level and just a few feet in front of their faces, and his hands were at his sides. The girls' eyes were going back and forth between his crotch and his eyes as they talked. Then Becca noticed me coming toward them. Grinning, she whispered to Erin who also looked my way. They said something to my dad, dismissing him, and he walked into the house as I approached.

I could feel my young penis getting harder as I walked. It jiggled with every step I took, and this action was stimulating the head of my penis against the sheer fabric, driving me to full erection. From the girls' reaction, they were clearly pleased with the view, and I felt strangely frightened and excited as their eyes fixed on my pouch and drank in my exposed and vulnerable body. I heard Erin say, "Aren't young boys delightful?" and Becca replied, "oh yes, very."

I stopped in front of them with my throbbing penis poking at their faces. My own face was again red with embarrassment. Why was everything that was so exciting also so embarrassing?

"Hi, Jeffrey, what do you have there?" Erin said.

"Your mom told me to bring you these drinks," I croaked.

"Oh, yes, of course," Erin said, "you also brought us drinks," and both girls giggled.

Becca said, "Here, let me take those honey," and she took the drinks. I started to move my hands to cover myself.

Erin said, "Jeffrey, a very important rule is that boys keep their hands at their sides when they are talking to a Lady." She tightened her lips and gave me a 'look'.

I heard myself say, "Yes, ma'am," and I felt something release in my belly as my hands fell to my sides again. I surrendered. I gave up my modesty and felt at peace being exposed, vulnerable, and somehow violated by their eyes on my erect penis. I took a deep breath and let them look at me as my body relaxed. This was my fantasy and I was living it -- strange girls were looking at my penis!

"There, that's a good boy, just let go and relax. That's it, I can tell you feel better now, don't you Jeffrey?"

"Yes, Erin."

She smiled delightfully, "My, you have the makings of a very good boy, just like your father. We're going to have a lot of fun together this summer."

Becca said, "You shouldn't be embarrassed or ashamed of your body, Jeffrey," she put her hand gently on my thigh, "A boy should be proud of his body and feel good when Ladies look at him. You look very cute in your little suit. A Lady understands when a boy has an erection, and it's perfectly natural and nothing for you to feel ashamed about. We all think it's very sweet that you are having an erection, we girls regard it as a compliment, and we think your erect penis looks very pretty so you should feel comfortable with us."

The butterflies in my belly were doing flip flops; I'd never heard any words like this before. These women were so sexy and made my penis throb even more. Every time they said the words 'erection' and 'penis', it made my penis throb in response. I loved their compliments and how Becca said my penis was 'pretty'. It made me feel good. I quit fighting it and just let my penis throb and be rock-hard.

Erin said, "I bet your briefs are really getting uncomfortable, Jeffrey. Do you think you'd be more comfortable if you took your briefs off?"

I couldn't answer because I was both excited and frightened. I didn't know if Ms. Andre would allow that, and I didn't want to get in trouble.

Becca said to Erin, "I think he's afraid. Perhaps he'd be more comfortable if he just adjusted his penis in his pouch." She turned to me, "would you like to point your penis up in the pouch Jeffrey? Would that feel better than poking straight out?"

I nodded.

"Ok, go ahead and make yourself more comfortable."

I quickly reached into the sheer pouch and pointed my penis up, and it felt better. The thin fabric adjusted to cling to my penis in its new position.

Erin said, "Oh, that's nice, isn't it Becca, with his penis like that, we can see the under-side of his head. It's so pretty! And I like to be able to clearly see his testicles. They look nice and full, don't they?"

I sighed with embarrassment as Becca said, "Oh, yes, he looks very nice!"

Erin picked up the drinks and handed them to me, "Jeffrey, be a dear and take these back to mom. We're not thirsty right now."

I groaned inside, feeling so embarrassed, but I simply said, "Yes, Erin." I said.

As I walked back across the patio toward Jordan and Victoria, they stopped chatting and watched me walk to them. My stiff penis was more still in its new position, but now my testicles were swaying more obviously with each step. It was very warm outside so my scrotum was loose and my testes were quite relaxed and hanging down. The thin material of the pouch was such that my testicles could dangle freely in front of my thighs and jiggle as I walked. I just surrendered to it and walked proudly, letting the mature and beautiful ladies watch. There was nothing else I could do.

I felt excited to be so 'on display' and have so much attention. I never knew women liked to look at men like this. I had a casual thought wondering where my dad had gone off to and I then saw him come out of the house again. This time he was in completely naked, having removed his swimming suit in the house. His shaved genitals looked so big, dangling in front of his clean and masculine body. His pale shaft, pink penis head, and his two big heavy testes were so fully displayed without a wisp of hair to hide them. He looked at me and gave me a sheepish grin, like "oh, well, there's nothing I can do..."

I smiled and nodded. I was proud of how masculine and powerful he looked. He was like a Greek statue. He was carrying towels, careful to hold them at chest height so as not to 'cover' his groin area, according to the 'rules' I would later learn.

I turned my head back toward the older sisters, and approached Jordan and Victoria. They were smiling happily at my father.

I arrived before them and said, "Erin sent me to bring these back because the girls are not thirsty."

I set the drinks down and stood straight with my hands at my sides.

"Good boy," said Ms. Andre, "You seem to be learning the rules well already."

"Thank you, Ma'am," I said, feeling proud and surrendered at the same time. My penis throbbed against the pouch's sheer fabric as they watched, smiling.

Victoria said, "Jeffrey, perhaps you'd like to take a little swim in the pool to cool down...?"

"Yes, thank you Ma'am," I said and turned to get into the water. I thought my penis would soften a bit once I cooled off. I swam a few laps and underwater too. When I felt at least half-soft between my legs, I walked up the big steps out of the pool and all 4 women, both sets of sisters, were standing together looking at me. They were such an amazing display of feminine beauty, I stopped in my tracks and just stared, not knowing what else to do.

I looked down and saw that the extra-sheer pouch of my suit was completely see-through when wet. It clung to every curve of my genitals and you could see the pinkness of my head clearly distinguished from the more normal flesh tone of my shaft. My testes hung loosely in the gauzy fabric.

I was as good as completely naked. I stopped at the top of the steps, not knowing what to do as the 4 women eyed me up and down, mostly down. I felt completely paralyzed, fixed under their gaze, so naked, so vulnerable, and so surrendered. I felt like a toy, a piece of flesh that existed for their enjoyment. I had never felt so 'male' before, so clearly cognizant that I had a penis and testicles, and I felt it was good and natural to be 'on display' for them to look at. They were all hot, sexy, mature women with big breasts and wide hips and full of sensual power, whereas I was just a boy with my genitals displayed. I felt my feet shift, involuntarily spreading my legs slightly to afford them a better view. I don't know why I spread my thighs for them. It just felt right since they were looking at my genitals.

After what seemed like a long time the spell was broken as Ms. Andre approached me and began to pat me down with a towel. I just stood still and let her do what she wanted. It felt so good to have all their eyes on me, to be the focus of their attention, to be enjoyed and perhaps admired.

I felt the towel caress my torso and bottom, down the backs of my legs, then up the front of my legs. I felt Ms. Andre gently pad the towel against my genitals a few extra times and then she threw the towel over her shoulder and took me by the hand, leading me into the house. "Let's have lunch," she said.
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