Beth returns home with her sister

I haven't really backtracked in this story. So maybe it's time for a little recap of the main characters. I am 50 years old and I am her dad. Liz's that is. She is my 18 year old step-daughter and a senior in high school. This story revolves around my fantasies to get into her pants and the steps I have taken to make it a reality. Liz's best friend is Eve. Eve is 20 and until the last chapter had a very low self-esteem. And is now just starting to come out of her shell. She has been kind of a member of our family for a long time. Beth is my wife, who for the last couple of years has battled numerous illnesses and due to medications our sex life is all but done. And Terri, is my sister-in-law and Beth's sister. Next week she will turn 60 years old and still keeps herself in great shape!

Other characters that have bounced around and will reappear later are Jimmy who was Liz's boyfriend until I showed him the thrill of having a cock in his ass. And Larry, Beth's first husband and Liz's drunken horny dad.

And me? In 15 chapters, I've been called, "Daddy, dad, old fart, old man" and a few others. My actual name is Dave. I'm an author and write for our local newspaper. We live in a small community about 20 miles from the "big city."

Our home is in the rural Midwest and if our community ever found out about my antics, I'm sure we'd be run out of town and I'd lose my job.


I turned on the shower and Liz said, "Oh wait dad. Eve got you a surprise." I thought maybe she was having a crush on me and my male ego was filled with pride. "Take these!"

I looked at two blue pills in the palm of Liz's hand and asked, "What is it?"

Eve said, "I got them just for you! They will make you feel young again. They're herbal and all natural." Both girls knew that I didn't care much for pill taking or for that matter drinking. That part of my life was over. Eve sensed my apprehension and said, "Here's the bottle, you can read it after you take them."

I still looked at the pills and finally thought what the hell. Popped them in my mouth, got a mouthful of water from the shower and swallowed. The girls laughed and Liz said, "This is going to be a great night."

They both joined me and with the water beating around us we started cleaning each other up. I was first, Liz was in front of me while Eve was behind me. I was soon covered in soap and four young hands running all over my body. Liz was treating this as a session to make sure everything would be right for later.

She washed my neck, shoulders, and chest and made sure all oil was off of me. From behind Eve also started up on top, rubbing my shoulder blades and my back. They both got on their knees and started on my feet and worked their way up. I love the feeling of hands just running freely over my body, especially with lotions, soaps or oils. And amazingly I could feel a twinge in my cock.

The girls worked their way up my legs going all around my thighs. I raised my hands and put them on the shower wall, the water running down my head, as Liz began cleaning my cock and Eve my butt.

My dick was covered in soap suds and I wasn't sure if I was hard from Liz doing this or Eve's fingers in my ass. But just as fast as it started it ended. Liz said, "My turn." And we changed positions. Liz was now in the middle facing me. Eve started on her back and I soaped up those wonderful breasts.

"Damn, I'm going to miss seeing these." As I soaped them up and just joyful played with them.

"Dad, they ain't leaving you... come on get the oil off of me. We still got Eve to do and then we need to get ready for mom." Damn her, she made sense but right then I was ready to throw caution to the wind.

But I got back to business and joined Eve on her knees as we cleaned up Liz's legs, butt, and pussy. Now it was Liz's turn to put her hands on the shower stall as I licked her pussy. She said, "Daddy, Eve's got her fingers in my ass and it feels so good." The hot water, the soap, and two hot girls. Every old man's fantasy and I was becoming harder.

Finally it was Eve's turn and she begged us not to wash her face. Liz said, "It's alright, we'll have time to fix you up and make you one hot trollop." Eve was facing Liz and after Liz's comment they shared a truly wet kiss.

Eve wasn't covered in oil like us. So her cleaning basically was just me and Liz playing with her. As they kissed I soaped up Eve's ass and thought what the hell and tried sticking my dick in that big beautiful ass. She broke her kiss with Liz and said, "Your dad is trying to fuck my ass."

Liz quickly turned off the water and said, "Not now. We've got to get ready." Again she was right and I was kind of pissed about it. We got the towels and dried each other off and then I noticed the bottle of blue pills Eve got me.

The girls laughed when they saw my expression. They were herbal enhancement pills. I looked at my cock, which was starting to go down and Eve said, "They don't work that fast... that was all your hormones old man."

"Why did you guys give me these?"

Liz said, "I don't want you to be scared tonight." Then she pointed to her head and said, "I don't want you to think with this but rather," then her finger pointed to my dick, "with that!"

I was already getting nervous and the thought of those pills kicking in made my mind go in many different directions. Liz said, "Relax... it's going to be a great night. Come on we need to start getting ready. Here's the brush, we'll get Eve ready first."

We walked out to the kitchen and I sat in the chair. I spread my legs to the sides of the chair and Eve joined me on it. Still a bit nervous, I began brushing Eve's hair and as I got to the end of it, I looked down and saw my semi-hard dick looking straight ahead at Eve's butt.

I tried my hardest not to think about all the things the three of us had done this weekend but it didn't work. I kept getting harder and I watched as Liz began applying make-up to Eve. Soon we'd all be covered in clothes, but right then we were still naked and it was getting harder for me to concentrate. Liz finished her magic on Eve and said, "There just as gorgeous as before."

And Eve stood up and my cock stood at attention. Both girls laughed and Liz leaned down and talked to my pecker. "Don't worry little man. Who knows what kind of night you're going to have!" And she opened her mouth and started sucking me off. It didn't take long for Liz to get me rock solid and when she did, she removed her mouth, came up to my lips and we traded spit. "No jerking off daddy."

The girls giggled and Eve said, "Let's get dressed... come on old man." And my dick followed those two cute little rumps down the hall and into Liz's bedroom. Liz opened her dresser drawer and pulled out a leopard skin bikini and put it on. I dreaded the thought of seeing Liz back in clothes. But right then, that black and white bikini on her golden brown tanned body was hot!

"Damn Liz, you're wearing more then that ain't you?"

"No daddy. You used to always walk around in your underwear until you began wearing your bathrobe. Hell, you used to leave the back down a bit so me and Eve could even see the crack of your butt. So what's the matter? This is something I wear outside. Other people have seen me in it." I couldn't argue with her logic but I didn't like where this was going.

Eve said, "My turn! What sexy clothes have you got for me?" Liz rummaged through her drawer and gave Eve a red thong bikini. She put it on and it showed every detail of her fine butt.

"Oh no, she can't wear that! My god Liz your mom will have a cow if she sees Eve in a thong parading around our house."

"Dad... this is part of the bikini you and mom got me last year for my birthday! I wear it to the lake all the time."

"What? I never knew about that gift!" The girls laughed when I added, "I probably know why!"

Liz said, "The top will be too big for you... so lets put this on." She gave Eve a red halter top. Eve turned around and as Liz tied the string in the back, I sat there naked, playing with myself, starring at two butts in bikinis. When she was done, Liz slapped Eve on the butt and said, "Two down one to go."

She turned and looked at me. "Daddy quit playing with yourself. Hopefully tonight you will get to use it a lot." I did as I was told, my stomach in knots, when she said, "I thought about this all day. I want you to wear this." And she handed me a new sky blue men's briefs.

"Oh no, I can not do that." Liz begged and pleaded and I kept saying no. "It's not just your mom. Aunt Terri will be with her. I can't wear that your mom would be pissed."

"Oh... pllleeeaaassseee. Aunt Terri won't be here long. Hell that old hag wouldn't know what to do with you."

That's when I spoke up. "Liz you need to look more closely at your Aunt Terri. You should hope to look that good in 40 years. She's got a beautiful butt," and as my thoughts turned to my sister-in-law I began playing with myself again. "She has a little gray hair but it's so short it makes her look like some important professional. Terri is so prim and proper. If you have ever notice her bite size tits are never in a bra. She just passes herself off as a classy lady!"

Liz smile and said, "You've got the hots for Aunt Terri don't you?"

And I shared the story of when Terri's daughter, Candy got married. "Do you remember your cousin Candy's wedding reception?" Liz shook her head yes. "Well I danced with Terri a lot that night. And they were all slow dances. I groped her ass all night. And outside the bathrooms she ran into me and grabbed my dick and squeezed the hell out of me and said payback is a mother-fucker."

Liz had a big smile and asked, "Did mom know that you were playing with her sister's ass?"

"I don't know. But I do know that she never told your Uncle Hal or he would have punched me in the mouth. I'm telling you Liz, look at her she is a mighty fine looking lady."

Eve laughed and said, "I think your aunt may have the hots for your dad."

And Liz agreed and slapped my hand, "Quit playing with yourself." Then she left the room. Eve and I could hear Liz in my bedroom rummaging through my drawers. And she came back with boxers -- gold glitter boxers. "OK, you have two choices the boxers or the briefs." For me it was the lesser of two evils and chose the boxers.

We moved out to the living room and waited. The plan was to look like we were just finishing up the room. We still had the pictures to put on the wall and some end tables to move back in. Nothing heavy or hard. Just stuff to make it look like we had been working all day.

I sat in my recliner, the two girls on the couch teasing me. Every now and then Liz would pop a boob out of her to and ask me if it still looked nice. Then Eve would stand up and show me her butt. I was handling it all until they started kissing each other. Liz's hand would go inside Eve's thong and Eve's hand would slip under Liz's top. I so much wanted to get out of the chair and join them. But I was at a point where I feared the next minute.

As they cuddled, Liz looked at me and asked, "OK, we now know about Aunt Terri what about Candy?" Candy is 29 years old and an exact replica of Liz. Exact same sized bodies they could be twins.

"You have to ask me that? She is your twin." Liz blushed and I said, "If you don't believe me ask Aunt Terri."

Then she laughed and said, "What about Uncle Hal?"

I got a frown on my face and said, "Why did you ruin the image in my mind of you and Candy and me?"

"Sorry dad, but we know you like guys too. Remember Jimmy?"

Then Eve cut in, "Oh yeah...he saw me at work today and started hitting on me. I told him the only way we'd ever fuck again is with my dick in his ass... and he said sure! Then I said and with Liz's dads dick in your mouth. He thought for a moment and said OK. So I try one more thing and said with Liz paddling your red ass." Then she laughed and said, "He said OK. That boy is ours."

"Wow, we got our own little toy. See dad you have an effect on men too." Just then we could hear the car pull in the driveway and part of me wanted to run and hide. Liz got up to open the door. I started to get up and Eve jumped off her seat and pushed my boxers down, pushed me back in the seat and began sucking my cock."

Liz smiled and said, "You're OK daddy. They're still in the car. Keep sucking him Eve!" Liz kept her eyes on Terri and Beth and told us both what was happening outside. "They just opened the trunk. Aunt Terri has got mom's suitcase... they're closing the trunk." I was starting to go into a panic. I tried pushing Eve away while at the same time pulling up my boxers. "They're walking up the sidewalk... OK Eve enough." Eve let go and sat back down on the couch. I stood up and pull my boxers back up, grabbed a couch pillow and sat back down.

In the front door walked Terri and Beth. I sat in the recliner with a pillow on my lap covering my rock hard dick. It was throbbing. I don't know if it was because of Eve or the herbal pills I stupidly took or a combination of both, but my cock was hard and wasn't about to go down any time soon.

Terri walked in first and sat Beth's suitcase off to the side. She looked at Liz, then me, and finally Eve. Beth followed her in and Liz gave her a big hug, "Oh mommy, I'm glad you're home... we missed you!"

Then Terri spoke, "What is going on here?" Giving me a look like she already knew.

Liz said, "Eve and I were going to the lake and daddy looked tired so we've been helping him finish up in here!" I couldn't talk I just sat there with a pillow in my lap and shook my head in agreement."

Terri still gave us the third degree, "You're helping him and he's in some shiny underwear?"

Beth laughed, "Oh calm down sis... if it was up to him he wouldn't even have those on. He's a diehard nudist."

Terri looked at Liz and said, "When did you grow up? Princess you have a cute smile, beautiful face, and a knockout body. You're a dead ringer for Candy!"

Beth said, "She is a little doll isn't she? On the couch is... her... friend... Eve?" Now it was Beth's turn to be in shock. "Eve, I've never seen you look like that. You are turning into a fine looking young lady." Eve blushed and bowed her head with a big smile.

"Daddy... mom's home... ain't you going to come and give her a hug?" Oh, that little bitch. Yeah, she's still my princess, but right then I just wanted to strangle her!

Terri added, "Come on... come and hug your wife. It ain't like I haven't seen a man in his underwear before. Though I will admit, I've never seen any that shiny before."

I was trapped with no way out! My reluctance gave way to a bit of anger and I thought screw it. And I moved the pillow and stood up. My dick popped right out the front of the boxers and I quickly put it away and turned my boxers to the side a bit so while everyone knew I was quite hard no one saw it.

Terri laughed, "Wow... someone's happy to see us! Or are you all hot and bothered watching your step-daughter bounce around in near nothing?"

Beth was also laughing and said, "Oh let him be Terri, if I was a guy I think I'd get hard over those two too."

Terri looked over and agreed. Then she looked back at Beth and said, "You know I love you sis... and would never hurt you. But I've just got to see." She was talking so sincerely to my wife, that she caught everybody by surprise when she reached over and in one quick second pulled my boxers down to my ankles. There I stood butt-naked with a raging hard-on in front of four women who were entirely dressed. Terri smiled at Beth and said, "I'm sorry but I just had to see it!"

I started to lean over and pull my boxers back up when Beth said, "Honey, everybody has seen you. I know you like being nude... so stay that way." The way she said it was more of an order then a suggestion. So there I stood in the middle of our living room nude, not knowing whether to stand still, cover up or jack off. I decided the best bet was just to stand still.

Liz hugged her aunt and said, "Thanks, I always wanted to do that, but I never had the nerve."

Beth winked at her daughter and said, "I bet you have."

As I stood there Liz changed the subject and told Terri, "Aunt Terri I think I owe you an apology."

Terri looked puzzled, "Whatever for?"

"Daddy said earlier that I should consider myself lucky to have a body like yours in 40 years. He is right you keep yourself in great shape." She asked her aunt to turn around, which Terri did, and Liz ran her hand on her butt and said, "He also said that even your ass is firm, which it is, and that you never wear a bra, that your tits are perfect without them." I bowed my head looking at my hard cock hoping Liz would shut-up.

Beth laughed, "Ah Terri, my hubby looks at every girl as a work of art. It is obvious that he has molded you into his mind."

Liz said, "Dad where's your manners? Aunt Terri you want to sit and visit for awhile." Terri smiled as Liz helped Beth to her chair.

Terri then asked me where I sat and I pointed to my chair and she said, "Well sit down I don't want to steal the chair of the king of the house." As soon as I sat down, Terri sat on the arm rest. Then Liz joined Eve on the couch, sitting close together, directly across from me.

The gals chatted for awhile and I just sat like some frozen crash dummy scared to move but my cock still bounced around.

Beth said, "Honey are you going to do something with that thing or just let it stay hard?" Terri took the hint and grabbed my wrist and sat my hand on my pecker. She took my hand and started moving it around my dick until I figured I was humiliated enough and started jerking-off.

Terri said, "That's it! Show us how perverted you are. Jerk off for us." And as I played with my cock she reached down and gently massaged my balls. The she looked at the girls, "Want to learn a lesson from experience?" They smiled and shook their heads yes. "Some men like having a finger or two in their ass when they jerk off. You can help them get off by doing that, but first you've got to get your fingers wet so you don't hurt him."

Terri took her first two fingers and brought them up to my mouth, "Open up and get them wet." I opened my mouth and began sucking on my sister-in-laws fingers. "The secret though is how they suck your fingers. Now your daddy here the way he's sucking them I'll bet he has sucked cock before." Then she looked at me and asked, "Haven't you?"

Before I could answer, Beth said, "Oh yes he has. I've never seen him do it but he told me he has."

Then Liz said, "Now that would be hot to see. Aunt Terri, if you stick those fingers in his ass can you tell if he's had a cock in it before."

Terri said, "Oh yeah, it's easy." And she reached down and her two fingers easily went in my ass. Her eyes got big and she looked me in the eyes and said, "Shit... he loves cock."

Beth again laughed, "You've been fucking yourself with your dildo again haven't you?" I shook my head yes as Terri fucked me with her two fingers. I watched Terri's expressions change and it was obvious she was enjoying this show and showing everyone that she was in charge. And I was enjoying having Terri play with me. A woman I've wanted, not for the long haul, just one night, was watching me masturbate and helping me do it.

I never took my eyes off of her and jerked my meat faster and faster. I reached up with my other hand and began pinching my nipples. "Ooohhh ream me... fuck my butt... I'm going to shoot my load.... here I cum girls.... are... are you ready?"

No one answered as I was the center of attention and I shot my load all over my chest and stomach. It was a massive load where my fears were released and my frustrations with Liz and Eve had finally exploded through my head. Terri pulled her fingers from my butt and looked at Liz.
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