Woman has her lover become more attentive to her needs

Read Her Perfect Lover before reading this story! This is the sequel. It continues the adventures of Pat, a 44 year old woman and her 24 year old lover.


There's something really special when your lover not only licks you to a toe curling orgasm but is still on his knees when your vision finally clears, gently running his tongue down to your bum. I lounged back, my thighs once again over his taut shoulders, my pussy pressed into his face as I enjoyed that soft tongue just teasing my taut ass. I also started to become surprisingly vocal.

"You like having your tongue in my arse? That's it, make yourself a little more accommodating, let me feel that nose in my slit at the same time. Don't worry about breathing, let's just have some real fun" I declared.

As he responded, I became increasingly more horny,

"Okay, back to my pussy. Fuck, you are such a dirty bugger. Oh yeah, lick my clit, yeah that's it. No, go back down now, yep, now slowly go back up. Fuck, you don't need me to tell you, just do a good job" I growled at him, full of lust.

By now, I was in a state of bliss but also a heightened state of arousal. I wanted him to fuck me later but I was really getting into this role of having my needs come first all afternoon. Watching him selflessly pleasuring me had me thinking perhaps I could twist him round my finger a little bit more. Hell, I deserved it after such a rubbish sex life in my marriage! I had an idea and wanted to try it out.

"Do me a favour loverboy. Pop into the bedroom and bring the throw at the end of the bed back. I definitely want to fuck you later, you horny devil but right now I'm enjoying this a lot. You want me to enjoy this afternoon don't you?" I asked him.

"Um, yeah of course I do Pat. I can't wait to fuck you later. Okay, hang on a minute" and he got up, heading to the bedroom.

A minute later, he was back and presented the throw to me.

"Now, could you get me a glass of water from the kitchen?" I asked him.

"Okay" he said quickly and departed again, returning a moment later and putting the glass down on the table beside me.

"Fantastic. Now then, we were rudely interrupted so let's start again" I said.

He knelt in front of me again and I parted my thighs to accommodate him. Once he was in position, his face pressed into my crotch and his tongue snaked out, slipping back into my asshole surprsingly easily. I immediately took the throw and put it over him.

"Now, don't stop what you're doing. If your tongue gets tired, lick my pussy but only for a little while. I want you to concentrate on my bum mainly, okay?" I addressed him.

"Whatever you say" he said and I shivered with pleasure at that comment.

"Now remember, only go to my pussy if you need a break then it's back down" I warned him again.

"Yes Pat" he intoned and once he resumed rimming me, I covered him with the throw.

It was over my legs and his whole body but being a light throw, it was a lot less hot than a duvet would be. I thought that would make it easier for him not to get too hot under there and as he kept up a pleasant rhythm pushing his tongue into my arsehole, I fully relaxed. I relaxed so much, that I actually began to drift off to a very light sleep.

It was only about 20 minutes later when I stirred to full awakeness. The hunk was licking my arse like an ice cream cone, very softly but insistently. I briefly wondered if it was a strain for him to give me such slow, lingering oral but quickly checked myself. I wanted to enjoy myself and I was; that was all that mattered really. Taking the throw, I pulled it off my legs and put it to one side.

"Not bad. Now then, you've had some practice doing it in the dark, but I much prefer to see what you're up to. Show me" I urged and shivered again as he shamelessly licked up to my pussy and began to tongue fuck me there.

Despite cumming several times at his place, I knew I could handle more orgasms. I could have 8 a day if needed and reasoned it might be approaching the time of my first orgasm.

"Get up to my clit" I said lustfully and sighed as his mouth found it, sucking with wild abandon as I came hard against his face.

That afternoon, he licked me without much of a break. I eventually stood on shaky legs and went through to the bedroom, lying down and pulling his taut, now naked body on top of mine. He needed no urging to fuck me and we stayed in bed until about 7 o clock, he left to go home.

I managed to meet him twice over the next week and again the following week. In my eyes, the sex was getting even better. My hunk of a lover would lick me selflessly and fuck me incessantly. Eventually, I fell into enjoying this so much, I brought up a subject with him.

"If I give you a gift, will you forego something in return?" I asked him one day.

"This sounds good" he said eagerly.

"Well, I'm going to let you fuck my ass on occasion" I told him.

"Wow! Oh, Pat, that would be fantastic" he said excitedly.

"Well, in return, no more blow jobs okay?" I told him.

I could see him struggle to accept this but I pressed on.

"From now on, if we're having oral sex, that means you are licking me. But for that, you get to slide into my nice tight ass" I said.

He didn't say anything but that was fine, I was talking anyway.

"Look, it's not a bad deal. How many guys have lovers that let them fuck their ass? And I'll even start wearing really sexy underwear from now on" I continued.

He smiled at that and I left to meet a friend for a drink, telling him to pick me up later when I called him. My friend Hazel was meeting me in town and we had several drinks, until eventually we called it a night. Once he turned up at the pub, I introduced him to a very impressed Hazel, until I started to get really horny.

"Right Hazel, we must do this again soon. I need to head off and have my pussy licked" I said a little drunkenly.

If it embarrassed him, I wasn't sure but Hazel just grinned at me.

"Well, you seem assured of the pleasure tonight" she said to me.

"Damn right" I replied and turned to him.

We left and as soon as we arrived, went straight to his bedroom. I let him kiss his way down my body, pussy already anticipating the first lick. It would not be easy to cum, but I would have a lot of fun getting there. I had also been wondering about something for a while now. Our relationship was getting better and the sex was slowly becoming incredible, at least for me. I had been reading about dominant and submissive on the internet and realised I was finally revealing my true, dominant nature. Although my stud was confident, he was still a selfless lover and I realised I was dominant towards him. It also made things a little interesting and I fully resolved to get as much out of this arrangement as i could.

"Mhhm, take your time pussy licker" I said offhandedly.

He didn't say anything and I decided to push things a little.

"In future, in fact starting tonight, wear that cock ring when you fuck me" I added.

"All the time?" he quizzed me in between licks.

"Yep, all the time" I answered him.

I knew he must be wondering when he would get to cum as I didn't give him blow jobs, but I wasn't concerned in the slightest by it. I would let him cum; I wanted a normal sex life but I wanted to be fucked until I couldn't take any more and I already knew he would lick me for hours if I wanted him to. I would of course have him remove the cock ring once I was satisfied, I drunkenly reasoned to myself while by now his tongue was fucking in and out of my aroused fanny. The drink had made me horny and also a little bit of a bitch tonight, but it just felt so damn good.

"I fucking love oral sex, don't you?" I stated loudly.

"Um, I guess" he said quietly.

After he had went down on me for ages, I turned onto all fours once the cock ring was on. I let him fuck my pussy and boy, did he fuck me. His cock was big and it felt so good pistoning in and out of me. I came noisily again until eventually I let him slide out of me. Getting the cock ring off wasn't easy for him but I sighed contentedly as he came, with his hand finishing his orgasm off.

Another couple of weeks went by along with a good few more orgasms. True to my word, I wore a sexy thong and hold ups when we met; he absolutely loved it. I also kept my promise of letting him fuck me in the arse. I guess it just wasn't quite what he imagined when he agreed to forego blow jobs for that honour.

"Okay lover boy, I want you to promise me something. I will let you fuck my arse on one condition. You do not speak under any circumstances, no matter what, okay?" I cautioned him.

"Sure Pat, anything for that" he said excitedly.

Smiling to myself, I led him to bed and once there, secured his hands to the bedposts. Then I mounted his face, towards his feet. I slipped the cock ring on, then turned to look over my shoulder at his handsome face.

"Okay, no talking. Now then, I want you to very slowly fuck my arse" I said to him.

I could see his puzzlement, as I was sitting on his face, so I decided to help him out a bit.

"Go on. Let me feel that long, sexy tongue fucking my arse then" I offered and before he went back on his word and spoke, I lowered my cheeks onto his face.

To his credit, he accepted this and slowly began to spear my arse expertly. The funny thing was, he had happily agreed to forego blow jobs in order to fuck my arse, but I don't think he thought it would mean with his tongue only. I knew how big his cock was and there was no way that was going into my bum!

I toyed with his cock and helped him out, clenching my muscles around his tongue then releasing it to push out then back into me again. It was really turning me on, knowing how much pleasure he was going to continue giving me in future.

"From now on, I'm going to call you PAL. You know why?" I asked him.

"Um, slurp, erm no" he said between licks.

"It's obvious silly. You're my personal arse licker. My very own PAL. Fantastic isn't it? Don't worry, you're the only one that gets to do this. That's why you are my personal arse licker. So it makes sense really; you're my PAL now" I said.

He lived up to his name that night, I made sure of it. The sex was fantastic and now I could enjoy a fit, sexy lover who pleasured me whenever I wanted, as much as I wanted and put my needs first at all times. Over the weeks, I encouraged him to suggest we have arse sex. I knew what he would be doing but it was such a power trip for him to ask though. I also called him PAL a couple of times in public. Hazel never guessed the true meaning when I said hello PAL when he arrived at the pub.

I became more confident, going to the gym and swimming more. I would come over to his flat before a night out and he would show me what a good PAL he was, while I stood in front of the dresser, doing my make up in the mirror while he knelt behind me. He even improved at licking my pussy. As he became utterly familiar with how I liked it, he knew when to give me a quick orgasm or keep me on the boil for ages. His tongue quickly became used to doing me for hours and I began to notice his shoulders looked a little stronger. I realised why when I recalled how I would sometimes sit back and have him kneel in front of me. My thighs always slipped over his shoulders and over time it became obvious he was taking a lot of my weight while licking me out. I felt very proud that in some ways I was giving him a work out, whether he wanted one or not.

It's now been 3 months and in that short time, I have the perfect lover. I'm not sure how long our relationship will last but at present, I am happy with it. It might seem selfish but one look at his handsome face when I'm fucking it and all my doubts vanish!
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