The story of how this ordinary girl got her powers over me

Chapter 01: How It Began

I was sitting in front of the computer and surfing randomly, tired after a long day. The door bell rang and after a quick glance on the computer clock -- 22:43 -- I got up to answer it, wondering who was paying me a visit at this hour. I opened the door and let out a little tired sigh. Outside stood Mia in her pink coat and a big smile.

"Hi there!" she greeted gaily, then gave me a quick hug and went inside - without even being invited. I frowned at her back and returned her greeting with an irritated "hey". I closed the door and received the coat that was pushed into my arms, tried not to get annoyed by her intruding behaviour, and tried not to look too much at her firm behind as she walked towards my room. I shook my head once to clear it while hanging her coat on the rack in the entrance.

Mia was this friend of a friend who had taken a special interest in me for the last few months. She had been here many times, but so far she had always asked before coming and she had always come in a more appropriate hour. Several times she had asked if she could spend the night, usually by the end of a video night with some of our friends, but nothing had ever happened between us. Don't get me wrong, she was a physically very attractive girl: rather short with brown hair down to her chin and a cute body, not in any porn-star kind of way but I must admit that more than once I had taken a long look at some part of her, usually the behind when she wasn't looking, trying to imagine what it would look like under the clothes. And in the lonely hours of night one of my favourite erotic fantasies was that of surprising her in the bathroom where I would force myself on her and later make her suck me as I came in her mouth.

So, if she was the object of my nightly desire why not do something about it in real life then? Well, the fact was that the Mia in my fantasies and the Mia in real life were two completely different girls. The fantasy Mia, though looking exactly like the real Mia, would be coy and defenceless, and she would follow my slightest command. The real life Mia was a bit too pushy for me, which was confirmed by this untimely visit; and she was moody. I mean, she could be very sweet and then suddenly become angry at something with no apparent reason. Not that she would dare become angry with with me, she was five years younger, around the 20, and looked up to me and seemed to weigh my opinons rather highly. As when we were arguing over which movie to watch in the cinema; if we didn't agree on the exact movie it would always end up being one from MY pool of secondary choices, and she would take it with a smile or, at most, only a minor grumpiness. No, it wasn't towards me the problem was. It was for example when she was watching tv; then she could get all worked up about some small thing, like the clothes of the news host or a bad joke from a commentator or the lacking skill of the actors of some show. And she could use up all of my patience when telling me about the nerve of some idiotic ex-girlfriend who had said this or done that (and who of course became a good friend again a few days later). She was very judgemental but at the same time she was very sensible to what others said about her and how they behaved towards her, and she would easily get very offended. It was this moodiness that was a complete turn-off for me.

I knew for a fact that she liked me and that she wanted our relationship to develop into something more; Martin, one of our common friends, more than hinted that some weekends ago in the quiet after-math of a party. I was pretty drunk and one hour earlier I had reached the talkative state where everything was interesting and everything interesting was to be discussed; now I was getting tired and left most of the talking to Martin. He was far beyond my state and was at his fourth beer past his limit (he later made a terrible mess in the bath room!). He was complaining about his non-existent sexual life.

"... but YOU, you at least have Mia!" he explained with a drunk voice. "She's sooo sweet..!" He smiled happily for a moment, then turned to me with an angry stare. "Why haven't you fuckin' DONE something, man?! She's crazy about you, y'lucky bastard!"

I wasn't really that surprised; I had sensed something from her, but he seemed to know something that I didn't and asked him to explain.

"Jenny told me, and she also told me that you were an IDIOT for not noticing!"

I told him that I was happy with how things were now and I wanted it to stay like this. She was my friend and if I started fucking her it would all get complicated. Besides, I wasn't that desperate; I knew a few girls who could be up for something if I worked a little on them, you know what I mean...

"So why the fuck are you hangin' around her all the time, man?! You're fuckin' keepin' her off the market! She thinks it'll lead somewhere with you!"

I explained him that she was a breath of fresh air, a nice change in my everyday, and that although I would eventually get irritated by her moodiness I enjoyed her company, or at least it was better than doing nothing.

Now my breath of fresh air had come for this late-hour visit, and I honestly wasn't in the mood for her right now. I decided to let her stay for just a while out of friendliness and then nicely but firmly throw her out.

Mia went into my room, threw herself on the couch and turned on the tv. I was on my way over to the computer when I heard her call out loudly:

"A cup of tea would be splendid!"

She really acted like a spoiled brat sometimes.

"Then go make some," I answered while sitting down and directing my attention on my previous surfing.

"I'd really like you to make me some..." she said with a sweet voice and added: "Please!"

I let out an irritated sigh to show her that I wasn't in the mood for her company, then I forced patience on myself and thought that it would be easier to kick her out soon if I did something nice to her.

The tea was steaming hot as I returned to my room. Mia was laying on her stomach focused on the tv, some quiz show, and she let out a big laugh at something they said.

"No dear, put it here please." She pointed to the floor below her head as I was about to put the cup on the coffee table.

"I'll put it here, get it yourself when it's cooled off a bit," I said, refusing to give in to her spoiled request, and left the cup on the table I pretended not to notice her hurt expression as I returned to my computer. A while went by.

"Come over here a moment, will you?" Her voice was bright but I could sense something in it, probably she was still offended.

"What?" I asked without turning my eyes from the screen.

"It's just... come over here and I'll tell you!"

I grumbled irritatedly but went over to her. She smiled gaily at me and started to explain.

"It's just that I've had such a tough day, and my feet are killing me... they are SO sore you won't believe it." She winked at me. "Won't you be a sweety and massage them for me a bit, just five or ten minutes?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

"Listen," I said with all my patience mustered, "I've had a hard day myself and I'm really too tired for this. Actually, I was thinking of going to sleep anytime soon... Ok?"

"Ok," she said a little sulkily and returned her gaze to the tv. She didn't take the hint about going to sleep.

"At least give me my tea!" I heard her call as I turned to go back to my computer.

"It's still too hot," I countered and moved along, "leave it be for a minute more." She snorted but didn't say a word.

Another while went by.

"How do you turn this thing on?" I heard her voice from where the tv was. I turned to see what she was doing and quickly went to stop her.

"What are you doing? Don't put a movie on now, it's too late!"

"It's something I think you should see, and it's really very short,"she said persuasively. "It's ten minutes at most! And I think it would interest you!" I looked at her. Just this and then I'll get her out, I thought to myself. I took the dvd from her hands and put it inside the machine, switched the channel to AV2. First there was nothing, then a picture appeared. It looked like some home video. It was taken inside an empty apartment and in the center stood a pretty blond girl.

"Now, this is my new home!" the blond girl said happily and threw out her arms with a big smile. She turned around herself before returning her attention to the camera. "What do you say Mia, isn't it perfect?!" The camera looked probingly around in the apartment.

"This is Stella's new place," Mia's voice sounded from behind the camera, "her new lair of seduction!" The two girls laughed girlishly.

I gazed at the tv, thinking that it wouldn't be so bad to meet this friend of Mia sometime. Her slender waist was visible between the tight jeans and the short white shirt that also showed the delicious shape of her large round breasts. The picture zoomed in on her cute face and on different parts of her body on various occasions and I took it all in so that I could remember her; I resolved to make her the object of this night's fantasy, and my dick began to get hard in anticipation. The picture panned around the room, and then the girls walked around in the apartment, all the time fooling around and giggling like school girls. They went to a smaller room, then the bath room, the kitchen, the entrance, and back to the big room where they started.

I was starting to get bored and let out a small sigh of irritation. Besides this lovely Stella girl, what was so important in this video that I had to see it? I turned my head towards Mia but she hushed me and pointed to the screen before I could say anything.

The Mia in the tv said:

"By the way, the guy I told you about lives just across the street from here." The camera moved to the window and zoomed in on a building that looked awfully familiar. "Where is it..? Where is it..? Here!" She found the right window and the picture of a back appeared -- my back!

"Why, it's you!" said the Mia next to me on the couch with faked surprise. My muscles tensed. I got a strange feeling but couldn't move, could just sit and watch the video.

"Here he is!" cried the Mia in the tv and zoomed in even more, making the picture jump around until she had her hand steady. The sound of approaching footsteps could be heard.

"Can you see him?" sounded Stella's voice just next to the camera. "What's he doing?"

"Let's see," said Mia's voice in the tv. Then she let out a startled cry. "Oh my god! He's jacking it off!" Only my back was visible but my right arm made the unmistakable rythmical motions of a masturbation. I looked at the video in a state of shock and my face turned crimson. I just stared at the tv without noticing Mia's smile getting bigger and bigger.

"What?!" said Stella's voice and after a second's silence the whole picture jumped around to the hysteric laughs of the two girls. "Film it, film it!" Stella cried and the camera found my back again. The rhythmical hand motion continued and the me in the tv turned sideways on the chair so my moaning face, my erect my dick through the half-opened pants -- everything! - could be seen. A few times my head turned and looked at something on the table, my computer screen. The stroking rhythm intensified and finally came the climax; I ejaculated forcefully into a piece of toilet paper, my dick spasming.

"He's cumming, he's cumming!" cried Stella breathlessly. The camera continued focusing on me. I sat for a little while with closed eyes and a satisfied smile, then I got up, whiped my dick and go out of the room.

"It's so cool that we filmed it!" I heard Mia's voice laughing before the recording ended.

Everything was silent. I sat without moving, all tense and embarrased. I didn't look at Mia but I knew that she was watching me with a big grin on her face. We sat like that for what seemed an eternity before she spoke:

"Is your dick ok? The way you pulled on it I'm worried it didn't come off!" she said and laughed. My first reaction was that of indignation.

"What the hell is that?!" I yelled turning my tomato-red face towards her. "Filming through other people's windows like that!!" I jumped up and pulled the dvd out of the machine. Mia was very calm. She started examining her finger nails.

"You can keep that one," she said casually, " I've got extras,"

I threw the dvd on the floor.

"Give me the original!" I demanded and held my hand out as if she had it with her. She looked up at me.

"Ah, don't worry dear," she said soothingly, " I haven't showed it to anyone... yet!" The last she added looking me straight into the eyes with a twinkle while a small evil smile appeared on her mouth. I realized my situation and my anger vanished suddenly and was replaced by fear. My voice changed and became more controlled.

"What do you want for the original recording?" I asked, ready to give her anything.

"Oh, I think that I'll keep that for a little while more," she said nonchalantly. Then she added with an enthusiastic voice: "Stella's new apartment is really nice, don't you think? I think the girls would just love to see it! Maybe I should get them together to see the video some time..."

"Mia..! Please! Please don't show it to anyone, please!" I whailed and looked pleadingly into her eyes.

"Oh, of course I won't do that!" she said with reassurance and waved her hand like she had only made a joke. "As long as we're on good terms this secret will be between the two of us!" Somehow, her mention of "the two of us" made me feel uneasy as the thought of Stella ran across my mind. But I tried desperately to believe her and shook the uneasiness away.

"Thank you thank you!" I sighed, relieved, while taking her hands in mine and squeezing them warmly. I was so happy about having gained Mia's reassurance and my mind was already thinking of how to get invited to Mia's home to find and destroy the original recording. Mia just sat beaming with delight.

Now that things were more or less settled my embarrassment reemerged. I took an awkward look at Mia and turned to go back to my computer, to escape the situation. I ran the back of my hand over my sweaty forehead and took a deep breath. I had just sat down when I heard her:

"Do you think my tea is cooler now?" I jumped up and went to fetch her the tea. She smiled at me and winked.

"Thank you, you're so kind!"

I went back to my screen and sat there for a while. I couldn't really concentrate on surfing, my heart was beating quickly, but here I could regain my composure after the shocking video. I shook my head a few times, disbelieving how this could have happened at all. How could I have been so careless? Usually I would take care of "such matters" in the black of night, or at least I would have gone to the toilet or rolled down the shades.

I recognized the filmed occasion; it was only a few days ago, a Sunday afternoon, and my random surfing had led me to an article showing the "30 most gorgeous babes during the last decade". Needless to say, as I browsed through the pictures I got pretty arroused and without any thought of making use of the shades I grabbed the nearby toilet paper, found a picture that turned me immensively on, and started stroking my member. The picture showed a model I had never heard about before, a beautiful blond girl, posing on all fours without any clothes, but also without showing anything directly, and with a somewhat startled or frightened expression on her gorgeous face. In my immagination I alternately dog-fucked her, as she was standing exactly like on the picture, and made her suck me with her delicious red mouth. The fantasy was strong, as was the final ejaculation. But that was pretty obvious from the video. I banged my head quietly on the table, angry at myself for my foolishness. Then I tried to relax and think positive thoughts: Mia is a nice person and she's my friend, besides she's in love with me. She just plays around with me now. And anyways, soon I'll make her give me the original recording or find it myself, and then everything will be ok again.

My thoughts were interrupted by Mia:

"What are you doing over there? Won't you rather come over here and keep me company?" I suppressed an urge to jump up and run over to her. She shouldn't think I would do whatever she asked me to. So I deliberately made her wait, pretending to finish up some things, closing the windows, etc. Then I got up slowly and went to sit besides her. I threw a glance at her. I thought, even hoped, that she would be just a tiny bit grumpy because I hadn't answered her and had taken my time, but she was just beaming a smile at me.

We sat in silence and watched the tv show. My heart had settled down a bit, but I was still tense next to her. After around five minutes I prepared to make a quiet escape and return to the computer, but as I shifted my weight forward to get up her foot landed in my lap. I looked at her and she returned with a gaze full of plea.

"I know that you've had a tough day, dear, but my feet are SO killing me! Please, won't you rub them for me, just a bit?" I sighed and nodded slowly, like I was granting her a big favour.

"Alright, just a bit then..." I said. My voice was a bit shaky so I cleared my throat and hoped she didn't notice. She just smiled happily at me.

"Oh, thank you SO much!"

I started to massage one foot, deliberately not so thoroughly to make it clear that this was not something that I really wanted to do but just a favour I wanted to get over with. Then the other foot. I was just about to put the foot down when she said:

"Would you mind to do my back a little too? It's been sore for days, and it would really make me happy... with you..."

This began to seem like some kind of blackmail and I frowned at her.

"Listen Mia," I said with reason in my voice, "it's quite late now and I have to get up early tomorrow. Can we do this another day? Tomorrow, for exa... no, I can't tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, you can come by here and I'll give you a round of back massage! Does it sound good?"

Mia pulled her feet to herself and put them on the floor. She got up and said to me with a hurt expression:

"I don't know if I can that day," and added quickly without even pretending to have thought it over, "no, I can't." She threw with head and started walking towards the entrance, then slowed down and said, only turning half towards me:

"I'm having the girls over to watch a video that day." Her words hit me like a hammer. It took me a second to recover then I was on my feet and after her.

"Wait wait!" I yelled, "Emm, what about tomorrow, I think I have time if you come early in the afternoon!"

She turned angrily to me and practically spelled her words out to me:

"My back hurts NOW! Tomorrow it might have gotten all worse and then it won't help!"

She grabbed her coat but I stopped her hand. She turned her face quickly towards me.

"Listen mister," she said threateningly, "do you want me to go or do you want me to leave?!"

"I don't want you to go like this!" I said desperately, still holding on to her hand.

"So how DO you want me to go?!" she snapped pulling her hand free. "Like this?!" She put on a big and obviously fake smile that immediately vanished again and tore down her pink coat. I took hold of it before she could put it on.

"No no!" I cried. "Don't go now! Stay! Let's just talk it over! I mean... I'll give you the massage right now! Ok? Please!"

She turned her head towards me, her voice more quiet.

"Are you sure? 'Cause I don't want to stay if you really don't want to do it..."

I gently but firmly pulled her coat away and put it back on the rack, relieved.

"Yeah, sure... I mean, your back hurts now, right? I'll give it a good massage now, and if it still hurts tomorrow I can do it again, for sure."
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