Tales of sons submission continue

Nikki coached Karen to use the tawse on me and it did hurt, especially the way she got the tip of the leather to curl around and strike inside the spread cleft of my bottom. They only gave me 6 swats on each side, for which I was grateful. Nikki decided I needed a rest, and the two girls got sodas from the little refrigerator and sat down on a couple chairs and chatted.

Karen asked Nikki about working at Dr. Andre's clinic, and Nikki was very pleased to tell her all about it.

She said, "Well, when I first started at the clinic, I was assigned to prepare the new patients for Dr. Andre to examine. This entailed making sure they were undressed completely before weighing them and taking their temperature and blood pressure. It was so cute how embarrassed they'd be to have to be completely naked -- especially when I walked them down the hall to be weighed on the scale -- and they'd often have accidental erections! After that, I'd help them onto the exam table and adjust the stirrups properly to get their knees 'high and wide' as the doctor always says. The last 'preparation' I would make would be to shave their genitals completely, as Dr. Andre says this is necessary for a proper examination.

"After doing that for a while, Doc added new responsibilities for me, putting me in charge of 'prepping' the masturbation appointments, for the younger gentlemen.

"You see, the Doc has many different services and treatments that she offers. There are a few procedures that are non-recurring, like performing circumcisions and vasectomies, which she always did with the wife or mother present to observe.

"Then there are relatively short-term treatments like fertility testing, which requires many return visits to provide us with a semen sample to see how things are going. When working with erectile dysfunction, we have the patient come in a couple times a week, and see how well he responds with an erection to stimulation by one of our trained specialists.

"Another treatment sequence that Dr. Andre provides is for mothers who have concerns about the sexual development of their sons, and is called masturbatory therapy. My job was to take the mom and her son into the exam room, take his vitals and see that he is undressed, get him up on the table, and then ask the mom a fairly long series of questions about her boy - right in front of the son! The questions were so embarrassing for the boy, and it was always such fun, because the boy would often get an erection from the embarrassing questions I'd ask his mom. Like how often did she have him masturbate for her? How long did it usually take for him to ejaculate? Did she sometimes do it for him, and if so, was he quicker at those times? Was she satisfied with the amount of semen he was producing? Did she agree that he shouldn't ever do it without her supervision? Things like that"

Nikki giggled at Karen's shocked expression, and then continued, "Once I was finished 'prepping', Dr. Andre would come in and would guide the boy to masturbate into a glass beaker, which I always got to hold! We would measure the output and discuss his masturbation frequency and semen output with his mother.

Dr. Andre usually recommended that the mom continue supervised masturbation sessions with her son at least three times per day; first thing in the morning, when he got home from school, and at bedtime. Each session should include two ejaculations, since the boy was young and developing and it was good for his body to adjust to a high level of semen output, with the goal to make sure that she kept him well emptied so that his body would continue to increase semen production.

The mom was instructed to always have her boy ejaculate into the measuring cup, and jot down the results on a form. Then the moms bring their boys in every two weeks to go over the results with Dr. Andre. A lot of those moms are the older ladies you see in Dr. Vic's evening classes."

Nikki took a sip of her drink and continued, "Dr. Andre also provides ongoing treatments to many patients, and that's my current job. There are many older patients that she recommends to come in for prostate therapy on a weekly or by-weekly basis in order to stay healthy. You see, if a man's prostate isn't regularly emptied of semen, 'to clear his pipes' as Dr. Andre says, all sorts of bad things can happen. It is a fairly quick procedure to get the patient well milked and on their way back to work or golf or whatever. We have a table, just like this one, in the 'milking room' at the Clinic. During the hours I work now, I take the gentlemen into the room, get them quickly undressed and into position, and I milk them.

"I use a special medical device that is shaped with a curve to put the moving head right on their gland, and the head moves back and forth to rub and vibrate against the prostate. I have one here that I will demonstrate on Jeffrey later. With this device, I am able to bear down with the correct amount of pressure as it rubs and vibrates against the patient's prostate gland, efficiently pushing out all the semen. I always wear a medical glove as I milk the patient's penis downward like I showed you, and I empty him into a small glass jar that has lines on the side so I can tell how much he produced.

"I log the numbers in his chart and send him on his way, and clean and prep the room for my next patient. And I have a lot of patients -- one right after the other -- during my shift. Some of them even come in two or three times a week because they want to be 'extra healthy'!" Both Nikki and Karen laughed at this...

Karen said, "Wow, it must be amazing to work there, and I especially like the idea of the moms bringing their developing boys in for treatments regarding masturbation. I'd really like to hear more about that!"

Nikki smiled and said, "Well, there was this one case... It really sticks in my mind as the most enlightening of all. Let me tell you about it..."


Irene was woman in her late 50's, fit and well maintained, having kept her figure trim. Her face was a picture of how she lived -- in happiness -- with just the hint of smile lines at the corners of her pretty eyes. Her brown hair was styled like that of a younger woman, and you'd not have guessed she was over 45, and she had attended many of Dr. Victoria's evening classes. As you know, most of Dr. Vic's evening classes are about the societal evolution toward female dominance, and Irene really loved the Dr.'s vision of the future.

Irene's younger sister, Tami, had audited a few classes with her and was of the same mind, though Kim was not as much of an ardent follower of Dr. Victoria as was Irene. Tami had a young son, Craig, who had just turned 18. One day when Irene was visiting her sister, she caught a glimpse of the boy as he was getting out of the shower, and she was quite impressed with the young man. More specifically, she was impressed with Craig's genitals, which were nicely large, and it came to Irene's mind that Craig would look marvelous in Dr. Victoria's invention -- the pouch panty.

Since Irene and Craig had always had a special relationship, like good buddies, and Tami was due to take an extended business trip, Irene thought it would be great to have Craig stay at her house while his mom was away. Irene spoke to Tami about this, and about the idea for Irene to take Craig into the clinic of Dr. Jordan Andre to get him a complete check-up during Tami's absence, since he was at such an important developmental time in his life. Tami thought that would be fine and the plan was made.

Irene took Craig home with her the following weekend and they spent a lot of time together, catching up on his school and sports and girls. That first evening, Irene took all of Craig's clothes away and sent them to the cleaners as a 'gift' to him. She gave him a couple pairs of her old cotton gym trunks and tank tops for him to 'wear around the house' until his clothes were cleaned and returned. The shorts were threadbare and almost too small for him, with a low-rise waist, and short legs. Since Irene had 'accidentally' taken all of his underwear to the cleaners too, the well-endowed young man had to struggle to keep his genitals fully covered with the little fabric he had to work with.

Irene made him feel comfortable about it, acting like it was no big deal. She reminded him that all through his younger years, she had often taken care of him and bathed him, so he didn't need to feel self-conscious about being a 'growing boy'. She greatly enjoyed the little 'peeks' she got as parts of him would become accidentally exposed. She deviously had him help her move things in the garage, causing him to need to reach and bend a lot, climb ladders that she held for him, and otherwise be in the position of having to carry things with both hands in awkward positions. The result of his efforts provided Irene with ample opportunity to view his large penis or one of his ripe testicles slipping out the leg of the shorts.

She especially liked sitting across from him in the living room, reading a book while he watched TV. As boys always do, he would lose concentration on his modesty and allow his thighs to part. This afforded Irene many nice viewings of his exposed genitals. In the evenings, she took liberty to spy on him as he showered, by disabling the lock on the bathroom door, and accidentally walking in on him. She also was able to catch him masturbating when she walked into his room one night to bring him fresh sheets. She was so pleased with his embarrassment that she stayed in the room and chatted with him, pretending that she hadn't seen his big erect penis in his hand before he'd rushed to pull up the covers. She took that opportunity to take his shorts to be washed, leaving him with nothing to wear the next day.

The next morning, he called to her from his doorway, hiding behind the door and asked for something to wear. Irene smiled and pushed right into the room, opening a drawer and depositing a fresh pair of fresh shorts and a top into his drawer, then she turned to face the blushing boy whose hands were trying and failing to cover his big genitals. "Oh, don't bother covering up, Craig," she said, "we're old buddies and I've seen you naked many a time when I bathed you as a youngster." He couldn't bring himself to drop his hands, so Irene handed him the pair of shorts. He took them, turned away, and bent over to step into them quickly, but in doing so he gave her a wonderful rear-view of his manly bottom and his enormous testicles hanging between his muscular thighs.

On their third night together, Irene informed the boy that she would be taking him to see the doctor, with his mother's full agreement. She told him it would be an important time in his development to get fully checked out and make sure he was progressing healthily. She told him the clinic specialized in male genital health, and watched the boy blush and stammer delightfully. "Uh, um, well, ah, I guess, uh, whatever...."

The next day, with Craig's whining complaints about his relative lack of clothing ringing in her ears, she ushered the boy into her car wearing only the tiny cotton shorts and tank top she had loaned him. The 'cleaners' had a done a woeful job of losing his order, so he still hadn't got his clothes back. She walked the blushing boy into the clinic that Saturday morning, signed in with the smiling medical clerk, and sat him down in the waiting room.

She noticed that the small room had two other women in their 40's, with young sons about Craig's age. The women all looked pleased and the boys all looked embarrassed to be there. When a mother's name was called, she took her son by the hand and led him to the door where the young brunette nurse waited. The mom said, "Now you behave, Timmy, or I'll have to give you a spanking when we get home," loud enough for everyone to hear. The boy blushed and whispered, "yes, mom."

Irene thought that was delightful and imagined Craig naked and writhing across her lap, having his bottom turned pink by the swats of her hand...and maybe a hair brush! How precious, she thought, I wonder how I might arrange that... Before long, the nurse was back at the door and called Irene's name. She took Craig's hand and led him briskly to the door, as she heard her voice warning him to behave. "Now be a good boy for the Doctor, dear," she said, sharing a knowing look with the other mom who smiled and nodded.

They were ushered into one of the examination rooms by the petite and buxom brunette nurse who took charge immediately. "I'm Nikki, your technician today, and I'll prep Craig for his examination by Dr. Jordan." Irene introduced herself as Craig's aunt, and produced the medical authorization letter Craig's mother Tami had signed for her. "Everything looks in order," said Nikki happily, "Now Craig, if you would please undress and hang your shorts and shirt on the hooks over there." She pointed at hangars on a nearby wall and continued. "Once you've undressed, I'll need you to lie down on the exam table and I'll get you ready."

The boy looked around with wide eyes for some sort of gown to put on, and finding none, he looked pleadingly at Irene. Nikki spoke immediately, "Please, Craig, be quick as we are on a time schedule here. Please take off your clothes and get up onto the table for me." He hung up his shirt, looking resigned to his fate, and slipped the small shorts off. He kept his genitals covered with his hands and hopped up to sit on the table.

Nikki said, "I need you to turn and lie down, Craig, and put your legs up into the stirrups like a good boy." Both women thought he would faint from fright, but Nikki reassured him, "This is perfectly normal, dear, it's how boys are properly examined. Please just do as I say and get into position for me." He trembled visibly as he slowly complied. Once his legs were up in the stirrups, Nikki pulled the little cart with the shaving supplies close between his now raised and spread thighs and said, "Put your hands at your sides so I can shave you, dear." He closed his eyes and hesitantly did as she instructed.

Both women smiled at the size of his now-exposed penis and testicles, they were quite shapely and very big, almost out of proportion to his body, as though his body hadn't grown into them yet. Nikki quickly set to work, lathering him up and shaving his pubic hair quickly and efficiently. Soon she wiped him down with a wet towel and inspected her work, finding him fully denuded of hair on and around his large penis and scrotum. "There, that looks very nice," she said, "Don't you think so Irene?"

"Oh, yes," said Irene, "He looks marvelous that way..." Nikki produced a clipboard and pen and began to ask questions all directed at Irene as if she should know the answers. All the questions involved Craig's masturbation habits; frequency, duration, quantity of semen produced, and the like. Irene acted like it was totally normal, and answered honestly that she had not observed the boy "masturbating to ejaculation."

Nikki acted shocked, "You mean his masturbation sessions are not scheduled and properly supervised?" Irene answered that, as far as she knew, that is correct. Nikki made some notes on the chart and said, "Well, I see... I suppose the Doctor will discuss that with you." Both women looked then at Craig, seeing that his eyes were shut tightly, and his penis was throbbing a bit and getting larger, probably very much against his wishes.

Just then there was a light knock on the door and Dr. Jordan came in, wearing a white lab coat and smiling brightly. She introduced herself and looked at the chart, frowning. "I see that young Craig has not yet been put on a proper masturbation schedule, nor is he being supervised. We'll have to make some adjustments so that his development can be properly monitored." She pulled a stool over and rolled it between Craig's spread thighs, and pulling on latex gloves she said, "Hi Craig, how are we feeling today?"

"Fine, I guess," said the boy, cringing.

Dr. Jordan said, "Great to hear it. Since this is your first visit, let me tell you a little bit about what we do here. I'm going to examine your genitals to assess your baseline genital health, and we'll take a quick semen sample for testing. After that, we'll discuss your further treatment and maintenance needs with you and your Aunt Irene, and send you on your way. I'm sure it won't take more than 15 or 20 minutes, so just be a good brave boy for me and we'll take good care of you." She began to feel his testicles and examine his scrotum with her deft fingers, marveling happily at their size.

Jordan continued, "Don't feel ashamed if you have an erection, Craig, it's completely normal during a genital examination for a boy's penis to react naturally and become stiff and throbbing. I'll be touching and examining your penis and testicles thoroughly, and it's just me and Nikki and your Aunt Irene here with you, looking at your naked genitals, so you should feel relaxed and comfortable as your penis gets hard. Having a nice big erection for us will actually help speed things up and get you ready to have you're your semen sample taken, so you shouldn't be embarrassed at all, dear."

Irene marveled at the way the doctor spoke -- as though to increase the boy's embarrassment and to keep the fact that he was naked and lewdly exposed in the forefront of his mind. Already she saw the tell-tale throbs begin in his penis, and knew he could not control the arousal of his genitals. It was such an intimate thing to watch a boy's penis become erect, right before the women's eyes, and the boy knew that all 3 women were watching his penis throb and stiffen, and there was nothing he could do to save any modesty at all.

"Ok," young Craig whispered, still squeezing his eyes shut and making fists with his hands while keeping them dutifully at his sides.

Dr. Jordan continued to palpate his testes, describing what she found. "Irene, his scrotum has no irregularities or abnormal swelling...his testes are smooth...epididymis feels normal...his spermatic cord feels fine....his vas deferens seems healthy...so his testicular health seems great, though they are certainly large. And as we can all clearly see, his penis is becoming nicely erect, which is a good and healthy response for a boy."

She began to palpate and inspect the boy's now-rigid penis. She estimated it to be a full nine inches, which was among the largest penises she had examined on an 18 year old boy. She spoke to her patient, "Craig, since you haven't begun a supervised masturbation schedule, I'll have to ask you when you most recently masturbated and ejaculated? Did you play with your penis this morning?" The boy was frozen in silence, so she asked again. "Craig, I need to know how long it has been since you last released semen. Did you rub your penis and make it spurt last night?"

He nodded and began to blush bright pink, much to the Irene's delight.

The doctor continued to probe and prod the boy's throbbing penis, squeezing here and there as she asked, "Did you wake up this morning with your penis erect?" He nodded again. "And did you make a nice big come of semen this morning; perhaps in your bed or in the bathroom when you showered?" The boy gritted his teeth and nodded again as Irene smiled, wishing she had been there to see it. "Very good boy," said Dr. Jordan, "thank you for being a brave boy and answering my questions." She turned to her busty technician, "Nikki, could you please position the sample beaker near the head of Craig's penis? I think we're ready to take his semen sample."

Nikki moved to the boy's side and took his near hand in hers to give the boy some comforting support as she held the large glass sample container in position. She whispered, "Hold my hand, dear; be a good boy and just let it happen. If you relax and let your penis react naturally to stimulation, it will be over before you know it." She smiled at him and gave his hand a comforting squeeze. He squeezed back and looked gratefully into Nikki's beautiful brown eyes as the Doctor began to stroke his penis with long firm strokes.
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