More spa services and romance ignites quotold schoolquot

Note: This story is Female-dominant / male-submissive, with some BDSM twist to it. If you don't like that sort of thing, please return to the menu and choose a story you will enjoy! Thanks!! All characters are over 18.

Chapter 03

Jeffrey has more spa services, and romance ignites 'old school'

She led him to his next appointment in the Beauty Spa area. Candace, the Matron of that department greeted them cordially and then to Jeffrey, asked, "How was your massage, dear? Are you feeling nicely relaxed?" She smiled at the boy and eyed his relaxed and flaccid genitals coyly.

Jeffrey knew that everyone knew what 'massage' meant for a boy -- that the service included the servicing of his genitals, much like checking the oil in an automobile. There was nothing strange about it, but the women always seemed to want to bring it up in a humorous yet affectionate way.

"Yes, Ma'am, quite relaxing," he said with a suitable smile.

"I can see that, dear," said Candace. "Now if you'll follow me, I think the girls are ready for you."

She led the pair to a cubical toward the rear of the shop, surrounded by waist high opaque glass walls. The pretense was that the walls afforded a client with a little privacy, but actually did nothing of the sort. Any woman, and there were several having their hair and nails done throughout the large shop, could see a boy right over the walls from almost any distance.

In this area was a chair, not unlike a dentist's chair Jeffrey thought, with the back reclined at an angle and with pads for each foot and forearm to rest upon. Four smiling attendants stood in a row to greet Jeffrey and help him into the chair. Once in the char, with the foot pads set high and wide, Jeffrey was ready for the simultaneous beauty treatments he was about to receive.

One girl stood above him and started working on the skin of his face with various cleansers, cleaners, masks, tweezers, and lotions to make his countenance fresh and new. Another girl pulled up a rolling stool to give him a manicure; another on a shorter stool attended to his pedicure, and both of these girls started on opposite sides of him so they wouldn't be in each other's way.

The fourth girl pulled up a low stool between his spread thighs and began to examine his tummy, penis, testicles, and bottom for any sign of hair growth. Wherever she found a newly active follicle, she took a laser gun and zapped it, thus ensuring Jeffrey another 90 days or so of a hair-free and oh-so-fashionable groin.

Jeffrey was never a hairy boy to begin with and had long ago endured a series of waxing procedures on his chest, back and pubic region, such that he now only needed the occasional laser touch-up between his spread cheeks and thighs. Just like most other boys, Jeffrey shaved the sparse hair on his arms and legs manually, every other day or so, and every time he went out socially to maintain his 'hairless' physique that women expected of a boy. This expectation was especially true of young, unattached boys.

The "A-Team" of beauty technicians worked smoothly and efficiently, completing their assigned duties in less than 30 minutes. The girls who did his nails and face said their goodbyes and bid him have a nice day, leaving only the laser technician still inspecting meticulously and zapping here and there as Jeffrey tried not to wince too obviously. He was a detective after all, and they were supposed to be tough as nails.

Finally, the laser tech sat back with a pleased and satisfied look on her face. "I think that cleans you up for another 90 days or so, Jeffrey, you look nice and smooth and clean. And I must say you took that very well. I know it hurts a bit, and I hope I've been gentle enough with you." As she said these things, she was idly fondling his testes in her hand, enjoying the silky-smooth feel of his scrotum and the firm roundness of his testicles. She gave his exposed and vulnerable genitals and bottom a last inspection, craning her neck to closely peer into every nook and cranny. Beth was watching with a less-than-pleased look on her face.

Uh-oh, Jeffrey thought, Beth looks a bit jealous. That is not a good sign. He said to the technician, "Thanks, you were very gentle and I appreciate your care and concern." Jeffrey started taking deep breaths to relax his body, knowing what was coming next.

The technician smiled and set the laser down. She put a surgical glove on her left hand, and then took a bottle of lotion that had been sitting in warm water and poured a liberal amount of the oily emollient into a small glass bowl. She dipped the fingers of both hands into the prepared lotion, which clung thickly to her hands. She began to rub the soothing lotion first between the spread cheeks of his bottom, intimately soothing the sensitive pink cleft where a few follicles had been zapped, and taking care to gently rub the lotion into the delicate skin.

She smiled to herself, deciding that the boy was not only quite good looking, especially with his feet on the raised pads which made his knees spread high and wide, but she thought his genitals were among the prettiest she had worked on. His penis and testicles were not large, by any measure, but their shape and color were just exquisite -- perhaps the prettiest she had ever seen. She thought these where the genitals whose picture should be in the text books and encyclopedias so that girls knew what the 'standard of beauty' should be as they shopped for a boy.

She broke her reverie and dipped her gloved left hand into the emollient bowl again, scooping a healthy amount of the viscous liquid onto her index finger, and said, "Relax for me, Jeffrey, just let it happen." She put her dripping finger tip at the entrance of his little pink bud and swirled it around, pressing softly. Jeffrey exhaled a big breath and her fingertip gently slipped in.

She began to slide her finger in and out, spreading the emollient in him to lubricate the passage, and she delved deeper with the pad of her finger upward, searching for the little walnut of his prostate gland. Finding the gland as her finger bottomed out, she began a slow and steady 'come hither' motion with her finger tip, gently massaging him inside.

She dipped the fingers of her right hand into the bowl and began rubbing the lotion throughout his crotch and inner thighs, taking her time and going slowly since she knew the prostate massage would take a few minutes to begin to have effect on his flaccid penis. She had finished his bottom, groin, inner thighs, and tummy areas -- covering them with the emollient and rubbing it in fully -- and she noticed the first signs of life in his sated penis as it began to engorge and lift off of his testes.

She had been gradually increasing the pressure with which she was rubbing his prostate and was rewarded with an erecting penis. She began to apply the lotion to his scrotum, taking her time to rub it in thoroughly into every nook and cranny of the crinkly velvet. As she did so, she watched happily as his penis became fully erect before her eyes. He was certainly not big, she thought, but he certainly was pretty, especially in the aroused state.

"Jeffrey," she said softly, "I know you understand, but I wanted to remind you that the reason I am stimulating your prostate is to cause you to become erect. It is so that the skin of your penis will be stretched tighter to allow the oil to be applied better."

"Yes, I understand," he said, taking deep breaths to calm himself as his body was being so lewdly, yet professionally, invaded.

The Technician dipped her right hand into the warm oil again, and began to gently rub it in at the base of his shaft. She continued upward slowly, dipping her fingers often into the bowl and putting liberal amounts of the lotion on his stiff and throbbing shaft all the way up to the crown of his head. It was a secret between her and Jeffrey that the finger of her left hand had been continually increasing its pressure as it rubbed his prostate gland. Jeffrey couldn't help but feel the results, and though he had been milked less than an hour before, he was becoming pleasurably aroused.

Oh the pleasurable indignities that boys were forced to endure, he thought. It seemed that everything that was the natural order of things, like the differences between the sexes, always left the boy's side of the equation with a little bit of embarrassment. So many 'normal' things in society included a little bit of humiliation for the boy, the constant reinforcement of the male's submissive status, and the dominance of women. There was always something happening in the female/male relationship to provide the opportunity for the boy to feel just a little ashamed of having been 'slutty' instead of 'classy'.

But deep in his heart, Jeffrey liked being a boy very much, regardless of the constant indignities of fashion and culture and women that constantly reminded him that he was 'only' a boy. And for all their power in this woman's world, he wouldn't trade places with a female for anything. He was determined to be his own man, and succeed in a woman's world in spite of all the hurdles that were in front of him.

The Tech went on rubbing his prostate with ever-increasing vigor as she dipped her right hand into the lotion bowl again. A wicked grin played at the edges of her lips, having sensed that this boy could be made to come again, right here in her chair. She loved doing it to them under the cover of her professional beauty technician position. It was of course not her fault if a boy spurted in her chair. Boy's are sluts and are always desperate to cum. Everybody knows that. And everything she had done and would do was right according to the text book she had studied in beauty academy...

From the ever increasing prostate stimulation, Jeffrey knew exactly what was on the naughty technician's mind. He could feel the boiling feeling down in the inner workings of his reproductive system that let him know things were starting to get out of his control. He knew if she made him cum right here in the beauty spa, he would be giggled at by all the employees and branded a slut. And while branding him so, they would all be attracted to his ability to have another ejaculation so quickly after being well milked during his massage; the double standard at work again. Boys were always caught between a rock and a hard place, and he had certainly become very hard.

The tech put her right hand, palm down, directly atop the swollen pink head of his penis and began to roll her hand in a circular motion to supposedly apply the thick emollient. Jeffrey's body tensed at the sudden shock of stimulation, quite overwhelming really, on his very-sensitive glans. A soft moan escaped his lips as the tech continued her manipulations of the very bottom and the very top of his complex organ system, providing a very different but at least equally compelling stimulation to the usual stroking of the penis shaft. She knew she'd have him erupting all over himself in just a moment or two, and she loved the look of shame and humiliation that boys always had when she 'accidentally' made the sluts cum.

Jeffrey squirmed helplessly in the chair, knowing that he would be pushed over the edge any moment. He was trapped and he knew it. There was no gracious way for him to jump up off the chair when the technician was not yet finished with her procedure. She was going to make him cum and he had no choice but to surrender to it as a boy always must, and deal with the shame as a boy always did.

Beth instantly realized what was happening when Jeffrey's hips had begun to wiggle, and his breathing became little gasping moans. She was very conflicted about what was happening to her boy -- she meant client. Under normal circumstances with any other client, she would have grinned and happily watched the boy humiliate himself by cumming during a beauty procedure, and later thank the technician for the wonderful show. She admitted to herself she did want to watch him cum, but she didn't like the way 'her' boy was being manipulated by another woman. It was a conundrum.

Jeffrey's gasps became more pronounced, his breathing quick and shallow. He was almost there. Sensing this, the Tech took her palm off the top of his penis and made a ring with her finger and thumb, just about the swollen crown of his head. She continued to stimulate his corona with quick little jerks, without touching any other part of his shaft, in order to keep the sensations centered in the sensitive pink head of his penis, and yet allow her and Beth an unrestricted view of his upcoming spurts. She was of course completely unaware of the feelings Beth was having, and thought this boy was just like any other to her co-worker.

With a sharp moan, "Arghhhhhh...", Jeffrey spurted under the intense scrutiny of both women, and several other nearby beauticians and female customers. His first spurt went up only a little, perhaps 10" or so from his penis, and fell back down on the technician's wrist. She smiled as the second spurt was launched only arching up slightly and falling back down upon his penis head and her hand. After that she was able to get two more pulses with decent spurts to flow from his little slit, but that was all.

She slowed her rubbing of his prostate gland to a gentle stroking in time with her hand's movements which had changed to the standard 'milking' motion upward on his shaft. She expressed a few more dribbles and then a couple last drops of semen, as the boy's exhausted penis softened quickly in her hand. She wiped him down with a soft towel and re-applied just a bit more emollient to his well-used and nearly purple head, and then let his soft penis lie once again upon his now-empty testes, giving his penis and testicles a few affectionate pats.

"Oh, my, Jeffrey," she said, feigning surprise, "I'm sorry I made you cum again so soon. But you were a good boy for me and just let it happen. Next time I'll be more careful." She grinned at the exhausted boy's face and his very spent-looking penis and was very pleased with herself. She stood and turned to Beth, not expecting to be met with a scowl.

"I'm sorry, Beth," she said, "Did I miss something?"

Beth wiped the upset look from her face and replaced it with a smile. "I guess you're just doing what you always do," she said, now feeling foolish, "It's just that, well..."

"Oops," said the tech playfully but with a little regret, "I didn't know he was on your radar screen. I'm sorry, Beth, I didn't know."

"It's ok," Beth said, "it's not your fault."

The tech looked at her and exchanged one of those secret glances that women share when they're talking about boys and their insatiable penises. "It never is, Beth, it never is."

Jeffrey heard this exchange, though he pretended to be more 'out of it' than he was. One of the things a boy learns early on is that it feeds a woman's ego to think that he has become incoherent after being made to cum. He wasn't sure how he felt about what Beth had said. As he had suspected, it was clear that Beth had feelings for him. He had to fight the hormonal urge to accept her attraction and be drawn to her that was raging in his brain. It felt like his body was being pulled out of the chair and into the security and nurture that would be found in her arms. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, thinking of pizza with dog poop on it.

After a few minutes, Beth was at his side, caressing his face once again. "Jeffrey, are you ready to go get dressed, dear?"

He nodded, and got up out of the chair. She took him possessively by the hand again and led the naked boy, 'her' boy in her mind, back to the locker room. As she watched him begin to dress, she made her decision. She left him at his locker to dress and told him she'd be back to get him in a few minutes. She nearly ran to the employee lounge and quickly opened her locker. She found the black velvet case, four inch square only half an inch thick, and stuck it in her pocket as she turned and rushed back to the locker room and 'her' waiting boy.

She found Jeffrey just putting on his shoulder rig, then reloading and putting up his gun. He stepped into his black suede loafers and donned his leather jacket, which concealed the weapon but was fashionably short enough not to conceal his admittedly less-full pouch. She grinned at that thought as he turned to her and smiled.

"I'm all ready for you," he said, which was probably a poor choice of words.

Beth beamed at him and offered him again her arm. He took it and they strolled through the hallways to the lobby and reception area, where Beth returned his clipboard at the counter and checked him out. There were a few employees, Caroline the owner, and several women sitting in the lobby's comfortable chairs waiting for their appointments to begin.

Jeffrey gave Caroline her required hug and farewell, and thought he was ready to leave...

Just then, Beth cleared her throat, stood up straight, and said with a strong voice, "Ladies, may I have your attention?" All female heads immediately swiveled to look at her, standing proud and strong in the middle of the room with the smallish but quite handsome young man at her side. They all had a moment to wonder what this was about...but the on-looking women's suspicions were happily confirmed when Beth next spoke.

"I am Bethany Remington. I am a freewoman of 27 years. This is Jeffrey Mason, a freeman of 21 years..." Smiles broke out on the female faces throughout the room, and there were excited whispers here and there as the women in witness of the Courting Ritual delightedly got out their PDA's or a notepad to make record of what they saw transpire.

Jeffrey stood in shock. He had not in a million years seen this coming. He'd only met Beth less than 4 hours ago, and now she was going to bind him into courtship. Oh, no.

Beth continued, "I hereby begin courtship of Jeffrey, all women everywhere hear me now and speak if you claim him!" She paused long with her hands balled in fists, waiting as the ritual required, giving "all women everywhere" a chance to speak.

The witnesses were again silent, looking about the room at each other and making silent and solemn agreements without words. An Elderwoman in her sixties stood boldly to her feet after her companions had all nodded that she was agreed the eldest among them, and spoke.

"I am Melissa Swisshelm, of 68 years," she said in a surprisingly strong voice. "I see all women and I see none to challenge the claim of Bethany Remington." She looked around the room and made eye contact with every woman in attendance one last time. Then in her strong voice, she stated, "I witness this now!"

The silence in the room was deafening as all eyes now turned toward Bethany again. She turned to the stunned Jeffrey, and looked him squarely in the eyes. He bravely stood his ground to keep his honor intact, rather than running away as he was inclined to do in his current state of panic. She produced the black case from her pocket, took out the small chain of perhaps 11" that had symbols of Bethany's name in Latin, and a heart-shaped medallion of pink gold. She got down to one knee in front of Jeffrey.

"I am Bethany Remington, freewoman..." She continued the Ritual by affixing the chain around Jeffrey's right ankle, thereby marking her 'territory', at least for the Courtship Period. She stood again and took both of Jeffrey's hands in hers. She looked him in the eyes and said, "I now Court you, Jeffrey Mason. For the time allowed me by law, I shall pursue and win your love. For the time allowed me by law, will you open yourself, heart, mind, and body, to my Courtship?"

As a freeman, Jeffrey had only one way to keep his honor intact, and that was to answer in the affirmative. To answer "no" was to admit by implication that he was either a common prostitute, a practicing Licensed Courtesan, or that he was already attached to a Mistress -- and behaving like an unmarked freeman in that circumstance was a horrible slight to the boy's Mistress, and also branded the boy as an unfaithful wretched slut.
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