Dave and Liz show the inlaws how to have fun

I have no idea how long I kept licking out my cum from Candy's ass. All I know was that I was truly enjoying this new perversion in my life. I could hear Candy moaning and felt her fingers hitting my chin as she kept on fucking herself. I opened my eyes and saw that everyone was watching me. For a second I thought about pulling away until I heard Candy finally speak. "Damn mom... this feels so good. Uuummmhhh... I can feel Uncle Dave's tongue in my asshole... damn.... damn it... uummhh... this feels good... I'm going to cum... lick my asshole... oooohhhh mommy.... I'm cumming...."

And while my tongue was buried inside her butt hole Candy came and her little hole clamped tightly on my tongue. And it took some effort to pull my tongue out of her. After I did, I sat back and now everyone watched as Candy finished getting herself off with her fingers buried in her very wet snatch.

As she removed her fingers she collapsed on her mom's lap and her head was turned sideways starring at Beth and Hal. The one time that always seems awkward with these orgies we've been having lately is when everyone is satisfied and no one seems to know what to do next.

But Candy broke that awkwardness pretty quick when she giggled and raised her head and looked at her mom and said, "I thought this was going to be a boring family barbeque... wow... was I wrong." Terri and Hal let out a laugh, while Liz, Beth and I had no idea what they were talking about.

Terri laughed a bit, looked at me, and then pointed to the sacks that Hal had carried in, that were still sitting on the chair. "We brought some steaks and hamburger and thought we could have a barbeque."

I said, "That sounds like a great idea." And I got up and started to carry the sacks to the kitchen. Candy quickly got off her knees and volunteered to carry a sack for me. I handed her one and she followed me through the house into the kitchen.

We sat the groceries on the bar and Candy gave me a hug and said, "You can fuck my ass anytime you want if you promise to clean it out like you just did when you're done." I quickly agreed and we shared a private kiss. Then Candy broke our kiss, looked me in the eyes and whispered, "If you can clean me, the least I can do is clean you." And she got on her knees and stuck my dick in her mouth. She stuck my entire semi-hard dick in her mouth and didn't move. Instead she twirled her tongue around it and my dick seemed to find every inch of her throat.

I closed my eyes enjoying the thought that she was sucking a dick that had been not only in her ass, but also Liz's sweet butt. The thought of it all began to get my cock hard and as I reached for her head with my hands, Liz entered the kitchen. Liz spoke loud enough that everyone could hear her. "God damn it... can't leave you two alone for a moment. Uncle Hal... Aunt Terri... your daughter is in here sucking my dad's dick."

From the living room, I could hear Beth and Terri laughing and Beth finally said, "Dave... slow down. We have all day to molest our guests. Go get the grill started and me and Terri will make some salad."

Candy popped my dick out of her mouth and stood up and as we began to share a gentle kiss, Liz got down and took over for Candy, sticking my dick in her mouth. Now it was my turn to have some fun. "Honey, Candy quit playing with me, but now your daughter is sucking my dick."

As Candy and I kissed and Liz sucked my dick, I could hear the footsteps of everyone from the living room coming our way. Beth rounded the corner first and said, "Alright you two girls... leave my husband alone for a bit." Then she looked at me and pointed to the patio door and said, "Go."

I got outside and started the grill. Hal poked his head out the door and asked, "It's OK... to be out there like that?" Meaning - my nudity. I told him it was and he slowly came out and sat in a chair, trying to somehow cover up his very large nude body. The girls stayed in the house with their moms working on some salads.

It was awkward outside. I had no problem being nude around other guys but it was obvious that this was a first for Hal. As the grill warmed up, I was trying to figure out how to break the tension between me and Hal and finally asked, "So what do you think of Beth's cock sucking ability."

"I'm sorry about that... I hope you're not mad."

I laughed and said, "Mad? I loved it. I love watching my wife with another guy. And besides, I fucked the hell out of your wife's mouth as well as your daughter's ass. What did you think of that?"

And as I turned towards Hal to wait for his response, he crossed his legs trying to hide his hard-on. "Wow you're hard again?" Hal didn't answer me so I figured it was as good a time as any to see where we were going. "So are you hard thinking about Beth's blowjob? Or maybe Liz's?" And I waited a second and continued my questioning, as Hal continued to squirm in the chair. "Or did you like me shooting my load all over Terri's face? Or maybe you like watching your daughter getting fucked up the ass?"

It was now time to see how far I could push this. I walked closer to Hal, at eye level my cock was just a few feet away from him. "Or maybe you're hard starring at my ass and wondering what it would feel like to stick your dick in it?" And I walked in front of him and spread his knees apart and Hal froze. "Relax." And I got on my knees and stuck his hard dick in my mouth. Hal didn't move and at times I wondered if he was even breathing. But I kept sucking on his 6" dick. One that I could easily deep throat and lick his balls at the same time.

I knew the more I sucked and teased that I would win him over. And sure enough, I could feel his tenseness leave and his hands began pushing my head up and down on his small cock. "I always knew you were a faggot... suck my cock."

I had enough strength to raise my head even though his hands were pushing down on it. "Yeah, I'm a faggot who fucked your wife's face and your daughter's ass. And now you're begging me to suck your dick." And I lower my head back down and began sucking Hal with the goal of hearing him begging me not to stop. And as I sucked away, I remembered that earlier I had seen Beth stick some fingers in his ass and I did the same. Hal spread his legs and now welcomed not only me sucking his dick but also my fingers in his butt.

I was feeling a sense of power taking this "macho-hetro man" and making him my boy toy. As I kept my head going up and down on his still hardening dick, I could hear the patio door sliding open and Hal began to tense back up. "Well look at you two!" It was Candy. "Do you like having your dick sucked by Uncle Dave?"

I went up and down a few more times and took my mouth away from Hal's dick and looked at his daughter. "Damn right he does. Look at how hard he is!" And I lowered my head back down and went back to sucking my fat brother-in-laws dick.

Candy watched for a couple of seconds and started her way back into the house. "Mom has got to see this!"

Hal began to panic. "Please quit Dave... I don't want everyone to see us like this." But I just kept sucking away. "You bastard leave my dick alone... please stop it."

I raised my head and looked at Hal, "Oh no... all the girls are going to see how hard you get with a guy sucking your dick and his fingers buried in your ass." Just as I finished talking all the ladies walked outside. I looked at Terri and said, "Your husband likes it when I suck his dick." And I jerked it up and down with my hand and said, "See? And he loves it that I've got some fingers in his ass." And I looked at Hal and said, "I bet if I suck on his cock a little more, he'll be begging me to stick my hard dick in his ass." And I lowered my head and began sucking Hal again. This time with all four women watching.

I was so turned on by the idea of popping his anal virginity that I slowly inserted a third finger in his tight butt hole. Candy got down on her knees and rested her arms on her dad's thighs and watched me suck his dick. Terri went behind Hal and started massaging his shoulders and said, "I'd love to see Dave stick his dick in you." She kept massaging Hal's shoulders, helping him relax. "Look at him Hal. He's got your cock so hard. I bet it would get even harder with his cock buried deep inside of you." Terri's massage and my cock-sucking were working wonders and Hal began to melt in the chair.

He let out a low moan and said, "Oooohhh that's it Dave... you're good.... ooohhh fuck.... suck my dick."

Liz got on the other side of Hal and took a position similar to Candy and both these fine young ladies watched me suck dick. Beth went around to the side next to Terri and gently pushed Terri to the side of the chair and pointed to a button on the side of the chair. And then she got on the other side of the chair. Beth said, "Sit up for a second Hal." Hal leaned forward and the gals pushed the buttons and reclined the patio chair all the way back. Then Beth and Terri grabbed Hal's shoulders and laid him down on the chair.

I took my mouth away from Hal's spit shiny cock and asked Liz to go get the baby oil. My little sweetheart jumped up and as I stroked Hal's dick, I watched Liz's pretty little butt bounce into the house. I continued stroking Hal's dick and looked at Candy and asked, "Do you want a taste?" Candy just starred at me, not knowing what to say. Then she starred at her dad's hard dick in my hand and finally she starred at her mom.

Terri said, "Go ahead sweetheart... you know he's dreamed about it for a long time." And tentatively Candy leaned forward and stuck her dad's dick in her mouth. I brushed the hair away from the side of her face and watched her lovingly sucking Hal's cock.

Everyone was getting into the idea of helping Hal enjoy his first homosexual experience. It was becoming a very loving atmosphere. Liz came back out on the patio and knelt down by me and rubbed a lot of baby oil on my very hard cock. Then I took my fingers out of Hal's ass and Liz applied an equally large amount to his bung hole. When she was done spreading it around she easily sunk three of her small fingers in his butt and finger-fucked him for a short time.

I got up on my knees and began getting into position to fuck my brother-in-laws butt in front of both of our families. I looked at Hal and his eyes were closed as he was enjoying Candy's blowjob. I looked at Beth and said, "I might need your help."

Beth winked at me and she pointed to Hal's knees. "Grab hold sis." And Terri grabbed one knee and Beth grabbed the other and they started lifting Hal into position. No longer could Candy suck her dad's dick and she scooted back and watched as her dad's butt came clearly into view. As large and as fat as Hal is, Terri and Beth had managed to put his knees on his chest and nothing was stopping me from entering him.

Hal opened his eyes and had a look of fear. "It's alright Hal. I'll take it easy. By the time I'm done... you'll be begging me to fuck you again." All the ladies were quiet and everyone knew that pretty quick Hal's cherry would be popped. I held my cock and moved it up and down his puckered butt hole. Which made Hal tense up. "Relax Hal... take a deep breath." And Hal listened and as his butt cheeks relaxed I slid my cock inside of him.

I was halfway in him and he just starred at me, scared to move and scared to say anything. I asked him, "Are you alright?" He shook his head yes and I slowly moved back out of him until just the head of my cock was inside. The whole time we just kept starring at each other and the women just watched, with Beth and Terri holding his legs still. I went back in about halfway and again rested a second and then back out.

Just a slow and steady pace... just half my rock hard dick was in him but you could tell he was starting to enjoy the feeling. "Uuuuummmhhhh.... uuummmhhhh." He wasn't speaking but his moans were moans of delight... not pain. On every thrust I began to go a little deeper and Hal's moans got a little louder. "Uuuummmhhh.... yeah.... uummmmhhh... do it... do it Dave... do it."

As big as Hal was and the position he was in it was impossible for him to grab hold of his dick. Terri and Beth were busy holding his legs still and his legs prevented either Liz or Candy to grab hold of him. So that left me. I looked down at it and was amazed that no one had touched his dick for about five minutes and he was just as hard, if not harder, then when Candy was sucking it.

I took it in my hand and gently stroked it as I kept plowing his ass. Now I was going a little faster. We were the center of attention and I was loving every second of it. I looked up at Terri, smiled, winked and blew a kiss at her. She shook her head in disbelief and said, "All the years I've fantasized about you fucking me and I've watched you fuck my daughter and now my husband... will I get any?" For a second that broke the silence and everybody laughed a little - including Hal.

But just as fast as everyone laughed it went back to silence. Except for Hal, "Ummmhhh yeah... play with my dick.... uuummmhhh... your cock feels so good." The whole time we had been fucking I still hadn't buried my meat entirely in his ass. But after that last comment I did. Hal's eyes opened wide and he looked at Terri and he said, "Ooooohhh fuck Terri... his dick is so big.... oooohhh.... yeah.... he's fucking my ass." And then he looked at me and said, "fuck my ass... I love it.... fuck me."

I let go of his cock and placed my hands on the bottom side of his thighs, as our wives continued to hold him still by his ankles. I raised my knees off the ground and all my weight was now on his thighs and in his ass. "Yeah... your my fucking little whore Hal and I'm going to cream your ass."

"Do it.... deeper... give me your cock... fill my ass with your cum." Hal was in another world and as the sun shined down on us we fucked like there was no tomorrow. "Oooohhh yeah... come on.... fuck me... fuck me harder." As Hal's voice continued to climb, Terri let go off his leg and covered his mouth with her hand. Candy quickly moved in position and held onto her dad's leg and kept my new found fuck buddy in perfect position.

All that was coming from Hal's mouth were muffled sounds and I looked down at him and said, "You've got a great ass... ooohhhh yeah.... and.... I hope I get to fuck you again." More muffles from Hal. "You like it don't you? Yeah I'm going to fill your ass with my cum." And Hal let out a loud moan and I looked down and he had shot his load all over his stomach chest and some even landed on his chin. And he came with no one touching him. He came just from me fucking his ass. I loved the sense of power and fucked him even harder, if that was possible.

I had never felt this much lust over another guy. It was so erotic and all the women made it complete. There was no one laughing or mocking me or Hal, they were as turned on watching us getting it on as we were. I kept banging into Hal's ass, my balls banging against his butt cheeks. Terri removed her hand from Hal's mouth and leaned over and kissed him, she looked at me and said, "fuck him Dave... you two are so hot together." The she looked back at her husband and said, "It feels good doesn't it? A nice hard, stiff rod banging your ass." Then she used a finger and cleaned Hal's cum from his chin and stuck it in his mouth.

"I love it.... I love his cock in my ass... ooohhh harder... fuck me." I looked to my side at Liz, she was smiling and she reached under me and began squeezing my balls.

"Come on daddy... give Uncle Hal the prize." She then went behind me and started fingering my butt and that was it.

"Oooohh shit Hal... here... here it comes. Ooooh.... fuck Hal.... I love your big ass.... oooohhh." And as my load shot up his butt, my legs started to shake and my knees quickly fell down on the wooden patio deck. I smiled at Hal and looked at the girls and said, "That was fucking great! This 50 year old stud just popped a cherry." And everyone chuckled.

Now I was famished and ready to eat! Standing behind Hal, Terri gave me a wicked smile. And I wasn't sure what was going on. Candy and Beth still were holding Hal's legs and Terri said, "You're not done yet." And I looked at Hal's ass and my cum was slowly oozing out of it.

Candy smiled and said, "Come on Uncle Dave... it feels so good." A little over an hour earlier I had licked my first asshole after I came in it and now everyone wanted me to do it again. But this wasn't Candy's sweet ass, but rather Hal's fat rump. But it felt natural to do it. I was his first and I wanted him to remember it. And yes, I did it. I leaned down stuck out my tongue and cleaned my cum from my brother-in-laws ass.

All I had plans of doing was take one or two licks and calling it good, hoping that my action would make the ladies happy and possibly hornier. But after my second lick and Hal's moan, I was hooked. This old boy was putty in my hands. So I kept licking and his moans were music to my ears. I popped his cherry and I was going to have him begging for more.

I was in another world. Amazingly, I lost all sense of time or how long I had been rimming Hal's butt. The more I licked, the more my cum came dribbling out of it. I palmed his balls in my hand and made slow circular motions with his beanbags. I licked and licked and lost all sense of time. The only sounds I heard were Hal's moans and his praises. "Ohhhh goooddd.... that feels so good... don't stop."

I finally opened my eyes and all I saw was Hal. The women were gone. Hal was now holding his legs in position and smiling at me. I raised my head and looked at him and turned around and sitting at the patio table were Liz and Candy watching me. By the grill was Beth and Terri, there backs to us. Liz said, "I think dad's finally ready for lunch."

Terri and Beth both turned around and Terri said, "Damn I didn't think you'd ever quit licking my hubby's butt. That was quite a show." She carried the plate of steaks over to the table and said, "I never dreamed I'd see Hal with a dick in his ass... and loving every minute of it." While I was quite turned on when I was doing it, now I just felt some embarrassment. I got up off my knees and Hal lowered his legs. And the both of us made our way to the table.

Hal sat down next to Liz and I thought what the hell and I took the chair next to Candy. Beth shut off the grill and started walking toward the table, looked at me and said, "Oh no... you two lover boys will sit next to each other." I looked at Hal and he wasn't moving so I got up, moved around the table and sat next to Hal. Terri took the seat next to me and Beth sat across from me in between Candy and Terri.

Once again that awkward silence filled the air. Terri broke the tension, not by speaking, but rather by moving. She laid her hand on my dick and said, "Look at this Hal. It's hard to believe this limp noodle was big and strong and fucked you in the ass." Hal didn't say anything, he starred for a moment and went back to eating. Then Terri used her other hand and pinched my cheeks, so my mouth opened and she said, "Look at his tongue honey... he licked your ass with it... he licked his cum out of you with that tongue."

And as I looked at Hal, I noticed that Liz had laid her hand on Hal's dick and she said, "Maybe later, Uncle Hal you can pay daddy back." All the girls laughed and it turned me on being humiliated in front of all these ladies.

Liz went under the table and sucked her uncle's dick for a short time. She popped back up and said, "I know you can take it daddy, it's smaller then the cock I fuck you with." Once again all the girls chuckled.

Then Candy asked, "What do you mean?" Then Liz jumped out of her chair and halfway ran into the house. I knew what she'd be looking like when she returned outside. And sure enough, she came back outside wearing her strap-on and an ear to ear grin. All Candy could say was "Hot damn! Who's that for?" I didn't need to wait for an answer, I already knew. I stood up and pulled the chair out of the way. I moved the potato salad and coleslaw away from the center of the table and laid my stomach on it. My arms reached across the table and I starred at my wife. I reached forward and played with her bruised boobs. Neither one of us said a word, we just starred at each other.
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