The punishment of 31yearold Alex continues

Why did I feel such pleasure when my mom humiliated me like she did? It was a question I had asked myself many times before and here I was asking it again as I stood before her naked, hands behind my back, penis hard as a rock in anticipation of the punishment she was about to give me.

'You snivelling little pervert!' she said contemptuously. 'Look at you! That pathetic little organ of yours would never satisfy a REAL woman.'

She had sat back in the armchair hurling verbal abuse at me for over ten minutes. I might be was 31 years old, but since having live back at home since my divorce, Mom had taken control of my sexual desires and she knew my every weakness, desire and perversion.

She had never been a classically attractive woman, even when younger. And now she was in her 60s, she really looked her age. But to me she was beautiful and no more so as she had got older. Her laughter lines, the age spots on her hands, her big breasts that sagged and her delicious and prominent pussy with its sparse covering of grey pubic hair -- I loved all of her just as she was.

Today I had come home from the office and found her dressed in a black slip with a deep lace hem and trim abound her bust. Underneath she wore matching suspender belt, black panties and fully fashioned tan nylon stockings with high stiletto heels, but no bra, her ample breasts were loose to simply fill the lace cups of the lacy slip. I could see her nipples harden beneath the flimsy material.

She had instructed me to get undressed in front of her there and then. I knew I was going to receive a punishment and if I endured it, my reward would be to be allowed to adore and worship her body afterwards.

Now she leant forward and slapped my weedy erection hard with her hand.

'Pathetic!' she announced again. 'How many times have I told you not to look at pictures of other women on the internet when I'm not here? Tell me!'

Again I felt her hand lash out and hit my erection.

'I'm, I'm...sorry mom,' I said stammering.

'Sorry isn't good enough son,' she said. 'You keep doing it. I'm going to have to teach you lesson.'

'I know mommy,' I said looking down guiltily at my feet.

'A spanking is too good for you. You still haven't learnt not to leer at pictures of other women when you've got a perfectly good mom to take care of all your needs. So I'm going to have to teach you a REAL lesson this time aren't I?'

'Yes mom.'

'I'm going to have to punish that girlie sized penis of yours -- make it very sore so you can't play with yourself when your mommy isn't looking.'

Her hand slapped my penis again. 'You're hurting it mom!' I yelled.

'Of course I'm hurting it you silly little boy! That's the idea and Mommy knows how to make you feel like a very small boy doesn't she?' she said with a thin smile. 'If you think you're too big for a punishment for your mom, think again my boy! Put your hands on your head!'

I did as I was told and she took hold of my balls. She dug her blood red manicured nails into the folds of my scrotum. I visibly winced and cried out.

She laughed. 'No good you making a fuss son, you're only getting what you deserve.'

Tears welled in my eyes as she rolled the loose skin on scrotum in her fingers and dug her nails in again. It wasn't the discomfort, it was the humiliation of being ridiculed in this way and us both knowing I actually loved the shame she made me feel.

'Pervert! That's what you are,' she said now digging her nails into my hardness. 'You are a pathetic mommy-loving pervert! And this nasty mommy of yours is going to show you what happens to pathetic little pussy-obsessed boys like you. They get punished! Do you hear?'

'Yes mom,' I said meekly, feeling more and more uncomfortable by the second, knowing my punishment was about to come.

Beside her chair was a little table. On it were all the instruments she would use to punish my penis. She reached for the wooden ruler. Still clasping my balls in one hand, she brought the ruler down hard on my erection.

Swack! And again. Swack! Again and again she brought the ruler down hard on my penis and dug her nails into my scrotum.

'Tell me what your mommy loves,' she asked as she hit me down there again. 'How can you make her happy?'

'Mommy likes her pussy licked.'

'That's right son, she does. Are you going to go down on your knees and lick your old mom's pussy?'

'Yes mom, know I love to serve you that way.'

'And are you going to mommy's little toilet helper? You know mommy can't hold her wee like she used to.'

It was a question she needn't ask. My pussy licking pleasure was always heightened when she squirted her piss straight into my mouth. Being made to drink her piss was the ultimate humiliation -- or so I thought.

'Yes mom...'

'Yes mom? YES MOM?' she yelled. 'Pervert, pervert, pervert! Tell me what you are!

'I'm a piss drinking pervert,' I said, tears now beginning to tumble down my cheeks.

'Yes you are you pathetic little slut!' Mom said with angry yet lustful eyes, lashing out with the ruler on my erection again, bringing it down as hard a she could. I cried out. Cried in pain and in love. Pre-cum splashed onto her stocking clad knee.

'Oh that's disgusting!' she said turning and put the ruler down on the little table. Picking up the pinwheel she said 'You're going to pay for making that mess on my stockings.'

This cunning device had a little wheel with pointed edges set in a plastic handle. Mom clasped my testicles again and ran the wheel over my hard penis. I wriggled and instinctively brought my hands down to stop her.

'HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!' She shouted as she brought the wheel onto my ball sac. The sharp little points of the wheel dug into the tender flesh.

'Please mom, no...please don't, you're hurting me.'

'Shut up!' she snapped and continued to punish me there. 'You have such a pathetic little cock. I've seen babies with bigger ones than yours! Let's see if we can make it get any bigger with the help of the clothes pegs.'

She took a handful of wooden clothes pegs from the little table. Placing them in her silky lap, one by one she placed them onto the skin of my scrotum. I squirmed with discomfort as she placed twenty in total, arranging them so that they formed two neat rows.

'Lie down on the floor because now your cock punishment really begins!'

I obediently went and lay down, hands passively by my side, erection standing proud with a line of clothes pegs on my balls.

She stood up and took a small whip from the collection on the table. It had short, thin strands of rubber and she had made it herself from old windscreen wipers. I knew what was coming next.

She lingered for a moment, standing directly over my head so I could clearly see her black lace panties under her slip. I could see the gusset was soaking wet. Then without warning she brought the whip down on my cock and balls. I yelled out, but this only incensed her.

'You will not wank yourself off looking at pictures of other women you little pervert. Understand?'

'' I said trying to cover my genitals from the onslaught.'


The whip came down and down and down, the blows expertly placed as the ends of the rubber lashed the tender flesh of my exposed cock and caught the two lines of clothes pegs on my balls. I was now sobbing openly, not because of stinging sensation in my penis, but because I knew I wanted her to treat me like this. I wanted to be hurt and humiliated by my own cruel mother, this was what I needed so badly because perversely it made me so very happy.

She stopped and stood up straight, towering over me. 'And don't think I don't know what pictures you've been looking at! If loving your mom's pussy wasn't enough of nasty, deviant thing to do, you've been looking at women with cum dribbling out of their pussys!'

How did she know? I thought I'd managed to hide it from her on the computer. It was all too pathetically true, I had been fantasising for some time now about licking another man's cum from her pussy and wanking over them when she was out.

'Do you think your mom is too old and too unattractive to be fucked by another man?' she asked.

'No mom, I don't...'

'Well you'd be right son. Mommy can hardly feel your stupid little cock inside her it's so tiny. So while you are out at work, your mom has to have sex with real men. Men with man-sized cocks, not girlie sized ones like your pathetic little dick. Men with big thick cocks that can REALLY satisfy a woman like me.'

She lashed out with the whip again and I started to cry again. 'Yes mom....'

'Men with big and hairy balls that a woman can feel slapping up against her as they fuck her. Men who've got lots of hot sperm they can pump deep inside of your mommy's old pussy.'

I looked up at her aghast. What was she telling me?

'Yes son, I know all about your perverted little fantasy so mommy's got a nice creamy treat for you today,' she said grinning wickedly as she raised her slip and hooked her thumbs into her black lace panties. Slowly she peeled them down to just above her stocking tops. Then she put her fingers under the gusset and showed me what was there...a big blob of congealed sperm.

'Get on your knees my little sperm slut!'

I struggled to get up, my cock and balls aching from the harsh treatment they'd just received by her hand, the pegs unnaturally tugging on my scrotum to make it feel uncomfortable.

On my knees, I was eye level with her pussy and the heavily soiled lace panties.

Hands on her hips to hold the hem of the slip up so that I could clearly see her pussy, she said 'So son, you'd better get licking...'

I stared at the mess left by another man, thick dollops of sperm that had dribbled out of her pussy onto the material. Could I do it? Could I make my fantasy reality?

Moving my head forward I took in the smell, the very familiar smell of her pussy, which was now tainted by that of another man. Then I opened my mouth and went to tentatively lick the spunk. She didn't wait for me to perform.

Instead she started laughing as she roughly pushed my head into the panties, then smeared the sticky goo all over my face -- over my lips, under my nose and in my eyes. I could not felt more humiliated by her.

Grabbing a handful of my hair she pulled me away and pushed her panties down, taking them off. Then she sat in the chair, legs wide apart, exposing fully her pussy, evidence of her lover's cum all over her prominent labia. Kneeling still, I moved forward to her pussy and gingerly kissed her inner thighs above the stocking tops -- something I always did at her insistence as a mark of respect.

Then she said, 'Just stop right there son. Look long and hard at my pussy. That was well and truly fucked just half an hour before you came home. A man your age, with a big, fat eight-inch cock took me. And as you're going to find out, he's a really good cummer too. His sperm is really thick and creamy and he regularly pumps hard it into this hot, sex starved pussy you so love.

'So son, time to show mommy how much you really love her and to you put your nasty...dirty...and sick little fantasy into practice. Lick me clean! Lick HIS cum out my little sperm slut -- every last little drop!'

I buried my head into the wetness of her pussy and I tasted him. His sperm which had a taste I'd never experienced before, all mixed up with her scent and taste. It was a heady cocktail. My balls ached from the clothes pegs, my cock sore and tingling from the whipping as I lovingly scooped out spunk with my lips and tongue. 'Deeper slut!' she commanded. 'Get your tongue right inside of me.'

Doing as I was told, I pushed my face hard into her pussy, stretching my tongue as far as it would go inside of her, deeply humiliated by the experience. Suddenly she grabbed my hair, pulled me up sharply and then slapped my face.

'Do it properly and gently, I'm still sore there.'

She roughly pushed me back down again and I continued with my sordid task of cleaning his sperm more thoroughly and slowly.

After a while I heard her breathing quicken and l licked more vigorously, my tongue now focussed on her clitoris. I glanced up at her, my magnificent, powerful and domineering mom who I wanted to please so much and could see her eyes had closed, a contented smile on her lips.

I was happy because I had made her happy and I licked and licked for all I was worth when suddenly her orgasm exploded. Mom let out a load groan and her body shook from head to toe. This was probably the most powerful orgasm I had ever seen her have.

She grabbed my hair again, my cue to stop licking her and she just held me there, my face pushed hard against her grey haired pussy, my mouth open at her lips. And then it came in a hot torrent. Laughing to herself, she let a stream of hot urine spurt straight into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, gulping the fountain, a fountain that never seemed to end. When the flow of piss finally became a trickle and then ceased she grabbed my hair again, pulling me away.

Looking down at me she smiled. 'Time to show your mommy what you can do, stand up! Hands on your head!'

I got to my feet and standing in front of her; she slowly began to pull off the clothes pegs one by one. In my concentration to please her, my tiny cock had gone limp.

'Look at you!' she said with a sneer. 'You can't even keep it up you pathetic little pervert! Ashamed were you, ashamed of having to lick another man's cum from your mommy's pussy? A real man's cum? Put you hands behind your back!'

While they had been attached to my scrotum, there had been discomfort, but as she roughly removed the pegs, so my balls became ultra sensitive. Every yank on a peg made me cry out aloud as the contracted skin sought to regain its shape. But in spite of the pain, my cock was growing rigid again -- just as she knew it would. With the last one off, she cupped her hands around my balls and rubbed then. I cried out again and very loudly.

'Oh, you poor little baby, let mommy kiss it better.'

She moved forward to sit on the edge of the chair and guided my painful cock into her mouth. At first her saliva and tongue soothed my aching and sore penis, even if her hands still made me wince with pain at her touch. But then she suddenly bit my erection. Not enough to damage me in any way, but sufficient for me to feel it. She continued to roughly chew on my hardness and my foreskin like a piece of old meat.

I could take it no more; uncontrollably and spontaneously I shot my load into her mouth, filling it with my sperm. Without further ado, she stood up and planted her lips on mine. She gave me a long and deep kiss, depositing my own sperm into my mouth. When she pulled away again, she simply said, 'Swallow my little sperm slut. Swallow ALL OF IT!'

The deed done, we retired upstairs to her bedroom. Still naked I lay beside her on the bed. She pulled down one of the straps of her slip to expose one of her beautiful breasts. Pulling me to her nipple, I suckled her and proceeded to cry my eyes out in joy and happiness.
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