A sub describes his breakingin session

A low sigh escapes my lips as I emerge from a deep slumber, my mind seemingly wrapped in a fog. A predawn chill embraces my nude form, causing a shiver to run through me. My wrists are bound above and behind my head; my legs are drawn up to my sides, leaving me exposed. My eyes register only darkness, adding to my sense of trepidation. The measured approach of high heels, accompanied by the faint yet tantalizing scent of perfume, nears. I can feel your presence as you ultimately arrive at the foot of the bed. I strain at my bindings, struggling futilely, eliciting a giggle from your lips. "Don't worry, Kitten," you whisper, "I won't hurt you - not too much, anyway."

You trail a fingertip lightly along my shaft, up my stomach to my chest, resting your hand upon my heart. It throbs against your palm, strong and rapid. I anxiously turn my head to and fro, confused by my inability to see. Your free hand fumbles around with something behind my head, and then you tug away my blindfold. Attempts to open my eyes are greeted by sharp, glaring light. I shut them with a groan, as you lean forward and place a kiss on each eyelid. "Relax, honey," you whisper as you step away. I hear something being drawn open, followed by the sound of rummaging for an object unseen. "Mmmm, this is perfect...!" you exclaim as you return to me. After waiting a few moments, I slowly open my eyes, letting my vision drift around the space. I come to the realization we are in your bedroom, the morning sun drifting in through the open windows, the curtains swaying in an early summer breeze. I am woven into an intricate web of red nylon rope, immobilizing me.

Turning my gaze to the foot of the bed, I can finally see my mysterious yet beautiful tormentor. You stand before me, wearing a frilled black corset, silken opera gloves, and Victorian ankle boots. My eyes take in your supple form; Smooth, creamy skin, your neatly trimmed womanhood, perfectly formed breasts rising and falling with each lust-filled breath you take. Your sultry, crystalline eyes gaze into my very soul as you grin in anticipation. Bringing your hands out from behind your back, I can finally see what it was you were searching so eagerly for.

You ease yourself into a leather harness and adjust the buckles, the straps indenting your flesh. Jutting out from the base of your rig, a slick latex dildo transposes upon you the aura of some hermaphroditic fertility goddess of pagan myth. You roll a condom down the shaft of your pseudo-phallus, followed by gently slipping a lubricant slickened fingertip up in me. The action catches me off-guard, causing me to gasp as I attempt to pull away from you.

"Easy, baby doll," you coo softly as you slowly work the digit in and out, coaxing my lower body to relax. To my surprise, a tingling sensation begins welling up deep inside my swollen balls, my body flushing with arousal. The blood rushes to my cock until it stands fully erect, a tumescent, curved member, the blood-engorged veins curved about it like vines round the trunk of a tree. A smile lights up your angelic face as you tease the swollen head, watching it twitch. You then position yourself between my thighs, the tip of your dong teasing my entrance.

Flexing your hips, you carefully work your tool into me, pressing in each time I take a breath until you've inserted your full length to the hilt. You watch me tense and shudder, then relax, my breathing slows. Laying yourself atop my body, you allow me to get used to having you up inside me, my hardened shaft pressing urgently against your stomach, my scent reminding you of warm summer evenings. Your tongue trails a moist path from my chest, up my neck to my chin, and upon my lips, followed by a soft yet demanding kiss.

Slowly you begin flexing your probe in and out, building a rhythm. I feel myself opening up further to you, giving myself over to your ministrations. My cock begins throbbing painfully, seeking release, as you begin picking up the tempo. Harder and faster you ram your toy into me, spearing my guts. "Do you like the way I fuck you, baby?" you hiss, your motions causing the harness to rub against your swollen clit.

Time seems to slow as we become one, a single, pulsating, erotic entity. Morning becomes afternoon, the heat of the day and our combined exertions causing rivulets of sweat to course down our bodies, bathing us in a hot, salty film. "Kitten, I'm going to cum...." you gasp as you slam your rubber cock harder and harder inside me, your clit tingling and twitching with each stroke. Your hardened nipples rub incessantly against my chest, my turgid member aching for release against your delicate flesh.

With a banshee's wail and convulsive heave you explode, the nectars of Eve coursing along your inner thighs, soaking into the sheets beneath us. "Please Mistress, let me cum," I whisper, my every pore afire. You lean back, grasping my hardened stalk in your silky hand and gently pull back the foreskin. My body tightens and arches, a deep grunt escaping my lips as my beautiful lover frees my pent-up passions. Thick, ropy streams of cum erupt from my engorged head; hot, pearlescent strands pooling across my stomach and chest to my neck, burning me.

Your eyes widen as spurt after spurt continues emanating from me until at last, with a final twitch, my organ begins softening under your grasp. You collapse on top of me, your she-cock still inside; a worn, satiated look in your eyes as your lips touch mine. "Sleep now, baby doll. I'll clean you up," you whisper, finally pulling your defiling tool out slowly. As I drift off, I can feel your tongue exploring my neck as you begin licking my cum off me, working your way slowly downward; savoring my taste, inhaling the raw musk of our lovemaking.

Awakening later that evening, I find I am no longer bound, my body bearing only the marks where the ropes had bitten into my skin, my joints stiff and sore. Upon the pillow next to mine, lay a single, long-stem red rose, its thorns pricking softly into the fabric.
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