Girlfriend wins bet dominates her boyfriend

I closed the door to our hotel room and latched the lock. Sarah ordered me to strip down to just the undergarments that she had provided me.

"Lay down on the bed, on your back," Sarah instructed. I quickly complied, eager to please her. Whatever she had planned, I was more than ready at this point. She reached into her luggage, and pulled out a blindfold mask. She slipped it over my eyes, and whispered into my ear, "okay my pantyboy, time for Mistress to have her fun."

I lay still and listened to her moving about the room for a few minutes. At times, I could feel her get on and off of the bed, but after a few minutes, I had no idea what she was up to.

"Raise your hands above your head," she ordered. I felt something wrap around my wrists, and soon discovered my hands were now bound and tied down so that I could not move them from above my head. She had my arms stretched above me toward the head of the bed, not so tight that it hurt, but enough that I couldn't move them. As I played gently with my binds to see just how tightly I was bound, I felt something wrapped around my ankle, then my foot was pulled and secured to one corner of the bed. Soon, the other followed.

"Are you ready?" she whispered into my ear, then flicked her tongue seductively along my ear lobe.

"Yes," I managed, just barely.

I heard Sarah rummaging around in her bag again, then felt her climb onto the bed.

"Stick out your tongue, pantyboy."

I reached out with my tongue, not sure if there was something in front of me to lick. Just as I thought there was nothing there, I felt her. Her flesh pressed down onto me, and my tongue tasted her sweetness. The unmistakeable flavor of her pussy filled my senses.

"Mmmmm, yes pantyboy, eat your Mistress."

She lowered herself onto me, and rode my face, pressing her pussy onto my eager lips and tongue. I could tell that she was facing away from me in a 69 position. As she smothered my face with her pussy, I could feel her begin to slide her whole body onto mine, her hands stroking along my abs, then down legs. She brushed lightly along my panty encased cock. Her hands then slid over my balls, and down between my legs. She pushed on the plug, pressing it deeper inside me. I could tell by her wetness and the little noises that she made that she was getting closer to an orgasm. I licked and sucked harder, knowing that she likes it. She rolled her pelvis so that her clit was easily accessible. I licked it and sucked it into my mouth, flicking my tongue over her most sensitive spot. Her moans grew louder, her legs clamped down on my head. She was cumming. Her fingers dug into my thighs. Her pussy was flowing freely, and I tried to drink her nectar.

"Mmmm...pantyboy, that was good. Now, it's time I fucked you."

She climbed off of my face, and off of the bed. I could hear some more noises as she move things around, then I felt my ankles being released from their restraints. Her hands slid off my panties, leaving me in the stockings and garter and camisole. then she lifted legs to my chest, knees bent. More wrapping, and I found myself tied up again, now with my knees bent up toward my chest and splayed. She pushed a pillow beneath my ass, raising it up off of the bed.

I felt her hands on my ass, then my cock and balls. Stroking me gently before she began to pull on the plug in my ass. She pulled it out, stretching me as the widest point on the plug pulled out of me. Then she pushed it back in. Back and forth, she fucked my ass with the plug for a couple minutes. I had thought that the plug was giant earlier, but now it slid easily in and out of me. It felt like nothing I had ever felt before. As the plug pressed into me, I could feel pressure inside me as the plug pressed against my prostate. That pressure sent waves of pleasure through my cock and up into my entire pelvic region. Groans of pleasure spilled from my mouth, uncontrolled. Then, she remove the plug. I felt suddenly empty. I almost protested, and then felt something pushing against my anus.

Sarah's hands were on my knees, leaning on me for leverage. A brief wave of confusion struck me as I realized that her hands were on my knees, and yet something was pushing against my anus. Whatever it was, it easily slid inside me...."it's time to fuck you"...I realized that what she meant was to literally fuck me in the ass. She was wearing a strap on.

As she continued to push the dildo into my, I marveled at its size. The feeling of fullness was overwhelming. The plug had been large, but the dildo far surpassed the plug in its ability to fill me. It felt thicker then the plug, and clearly longer. It pushed deep inside me. Just as I thought I could accept no more of it, I felt Sarah's pelvis press against me.

"Good pantyboy, I knew you could handle all of me."

Sarah began to pump in and out of me. With each thrust, waves of pleasure rippled through me.

" like this don't you pantyboy. You are my little slut aren't you? No more pantyboy...I think I'll call you my little slut. You like getting fucked in your little slut ass don't you?"

"Ohh...yes Mistress, please fuck my little slut ass..."

"Yes, my little slut...tell me how much you like it in your little slut ass." The waves of pleasure were nothing I had ever felt before. I could feel my cock was harder than it had ever been before. Sarah wasn't even touching it, but I could tell that if she kept fucking me, thrusting against my prostate, that I was going to cum.

"Ohh...Mistress please don't stop. I need to be fucked deep in my little slut ass. Mmmmm it feels so good. So good...I think I'm going to cum Mistress..."

Suddenly, she pulled out, and pulled away from me. I no longer felt her weight on the bed. I felt empty, and my impending orgasm was slipping away.

"Mistress? please...fuck me...let me cum...." I begged.

Just as quickly as she had pulled out of me, something was forced into my anus. It slid in quickly and easily. It was the plug again. A glimmer of hope that she would fuck me with the plug floated across my consciousness. Then, despite the blindfold mask, flashes of light blinded me along with a snap and hot pain across my ass.

"You are not here for your pleasure, my little slut," Sarah scolded me. White flashes again filled my vision, heat burned across my ass. "You will learn your place slut! You'll cum only when I allow it. You are here for my pleasure, slut. And right now,..." more lines of heat and pain on my ass, "I'm enjoying heating up your ass and watching you squirm."

Sarah continued to flog my ass. Unable to see, her blows came without rhythm and without warning. I could feel tears wetting the blindfold around my eyes. Just as I thought I could take no more, the flogging stopped. Sarah's hands gently stroked my ass cheeks, soothing away the sting.

"Mmmm now that's better my little slut," she soothed. "Now, let's get back to that fucking." Sarah again removed the plug from my ass, and just as before, I felt her dildo slide inside me, filling me completely. She resumed a steady rhythm, thrusting in and out of me in long fluid strokes. Her hands worked their way up my chest, pushing the camisole up out of the way, fingers finding my nipples. She began to pinch and squeeze them sending jolts of pain and pleasure through my body. It didn't take long before I was again on the verge of orgasm.

"Ohhh...please Mistress...may I cum?" I begged.

"Not yet my little slut," she said. One hand left my nipple and then grabbed by balls, squeezing them. Hard enough to hurt and to dispel my impending orgasm. Sarah kept pumping in and out of my ass, pinching my nipple, and now squeezing my balls. The pain mixed with the ecstasy I felt from getting my ass fucked. Sarah didn't let up, and as I neared climax, she would squeeze my balls just hard and pinch and twist my nipple enough to bring me back down. My mind was awash in sensation, and I knew that I was soon not going to be able to stop my climax. As if she could sense that I was losing control, she stopped. She withdrew the dildo from my ass, but quickly replaced it again with the plug. Again, my ass was on fire as she began to whip me again.

After what felt like minutes, I felt Sarah's hands untying my legs, stretching them out again, spread eagle on the bed. I felt her climb on the bed, then she straddled my chest. The blindfold was lifted, and I was looking up at her, naked and beautiful. She gazed down at me, smiled then leaned down, hands on either side of my head, slid her body down so that our lips were just inches apart. She stared into my eyes, then kissed me. Her tongue invaded my mouth. She broke from the kiss, licked her lips seductively, then raised her lower body over my rock hard cock. Reaching between her legs, she grabbed my cock, pointing it at her pussy.

"Are you ready my little slut? Remember, you don't cum until I say you cum."

With that, she lowered herself onto my cock. Never before had her pussy felt so good wrapped around my shaft. She rolled her hips, rubbing her clit against me. Sarah's hands slid back onto my chest, fingers on my nipples again, rolling them between her thumb and fingers. Pinching them as her pussy ground into me. I could sense she was nearing an orgasm. I knew I was not going to be able to hold out much longer either.

"Mistress, please may I cum?" I begged, "I can't hold out much longer, please Mistress?"

After just a few more rolls of her hips, her body tensed as she climaxed. Her fingers pinched down on my nipples like vices, sending jolts of pain through me.

"Cum for me slut, cum for your Mistress!"

I released inside her. My orgasm literally had me seeing flashes of light as I felt my orgasm flooded my senses with ecstasy. The pain from my nipples mixed with my orgasm creating a new euphoria in me. With the plug filling me, nipples screaming in pain, my orgasm swept through my entire body. I heard screams of ecstasy that I could not tell if they were me or Sarah.

As we came down from out orgasms, Sarah rested her body against me breathing hard, then pushed herself to a sitting position.

"We're not done slut...Time to get cleaned up, slut," she said, a grin on her face that told me something new was coming. She carefully lifted herself from my now semi-hard cock, then quickly moved up toward my head. Straddling my face, her wet pussy lips were just inches from my face. I looked at her lips, then up her body to see her looking down at me with that same smile.

"I want you to clean my pussy now." I knew exactly what she wanted, and I wanted it more than I could have imagined. Looking back to her pussy lips, glistening with her juices and my cum, I opened my mouth and reached for her with my tongue. "That's a good slut," Sarah purred and lowered herself onto my mouth.

I pushed my tongue between her lips, deep into her pussy. She tasted sweet and tangy. I ate her pussy, licking her lips, sucking on her clit, sucking my cum from her. Sarah squeezed her thighs around my face, smothering me, riding me so that her pussy was my whole world. I ate her pussy and drank my cum as the gift that it was, stealing air when I could. I lost my sense of time, but simply kept licking and sucking her pussy while staring up her body. She had her breasts in her hands, rolling her own nipples between her fingers as she neared another climax. Sounds were muffled but I could tell she was moaning and screaming in pleasure as she rode through he climax, her body tensing and shivering in ecstasy.

When she had come down from her orgasm, she peered down at me and gave me that same smile again.

"Mmmm...slut that was so good, I want you to keep going. Your Mistress needs another."

With that, she shifted her body so that her ass was over my mouth. I understood, and pushed my tongue against her anus. I worked to tongue fuck her ass, licking around her opening, and pushing my tongue inside her as far as I could. At one point, she began to roll her hips like she fucked me, allowing me to lick her from her ass to her clit and back. By now, she had one hand on her clit and one on her nipple. When she came again, she pressed her ass to my tongue, rubbing her clit in time with her screams. She rolled forward again, allowing me to drink her cum from her pussy before she dismounted my face, and settled her body against mine.

Running her nails up and down my body, pausing briefly every few strokes to tickle my balls or pinch a nipple, she rested against me purring.

"Slut, that was wonderful. You have served your Mistress well."
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