Woman doctor enjoys being in command of her patients

She was well satisfied with her situation in life. A few years ago she worked at a VA hospital. She quickly learned that her position as a doctor gave her authority and control over the patients under her care. She particularly enjoyed her ability to give orders to her male patients and to put them in compromising positions and situations. And what was most amusing and satisfying, they typically obeyed her every direction. She now ran a small medical office. All of her employees were women, and all of them supported and actively participated in her examination room antics.

The doctor was stirred from her daydreaming by the buzz from the intercom. Her next patient was waiting for her in Exam Room 3. She entered the exam room and eyed her patient sitting on the exam table. Scanning his chart, she learned he was 52 and was in for a life insurance physical. She made small talk to get a fix on what type of patient he would be, and then planned the exam. It stared innocently enough, ears, eyes and throat. She wanted to coax him along. Next came blood pressure. She asked when his last physical was, and used this to start her tactics. She asked if he had been given a rectal exam. Not really interested in his answer, she looked him in the eye and explained she would be giving him a complete physical including checking his prostate and thoroughly examining his genitals. With that she directed him to go behind the screen and undress, telling him everything comes off except the underpants. He sheepishly hopped off the exam table and disappeared behind the screen.

He soon emerged and she smiled to herself, he wore white tidies. It was up on the table and the exam continued. She checked his lungs, tapped around on his chest and back. She had him lay on his back and she continued poking and probing checking his internal organs. She asked him to lift his hips and she lowered his underpants slightly exposing a good part of his pubic hair. She noticed he turned a little flush. She thought to herself, he hasn't seen anything yet. She dawdled around his pubic hair and then motioned him to sit up.

She went over to get a stool and in the process of sitting she directed him to stand in front of her. She had him bend slightly, checking his muscle and bone structure. She had him turn around and she did the same thing. She had him face her again and pointing to his underpants told him to pull them down to his ankles. She almost burst out laughing, when he lowered his underpants his penis almost immediately became erect. She instantly made a disapproving face that caused him to begin a profuse apology. He had humiliation written all over him. Thinking quickly, she announced she could not examine him in his current state. He continued to repeat how sorry he was. She sat looking at him and his pecker. She was quite pleased with the situation. How to benefit she thought.

Finally she stood up saying I have other patients so we will need to continue with the exam and come back to the genital check. She told him to pull up his underpants and come over to the scale. He was weighed and his height was checked. While doing this she figured out her game plan. After the scales it was back to the examining table. She asked if a woman doctor had ever given him a rectal exam. When he said no, she told him to remove his underpants and climb up on the table and get on his hands and knees. She was gong to check his rectal area and do a prostate exam. She almost could not contain herself as he climbed into position with his manhood bobbing up and down. She decided to talk him through the exam. Her hope was his erection would remain. She watched intently as she examined his hind quarters and explained what she was doing. The plan was working because if anything his pecker was getting harder. When she was done she came around to his front and facing him while he was still in the exposed and humiliating position explained all looked good. She said she took a close look at the outside of his bottom and that the pressure he felt was her spreading his buttocks to do a visual inspection.

With that she told him to climb off the table and noting he still was erect told him to put his underpants on. She had him sit on a stool as she did the same. She took a number of minutes to review his medical application form. They discussed a few things and she asked if he had any questions. She then told him to stand and lower his underpants so she could see if he was in a condition to be examined. He was still erect, and again he apologized. With him standing with his underpants around his ankles she went to the intercom. Next thing the receptionist came in. She looked about 17. He was totally embarrassed. The doctor explained the situation to her, and the receptionist confirmed and emphasized that the doctor was already late for her next appointment. The doctor told her to take this patient to the nurse to finish up the exam. With that the doctor said her goodbyes and left him with the receptionist. He looked from woman to woman as they had an eyeful of his peeker standing at attention.

The receptionist was in no hurry. She told him to pull up his underpants and wait as she got the nurse. She came back soon and announced she would have to take him to the nurse. They exited the exam room and made their way to the back of the office. Luckily for him no one saw them. When they got to the room where the nurse was the receptionist knocked and they were told to come in. The nurse was in her mid 40s and gorgeous. She made a snide remark about the situation, when he began to feebly spit out an apology, she said no need. She told him to lower his underwear. She remarked in a sarcastic way that he didn't appear as excited. Good. Take him to the examining table behind the screen. Get his underwear off and take his temperature. Please take it rectally. I'll be in a minute after I finish what I am doing to finish his exam.

The receptionist and the patient disappeared behind the screen. Next thing he knew he was on his stomach on the table with a thermometer stuck in his butt. The receptionist stood over him the entire time. Soon the curtains parted and in walked the nurse. She told the receptionist she would take it from here. After what seemed like a lifetime, the nurse pulled out the thermometer and told him to roll over. She proceeded to inspect his shaft, paying particular attention to the head. After a time she had him bend his legs and she cupped and kneaded his testicles. Next she had him stand in front of her and she basically checked him all over again. As she checked him she commented about why he became erect. She asked him if he ever had to take his clothes off for a female doctor before and if one ever checked him as thoroughly as he was examined today by her and the doctor. With him standing nude in front of her she completed his medical form. Finally she told him he could pull on his underwear and go back to the examining room to dress. She watched intently as he struggled to pull on his underwear and exit the area with forms in hand.

After he left the building the three women met and had a good laugh, quite pleased with their performance. They remarked at how easily they were able to get him to take off his underpants when they asked.
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