A wife finds joy in taking control

The kids had just left for a summer at their grand parents on the North Carolina Coastline. For 16 year there had always a house filled with kids and now it was empty, quiet. Jan looked out the window with her elbows resting on the counter, sipping her coffee and wondering what she wanted too do.

Dave, her husband, came down the stairs and poured some coffee. He had on jeans and a t-shirt that fit just right. He slid up against Jan while she was sitting on the stool at the counter and slid his hand from her side up under her breast making sure to brush up against them.

Jan pushed his hand away. "Stop it," she said. "Not now."

"Why not?" he snapped back. "There's no one here except us. "

"Just because no one is here doesn't mean that we have to do it," she added.

Dave just walked by and let it go. This argument wasn't one that they needed to have today and it was never an argument that he won anyway. "Maybe Mistress Jan can stop by sometime?" he asked.

Mistress Jan was his wife's alter ego when they did anything other than the missionary position. She was controlling in bed and couldn't stand it if he tried to take charge. Oddly enough though, Jan hated having to make decisions and doing things out of the ordinary, she wanted sex to be easy and relaxing.

"Your such a pervert," she said. "Its nine in the morning and your thinking about sex."

"We don't have to have sex," he said, knowing full well that anytime they started playing there was always had a happy ending.

Jan smiled at Dave. "Call me on your way home tonight."

Dave set his cup of coffee down on the counter, leaned in and kissed his wife on the cheek, grabbed his backpack and headed out the door.

Jan looked down at the counter a few minutes later. "Damn!" How hard is it to put your mug in the dishwasher, she thought.

As the day went by she set about cleaning, with her mind running ... incessantly thinking about having to clean up after her family for 16 years without any help, without a thank you or acknowledgement that what she did mattered. And he wanted sex first thing in the morning! He wanted Mistress Jan.

By the time Jan had slipped into the shower shortly after four, she was plotting and scheming about how she was going to make him pay for not appreciating her enough.

She did her make-up and teased out her brown, curly hair. She slipped on a short black cocktail dress, diamond studs hung on her ears, and then she slipped on a pair of heals that sat somewhere between classy and stripper heals.

Jan started laughing, spurred on by a glass or two of wine, she hadn't put on her bra, panties, or the thigh-highs that she had laid out. She walked over to the vanity and grabbed some oil which she rubbed up her legs, making them shine, hiking her dress up and covering her ass as well.

Jan stood looking in the mirror, she thought that she looked amazing. "You are going to do what I want," she said into the mirror.

Dave walked in to see Jan sitting there with her legs crossed and sparkling in the afternoon light.

"You look beautiful," Dave said in a slow drawn out way.

"You can go upstairs and change," she said. "I laid some clothes out for you on the bed. Don't put anything else on but what I laid out. I want you to take me out to dinner."

Dave climbed the stairs and stripped off his clothes. He noticed that Jan had even picked out his shoes. He threw one of her thongs aside looking for his underwear.

"Hey Jan," he yelled. "Where are my underwear?" Dave was trying to play a bit submissive, he was hoping that he would get lucky later.

"I laid them on top of your stuff."

He looked again. " The only thing here is your thong."

"That's it. Put it on and hurry up, I'm hungry."

Jan had him put on her panties from time to time when she played Mistress Jan, but he had never worn them outside. Dave looked and pulled them on. The thong that Jan had picked was satin with elastic along the sides, he was able to tuck himself into the thong, although it was tight and slightly uncomfortable. He pulled on his slacks and button up shirt and finished getting dressed.

He stood in front of the mirror trying to see if you could notice the thong through his slacks.

"Nice ass," Jan said leaning against the door jam. "And you ass looks great with those cheeks up against those slacks."

"Can you tell," has asked.

"I like it and that's all that matters,"

He grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. He could tell that she was a bit tipsy, by now she had surely finished the bottle that he saw sitting in the living room.

"Maybe I'll get lucky," he whispered in his ear. "Is Mistress Jan coming by tonight?"

She pushed him away. "One day you are going to get what you asking for and your not going to like it much."

"Try me," he laughed as he patted her ass on the way out the door.

The meal was good. The conversation was dull. There weren't any kids to monopolize their attention. It had been so long since they were alone, and not just for a few hours, but an entire summer.

As they drove home Jan finally spoke," Do you like how they feel?"

"How what feels?" he asked.

"The thong."

He had forgotten. "Actually, they feel ok. I haven't fallen out of the sides yet," he laughed. "I'm not flopping around, and the silky strip up my ass actually feels good as it rubs up and down."

Jan's inhibitions were going thanks to the second bottle of wine she had at the restaurant.

"Do you think you can do it?" she asked.

"Do what?"

"Be my slave for the summer. Do what I say when I want."

"Like all of the time?" he asked.

"Yeah," she snapped. "You will still have to go to work and maintain a normal appearance, but you will have to obey me all of the time. Do you think you can do it?"

"I know that I can do it," he spat back almost daringly.

"And you will do whatever I want?"

"Yes," his erection spoke. Dave was hard, real hard.

"What if I want to tie you up and beat you?" she asked.

"Just don't leave and permanent marks."

Dave wasn't worried, he didn't think Jan could really get into it so much that he would have to worry.

"Will you let me play with your ass?"

"Yes," he smiled. Jan had done this before while blowing him, but no more than two fingers.

"Will you suck a cock for me?"

The car went to the side a bit as Dave whipped his head over to look at his wife.


"Will you suck a cock for me?" she responded in a matter of fact way. "If you love me and want me to be your Mistress then you will have to prove your love to me by doing whatever I say including sucking a cock."

He wasn't sure how to respond. Jan would never want to see him do that he thought?

"What about if I want to fuck someone?"

His head was swimming. "Sure," he said. "But only if I'm there."

"If you really mean it and want to be my slave for the summer your going to have to prove it," she said. When Dave was hard he was like putty in her hands and she knew it.


"Well pull into that parking lot up here."

They pulled into the parking lot of a neighborhood bar that had dance floor. The few people coming and going lead Dave to think that they would probably be the oldest people there, in their with him at 39 and her at 38.

They walked in and he followed her right to the bar. He couldn't believe how many young guys were checking out his sexy wife and they didn't care that he knew. She squeezed into a crowd and ordered them drinks. Dave looked over and saw one of the guys that Jan was squeezed against sliding a hand up the back of her naked thigh. To his surprise she threw her hair over her shoulder, exposing her neck for him to kiss.

The drinks came and Jan drew away. She handed him his drink and turned in to whisper to the stranger. He pulled back and smiled as he grabbed her hand and lead her towards the dance floor.

"He hold my drink while we dance," she said and the strange guy dragged her by the wrist towards the dance floor. She blew him a kiss.

Dave found a table for their drinks where he could watch his wife bump and grind on the dance floor against this young stud that she had managed to meet in less than a minute. He was a little over six foot tall, with a muscular build, a short military style hair cut, blue eyes that he could see across the room, and a smile that lit the place up.

As the crowds grew he could see that the guy had Jan pulled close and they were whispering to each other, occasionally looking and pointing at Dave.

Dave almost choked on his drink when he saw the guys slide one hand up under Jan's cocktail dress and start rubbing her pussy, With everyone pushed together no one else even noticed his wife getting fingered on the dance floor.

They walked up to Dave with her sweating and smiling, pulling on her new studs arm.

"Dave, this Michael and he wants to help you prove to me that you will do whatever I say."

"What do you mean."

Michael leaned in cocky and aggressive, "She wants you to suck my dick hard so that I can fuck her with my big dick, and then she wants me to cum all over your face."

"Will you do it for me, or was that all talk and bullshit," Jan said in a stern and pissed off tone.

"But your drunk."

"I don't give a shit. Are you going to suck his cock so that he can fuck me? If not I'm gonna go with him back to his place," she said. "Now come on."

Jan grabbed Michael's hand and pulled him towards the front door. Dave's heart was beating a million miles per hour. He followed unsure what else to do. Dave followed his wife to the back of the parking lot where she disappeared between their car and an SUV which shielded the view.

Dave rounded the corner and saw Michael pushed up against the SUV with Jan's tongue going in and out if his mouth. She was rubbing the bulge in his pants and he was pulling her 38D tits out the top of her dress and rubbing them harder than he was allowed to.

Jan broke away from his kiss long enough to say, "Get over here and get on your knees."

Dave stepped forward and dropped no his knees not sure what else to do. Jan fumbled with the alcohol to get his pants open and down to expose this eight inch cock and it still looked limp.

Jan dropped to her knees, "God, its so big."

Then she shoved it into her mouth unable to hold back. She sucked his cock for about a minute, but for Dave it seamed like forever watching his wife's beautiful lips around a strange man's cock.

"Get over hear, its your turn."

Dave crawled on his knees up towards his wife and she held the cock out for him. He hesitated and she drabbed the back of his hear and pulled him into the cock, pushing the head between his lips. They had fantasized about this before, but he never thought that he would actually suck a cock.

"Suck it slow and get it down your throat," Jan whispered. "Get it hard for me and I'll let you be my slave for the summer. That's it, suck it all in."

Michael's cock was getting real hard it was big and thick – nine inches and almost as thick as a coke can, with a large mushroom shapes head. Dave could taste the pre-cum, there was a lot of it.

Jan and Michael started making out while he had his dick sucked. Dave looked up to see his wife's tits getting sucked by a stranger. Michael grabbed Jan's leg pulling it up so that one of her heals was propped up on Dave's shoulder. This hurt, but Dave said nothing has Michael's large fingers started rubbing her clit and pumping her wet pussy only inches from his face while he sucked on the biggest cock that he had ever seen.

Out in public it seemed like it was lasting forever.

"Stay on you knees and don't move," Michael grunted as he pulled his cock from Dave's mouth and pushed it between Jan's swollen and soaked lips.

With her heal digging into he husband's shoulder she couldn't believe how good it felt to have this strangers big dick stretch her pussy. She started cuming almost instantly.

"God this feels so good Dave. Are you enjoying serving me? Are you?" she moaned.

Dave's gaze was fixed on the cock pumping in and out of his wife's pussy, he was so hard.

The cock popped out of her pussy.

"Clean that juice off of my cock bitch," Michael barked.

Neither Jan or Dave knew who was more surprised at how eagerly he jumped at the chance to suck this huge dick.

"Clean it off good slave boy," Jan panted trying to catch her breath. "Deep throat it. That's it, gag on it, push it deeper. Come on you bitch suck it."

Michael pulled his dick back and pushed Jan towards the SUV with her hands up high. He pulled her cocktail dress up exposing her bare ass and legs which were propped up on heals that made her muscular legs look so long.

"That's is baby," Jan breathed deeply. "Show my slave boy how to fuck a woman. That's it push that big cock head in me and fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Jan came again and just as quickly Michael pulled out of her and spun towards Dave while pistoning his cock with one hand and grabbing a hand full of Dave's hair in the other hand."

"Open that mouth and stick that tongue out so that I can rub my cockhead on it."

"That's it baby, open up and beg him for his cum."

"Can I please have your cum?

"Give it to him."

"Oh yeah! Here it cums," he grunted.

He shot at least ten long blobs of thick white cum. The first up across Dave's forehead and running down to his lips. The next two shots landed in his mouth. Another went across his lips, then the fifth shot across his cheek. He aimed two more into straight into Dave's mouth before the last big shot went across his face and eye. He milked the next three to four gobs of cum into Dave's mouth.

Jan squatted down and grabbed the big cock sucking it clean.

She then turned to Dave and using the big cock pushed the big blobs of cum cum on his face into his mouth, all the while smearing this strangers cum across her husband's face.

"That's it babe," she whispered. "Now get in the car and don't swallow the cum in your mouth or wipe anything off of your face until I tell you. Do you understand? Nod if you do."

Dave nodded and got up off of his knees with cum smeared across his face and a mouth full of it. He climbed into the car and closed the door, only to see Jan's ass pressed against the window while she made out with Michael and he fingered her to another wave of orgasms.

Dave sat there listening to his wife moan uncontrollably from another man's pleasure, wanting to regret everything that had happened, but still hard as a rock and hornier than he could remember.

Jan got Michael's number in her cell phone and climbed into the driver's seat.

"Hold than cum in your mouth until we get home," she said and then began to layout his summer. "Its too late to turn back now. You will do everything that I say. Do you understand?"

Dave nodded.

"This summer you will wear my panties all of the time, a cock ring when not at work, and eat your cum, that's if I let you cum," she laughed. "And, as you have figured out, anyone else's cum that I want you to eat. Now if you want to be my slave, swallow my new boyfriend's cum."

He looked at her and saw how excited and radiant she was and swallowed the now cold cum in his mouth.

"Now what do you say?" she asked.

"Thank you for the cum Mistress Jan. I love you"

Dave thought that the night was over as they pulled up to the house. He hadn't cum, but felt relieved. Jan had other ideas for her new toy though. Dave got out, opening his wife's door and walking her to the front door.

As he went to open the door she stopped him.

"I want you to strip to your thong and get on your knees. You will crawl in on your hands and knees like my little pet."

Dave stripped quickly and got down to the ground.

"This is going to be easier and more fun than I thought," Jan said.

The door closed behind theem.
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