Student dominates her teacher

When we returned to my apartment, Mistress had me strip to my lingerie. I was starting to feel almost more comfortable dressed like this than in my regular clothes. I was less restricted, and knowing I was doing do so to serve her made me feel good. It was almost 7 o'clock, and we had not eaten dinner. I got Mistress a glass of wine, and then began to make her dinner. She sat at the dining room table with my copy of her class's textbook, and she was flipping through it. I don't know exactly what she was looking for or reading, but I tried not to dwell on it, and focused on dinner.

I decided to make her a steak. I had it under the broiler while I prepared some vegetables. It didn't take long to prepare, and in 20 minutes, I had her dinner on the table, and I knelt next to her.

"Good, my pet. You are doing so well," she purred as she cut off a piece of the steak. "Mmm...just right. My compliments to the chef."

I felt a warmth in my chest, and my face when she praised my cooking. I noticed her wine glass was nearly empty, so I poured her some more wine, then resumed my position next to her on the floor. Like she had previously, every few bites, she fed me a bite to eat. While she ate, she began to quiz me on some of the topics in the math book. She had found a couple problems that I couldn't even come close to without the aid of a calculator or at least some scratch paper and a pencil.

"Well, my pet. If you can't do these problems, how do you expect your students to do them?" she asked.

" are problems that we will use a calculator to solve. I can explain how to solve them, but I cannot give you an answer without the calculator," I explained. I didn't think she really expected me to be able to calculate square roots and exponents in my head, but I still feared that somehow, she was going to punish me for my failure.

"I do hope that you don't struggle so much when you are in front of the class," she said, looking down at me with a disapproving look on her face. She proceeded to ask me more questions, but like she did in class, she left the book, and started asking me questions that were well outside the scope of the curriculum. I did my best to explain the concepts and process required to solve the problems, but at times, I was at a loss. Somehow, Mistress knew more math than I did, and she clearly was enjoying putting me in my place.

"Mistress, may I ask you a question?" I asked meekly.

"Yes, of course my pet. Like you say, there are no stupid questions," she replied, doing her best Mr. Daniels-teacher voice.

"You know enough math to teach this class. Frankly, I think you know enough math to teach any of the courses at school. What are you doing in my class? Why aren't you AP Calculus or maybe even taking courses at the University?"

She looked at me, her fork frozen halfway toward her mouth with a piece of steak on it. She considered this for a moment, then put her fork back on the plate, took a breath, then answered.

"I move too often, and therefore, I do not have the credits on my transcript. I do know more math than you, and perhaps the other teachers as well. I've always known more math than anyone I know ever since I was a little girl. I don't know why, but I do. That always caused me problems growing up. Socially, that is. Boys don't like to be shown up by the girls, especially in math class. So, I find it easier to play the part of an average student in math class. However, when I first saw you, somehow I knew that you were going to be my pet. So, I've made sure to keep my grades consistent with my past grades, so that I can play with you in class. I do enjoy watching you try to answer my questions."

Her answer was the most information I had learned about her in the months that I had known her. She turned to me, and fed me another bite, smiling at me. I was hers, and I realized that when the year was over, I was not sure what I would do when she graduated. She finished her meal in silence, and when she had taken the last sip of her wine, she stood and walked to the bedroom. I heard her moving about, but I waited kneeling by the table until she asked for me.

"Pet, come here," she called.

I went to her quickly. She had spread out the new purchases on the bed.

"You should remove the tags from these, then put them away. Choose one for tonight. You should sleep in these from now on. You can keep your panties on, but remove your garter and stockings of course. That should be more comfortable for you for sleep. When you are done, you will attend to me before I go home. I want you in your bedtime outfit." She left the room while I cut off tags, and made room for my new purchases. She returned as I was removing my garter and stockings. I slipped a pink silk camisole over my head and shoulders. It slid over my skin, and I felt myself getting hard again. The pink silk matched my pink thong. Mistress walked over to me, and brushed her fingers over my chest, spending a little extra time on my nipples.

"Very nice. Now you are my little slut, aren't you? My dirty little slut in her sexy lingerie. Kneel before me." As I was moving to my knees, I heard a zipper. On my knees in front of her, I saw her skirt was on the floor, and she was pulling her t-shirt over her head to reveal a matching black lace bra and thong. She still had her boots on, and the ensemble had its desired effect on me. My cock was straining to escape the fabric of my thong, and I could feel my heart beating in my chest. I looked up at her, and felt myself burning with desire to be taken by her.

She reached down, and pulled my cock free from the thong. She stroked it a few times, then a sudden bolt of pain as she slapped my cock. She grabbed my balls, and squeezed them, just enough that I took gasped, and held my breath waiting for the pain. She smiled knowing that she now had me by the balls, literally. With her other hand, she caressed my chest and my nipples through the smooth silk of the camisole.

"I bet my dirty little slut wants to cum, doesn't she? Well, I'm not sure she's earned that yet. Would you like to earn an orgasm, slut?" she hissed into my ear.

"Yes, Mistress," I managed, still struggling to breath because of the pressure on my balls.

"Good," she purred. She sat back onto the bed, and then spread her legs wide. Her thong barely covered her pussy. She reached to the floor and picked up one of my stockings. She strung it through the ring on my collar, then using it like a leash, she pulled my face to her pussy. She pulled the stocking under her legs, and looped each end around her thigh, then back to the ring. My face was pressed against her wet thong. I felt her hand beneath my chin as she tied off the stocking. "There, now you can't move away from me, can you?"

I tried to raise my head, but neck was securely fastened to her thighs. While I could look up with my neck, it was a strain, and it was far more comfortable to simply rest my face on her crotch.

"Eat me, slut."

I began to lick her pussy through the thin fabric of her thong. I tried to push it aside with my tongue, but the thong was pulled tight against her. I couldn't use my hands as I needed them to balance myself, and I had a feeling that if I tried, Mistress would simply tie them up anyway. Mistress moaned with approval, and after a few minutes, she reached down, and moved her thong to the side for me, giving me complete access to her swollen pussy lips and clit. I sucked her into my mouth, running my tongue over her clit. I tried spelling the alphabet over her clit with the tip of my tongue. I closed my eyes, and imagined long flowing curly cursive letters as I worked through the alphabet. Mistress put a hand on the back of my head, pressing me even harder into her pussy. Her moans of approval and satisfaction propelled me forward. When I reached the end of the alphabet, I started again with upper case letters. I had just reached 'M' for Mistress when her hips lifted off of the bed, and her hand pushed my face hard against her. She cried out, and her body convulsed as her orgasm swept through her. I kept licking her, and reached the end of the alphabet when I felt her pull the stocking, and I was suddenly released from her. She must have used a simply slip knot. She gasped for air, and fell back on the bed. I heard her giggle with delight.

"Slut, that was very good. Tonight, you may stroke yourself as much as you like...just don't are well on your way to earning another orgasm," she giggled again. A reward combined with a torture. "Do extra homework for me. I want your balls filled with cum this weekend. If you are good, I will make you cum like you've never cum before," she offered.

I flushed with her praise, but also felt disappointed that I was not going to get to cum tonight. Remembering last weekend, I consoled myself that when Mistress did allow me to cum, it was momentous.

When Mistress recovered, she put her thong back into place, stood, and picked up her clothes. She dressed, pulled me to my feet by way of my collar, and kissed me. She licked some of her juices from my face, and smiled.

"Now pet, you should get some rest. Its only a couple days from the weekend, and you will need all your strength," she advised me. With that, she turned, and walked out of the room, and moments later, I heard my front door open and close. I stood in the middle of the room for a minute, trying to remember each bit of this afternoon. Mistress's taste was still in my mouth and her scent was in my nose. I walked through my apartment, turning off the lights, and retired to my bed. I lay down, and stroked myself until I fell asleep.


Mistress arrived at my apartment late Friday night. She hadn't told me when she would arrive, only that she would arrive that night. I greeted her in the usual fashion, and she made her way to my couch. She called me over, and I saw that she had brought a duffle bag.

"Good evening pet, I've been out with the girls tonight, and my feet are sore from dancing. Be a dear and massage my feet," she said in a tired voice. Kneeling in front of her, I took her high heels off, and began to massage her foot. She leaned her head back against the cushions, and closed her eyes. A smile formed on her lips as I worked my fingers into her tired sole. With her other foot, she rubbed up and down my shaft, bringing me to rigid state. Tonight she was wearing jeans and a tank top. It was a different look for her, but the dark colors along with her heavy eye makeup, black lipstick, and black nails were still consistent with her goth girl style.

After working each toe with my fingers, I took each in my mouth, sucking and licking it in turn. I licked along her arch, and licked between her toes. She tasted salty and a little gritty. She had been out dancing, so it was no surprise to me, and the knowledge that I was licking off the grime of an evening's dancing made me feel good. I was serving her, it was my purpose. I changed feet, and repeated the process for her other foot. When I finished, she opened her eyes, and smiled down on me.

"That was very good my pet. Now, I've got a little surprise for you. I'm spending the weekend at a girlfriend's house," she started to explain, pulling out a cell phone. "If this phone rings, that would be my mother calling to check in with me. She won't call tonight, but tomorrow she might. If she does, you'll answer the phone. You're my girlfriend's dad. Talk to her. I'm staying with Tanya all weekend, do you understand?"

Initially, I was confused, but then realization hit me. She was staying with me, but this story of "Tanya" was her cover. "Yes, Mistress, I think I understand. If your mother calls, I will pretend to be Tanya's father. If she wants to talk to you, I will give you the phone."

"Good, you are paying attention," she smiled at me. "Now, I need to get cleaned up. I've been out dancing, and I need a shower." She stood, and walked toward the bathroom. She called over her shoulder, "come pet, you need to attend to me."

I turned on the shower, got her some towels, and helped her undress. While I retrieved some new bath products I had picked up for her, shampoos and conditioners, body wash and bath sponge, she washed her face, and removed her make up. Then, she stepped into the shower. I took off my lingerie and collar, and joined her in the shower, washing her hair, and her entire body. She seemed pleased at the new bath supplies. Whenever she could, she stroked my hard cock, teasing me, but never enough to bring to climax. When I had finished bathing her, she stepped out of the shower, and told me to clean myself up. I rinsed myself off, and washed my hair again, although I had already done so earlier that night. When I got out of the shower I put my collar back on. I found her in the bedroom, her duffle bag opened next to her. She was sitting on the edge of the bed naked, brushing her long lustrous hair. I knelt at her feet, and waited while she brushed her hair. After a few minutes, she seemed satisfied with her hair, reached into her bag, and pulled out a hair band. She twisted her hair into a bun of sorts, and used the hair band to hold it together. She was beautiful, and in the soft glow of the bedside lamp more wholesome looking than I had seen before now that she had no make up on.

She reached into her bag again, and withdrew a bottle. She handed it to me, and I read the label. It was massage oil. I looked up at her and she was smiling. She didn't need to say anything. She simply moved onto the bed, and rolled onto her stomach. I climbed onto the bed, opened the bottle, and poured a generous amount of oil into my hand. Holding it over her back, I worked the oil into my hands, the extra spilling onto her. I worked the oil into her skin, using long strokes. I used the heel of my palms and my thumbs to apply some pressure to her muscles, and used her moans of approval as my guide. For the next hour, I worked her entire body from neck to toes with her on her back. She rolled over, and I began to work on her front. I avoided her pussy and breasts, saving them for last. When I did get to her breasts, I smoothed the oil over her skin gently, enjoying the feel of her breasts in my hands. Eyes closed, I could tell from her breathing and moans and whimpers that she was enjoying my touch. I dribbled still more oil onto her pussy, and stroked her lips softly with my fingers. After a couple minutes, I slid my fingers between her lips, and felt her wetness mixing with the oil. Her clit was already peeking out, and I smoothed my fingers over her sensitive spot.

", that feels nice. I want you to lay down now for me, on your back."

I did as she asked, and she straddled me, her pussy resting on my hard cock. She took the bottle of oil, and leaning back just a little, she poured a generous amount oil down her chest. The oil flowed down her already oil slick body. The light glistening off of her every curve. I watched with rapt attention as the oil ran down her body, finally pooling around her pussy and my cock. She began to gyrate her hips, massaging my cock with her pussy lips. The slick oil and her soft hot pussy felt amazing. She put the bottle down, and rubbed the oil over her breast and torso sensuously.

I could feel my balls tightening as I felt an orgasm nearing.

"Mistress, may I cum? I am so close," I begged.

"No, my pet. You must wait. I have a proposal for you," she said. She stopped moving her hips, and stared into my eyes. "You can have your orgasm, but if you take it now, it will be the last one of the weekend. Or, you can wait, and I'll reward you beyond your wildest fantasies." She began moving her hips again. I tried to speak, but no sound came from my lips. She pressed herself harder onto my cock, writhing and sliding over my oil slick cock with her pussy. "Well, pet, what will it be? Will you wait? Or are you weak, and you need your release now?" She reached down, and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She began to stroke me, squeezing hard. She slid her pussy down my thigh until her face was inches from my cock. She opened her lips and sucked just the head into her mouth, then pulled away, my cock escaping her lips with a pop. "I'm going to give you until the count of ten to make your decision. If you cum before I reach ten, then I'll know that you are greedy, and want your orgasm now. If you do not cum, then I'll know you are disciplined, and you can wait."

She proceeded to suck my cock into her mouth, her fingers still wrapped around my shaft. She sucked me, and then pulled her head off of my cock, sliding her hand up and over my head. Each time she counted aloud, "One...".

I was groaning uncontrollably now, trying to hold back my climax. I squeezed, and fought off what I knew was an inevitable orgasm.


With each count, she sucked me in again. Her mouth was hot and wet. I could feel her tongue fluttering over my cock head.


I heard myself screaming, the sensations were so intense as I fought to hold back my climax.


And just as she counted aloud, the dam broke, and I exploded. My cum shot out of me. She started to jack my cock with her hand, and my entire body shuddered. I didn't know that I could climax with such force. She continued to stroke up and down on my cock. I shot 5 or 6 hot streams of cum, all of it now pooling on her hand and my stomach. She kept stroking me beyond what I could handle. My cock was hypersensitive, and I begged her to stop.

"Stop? But pet, if you are only going to get one, I think it should be a good one, don't you?" she grinned at me knowing that she was torturing me. My body convulsed with each stroke as electric jolts of sensation shot through me. I was seeing flashes of light the sensations were so great, and I thought I might pass out when she finally stopped.

Smiling, she sat up, and held her hand over my mouth. Cum dripped from her hand onto my lips. I opened my mouth, and she fed me my cum. When I had licked it off of her hand, she proceeded to use her fingers to scoop up as much of my cum as she could and fed it to me. When I had eaten as much as she could retrieve from my body, she grabbed one of the towels from our shower, and wiped her hands, then tossed it to me. I wiped myself clean, and sat up. She sat on the bed next to me and stroked my chest lazily.

"I'm disappointed in your my pet. You need to learn better discipline. Remember, its not about you. You should have waited and not cum. I was going to let you fuck me. I was going to let you fuck me all night and all day tomorrow. And all night tomorrow night until Sunday. I was going to let you cum as many times as your little cock would allow. But instead, I guess I need to teach you more discipline."

I wasn't sure if I could believe her, but it didn't really matter. I had not lasted through her test, and now I was going to suffer the consequences.

"We will start with some simple things tonight, and tomorrow we will get to the more advanced topics," she smiled impishly. "You need to get dressed for bed. Why don't you put on one of your new camisoles and some nice sexy panties for me."

I got off the bed, and chose a pair of black satin panties and a coordinating black satin camisole. The smooth fabric felt decedent against my skin. Despite my recent orgasm, I could feel myself getting hard again. Mistress motioned for me to rejoin her on the bed. She had also put on a sexy black camisole and tap pant ensemble. She had a long thin red rope in her hands. The color stood out in stark contrast to shimmery black satin of her camisole.

"Give me your hands," she said simply. I raised my hands to her. She carefully wrapped my wrists with the rope. It wasn't tight, but enough that I couldn't pull my hands free or apart. Then she looped the remaining length through my collar's ring, and secured it. My hands were not bound tight to the collar, but with enough slack that I could reach my hands down almost to my belly button. She checked it to make sure my wrists were secure, but not too tight. "Good, that will keep you from touching yourself. Now, into the bed with you. If you need to use the bathroom, you'll need to wait until I'm ready to release you. Remember, Mistress needs her sleep." She pulled the bedding open so that I could get beneath the covers. She slid into the bed beside me, and pulled the covers over us. She reached over, and turned out the light.
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