quotHeel boyquot she said

Eva could see that the gorgeous man who knelt submissively before the crowd with his head bowed obediently was not a beginner. He looked like he was in his forties and unlike female slaves his wrists were crossed behind his back and his knees spread wide. He was the very picture of an obedient slave.

But, even in this submissive pose she could see that he was a man of confidence and quiet strength. Eva couldn't help thinking that even though he was in a stance of submission, the authority that exuded from the handsome slave bespoke a special type of male dominance. She wondered how that must feel to a dominant female.

Slave Rob was completely naked and Eva could see his thick cock nestled between his legs. Eva had to admit that it was impressive even as soft as it was. He had the face of an angel and what looked like a halo of thick blonde curls. His body was muscular, but not hard. He looked like the kind of man that a woman would love to cuddle up next to.

He was indeed a beautiful man, so much so that Eva and Lilangel had removed their hands from their pussies. Simultaneously, they had moved up close to the two-way mirror to see him better. As they did so they looked at one another and burst into a fit of giggles when they recognized the steamy look of passion in each other's eyes. They had startled themselves when they realized they were both licking their lips.

They turned their attention back to the stage then as the room dimmed and a spotlight focused only on the three Mistresses and the slave that knelt before them.

The Mistresses were standing with their arms crossed just as Eva had seen male Doms do, while they examined the waiting slave. They started walking around him touching him here and there with a hand or the end of a crop.

The one in the middle stopped, placing the leather end of her crop under the slave's chin lifting it to face her. The slave allowed her to do this but still kept his eyes lowered.

"Look at me," the woman said. And as he looked at her she nodded to the woman on her left and with a little click of her tongue asked, "What lovely blue eyes. Don't you agree Diane?"

Eva recognized the one named Diane then as the Domme that Sir Dan had introduced to her as Diva Diane. She was an enticing sparkling eyed ebony beauty much resembling Mistress Syn, Eva thought. She wondered if they were related.

Diva Diane was not as tall as Syn. Eva thought she must be around 5' 4" without the tall spiked heels. Most of her body was slender and she had beautifully shaped legs and ankles under the black fishnet stockings. She sported a huge pair of titties that were barely contained by the skimpy bra of the gold colored leather bustier she was wearing.

Her hair was pulled back close to her head and gathered into a profusion of long shiny curls drifted down to the middle of her back. She wore a gold leather pillbox hat with black trim and gold net covering her forehead and eyes. And she was wearing a beautiful pair of dangling black and gold earrings about the size of a half dollar and in the form of a triskel, which Sir Dan had told her was a symbol of the BDSM lifestyle.

The gold leather was trimmed in black lace around the edges of the bra. And the tiny skirt revealed just a glimpse of a gold and black lace trimmed thong, below which was only a little peek of her lovely mahogany bottom each time she moved. She had on a pair of black elbow length gloves with several thin gold bracelets and a lovely sparkling ring on one finger of each hand.

Eva could see the men in the audience were entranced with the striking female Dominant as some of them adjusted the growing bulges in their pants. And she heard several of them clearing their throat as they tried to appear nonchalant. She even noticed Sir Randy and Sir Dan uncross their arms and nervously pull up on the waistband of their pants.

"I certainly do agree," Diva Diane answered. Then she ran her own crop gently down the front of Slave Rob letting it drift over the light yet ample blonde hair of his chest. And, as all three women observed she let the end of the crop drift down his body until it reached the thick cock that was nestled gently on the huge soft skin sack that held his balls.

Eva loved the way older men's cocks and balls looked and felt. But, in the midst of her own reverie she noticed that the faces of the three women had taken on an intensely sultry expression. In fact, she guessed that each of them were probably as wet as she was as they observed the sexy slave.

She smiled at the sight of the women who were obviously getting as hot at the sexy sight as any other woman would. All women must have the same feelings, she noted, whether they are Dominant or submissive. But then, who wouldn't be turned on by a sight like that? Suddenly, she pressed her knees together for what she was thinking as her own slave heat began to ignite once again.

"In fact, I think everything is lovely about this one, don't you Lady Crystal?" Diva Diane asked the woman in the middle as she gently patted the slave's penis with the leather crop.

"Indeed," Lady Crystal replied. "What do you think Brandy?" she asked the woman on the other side of her.

Mistress Brandy was a cute little redhead with an ample and well-shaped body. She was average height for a woman and her beautiful face was framed by bright red hair that was cut short in a sleek bob. She wore a pair of earrings about three inches long that were actually tiny suede floggers of the same hot pink color as the flogger at her side. She wore a pink trimmed brown leather captain's hat, and Eva wondered if the Dommes had to earn that leather like the men did.

Her tight fitting bustier was dark brown leather trimmed with the same hot pink suede. And, her large shapely legs were covered in the black fishnet with shining hot pink rhinestones scattered here and there. Her spiked heels were actually short brown ankle length leather boots and were done up with hot pink suede bootlaces that matched her flogger. She had on a pair of pink leather fingerless gloves, like the ones that Sir Dan had told her prevent the hands from slipping on a flogger handle.

Mistress Brandy looked like a no nonsense kind of gal that would take charge of anyone easily. And, to her surprise, Eva found herself liking this woman and she made a mental note to ask Sir if she could meet her sometime.

"I will let you know in a moment," Mistress Brandy answered as she quickly stepped forward grabbing the suede flogger at her waist. And with one fluid motion she swung the flogger wrapping the long pink falls around the slave's neck as she pulled him to her. She bent over and with her free hand she grabbed a handful of his thick blonde curls and drew him into a long passionate kiss.

When she released the slave he was gasping from the shock of the unexpected kiss from Mistress Brandy. But, even though she still held his hair in her grip he never broke his stance or raised his eyes.

Kneeling down on one knee, his hair still in her grasp, she threw the pink flogger over her shoulder. And then, with her free hand she reached between his legs, and as she fondled his cock and balls, she kissed him again.

"Whoa, girl," Lady Crystal laughingly chastised Mistress Brandy, "Don't use him up before we get a chance Miss Greedy."

Then adopting a look of innocence Mistress Brandy let go of Slave Rob and standing up with her flogger in both hands behind her back she bowed her head and looked at Lady Crystal petulantly from under her eyelashes. "Why Crystal," she whimpered, "I had to make sure he kisses well didn't I? After all the kisses are sometimes the most important part don't you agree?"

But before Lady Crystal could answer Diva Diane stepped forward saying, "I will let you know for sure ladies." And, like Mistress Brandy she grabbed the hunky slave by his beautiful golden locks and kissed him hard. No longer surprised by sudden kisses Eva could see the slave kissing back.

This time it was the Diva Diane who was gasping from surprise. "Oh my, I definitely agree that kisses like that are quite important. What do you think Crystal dear?" she asked as she pulled Slave Rob's head toward Lady Crystal who obligingly took it, wrapping her own fingers in his hair.

Lady Crystal was a tall lovely older woman with long thick blonde curls piled high on her head and falling down to the middle of her back. Her curls were gathered together on the top of her head with a huge ornate black leather barrette. She had a black velvet ribbon high around her long graceful neck with a lovely burgundy and black cameo pendant hanging fromit, and a matching pair of delicate cameo earrings.

She wore a burgundy colored leather bustier cinched in tightly around her already slender waist, and a skirt that just barely covered a pair of black lace panties. The bustier was laced in the back with black cord. Her makeup was immaculate and she had a sparkling ring on each delicate finger. And her crop was even black with a burgundy leather tip.

She was about 5'6" without the heels. And, her black Patton leather spike heels were at least five inches high making her even taller and more impressive to look upon. Eva marveled at how easily the woman walked in them with her slender ankles.

But, instead of kissing the slave right away Lady Crystal pulled his head up a little by his hair saying, "Up on your knees slave." And then as he complied with her order she pulled that beautiful face with both hands into her cleavage, rubbing his face hard between her huge soft titties. When she pulled him back a bit Eva could see a silly grin on the otherwise serious face of the slave.

And then Lady Crystal pulled him to her again. Pulling one side of her bra aside, she bared a large tit as she demanded, "Suck my titty boy."

Not waiting for him to comply she shoved her nipple between his lips. He immediately began to suck eagerly on her flesh. Eva watched her lay her head back with her eyes closed in an air of ecstasy, and she couldn't help grabbing her own pussy as the sight, and her wish that it was her titty in the slave's mouth, made her pussy slick again.

"Did you like that slave?" Lady Crystal challenged him with a serious look on her face as she pulled her titty out of his mouth, pulling the bustier up to cover it once again. In the distance Eva saw hands grabbing cocks again.

"Oh yes, I loved it Lady. Thank you Lady," he replied in a beautiful baritone voice that Eva loved to hear.

Without answering Lady Crystal pulled the slave's head back by his hair and gave him a long lingering kiss. Eva could see he was kissing back again. She chuckled a little to herself thinking that testing a slave was much like an audition for a part in a play, only much more fun.

When Lady Crystal stopped the kiss she pulled back on the curls that she still gripped in her hand saying, "Maybe if you are a good boy you will get to enjoy that and more slave. Now resume position," she said as she pulled him back from her before letting go of his hair. As she did so the compliant slave, who still kept his wrists crossed behind his back returned to his former position kneeling back on his heels with his legs spread.

When he did so Lady Crystal looked down at his cock, which was approaching a semi erection. Quickly, she smacked his cock with her crop saying, "Oh no my man. You haven't been given permission for that yet have you?"

"No Ma'am," Slave Rob said as he lowered his eyes dutifully.

Once again the women began to circle the handsome slave. As they walked around him he kept his position. Eva admired his control.

But then, as they circled, touching him here and there, Lady Crystal stopped in front of Slave Rob again and said, "Up on your knees and spread your legs as wide as you can."

When he complied Lady Crystal slipped off one delicate shoe. And then with her stocking foot she put her toes under his thick dangling cock and balls. First she lifted them up with her toes and jiggled them around. Then she pulled her foot back a few inches and lightly smacked his cock and balls with her toes causing his balls to bounce up and down. And, after a few smacks she began to slap his dick and balls harder.

Eva could see the slave's eyes begin to glaze over. And then she saw the look of determination and lust on his face as he obviously tried to mentally avoid getting an erection with Lady Crystal toe spanking his dangling genitals. And then, she began spanking them even harder causing him to moan.

Diva Diane moved in close to his side and began twisting his nipples one at a time. At the same time Mistress Brandy began to gently flog his ass, wrapping the flogger under and between his legs, as she struck the back of his balls in concert with Lady Crystal's food spanking.

Eva could see his dick harden as Slave Rob moaned, "Ladies, mercy please! I fear that I cannot control my erection with all this stimulation. I beg mercy of you. Please, I fear I will cum. Please Mistresses."

Suddenly, all three Dommes stopped and backed away from him. "Resume position," Lady Crystal said. And, Eva could visibly see Slave Rob's shoulders relax with relief.

"Blaze," Lady Crystal said addressing Master Blaze, "I want him. I bid $5000."

"NO," I want him Diva Diane said, raising her voice. "I bid $8000."

"I will make it $10,000. He is mine," Demanded Mistress Brandy as she slapped her thigh with her flogger for emphasis.

"No mine," said Lady Crystal.

"Mine," argued Mistress Brandy.

"I will raise my bid to $12,000," Lady Crystal offered.

"NO," the other two women shouted.

"Why don't you ladies combine your money and share him?" Master Blaze chuckled.

"Blaze," Lady Crystal insisted, "You know very well that we cannot share. Each of our appetites is tremendous. And all of us together would kill any one man. And since we must be safe, sane, and consensual it would definitely be insane to do that to this young man, don't you agree?"

"Oh yes, I do for sure Crystal," he laughed as the men in the room chuckled. "I understand your dilemma. And, even though I know you three are friends, I also know how voracious each of you are."

"Very well then," Lady Crystal continued, "I will take this one off your hands for $13,000."

"What?" Diva Diane and Mistress Brandy shouted indignantly.

Lady Crystal smiled evilly and turned her back on the two women as she faced Master Blaze. "Well?" she persisted.

Eva saw the other two Dommes whispering to each other behind Lady Crystal's back. And then, with a grin Diva Diane spoke up. "Oh Blaze?" she cooed. Smiling sweetly she said, "Since we all agree that all three of us would be way too much for any man to handle, we have decided that just the two of us will pool our money and share him for $20,000."

"What?" Lady Crystal demanded as she stomped her foot. "Never, you little saboteurs." Then turning back to Master Blaze she moved next to Slave Rob and sliding her hand into his thick blonde curls, she pulled his head back and announced triumphantly, "I bid $21,000."

"$22,000," called out Mistress Brandy as she and Diva Diane gave one another a knowing wink.

"$25,000," said Lady Crystal, as she continued to keep Slave Rob's head pulled back, even though he had never broken his position.

"Well, I guess I can go as high as $26,500," Diva Diane spoke up from behind Lady Crystal, as she stifled a giggle.

Stiffening her back and forgetting about the slave Lady Crystal whirled around to face the other two Dommes with her hands on her hips. "You wicked ingrates. You know you don't have that kind of money."

"Don't be so sure Lady," Diva Diane said as she cocked her head toward Mistress Brandy. "After all there are two of us and only one of you my dear," she taunted. "And our money combined will be more than you can handle."

Mistress Brandy said, "Blaze, I bid $27,500."

Incensed, Lady Crystal whirled back around and with her head held high she adamantly proclaimed, "I bid $35,000 Blaze."

No one spoke, so Master Blaze said, "I have a bid of $35,000 once."

He paused, "Twice."

And finally, not hearing another bid he said, "Do, I hear another bid?"

"$36,500," said Diva Diane.

"$40,000," said Lady Crystal obstinately.

"Do I hear another anyone?" Master Blaze asked. And when he heard no answer he bowed gallantly to Lady Crystal and announced, "Slave Rob goes to Lady Crystal for the evening for $40,000."

Lady Crystal swirled around to face Diva Diane, and Mistress Brandy boastfully. When she did she saw the two women doubled over in silent laughter. "You never meant even one of those bids did you?" she said angrily.

Diva Diane laughed, "Of course not dear, but you wanted to outdo us so much that we decided to help you do just that."

"Well," Lady Crystal sulked petulantly, with her head held very high as she ran her fingers through the blonde curls of the still kneeling slave. "At least I got this gorgeous slave," she added with a flip of her lovely locks.

"That's right," Mistress Brandy replied. And then amid her and Diva Diane's unbridled giggles the two women put their arms around each other and Mistress Brandy said, "And, unless you have some more money to spend, that leaves the field clear for us to bid on the other male slaves that will be auctioned tonight."

As her mouth dropped open for the second time, Lady Crystal sputtered angrily, "But, but, but ... Blaze said there was only one slave."

"He said he only had one slave," Mistress Brandy chuckled. "But, he never said a word about any other male slaves that will be put on the auction block tonight, did he? Didn't you read the program on the front door dear?"

Lady Crystal was so angry that she could not speak. She swirled around holding her head high in defiance once again. The Masters' in the crowd moved aside for her to leave. She looked once at the handsome slave as she moved through the Dominant men. "Heel boy," she said.

... to be continued
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