My girlfriend makes me kiss her ass

You are laying on the couch, watching TV. I come in behind you, silently, wearing only short white socks and sneakers, having stripped down to them after coming back from exercise class.

I'm hot, sweaty, pungently ripe. Your head is near the arm of the couch and I quickly grab it to pull it back over the arm, at the same time stepping over it and placing my muscular thighs to your ears.

You have been taken completely by surprise and can see nothing but the magnificent swell of my firm, round ass, and feel nothing but the intense crush of my pulsating thigh muscles on your ears.

I somehow cross my feet and stand on one, punishing you in my scissors grip, taking evil delight in the screams boiling within my hot sex as the vibrations swell in your throat and churn their way up inside me.

I smile and moan, putting my head back to increase the insane scissor pressure on your head. Reaching back with my hands, I spread my meaty asscheeks, the sweaty pucker of my derriere's delicate entrance winks at your terrorized face.

I let up the scissors ever so slightly to chew your head up even tighter in my clinching thighs, further and further until your mouth is brushing the wispy wet curls of my pussy, your nose pushing at my asshole.

I relax my thighs and then tense them, relax, tense, relax tense, slowly hunching my lush hips back and forth, using your face, stroking myself over it, from clit to buttcrack, your nose then your lips pleasing me as I move on you, never letting up the tight scissor squeeze of these thighs, never letting you lose very close up sight of this hungry ass wiping over your entire face.

I speed up to a blur, my hips snapping back and forth, the fleshy meat of my rump thundering at first then hammering to a sudden stony stop on your face, eating it inside me, before resuming its pounding rhythm.

My hips and this sweet, suffocating ass are in total, ceaseless motion, consuming your head, devouring your face which is now nothing but a plaything for me, a low, constant and pained moan growling from your battered lips.

And then I stop and stand stockstill, grinding you brutally hard in my thighs and pulsing my pussy on your face as I drench you in an endless, fluid orgasm. I cum over and over and squeeze harder and harder and by the time I am done, so are you...out like a light in my scissored embrace.

When you come to, all you see is this ass, right on your face. I am squatting on it as you lay on the floor now, the sweaty ring of my hole on your nose. I spread my cheeks wide and your nose enters me. You balk, I laugh.

"Smell my asshole and live," I growl back over my shoulder.

"It's that simple. I want to hear you sniff, a big, deep sniff. I just worked out for two hours in the gym. This is your reward. Now do what you're told or you'll think that last headscissors I had you in was a walk in the park. I'll squeeze it next time until it cracks, then I'll stick the whole thing in my ass. Now, do what you're told and SMELL my ASSHOLE!!"

You have no choice and take a huge sniff of my gamey butt. The humiliation outweighs all else. I laugh and settle on your face harder, taking your nose entirely into my spongy, lovely bottom, now bouncing up and down, snapping my hips, rising and falling, fucking myself in the ass with your nose for 10 minutes as I play with myself to another sopping cum, the nectar of my efforts sluicing down my pussy to drip into your mouth. You drink me.

"Now lick my asshole," I growl down to you.

"Use that tongue and clean my sweaty ass."

Again, you obey, slicing your long tongue as deep as you can into my bottom as I spread my cheeks widely in my strong hands. Your mouth is wide open, your lips crushed against my rump, your teeth flush with my cheek walls as you flutter your tongue in and out rapidly of my insatiable asshole.

And again I finger myself to a shuddering orgasm until my entire butt clenches and chews at your face, sucking you in its smothering grip and you pass out...

You awaken after having been knocked out, destroyed, nearly erased under the magnificent abuse of my delicious derriere. Again, I am on your face, but in a less painful manner; I am leaning forward, taking my weight off your lips and mouth, my sweet pussy and demanding asshole inches from your face.

Velvet heat envelops your cock and you realize I am sucking you, bringing you back to the living with my unique brand of resuscitation.

"Welcome back, slave boy," I growl, taking my mouth from your cock with a plop and slowly jacking the 7 thick inches with my strong hand.

"I'll be needing this." With that, I not-so-gently nip at the head of your dick with a sharp bite, making you yelp.

I laugh evilly and slide it back into my mouth. You cannot believe anyone can be this good at sucking cock, but I am beyond good, far beyond, as I slip my hand around your balls and squeeze the entire package up toward my vacuuming mouth, giving the right amount of pain with pleasure to mix them up in perfect consort.

Just when you think it can't get any better, or more decidedly unique, I surprise you again.

"I want you to cum, but not all at once," I say, again popping my mouth from your swollen cock to continue the exquisite handjob.

"I want you to start to cum and stop, in my mouth, and then I'm going to kiss you, wet and deep."

You try to protest but my feathery light yet firm pumping motion is too much. You want to obey me badly, right now.

"Then you're going to fuck me, and cum again, inside me," I continue.

"And then you will eat me, eat up all your juices, and then you will perhaps fuck my ass, if you are lucky. Do you see the pattern developing here, slave boy? Are you ready to obey me or do my thighs have to scissor you again, does my ass have to knock you out once more?"

"I...I...willl...obey..." you mumble, delirious from what I am doing.

I moan and put my mouth back on your leaking cock and within a minute, you feel a monumental orgasm swell in your nuts. I sense it and stop the hand motion and just leave my mouth attached to your cock, gripping the base of your dick very tightly. One, two and then three huge eruptions bubble from deep within you and fill my still mouth with your hot cum - and then it stops.

Your cock, still rock hard in my hand, stays stiff and aching for more release. Quickly, I spin around and sink my steaming pussy on your dick, skewering myself with it, taking every hard inch inside me, up to your balls.

I lean over you on strong arms and smile, closed mouthed. A trail of sperm leaks from each corner of my mouth as I slowly descend on you and our faces meet. My lips part and I unload on you, opening your sweet lips and thrusting my cum-coated tongue into your mouth, the full salty wetness of yourself spilling in with it.

The level of sensitivity in your pounding cock increases 10 fold as I french kiss you with wild abandon, using your spunk as a lubricant, running my insanely long tongue around in your mouth, churning the load within.

You kiss back hard, even hornier than before, anxious to taste your juices in my sucking mouth, wringing my tongue in your lips, sucking it like it were a small, wet cock, hungry for the sweetness it holds.

And your cock grows harder still in the violently tight recesses of my incredible pussy, the muscles milking it as I orgasm again and again.

"Now my pussy," I hiss into your mouth as we fence with our comey tongues.

"Fill my pussy with your cum..."

Seconds later, you I do as I feel another three bursts of nut grinding spunk boil out of you and up inside of me. I clamp down hard with these pussy muscles, though, and shut off the flow.

Sitting up, I smile down at you and put my hands on your chest to push up and off of you.

"Here comes the cum," I growl.

"Open up!"

You anxiously await as I quickly slide off your cock and up your belly and chest to eagerly plop my nasty, dripping pussy on your mouth, completely enveloping it in your hot, wet lips. My tasty hole is instantly flooded with your spunk and it fills your mouth as I force out the entire load, giving you the swallow-or-drown option.

You go for the former, anxious to taste yourself fresh from the repository of my beautiful pussy. You gulp and surp yourself out of me and begin lapping at my clit, nibbling, biting, sucking, until I cum with a slap of my muscular thighs against your face.

I reach behind you to grab your amazingly still-stiff cock, jerking it, smiling at you. I slide backwards.

"I want you in my ass," I growl, spinning around to show you that tasty backside.

"I want your cum inside my asshole."

My ass, wet from your cum and still drenched from the soaking you'd given it with your mouth, tightly accomodates your cock as I sit on it, absorbing every thick inch. Your eyes widen as you are treated to the sight of my fantastic ass devouring your prick.

I rise on my haunches, flexing the muscles in my delicious rump, as I ride your cock powered by the creased muscles in my powerful thighs and rippling calves. You run your hands from my white socks over every hard-lined muscle and to the pumping flex of my gorgeous fanny as I fuck you fucking me.

"You won't last long," I hiss back over my creamy shoulder. "They never do..." And I'm right. Though you've just cum twice, you cum again, as much as I'll let you , anyway, a scorcher right into my hungry asshole, thick rivers of your nutsauce creaming inside me.

When I pull off you, you see a nasty plug of white inside the tasty rim of my ass. You lick your lips and wait. Seconds later, your face is encompassed in the thick hams of my sweaty, sinful ass, my hands spreading the meat wide. Your cum is in your mouth again.

"Lick the cum from my asshole, slave boy," I roar.

"Eat that spunk outta me now!!"

I don't have to tell you twice, nor once, really, as you jam your tongue as far up my cumey asshole as you can, gobbling up every sweet drop of your ball fluid.

I gyrate that hunky rump on your face, screwing your mouth with my anxious asshole, ensuring you get every drop. With my hand, I jerk your cock back to if life could ever leave a cock with me around it.

"Mmmm, I want to see the last of this myself, I want you to spurt for me, slave lover, cum all over my hand," I whisper, leaning down to kiss your sore prick.

"Here, let me give you something to think about while you my thighs on your throat!!" With that, I fall to the side and take you in a neckscissors, the crook of my knee hard on your throat.

I fold up my lower legs now and engulf you in a modified figure-four of sorts, my thick calves crushing one side of your face and forcing the other side into the hard width of my smooth, deadly hamstrings.

Your entire head is engulfed in my powerful legs and I work the scissors on hard while I jack you off, the socked calves grinding you, the thick, muscular thighs squeezing you, and my knees choking you. But your cock is ever at attention in my pumping fist as I lean on the other arm, a smile on my face, watching it happen.

And in a few moments, it does. You cannot possibly give me a whole load now, not after three nut-wrenching shots in less than an hour, but you still give me plenty, a thick river of spunk that oozes out of your boiling cockhead and sheets down over my pumping hand, creaming my fingers as I continue jacking you off.

You see none of this as I involuntarily tighten my deadly scissor lock on your entire head and just as you finish cuming, you pass out cold, done in by my deliciously lethal lower body yet again. I smile as I wipe my hand clean on your face still locked up and red in the vice grip of my scissors.

"Rest up," I say, finally unlocking my legs. "And recharge. I'm not quite done with you yet..."
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