What did I let myself in for

My path to submission was straightforward. I'd always enjoyed the company of older women, especially those who were confident and displayed a dominant streak. There's just something about being bossed around that drives me wild...

As is so often the case, appearances can be deceiving. It certainly didn't look like Ms Margaret Stacey was a wild child. In the workplace she seemed fairly prim and proper. This took a turn when I ended up giving her a ride home one night after drinks at work. She had a few, and instead of driving home accepted a ride. Being about 15 years my senior placed her in the right age bracket for me at the time....and yes she soon turned out to be quite dominant!

The questions she asked me on the drive to her place were all right to the point. Did I have a girlfriend? Any plans for the weekend? Did I have to go home tonight? Would I obey her? I was a little startled by this last one, but it was when she cupped my balls and squeezed firmly that I just smiled at her....she grinned back.

A few hours later I find myself shackled, my balls bound tightly, with the demure Ms Margaret now raping my arse with a strap-on and alternately giving my balls a smack. The consent process was swift and simple, I had a basic understanding of BDSM and all that I needed to learn she would take care of. Best of all, she just glowed when we agreed there would be no safeword. Her judgment was enough for me. Oh boy, I should have known better!

The process of her taking ownership of my cock and balls was simple as well. The cockcage was introduced in the second month, and once I overcame the initial trepidation, I was amazed at how liberating it felt to give up orgasm and erection control. After all, on the occasions I'd be released from the cage, she could never get enough of me anyhow....so it wasn't like it was that much of a hardship.

For me the focus though was on CBT, something Mistress excelled at and certainly revelled in. The delight she showed when I bought her a ballpress....

You see, as much as it was about pleasing Mistress, the delight I got from being hurt in the groin is something words can't describe accurately. OK, to taste her pussy after a good session of cock and ball torture might be an added bonus...for I just loved eating her out and making her cum and cum.

Even the simple act of having her thumb and forefinger wrapped around the base of the ballsack and squeezing hard, making me cringe and whimper just got her sooo wet and horny. I only encouraged her to do this harder of course, for the feeling immediately after her releasing the pressure on the balls can only be described as the best personal high I've ever experienced.

But by and large she drew the greatest pleasure from performing at play parties, torturing me, kicking me in the balls, and then making me fuck her for ages afterwards. My favourite finale was being allowed to cum in her delicious pussy, then eating all the spunk out of her, finger fucking and licking her to orgasm again and again before fucking her all over again. The amusing thing at the samller play parties, where she could really go to town on my ballbag, was how the onlookers would protest at the treatment being dished out to me. I've always loved being take to the point where I cry freely from the pain, then to be kicked and crushed some more....always good to get Mistress absolutely dripping wet...as well as giving me that post-torture recovery high. If you've not experienced it then you won't know.

The most impressive aspect was how easily I seemed to surrender to Her will, not cumming unless She wished me to. OK, there were some mishaps in the early days, especially when entering Her pussy from behind, but She solved that by not letting me eat Her pussy nor letting me cum for two weeks for each mishap. You soon learn control when faced with this choice. I just love eating pussy you see, not cumming I could deal with for much longer than not eating pussy. Mind you, when Mistress was all naked and relaxed whilst I would eat Her pussy it often seemed like I was in control.... She would just cum over and over, just from me licking Her pussy and then sliding two fingers up against Her G-spot. I just worked on the theory that as long as I was physically able to pleasure Her with my mouth I would continue to do so. Time and again however She would beg me to stop, well, not so much beg as push me away from Her now rather tingly pussy.

Her ability to cum repeatedly always amazed me. One of Her favourites was on Her back, with me kneeling and inside Her pussy, Her legs up over my shoulders. I would get told how fast to fuck Her, how deep, whilst She had her little vibe rubbing Her clit. Over and over She'd order me to fuck Her hard, She'd approach orgasm and as She started to cum would order me to stay deep! As Her pussy convulsed and gushed around my throbbing cock I was not allowed to cum, but I had to make Her cum over and over this way. If I would cum before She ordered me to then I wouldn't get to enjoy fucking or licking Her for at least two weeks. The big grin on Her face as I'd cum inside Her soaking cunt was a sight to behold... Delirious is how I thought of it, barely in control. I think She relished being able to tell Her slave to lick Her clean afterwards too! If there were times when She thought laying back and having me lick all our combined juices from Her pussy wasn't good enough She'd simply sit on my face and grind to make sure all my dirty spunk could be licked from Her precious tight little fuckhole.

Over time, the control became tighter, I was not allowed to voice my wishes anymore and the focus moved from mutual pleasure to merely satisfying Her desires. Needless to say it took me a while to recognize this change as permanent. I was told later that this change largely came about by virtue of me being too pliable for Mistress' liking, the challenge of controling me had gone. Needless to say I took this to heart and made sure to not make this mistake with my next Mistress!
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