Young stud is just a toy for his girlfriends mother

Everybody in this story is of legal age. All facts are pure fiction.


My girlfriend Jeanette is a stunning girl. Her exquisite figure is completed by a small, slim body, tight beautifully sculpted arse and small, round breasts.

Her mother Victoria is the most beautiful woman in the whole neighborhood. Everybody knows she is a former flight attendant and calls her Vicki. Although Jeanette's mane of long red hair and beautiful high cheekbones resembles very much those of her mother, their physiques cannot be more different. Unlike her daughter Jeanette, who is only five feet 3 inches tall, Vicki has an eye-catching 5 feet 9 inches height. Her daughter told me she often lifted weights and then I knew why her body, though still very feminine, had a striking muscularity that was very provocative. Her raven hair is long and touches the middle of her back. She seems to know how to display her nice rack always to the fullest advantage.


Everything started that day when I visited their home. It looked a little bit unusual that Vicky opened the door, she never does that. She invited me to stay on a chair, prepared 2 cocktails and sat in front of me. Although she was fixing me with her green eyes, I couldn't keep myself from staring at her long sexy legs while she was slowly crossing them. She always has some hypnotic effect on me. It was kind of strange, but this 42 years old woman turned me on more than her young daughter.

"What are you doing here today, Mick?"

""I came by just to visit. Where is Jeanette?" I asked, intrigued that her daughter didn't show up.

"Who did you want to visit? Jeanette is at her piano classes. I'm sure she told you that."

"Ohh, yess, I forgot! Dumb boy! Ok, I should go home, then! Excuse me, Vicky!"

While I was trying to stand up, her hand touched my thigh and pushed me back firmly.

"Sit down! You're not going anywhere now."

Her voice made me feel I had no choice but to listen to her.

"I think," she continued, "That you and I should have a talk." She pointed on the couch, near her. "Come on." I moved closer to her, but I think it was obvious I was afraid to get too close. Just the idea of sitting so close to this beautiful woman was causing me a painful erection that I wasn't able to hide. She had caught me looking at her legs.

"Do you think she's pretty?"

"Yes, Ms. Victoria! I like her very much!"

"You like her more than you like me?"

That absolutely stunned me. I wanted to say something, but my jaws were stuck. Vicki smiled at me and she placed her finger on my mouth to stop my words.

Her tight black top showed off her breasts. It was very hard for me not to loose my eyes between the magnificent curves.

"There we go," she purred, "just like I thought... my daughter's boyfriend has a soft spot for older women".

I nodded my head to negate. Her long fingers and my mixed emotions sealed my lips.

""You were hoping to have a chance to have a closer look at my body again isn't it? That's why you came over here! Jeanette has an amazing little body with very nice hard tits, a sexy round ass, but she is so tiny and unfortunately she will never have nice long legs! There's no use to deny, my dear! You really like my legs, don't you..." I saw your expression a lot of times, when you looked at my body. You were turned on by what you saw. Are you always hard like this?"

"Nnno, Ms. Victoria, I...I.... I'm sorry, I didn't..."

She stroked the side of my face, and leaned closer to me, whispering in my ear. "Don't worry, dear! I'm not angry at you." My eyes were stuck deep into her wide cleavage.

"I love to get admiring glances from men sometimes even from women! I even hike up my skirt a little higher to let them peek at my legs as high as possible. I really like the idea of men finding my long smooth legs irresistible!"

I'm sure a look of disbelief was all over my face, when she continued.

"Each man - including you- has his own weak points and it usually doesn't take me too long to sense it and use it to get what I want"

Her tongue snaked forth, its tip tickling inside my ear.

"What d-do you mean?"

Vicki laid against the couch and continued sipping her drink, crossing her legs,

"For some men it's enough just a tease, others need to see my dominant attitude... I love to dominate men, verbally or physically, that's all!"

Her naked foot gently brushed against my leg.


She lifted her legs over the armrests of my seat. I could see now for sure she didn't have on any panties. I was amazed she was acting like that, but I was like hypnotized.

"You are cute. Whatever it takes, I will make you submit to me, it's not a matter of choice."

She put her right foot into my lap. He toes were gently touching my throbbing cock. Her toenails were painted with a burning red color. I couldn't move a muscle; I was helpless against the heavenly feeling.

, Not your choice!"

My hands were gripping the armrests. She placed one hand over mine.

"You have a leg fetish, don't you?" I gulped. "I know you've dreamed to touch my legs for quite some time," she said. " Long, strong legs... silky skin"

"You just wanted to see my legs again, didn't you?" she asked again, pulling her skirt tightly about her so I could clearly see the outline of her legs beneath her skirt.

I wasn't able to say a word. My hand was so close to her sleek legs.

"I bet you are craving to touch them, to slide your hands over my thighs, hmm? Wouldn't that be nice?"

She placed my hand on her right tattooed ankle. My cock jerked in my pants like a wild animal. I no longer had control over my own limbs. My hands were enjoying themselves with her perfect curves of her knees.

"Enjoy! Feel the skin and the hot flesh!" Her hand squeezed me harder.

"Poor little boy...My legs must have excited you plenty... Did you jerk off often thinking about me?"

I didn't know what to answer. How many times did I masturbate thinking about Vicki? Hundreds? She didn't wait for my answer. Maybe she knew it.

"Did you make love to your girlfriend while imagining you were making love to me?"

She removed her leg from my lap and pulled my chair closer to her. Funny, but I was not amazed she was able to do that so easy. It was impossible for me to think while her voluptuous, nicely tanned calves were laying on my armrests. Her shaved pussy was glistening of moist. I felt her wrap her long fingers around my cock. Immediately, it began to swell. My trousers were stained. She could feel my cock throbbing inside her hand while I moaned uncontrollable.

" You know what? If I think a guy is cute I let him enjoy himself touching my body all over. You know why?"


"Maybe he has the right stuff to make it fun for me, too! You can be the lucky guy, don't you think?"


"I'm always up to have as much cock in my wild pussy as possible. I let only decent big cocks to fuck my brains out. I like to have a man at my complete disposal and I have to confess I'm not used to being very kind to his body."

Suddenly, she grabbed my wrist and held on tight, not letting me move my hand anymore. I felt that she was very much stronger then I was, but that was not the thing I could think about when my balls were boiling.

"Are you sure you really want to do this? You don't have to continue if you don't want to. Maybe you are not able to be having sex for hours without getting tired! Maybe your cock is not really huge and you cannot fulfill the indecent desires of my thirsty pussy. If that's so, you may go home. Otherwise, you will become my boy toy! Is that what you wish? You want to totally surrender to me, give yourself up to the point where I will make you totally submit to me. Are you happy with that?"

The room was filled with a heavy silence.

"Did you swallow your tongue, sweetheart?"

"Are you proud of your cock, Mike? Is it big enough? Maybe jerking it to full length will give me an idea. I want you to get your cock out.," she ordered.

The rasp of my fly opening was deafening in the silence of the room,. She snaked her fingers inside, quickly freeing my stiff throbbing cock. I gasped, clenching my teeth while she was alternated between twirling her fingers around the top of my cock and stroking the shaft.

"I love large cocks and men who know how to use them. There's nothing more beautiful than long thick cocks eager to absolutely slam my tight cunt. They make me hornier then hell. Do you know how to use your cock, Mick? If that's so, maybe I will give you a chance to fuck me. My old pussy loves to have a big hard cock stuffed in it. Would you like to fuck me crazy hard?"

I knew my cock was rock hard, veins rippling beneath the skin.

"You are now so close to my legs... you could touch them... maybe make love to them... How about sticking your wild young cock against them?"

I don't know where my words came from. She knew how to drive a man crazy with her dirty talk. Strangely, I felt was completely in her control, any resistance was vain.

"I'm all yours and I will do whatever you want".

She had a short vicious smile.

"Really! Don't hurry, young man! Slow and easy. Get naked first. Just like that! Nice boy! Sit down on the floor and lean back." I was in no state to argue, I had no reason or strength to argue.

She placed her right foot's arch on my erection and stroked it down my cock from the head to its base, driving me insane. She gently caressed and fondled my shaft and grasped the head of my cock my cock firmly between her long toes. I closed my eyes as I was so close to climax and I rose my hips to meet her actions. She stopped suddenly. I opened my eyes and I noticed a joyous look on her face.

"On your knees, now!" She wanted me to kneel before her, to beg her to show me her bare legs! I knelt obediently on the floor in front of her. She moved back slightly and lifted her skirt a fraction to reveal her entire legs. I felt my face was burning. I felt a terrible urge to cum.

I wrapped my fingers around her left ankle and massaged her gently. Her skin felt warm to my touch. I lifted her leg and kissed the inside of her ankle, then licked my way slowly up her calf. She sat back, fully extending her long shapely legs in front of her. I liked to touch those full meaty calves and I kissed her superb thighs, her muscles ripple as she whispered.

"Did you dream last night to slide your trembling hands over my thighs, hmm?"

"What's this tattoo on your outer thigh?"

She lifted her skirt upwards; I smiled and continued my exploring journey up her leg, admiring a very colorful dragon tattooed on her toned leg. Slowly, I was getting closer and closer to her burning cunt. Her breathing became more ragged. Suddenly, her thighs clamped shut trapping my hands. I tried to free my hands for a moment, but the feel of my hands into the vice of her steely leg muscles just made all my strength melt away.

"So here's the deal. Your punishment for breaking the submission will be very humiliating and very painful. Are you ready to pay such a high price?

She kissed my left earlobe, and ran a hand to my hair.

"You'll be my private fantasy when ever I want, whatever it takes. You're going to come over, any time I ask you to"

"You may not come without my permission. Otherwise... " her hand grabbed my chin and forced me to look into her eyes. I don't know why, my heart suddenly started pounding. "I have no use for a limp cock."

"You are not allowed to fuck anybody else, unless I let you do so, even not my daughter. Is it a tough condition?"


"If that's so, you're free to go home and stroke yourself..."

"N-no, I..."

"Poor baby! I bet you're craving to taste my cunt". It was true; I was drooling to lick her pussy.

"Yes, now, please. Let me lick your pussy, please."

It is the most lustful feeling of my sexual life. She grabbed my hair and pulled me down to her pussy. I licked slowly; using my tongue to lap at her long slit and then flicked my tongue over her hardened clit.

My tongue run along her pussy's lips, I chewed her lips until I hear her scream with delight. Vicki arched up to my mouth.

"Looks like you do like doing that!"

She laid her heavy thighs around my shoulders, and I felt trapped by her crossed ankles pushing hard against my back. Her thighs started to tighten around my face and she grunted hard. Her hands pulled my head even more deeply into her, as her juices exploded, rolling onto my mouth and chin.

She finally loosened her grip on my head and I pulled away from her moist pussy, my face fully covered with her delicious juices. My tongue was tired, I felt like it was a few hours since I was feverishly licking her mound, so I stuck two fingers in her hot box and I was rewarded with a deep moan of pleasure. I eased finally a third finger into her pussy and she exploded in ecstasy again. In that moment she lost her overall sense of control.

With an unexpected move she forced me over onto my back. Caught off guard, I had no reaction against the sexually supercharged woman and I was instantly lying on the floor. Her bottom crushed down on my face and she began to brutally grind her pussy up and down. My nose submerged into her moistened vulva, her sexual stimulations seem to grow increasingly stronger as I tried to twist away. I struggled to free my head but that seem to bring her even more pleasurable sensations whilst smothering me with her weight, making her pant when I was gasping for air.

I lost track of time and felt dizzy because of a lack of air, when she finally raised her ass from my face. She didn't care, as she rode my face to three more mind-blowing climaxes.

I coughed while I was trying to breathe fresh air. I thought it was my turn to get satisfied, too. But her words froze me.

"Oops, it's time for my daughter to get back! Get dressed, Mike!" She went to the bathroom and when she came back, I was now fully dressed.

"Please, Vicki, I need to release! Please make me cum!"

The sultry looking milf was now wearing 4'' high heels, so my face was now dangerously close to her buxom tits. She pushed me up against the wall thrusting one of her thighs between my legs, rubbing slowly her hips up and down against my painfully erect cock. She brushed my hair to calm me down.

"You see, Mick, I'm the kind of woman who needs to be fucked a few hours to be satisfied, so proposing me just a quickie of a few minutes is a real shame. You're going to come back, and we'll have a more serious, satisfying make-out session."

A mischievous smile played across her full lips as she slipped her hand into my pants, wrapped her palm around my iron hard shaft and pumped very slowly a few times, driving me insane, and then moved her other hand down to cup my aching balls. She grabbed my head with her hands and snaked her tongue into my mouth.

"I like tasting the sweetness of my pussy on a guy's mouth! You are free to go home, Mick."

This was too much. I was totally humiliated. This tall, older woman was trying to take unfair advantage of me, forcing me to lick her pussy and wanted me to stop me from achieving my release, with my cock almost cumming in my pants. My balls were boiling with semen and I had no hope for any release. It was not fair to leave me like that! I grasped her mammoth tits to stay closer to her.

"I'm not going anywhere! I will fuck your brains out, Vicki! I want to fuck your face like there's no tomorrow"

In a flash, she grabbed my wrists and bent my hands down with ease. I tried to push her away for a moment, but she slapped my face unbelievable hard, like she hit me with a brick. I was stunned. My reddened face was burning. I had to use all my strength not to fall on my knees.

"You fool, I didn't allow you to do that!"

" Listen, boy! Don't ever try again to fuck with me, Mick! I am mentally tougher and physically stronger than most of the boys of your age. I hope for your owns' good that you don't have the balls to try me out once again! You don't know whom you're messing with. Now get the fuck out of here and behave yourself!"


I don't remember how I reached home. I just remember I went into my room pulling down my boxer briefs. I was no longer able to hold out and almost instantly a lot of cum spread on the floor. I didn't feel the expected release. I was sure I had to get back to Vicki. It was strange, but I still wanted more from that woman! I needed to see her tits, to see her completely naked, to burry my cock deep inside her cunt. I was ready to go back and beg her to fuck me. To fuck me until I die! I jacked off all the evening, until I had no cum inside my balls.
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