Sandy cuckolds her boyfriend Dale

It felt really weird waking up beside another man in my bed. My ass was pressed against Larry's cock as I woke with his arm gently draped across my waist. It was a position to which I was accustomed with my girlfriend Sandy as she would often cuddle close to me in a spoon position in the bed. I looked over and Larry appeared to be dead to the world as I pulled myself out of bed, taking a brief whiz at the head, before heading naked to the kitchen to make coffee.

The sun was piercing through the kitchen window and I wondered how Sandy, Ann, and Randy had made out after we left. Larry and I mentioned we would be back but spent the remaining night taking turns sucking each other's cock and fucking each other's ass. He and I sixty-nined before I had my first chance to fuck another man. Larry was certainly experienced and he moved his ass up and down on my hard cock. When he lay on his back, I positioned myself between his legs which he wrapped tightly around mine and we again kissed as passionately as we did earlier last evening.

I had never imagined myself ever kissing another man and while his lips were not nearly as soft as Sandy's there was a passion that made by cock twitch. The coffee was just starting to drip down in the decanter when I heard the shower running down the hall indicating that my guest had awaken. He appeared just a few minutes later still nude and toweling off his shoulders and wet hair.

"Coffee smells good," he smiled. I asked him how he liked it and poured him a mug with just a tad of milk and handed it back admiring his still hard physique. While he had never told me his age, Larry appeared to be in his mid-thirties but kept his stomach flat and you could tell by his abs and shoulders that he worked out regularly.

We both sipped our coffees as I looked at the man who had slept with me the night before. I'm not sure why but I leaned in and kissed him. He set his mug down on the counter and we held each other, our stomach and cocks rubbing together as he plunged his tongue deep in my mouth and rubbed my back, my ass.

I trailed my lips to his neck, bent down and kissed his nipple, sucking and licking before I sank to my knees gazing at his beautiful cock hanging in front of his large balls dangling loose from his body. I took the head in my mouth without using my hands. They stayed above my head as I pulled and twisted his nipples which grew hard in my fingers. I felt his dick growing thicker and harder in my mouth as I bathed it with my tongue, taking it as far back in my throat as I could before I instinctively gagged. I wanted to be able to deep throat him like he had done me the previous evening.

He held my face in his warm hands, guiding me up and down on his thick wet shaft. His dick felt so soft as I ran my tongue over the velvet head, teasing the slit in his member with my tongue. I sucked his cock a few minutes before he raised me up and kissed me again hard on the lips before turning me around and bending me over at the sink. I had both arms on the cold marble counter as he stuck the head of his cock, still wet with my spit, and eased it into my waiting hole.

My asshole swallowed his dick up, almost as if it belonged there as he eased himself in and grabbed my hips as he slowly pushed back and forth, the head of his dick massaging my prostrate. Larry reached around and rubbed my chest, before sticking his fingers in my mouth which I sucked on wantonly. When they were covered with my saliva he brought them back to my nipple, rubbing it with my spit, and then twisting, pinching.

"Oh fuck you have a hot ass," Larry moaned as he rocked back and forth. Occasionally he would pull his cock all the way out, spit, and allowing the drool to collect on his knob and shaft before easing it back in. My ass would go out to meet him. I couldn't get enough. I wanted his cock to stay in. I wanted him to bury his dick in my bottom.

"Have you two been at it all night?" I was startled as I turned to see his wife Ann and then Sandy walk thru the kitchen doorway.

"No, we took a little break, but I thought I'd get a little piece before we left," Larry shot back with a smile.

I could see my girlfriend Sandy's reflection in the microwave. She was standing in the doorway - watching. Watching as Larry fucked me in the ass. My lover rose up on his toes and pushed hard driving my pelvis into the counter. We were grunting. Today was much more of a fuck than last night's lovemaking.

"I'm gonna' cum, I'm gonna cum," Larry chanted as he buried his face in the back of my neck. I turned my head to the side hoping he'd see. He felt me much more than saw me as he moved his mouth to mine as his tongue pushed between my lips. We kissed hard as his lips slid on mine, our mouths hungry for each other. I opened my eyes to see Sandy's reflection. She was still staring, watching me, her boyfriend, kissing, being fucked by another man. I watched as she walked away. Larry's tongue searching for mine as I closed my eyes and felt Larry launch his hot load deep in my ass.

Larry rose up and down on his toes as he dumped load after load into my hungry ass which gobbled up his cum. He eventually pulled his cock free and I turned as we continued our embrace, my head coming to rest on his chest as he held my head tight. His erect pierced nipples with the little gold bars pressing back into my chest. I could feel his juices, his warm cum, seeping out of my hole, trickling down the back of my thigh

Larry and I walked naked into the den where Ann and Sandy sat talking on the couch. We all made some small talk and they left very shortly after Larry had dressed. I could feel a little tension in the air and I asked if Sandy was okay. Was she upset to find me again with Larry? Maybe upset I had left her at Randy's last night.

"No, I mean, I don't have a problem with it I guess. It's just I'm trying to come to grips with our lives. What we're becoming, what we're doing" Sandy went on. "I know you love me and I love you too. But it's different now. I see how you are with Larry...and Randy. I don't think you're gay but there's little doubt you're attracted to... to cock," she said with emphasis on cock.

"I walk in and you're making it with Larry and I see how you are with him. And I know you're still looking at all that porn. Hell, that's how we got in this mess in the first place," Sandy said, staring at me, almost as if searching, waiting for me to respond.

"And I think you like, actually I know you like, watching me with other guys. And I know you were turned on watching me with Ann," she said, her hand coming to rest on her hip.

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked.

"Did I enjoy what," she shot back.

"Enjoy yourself with Ann?" I inquired.

"Yes, yes I did" she affirmed. "I didn't know how I'd feel about it but yea, I liked it a lot. It was different," she said, almost as if reflecting on the prior evening.

"As a matter of fact we talked about getting together again. Maybe this week. Would you like that? Would you like to get together with Larry and Ann again this week?" she inquired.

I didn't hesitate. The thought of getting back together with Larry, "Sure, that would be great!" I almost exclaimed.

"It gets you off seeing me with other people doesn't it? You like the thought of me fucking other men, sucking their dicks. Having sex with other women while you watch me? That turns you on doesn't it?" she pressed.

I hadn't yet responded when I looked at her gazing back at me. She was staring at my crotch as my member had already started to swell, lifting up on its own accord.

"Fuck, look at you. Your cock is getting hard just thinking about it," she said sarcastically. "You do get off on me fucking other men. Maybe that's what you want. You want me to fuck other guys while you watch me. Watch me take their hard cocks up my pussy. Watch them fuck my ass. I'll bet you'd like to eat my pussy after they shoot their hot loads in me wouldn't you?"

Sandy was watching, watching as my cock stood erect, growing stiff. If I wanted to deny it, there was no way. She was right. My cock was throbbing, standing straight out from my body as she taunted me, telling me how she would bring men home, maybe pick them up at clubs and bring them back. "Maybe you will suck them off before or after they fuck me. Perhaps they might want to fuck you too," she added.

"You're one of those cuckolds. That's what Ann said you might be. Someone who likes to watch his girlfriend or wife with other men...and women. That's why you enjoy watching so much porn. But that dick gets you in trouble. That little thing between your legs gets you in some shit. That's why we're in the situation we're in with Randy. But I'm taking care of that. Just like we're going to take care of you," she said.

I wasn't sure what she meant by that. Sandy walked back to the bedroom. Later I went in to check and she was sprawled across the bed.

"I'm gonna' take five. I'm exhausted," she sighed.

Sandy spent most of the afternoon in bed resting up from the night before. When she woke, we watched a little television before she left and went back to her apartment.

Sandy and I talked back and forth Monday and Tuesday and she asked me to drop by her apartment Wednesday night for dinner. When I arrived she was just pulling a lasagna dish out of the oven. After dinner she asked me to join her in the bedroom where she said she had a surprise for me. The last time she said that, I was shocked when she unveiled an eight inch strapon dildo. I couldn't imagine what tonight might entail.

"Go in my bathroom and shower and then I want you to shave and then use this lotion and rub your cock and balls down real good," she stated as she handed me a small bottle of lotion.

I wondered if tonight she might actually fuck me. She had fucked my ass with a strapon but it had been about two weeks since I had actually fucked her pussy. I did as she asked and shaved my cock and balls and even took the razor between the cheeks of my ass. When I returned to Sandy's bedroom she had lit a few candles and was laying on the bed in a black teddy I had given her for Valentines last year.

"Come over here baby. Come lay with me," she said patting the bed beside her.

I lay down beside her, dropping my towel on my side of the bed. She ran her warm hands over my smooth crotch.

"I want you to put this on and under no circumstance take it off until I tell you. You understand?" she asked handing me a blindfold. One of the blindfolds we had been given by the airline when we took a recent vacation to Jamaica. I pulled the blindfold snuggly over my eyes wondering what she had in mind.

Then a freezing sensation seized my cock. "Fuck," I exclaimed as she pushed me back down as I tried to raise up.

"Settle down," she explained. It's just ice. Just cooling you down. You're a little too excited."

"What the fuck are you doing?" I inquired as she continued to rub my cock and balls with ice which seemed to melt and drip cold water into the crack of my ass.

"Just settle back. I'll be done in a minute. I could feel her grabbing my balls, holding them in her warm hands. With the sensation of the cold ice and her warm hands I had difficulty grasping what she was doing. It was like she was tying them, maybe putting a hair band around them. I couldn't quite tell with the blindfold on. Then I felt her slide something over my cock. She put my dick in something. Something hard and cool. My dick was still cold from the ice and then I heard a click and she raised off the bed.

"Okay. You can take the blindfold off now," she informed me.

I slid the blindfold up to the top of my head and saw that she was standing, leaning against her dresser with her arms folded across her chest. I looked down at my crotch and there was something on my cock. A clear tube. It was plastic. I reached down and it was a clear plastic holder which surrounded my dick. I reached down and felt and my nuts had some type of ring around my balls. There was a small Master lock on the top of the plastic device. My cock seemed to be locked up in some type of plastic holder.

Sandy turned on the light. "It's a chastity device. A male chastity device," she informed me. I was holding the plastic device in my hand, my dick completely encased as I pulled at it.

"It won't come off. Your cock is locked away baby and I have the key. It's called a CB6000 and you can't remove it, break it, or get free from it. No use trying. Your dick is under lock and key and comes out only when I want it to."

"What the fuck is this for?" I said.

"Your cock is what keeps getting you in trouble. From now on, from this very moment, I will say when it can come out to play. I have the only key. Now you're free to take it," as she held the key out for me to look at. "But if you take it, we're done. You can leave and there's no looking back. Or... I'm in control now. I control who you fuck, when you fuck, if you fuck. You want this key...or do you want me? It's as simple as that."

I looked at her still dangling the key. Her eyes staring back into mine.

"But how do I go to the bathroom? How do I shower?" I inquired looking at the plastic cage which held my dick hostage.

"There are slits as you can see. There in the end and on the sides. You can pee, shower, bath, everything. You just can't get a hardon with your "cage" on. So, I would caution you about looking at all that porn because you'll just be one frustrated mother fucker if you can't beat off," she scoffed.

"You're not going to leave this thing on me?" I scoffed.

"Did you not listen? This stays on till I say it can come off. You're my little cuckold now. Just like Ann said. From now on I'm in control of our sex lives. You like to watch me with other men, so now you'll get what you wanted," Sandy continued.

"From now on I'll be bringing guys home to fuck. Likely some women too. That's what you wanted. And you'll watch me. You'll sit with your dick in your cuckey cage and watch me fucking some stranger and then you'll clean their cum out of my dripping pussy. If you do a good job I'll take my strapon and fuck that little ass of yours. I may even let you jack off before we put the dick back up. Back in its little cage," she added with a smirk.

"If you've been a good cuckey, I'll let some of the guys or women fuck your ass. They might even let you fuck them in their ass. But under no circumstance will you fuck any of their pussies. Mine is the only pussy you can have and you're gonna' have to earn the right to fuck that. It might be a while before that happens since you've been so bad. You understand?" she said so matter of factly.

I looked down at the plastic cage which held my cock. My cock seemed to fill every square inch but it wasn't erect.

"Do you want the key? You want your freedom? Or do you agree? Agree to be my little cuckold?" she inquired still dangling the key in front of me.

"I...I still want to be with you. I'll do what you say. I'll... I'll keep my dick in this cage until you let it out," I replied meekly knowing that was the only way to keep her. Under her conditions.

"I also think its time to move forward in our relationship," she added as she dropped the key on the dresser. "I've been waiting on you to ask me to marry you. I think we both know what we want. We're going to get married and now we both know the terms of that marriage. I love you and you love me but we both have needs. I know what yours are and I'll take care of them. To our friends and family, we are the average loving couple. But at home, I will control our lives, particularly our sex lives. I'll fuck anyone I want, when I want and that will make you happy. Actually that's what you do want. You want me to fuck other people. Most of the time I'll let you watch. But they'll be no questions of me. And you will always do what I ask you to do. Do I make myself clear?"

I held my head down, resigned I was giving up total control to Sandy. "Yes, I understand."

"Good," she said with emphasis. "Tomorrow night we're going over to Larry and Ann's. I'm going to leave your cage on you tonight for you to get used to but I'll likely remove it tomorrow night."

"Did you and Larry talk about Mark?"

"Mark?" I asked knowing full well who she was speaking about. Mark was the man who had so completely dominated Larry and Ann. The man who had them so submissive they allowed him to permanently mark them with tattoos and piercings.

"Ann wants me to meet him, for us to meet him. So I told her to expect us about 7:00 right after dinner. Maybe we'll pick something up on the way over there."

Ann surveyed me. She seemed to take pleasure that I was so submissive to her. My cock under lock and key. Resigned to submit totally to her.

"Oh, and another thing. You'll move in with me. You're leaving that apartment at the end of the month. Actually we'll begin moving you in this weekend. Now, crawl down here and thank me for your gift. Thank me for keeping your ass when other women would have thrown your cheating, bitch ass out the door."

I crawled off the bed and knelt naked before her. I bent down and kissed the top of her feet, her little burgundy painted toes. I kissed up her leg. "Take my panties down. Kiss my cunt," she commanded me.

I lowered her panties, the ones' I had bought her with the outfit and she stepped free of them. I kissed her bare pussy lips and tasted the juice which had already began to pool at her lips. I stuck my tongue deep into her hole as she rubbed my head.

"Damn you're a good little pussy licker. You might like cock but you're a good cunt licker as well. Suck on my clit. Use your tongue on my clit," she moaned.

I ran my tongue around her clit in circles and was just pulling her lips apart with my fingers when she barked out, "No, don't use your hands...just your tongue. Only touch me with your tongue!"

I looked up to see her staring down at me. It dawned on me she was staring at my caged cock. She had a smile on her face. She was in control -- complete control. I wondered how many guys got engaged to a woman by having them cage up their cocks. To agree to their wives bringing home men to fuck and then clean out their well used cunt with their tongue.

A cuckold - that's what she called me. That's what Ann had suggested I was. Maybe she was right. I did like watching Sandy fucking other men. I did fantasize about sucking their cum out of her used hole. I wasn't sure I wanted to be caged up, unable to cum if I wanted. But I didn't want to lose Sandy. In fact, I had never been happier.

I know how strange it seemed but I knew she would take care of me. Allow me to continue to have sex but it would be on her terms.

I licked her. I ran my tongue up and down her wet slit as she spread her lips letting me get my tongue deeper.

"Eat me bitch. Suck on my cunt. That's what you're good for. To suck my cunt. Maybe tomorrow night I'll fill it up with cum. Maybe fill it up with Mark's cum or Larry's and you can suck it out. You'd like that wouldn't you?" Sandy sneered.

"Yes, yes, I want to suck your cunt. Suck their cum from your cunt," I groaned in her pussy.

"Will that turn you on? Will it turn you on watching me fucking Larry like he was fucking you in the kitchen Sunday?" Sandy chanted. "Maybe Ann would like to fuck that little ass of yours. Fuck your little pussy. You want Ann to use my strapon, my cock on your little pussy?" she groaned.

"Yes," I grunted into her hot box.

"Tell me. Tell me what you want," she pressed.

"I want Ann to fuck my pussy with your cock. I want to be her bitch too. And Larry and Mark can fuck your hot pussy and I'll clean it up. I'll suck their cum from your cunt. Cause I'm your bitch. Your cuckey boy," I said.

My cock felt like it was on fire, trapped in its plastic cage.
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