A wife dominates her husband for the first time

Chapter One - Caught

So my wife came into the computer room late one night and caught me masturbating.

Worse, I was partially bound and using the computer to get myself off!

I had waited in the living room and pretended to read until she went to bed and I was sure she was asleep.

Then I had quietly gone into the computer room. Shutting the door, I turned on the computer and pulled out my cardboard box of restraints and sexual toys from the closet. I had buried the toys under some sheets and was reasonably sure that they had not been moved nor discovered. I placed the box beside my computer chair.

Working quickly, I stripped naked and sat in the computer chair. I attached leather cuffs to my ankles and placing them behind the swivel on my seat attached them together with a length of chain. It was actually much easier to do than I would have thought.

Next I gagged myself with a ball gag. Last, I handcuffed one half of a set of handcuffs to my left wrist.

"My right hand would be busy...So no need there!" I told myself.

I surfed the net until I had found my favorite web site dedicated to something called 'Ruined Orgasms and Post Orgasm Torture'.

There, I logged in and was busy enjoying myself.

I never heard her, was not even aware of her presence until I felt a cool draft from the open door. I turned, startled to see her staring intently at the monitor screen.

Before I could do anything, my wife grabbed both my hands pulled them behind my back where she locked them into the cuffs.

Firmly moving my chair off to the side, she pulled over another chair until she was sitting in front of the monitor.

She said nothing. She merely sat quietly and watched the video on the monitor in front of her.

I sat, mortified, off to one side. I was nude, bound and partially aroused. There was a part of me that wanted her to free me and we could pretend that this had never happened.

One of my greatest fears was that she would find out about my closet desires and leave me. I adored her outside the bedroom and I thought that she found sexual activities dull. She certainly never seemed very interested in them whenever I tried to take charge. After a while, I quit trying and simply used the computer and my right hand.

She abruptly changed the web page to another one on the same site. It had the mission statement of the web site and she seemed to be studying it at length.

Finally, she turned to me and stated, "So this is what you like."

It wasn't a question, nor was it an accusation. It was a statement of fact and we both knew it.

Although I was horribly embarrassed, I nodded to the affirmative.

"Just to be sure..." She added, "You don't seem to care for humiliation or serious pain...Just having your cock controlled."

Again I nodded.

She nodded to herself and grabbing my bare nipple, squeezed it very hard!

I gasped through the gag and tried to pull away but I wasn't going anywhere.

I looked at her in disbelief.

She stared back, let go of my nipple and said, "When I first met you, I had a feeling that this was what you liked but you were so cautious that I couldn't find any evidence of it. So I have been going to bed and amusing myself...night after night...With fantasies of what I would do to you if you were my sub."

She paused before adding, "Now that you are, we are going to be very, very busy!"

Chapter Two - Rules

She reached down between my legs, grabbed my semi erect dick and squeezed it meaningfully.

"I'll be right back." She said as she left the room.

A moment later, she returned with a bottle of lube and a hand towel.

Taking a handful of the slippery stuff, she reached down without any preamble and began to rhythmically squeeze and stroke and dick. In a matter of seconds, I was iron hard and panting with desire.

Suddenly she stopped and said firmly, "You may not come without permission!"

I nodded at her command but she had turned back to the monitor.

With her left hand she would fondle and squeeze my iron hard manhood. With her right, she surfed all over the web site and its related links.

All of them devoted to cock control by a dominant female.

Finally, she turned to face me.

"Here are the rules." She snapped, her hand continuing to work its cruel magic.

"One, you are to sexually service me every day to my satisfaction! That won't be easy. I'm a very particular woman and I have a voracious appetite. By the time I am done, you will be well schooled in how to please me." Her hand stroked me and she seemed to be warming to her task.

She smiled a victorious smile as she stroked me as she spoke.

"Two, I will be sexually tormenting you every night and day and you are not to come except when I force it from your bound and trembling body...And, aside from tonight, that will be no more than once a week...At first." Her voice had added the ring of authority to it.

I did my best not to come all over her hand.

"Three, I WILL be ruining your orgasms and I WILL be stimulating your cock after you come and you WILL Thank Me for this!" She said with even great vehemence.

I groaned and gasped with sexual desire.

"Four, outside the bedroom, no one is to know about us but inside, I am definitely in control and there will be serious consequences for any breach of these rules!" She said coldly.

She looked down at my hard cock and then into my eyes before speaking again.

Her face took on a cruel cast as she continued to stroke my dick, "You should see your face."

She stood and stripped then, Right down to the skin. I have always desired my wife. Now she was nude, sexually aware of me and I was not able to do anything about it!

She smiled coldly at me and said, "Long have I waited for this moment!"

Turning my chair to face her, she knelt slowly between my legs, wiped of the lube from my iron hard manhood and said, "I'm going to enjoy this!"

Chapter Three - Dominance

She took my hard dick in her mouth right to its base in one swift movement.

I gasped behind the gag and struggled helplessly not to shoot my seed down her throat.

She pulled back as quickly as she taken me, lightly slapped my hard dick and laughed.

It was like I was seeing her for the first time. The person she was during the day bore little resemblance to this cruel and sexually aggressive creature.

She looked at me with feigned innocence and asked mildly, "Don't you like this side of your wife?"

I said nothing, choosing instead, to let my hard dick show how I felt about her.

She nodded and smiled coldly before continuing to stroke my dick.

When I was but a few scant seconds from shooting my load she stopped, again.

I stifled the groan that came to my lips but it was apparent to both of us that she was in control and that I obviously liked it, even though it was very frustrating.

She knelt forward again and sucked my cock.

Once again, I found myself pulling hard at my restraints and struggling not to come.

She pulled back, cruelly slapped my cock and said, "I do so enjoy sucking cock! It has been way too long since I have indulged in my oral fixation!"

"Do keep in mind that you have vowed to love honour and cherish me!" She snapped, "And I have not been cherished nearly as much as I deserve!"

She took a handful of lube and began to stroke me again.

There she knelt, in front of my bound body, nude sexually aggressive and there was nothing I could do but endure (and enjoy) her cruel ministrations.

I groaned and writhed in sexual desire but we both knew I wasn't going anywhere.

She smiled cruelly up at me and added, "There is nothing you can do but I expect you to put on a good show of trying to hold back. If I even think that you are slacking off...You will be Punished!"

I groaned in rising fear and passion as I felt her cruel, wet hand ride up my flat-against-my-belly hard dick.

She smiled at my flinching as her hand rode over the head of my manhood. Back down my shaft her hand went.

Over and over she did this. In a matter of seconds I was groaning and gasping behind my gag yet again. I struggled and twisted helplessly as she brought me closer and closer to the edge!

Just when I was sure I could take no more...She stopped touching me.

I slouched back in the chair, exhausted yet aroused.

She untied me then, including the ball gag and ordered me to the bedroom where she tied me spread-eagled and face up on our bed.

Chapter Four - Service

She got up on the bed and dumped the bottle of lube and the hand towel beside her.

"I'm going to use you now. I'm going to use you and I expect you to enjoy being used!" She said cruelly.

I said nothing.

She moved up the bed until she was sitting on my face. I could smell her wet feminine essence and taste the moistness of her cunt. She had always been clean shaven and the outer lips of her vagina were swollen with desire.

"You know what to do." She said.

I did and I quickly set to work. My lips and tongue worked ardently as I sought to pleasure this beautiful creature.

Within a couple of minutes, I could feel her shake and hear her approaching climax.

My cock was very hard as she came then; shrieking and pulling my head close to her vagina.

Once she was done, she calmed somewhat but she did not get off. So I continued to pleasure her with my mouth.

A couple of minutes later, she came on my face yet again.

Another thirty minutes would go by until my face and neck were just too sore to continue.

"That was adequate." She said as she slid back down my body until she was between my legs once again.

She took a handful of lubricant and began to stroke my flaccid dick.

I gasped at the pleasure and my body pulled and twitched as I tried to meet her hand.

I heard her laugh then, a rich contented laugh and I knew I was in for a long night.

She got up onto me then, wiping her hand of excess lubrication on the hand towel. With one deft motion, I felt my now iron had cock enter her wet vagina.

I gasped in pleasure as she sat atop me and rode me for her pleasure.

I could feel her hips grinding back and forth.

I saw her one hand grasping her nipple while the other hand played with her tousled mane. She arched her perfect breasts as she neared her moment.

Her face was a mask of passion and desire.

Within a minute I watched and felt her as she came yet again.

She looked down at me before she spoke.

"Oh that was only the first of many! Don't think for a moment that I am going to let you off lightly!" She spoke with great calm.

"I am right pissed off with you! Here I am, ready to be treasured and here you are...Treasuring your right hand!" She snapped but maintained her seat on my hard cock.

Within a couple more minutes I could tell she was going to come again. Her movements became jerkier and more pronounced until finally she was there.

"OH! Oh! Oh!" With that she came yet again!

This was like her sitting on my face. She rode me for quite some time. It was both a pleasure and an agony to serve her sexually. I dearly wanted to come but I simply refused to disappoint her.

It was apparent to both of us that she was in control.

Chapter Five -- Climax

At length, once she was obviously fully pleasured, she got off of me and left the room without a backward glance.

I lay there nude, bound and used. I felt both exhausted and aroused, now even more so than before.

I heard her use the toilet then saw her in the hall as she walk naked and unashamed out to kitchen. There was the sound of the fridge opening as she poured herself a drink. The cupboard banged slightly as she made herself something to eat.

A moment later, she reentered the bedroom with a glass of juice and a sandwich.

"You know, there is nothing like a good glass of juice and a hearty sandwich after a fucking like that!" She said with real enjoyment.

I looked at her without speaking and she smiled cruelly.

"No I have not forgotten...Although before I'm done you might wish I had..." She said with malicious glee.

She ate the rest of her sandwich and carefully drank the last of her juice before setting the glass down on the dresser.

She scrambled up on the bed between my legs and smiled catlike at me.

Taking a handful of lube, she grasped my now flaccid dick and began to squeeze and stroke it for what I thought was one last time.

It took the work of only a couple of minutes to bring me to the edge of a climax. Just as I got there, she stopped.

I bit my lip to stifle my groan.

I looked at her with quiet desperation but she just smiled.

Then she started to stroke me again!

Once again, I was on the verge of coming.

Only this time she did not stop!

"Ask!" She snapped, her cruel hand working hits magic on my hard dick.

"May I come?" I gasped quietly.

"Louder!" She said.

I complied.

"Louder and more manly! I only control a MAN! Are you a MAN?" She asked rhetorically.

"Yes!" I shouted, "I'm a MAN and I want to come!"

She laughed and said, "Then show me you are a MAN and hold back!"

I found myself panting and pulling hard against the cruel restraints as she stroked my cock.

Finally, I knew it was no use. I was going to come if she kept it up.

"I'm going to come! I'm going to come!" I shouted.

She said simply, "Then come and I will polish your apple!"

With that warning I could feel my orgasm begin. My butt arched up. My cock became even more tender under her cruel touch.

And just as I was on the very edge of my orgasm, she stroked me once more before stopping.

I gasped as I could feel my load shooting helplessly into the air.

My powerful orgasm, the one that I had worked on all night was ruined. And it had been deliberate.

I glared at my wife who feigned innocence before speaking.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want me to continue?" She asked.

Before I could speak she answered her own question, "Well of course you want me to!"

She reached for my still hard cock...

Chapter Six -- Torment

Now that I had climaxed, I definitely did not want to be touched on my cock.

I gasped in pain and shock as she slowly and carefully ran her hand up my shaft.

A gasp slipped out from between my lips as her hand ran over the head of my oh-so-sensitive cock.

She giggled and deliberately ran her hand back down the head of my cock.

This time I tried to jerk away from her manipulations. It was no use. The restraints that she had used would not allow me much room to move.

I was in for it now.

She had a good time at my expense. Her hand ran up and down the shaft of my cock. That was bearable, although slightly uncomfortable.

It was when she ran her hand over the head of my cock that I responded helplessly too.

I would watch as she would stoke my cock head. I would gasp and pull against her cruel manipulations. I found myself gasping and groaning against her cruelty.

I looked at her face desperately but she just smiled, "You deserve to be punished for making me wait to be cherished."

She stroked me and now I shrieked.

"You deserve to be punished because you found pleasure while I did not." She intoned.

She stroked first the shaft and then head of my cock yet again.

I cried out and pulled hard, struggling helplessly to get away.

"You deserve to be punished simply because it gives me pleasure." She said.

Her cruel hand stroked me again and again I tried to pull away.

She paused then and said, "I want you to arch up and meet my hand."

I looked at her as though she had gone mad.

"Arch up and meet my hand or I shall punish you for a longer time. Show you can take this. Show me now!" She said with conviction.

Gathering my resolve, I did my best to arch my still hard cock.

She grabbed the base of it, "That's right! Be Strong now!"

I felt her hand race up the shaft and without pause; go over the head of my cock.

It hurt and I gasped in pain but I bore it as well as I could.

"That's what I'm talking about!" She said encouragingly.

Once again she tormented my sensitive dick.

I flinched and winced as her hand passed over my dick head.

"All right!" She cried out, "Now we're on a roll!"

For the next few minutes, she stroked my dick with agonizing results.

Finally, when I felt I could bear no more; she stopped.

"Don't you have something to say to me?" She asked.

It was hard to say with meaning but I managed it, "Thank you."

She got up, placed her face close to mine and said, "I forgive you for your indulgence...I also look forward to our session tomorrow."

I looked at her a little flabbergasted.

"Oh don't worry, you won't be coming." She said with an assuring tone, "But I will be."
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