Ungrateful white husband gets dominated by fed up black wife

"Hey sweetie," Lexy greeted her husband, Thomas, at the door with a gentle kiss.

He looked her up and down and rolled his eyes. Dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt, Lexy looked as plain as ever.

"What was that look for?" Lexy asked.

"Nothing," Thomas grumbled. "I forgot to make the car payment this month. Put this in the bank tomorrow and pay the bill," He said, handing her a white bank envelope containing the $275 for their car note.

"Ok. Are you hungry? I made dinner for you, sweetie, your favorite!" Lexy smiled.

"I'm not hungry. I grabbed a bite on the way home from work." Thomas replied icily.

"But I spent an hour making your favorite dish!" Lexy complained.

"So?" Thomas shrugged, indifferent to her feelings.

Lexy pouted. "What's wrong with you today?"

"What's wrong? This is what's wrong!" He pointed at her outfit.

"My clothes?" Lexy said, confused.

"Couldn't you at least try to be sexy once in a while? If I wanted to spend my life with someone this boring I would've married a nun!" Thomas scolded her.

"Nuns don't get married, they're married to God," Lexy sarcastically corrected him.

"That's not the point! You wanna know what I think about all day? I think about fucking other women, because my wife is so plain and boring that she can't even excite my imagination anymore!" Thomas coldly admitted.

"So what are you saying? You expect me to act like some kind of slut like all of your ex-girlfriends!?" Lexy said, getting angry.

"Well it couldn't hurt! At least with them there was some excitement!" Thomas argued.

"So that's the kind of woman you want to be married too, a slut? I don't even believe you just said that to me!" Lexy fumed.

"Believe it," Thomas continued being a prick.

"You should be careful what you wish for, sweetie. Cause I'm like the genie in the lamp, I might make that wish come true," Lexy warned.

"Well, hey, something has got to change around here, Lexy. Simple as that," Thomas stated plainly.

Lexy paused for a second, then smiled devilishly. "You might be right, sweetie, things should change around here."

And on that note, she began to methodically remove her clothes, right there in front of the door. First she pulled off her T-shirt, tossing it at a speechless Thomas who caught it reflexively. Next she slid off her jeans, folded them neatly and placed them in his arms. Off came her bra, which draped over his shoulder, exposing her 34b tits. Finally, she slid off her panties and hung them around his neck; her black pussy was bald.

"W…wha…what are you doing?" Thomas stuttered, stunned, staring in awe of her flawless, chocolate, naked body.

"Giving you the excitement that you are SO deprived of," Lexy said coyly. "Go put my clothes in the bedroom and meet me in the shower."

Thomas quickly checked his pulse to make sure he hadn't died and gone to heaven. Thump thump thump thump , yep, his heart was beating so hard he thought it might pop out of his chest, he was indeed still amongst the living which meant that this was really happening!

Thomas hurried to the bedroom and set Lexy's things on the bed, then got out of his own clothes in record breaking time before scurrying into the bathroom.

There was his goddess, Lexy, in all of her naked glory. The warm drops of water spewing from the showerhead danced across her soft chocolate skin. The curves of her perfect proportions were like mythical sirens singing a song of seduction that no man could steer his ship away from. Thomas had forgotten how truly captivating she was.

He put down the lid to the toilet and took a seat as he watched her seductively soap up her body, playfully squeezing her breasts, suggestively washing between her thighs, her effortless sexiness oozing out of every pore. Lexy turned her back to him and bent over slowly to soap up her long silky legs, giving him full view of her lustful treasures that awaited him.

"How's this for excitement?" Lexy asked her awestruck admirer.

"Baby you are so unbelievably sexy it hurts," Thomas said, absently stroking himself, with no power what-so-ever to hide his thirst for her.

"How about a little help with my back?" Lexy asked, offering him the soap.

Without a second of hesitation he began to wash her back, savoring the feel of her of her soft skin at his finger tips. He couldn't resist sliding his hands down to her ass, the most perfect one that had ever rolled off gods assembly line, and giving it a firm squeeze.

"Find something you like?" Lexy asked, smiling as she suggestively arched her back pushing her hump back at him.

"Found something I love," Thomas said, kneeling down to kiss it hungrily.

"Save that for later," Lexy said, pulling away from him. "Your turn."

Thomas handed her a towel as she stepped out of the water and he stepped in. Lexy took the soap and began to carefully wash his cock and balls, stroking him to rock like hardness in the process.

"Am I being slutty enough for you yet?" Lexy whispered in his ear.

"I never said you had to be a slut," Thomas recanted.

"Yes you did, that's exactly what you said. So you want a dirty girl or not?"

"Yes," He said, barely audible.

"I wonder what a dirty girl would do with this," Lexy mused, rubbing his cock.

"What would she do with it?" Thomas asked thirstily.

"We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?" Lexy said teasingly, releasing his erection and closing the shower curtain. "Finish washing yourself up, I'll be waiting in the bedroom."

Thomas finished washing his body with reckless speed. He couldn't wait to ravage Lexy's body. Drying off and stepping out of the shower with is towel wrapped around him, he went to the bedroom door and knocked. Lexy called from within and told him to wait a moment, she wasn't ready for him yet. He stood there in the hallway, anxiously, waiting, burning, wanting…finally she called for him to come in.

He opened the door and was immediately stricken by the same awe that had overcome him when he'd seen her naked in the shower. Lexy had put on some lingerie and now looked as sexy and tempting as he had ever seen her. Her sexy thigh-high stockings covered more of her flesh than did the skimpy little thong and bikini top she had on. His first instinct was to rip everything but her stockings off, throw her on the bed and devour her, but he was frozen by his lust.

"You like how your dirty girl dressed up for you, sweetie?" Lexy said, slowly running her hands from her tits down to her thighs.

"Oh yeah," Thomas could hardly contain himself.

"Sit down on the bed," Lexy instructed him, snatching his towel off as he walked passed her, never taking his eyes off her.

Her hips began to wind as Lexy began doing a seductive dance for him to the quiet music playing in the background. Thomas said not a word as he watched her remove her top, craving her sweet chocolate tits in his mouth. As if she could read his mind, she leaned over and rubbed them against his face, caressing his lips with her nipples. He reached around and squeezed her soft, firm ass, as he began to lick and suck on the tasty treats he'd been offered.

"I know what you really want from your dirty girl," Lexy said as she gracefully swung herself around and swayed her caboose from side to side in front of his face. Placing her fingers inside the elastic waistband of her thong, she leaned over and pulled it slowly down to her ankles, stepped out of it, leaving on only her stockings, then backed it up near his face. "Do what you want with it, sweetie, after all a naughty slut like me has no limits."

Thomas didn't need to be told twice. He gave her butt a firm smack, then rubbed it out, squeezing her perfect, plump cheeks as he began to kiss and lick ever deeper into the crevice, finally finding her tight rosebud with his tongue and swirling circles around it. "That's it, lick my ass sweetie, your dirty girl likes that," Lexy purred, pushing her ass back against his hungry mouth until he finally fell backwards onto the bed.

Lexy turned around and crawled on top of him, grinding her pretty shaved pussy against his leg as she kissed him from his stomach up to his neck, then finally, his lips, kissing him passionately as his hands roamed the wonderland that was her body.

"Are you ready to find out what a dirty slut likes to do with a hard cock?" Lexy asked pointedly, reaching behind herself to rub his dick.

"I couldn't possibly be more ready," Thomas panted.

Lexy slithered down his body, positioning herself in between his legs as she began to lick his cock and balls, teasing them with her tongue and long finger nails. "Excited yet?" Lexy said, still being a smart ass about what he'd said to her earlier.

"Fuck, baby, will you please just shut up and suck my cock!?" Tony whined.

"Shut up and suck your cock?" Lexy scowled at him, raising a sinister eyebrow. "Real nice. Yes, I'll shut up and suck your cock now. A good slut always does what she's told. Remember that, Thomas, remember that."

"Good girl," Thomas said arrogantly.

Lexy wrapped her lips around his wood and devoured him, sucking his dick like she never had before. Thomas was blown away, he thought she might be trying to earn a medal for her efforts. She'd never shown so much enthusiasm for sucking his cock before. He loved her newly found naughty persona.

"Damn, you look so sexy with my cock in your mouth, you dirty girl," Tony savored both the power and pleasure he felt.

Looking up at him as she sucked, Lexi thought to herself; Enjoy it while it lasts you ungrateful son-of-a-bitch! Who did he think he was treating her like a cheap whore!? But oh yes, she would play along today. She'd be his naughty little slut, she'd let him think it possible that she could be his everlasting porno fantasy. This was a game to him, but she enjoyed games too, and she was far better at playing them.

She wanted him to enjoy this moment like he had never enjoyed anything before, that way, it would hurt him all the more when it was taken away from him. Today he would have his day, his fantasy, his manhood, he'd feel strong, powerful, and important, as he was given every pleasure she had to offer him. But tomorrow was another day. Thomas could not have known that today would be the last time he would ever have the pleasure of putting his cock in her mouth, and she took great pleasure in knowing this.

Lexy decided that if she was going to continue this charade, he ought to be giving her some pleasure in return. Without a word she climbed on top of him, spun around and lowered her pussy against his face as she resumed giving him her expert blowjob.

Thomas was all too happy to feel her soft shaven love nest against his lips. Even as her mouth provided him insurmountable pleasure, he longed to taste her beautiful sweet pussy. As he licked away greedily at her savory juice, he fought hard to keep from reaching a climax. He was enjoying this too much, he'd waited too long for this, he had too make it last.

Suddenly Lexy stopped sucking and sat up. Fuck it, her mouth was getting tired and she decided it was her turn to get some pleasure. She turned around again and lowered her pussy onto his mouth, grinding against his face as he licked her hole and sucked her clit. Thomas didn't complain, he was getting all most as much satisfaction from her sweet taste as he had from her mouth.

"I want you to fuck me now," Lexy purred. "I want you to fuck me hard!"

She raised herself off of him and laid on her back, her stocking-clad legs spread wide for him. What a beautiful sight, Thomas thought. Not a more perfect woman in the world, and she was his for the taking. But he still hungered for her hot juicy hole, so he dove in face first and continued to suck her pussy until she once again begged him to fuck her.

He sat up and on went the rubber, "Fuck me good, Thomas. Pound me like a dirty little slut!" Lexy played up his fantasy oh to well, and Thomas could not refuse.

He slid into her wetness and began to hammer her pussy mercilessly. All the while she encouraged him, telling him how much she loved his cock, and how badly she needed it. She was an excellent liar. She asked him if he liked fucking his sluts wet pussy, she knew exactly what he wanted to hear. He could only respond that he loved it. She swung her foot in front of his face and rubbed it against his lips, her pretty toes curling inside his mouth he began to suck them as he fucked her. So many times he thought he might burst from this sensory overload of debauchery, he had to slow down.

"Turn over for me so I can see that beautiful ass while I pound you," Thomas insisted.

"Mmmmm ok sweetie, whatever you want, it's all yours," Lexy said, standing up and leaning over her massage table, "Fuck me good baby, I want it bad!" She continued to act the part of a willing wife.

Thomas slid into her from her behind, gripping her ass firmly as he started to thrust. Lexy said she was bad girl and told him to spank her while he fucked her. How could Thomas resist? He loved to play with her perfect ass in any way he could imagine. Then he got a better idea.

"I wanna fuck you in your pretty ass!" He panted as he pounded her.

"Nah uh," Lexy declined. Had he lost his mind?

"A good slut always does what she's told," Thomas reminded her of her earlier statement.

Lexy smiled, she knew how to outsmart him. "Ok baby, you can fuck my ass. But first you have to make my pussy cum!"

"That's what I'm talking about!" Thomas began to pump harder.

Lexy had no intention of letting him have her ass, she knew she could make him cum before he ever had the chance. And once he had cum, that was it for him.

"Come on baby, hurry, I want your cock in my ass so bad! I need my ass fucked hard. I want you to shove it in there and make it hurt! You have to pound my ass like the dirty slut I am!" Lexy gassed him up.

"And then I'll pull it out and cum all over your pretty face!" Thomas added, pumping furiously, wishing she would cum so he could venture into uncharted territory.

"Yes baby. Pound my dirty ass and then shoot it all over my face!" Lexy encouraged him.

Lexy kept the dirty talk coming, and coupled with the site of her flawless ass bouncing against him with every stroke, it sent him over the top and he was shaking like he'd had a seizure with the most intense orgasm he'd ever had in his life.

"Fuck!" He shouted, collapsing back on the bed, thinking he'd missed a golden opportunity. Oh well, he'd have her ass next time, or so he thought.

Lexy crawled on to the bed beside him and cuddled closely to him, happy it was over. "Was that sexy enough for you?" She asked.

"Oh yeah," He readily agreed.

"Dirty enough for you?"

"For sure."

"Exciting!?" She said with an undeniable tone of sarcasm mixed with bitterness.

"Yes, it was the best sex I've ever had!" Thomas gushed.

"Good, cause it's the last time you'll ever have me like that," Lexy said plainly as she leaned over and gave him another passionate tongue kiss.

"What did you say?" Thomas asked when their lips finally parted.

"And your last kiss," She added.

Thomas smiled, "Whatever," He thought either she was joking or he'd heard her wrong. "Well I have to take a shower and then run, I've got plans. Want to join me?" He held out his hand.

Lexy smiled, his blissful fantasy was almost over now and he didn't even know it. "Take these off for me." She instructed him, raising her leg.

As he obeyed her wish and carefully removed the stockings from her legs, she couldn't help but smile, relishing how much she was going to enjoy ordering him to do what she pleased from now on.

She took him by the hand and led him to the shower. He stood there as if she was supposed to do something. "Well? Turn it on already!" Lexy said in a bitchy tone.

Thomas looked at her, confused at first by the sudden change in demeanor. "Ok, baby. No problem," He leaned over and turned the water on, adjusting the temperature then suddenly felt a hard smack on his ass.

"Good boy," She said with a naughty grin.

Thomas looked at her sideways. What the hell was that about? He wondered.

They stepped into the shower together, Thomas rubbing his sore butt cheek. Lexy grinned. She knew she was still supposed to be playing the good, subservient, anything-to-please Thomas role for just a little while longer, but she just couldn't help herself. She wanted to give him a small taste of what he had coming to him from now on.

Lexy grabbed the soap. "It's time for your dirty girl to get all cleaned up now," She said easily, then changed her tone to a more demanding one. "Wash me," She demanded, shoving the soap in his hand.

"Sure baby," Thomas said apprehensively. He thought she was supposed to be doing that for him, but he figured his turn was next, why not. He washed her chest and stomach first, kissing her breasts as he did.

"Don't kiss them, just wash them," Lexy said coldly.

Thomas looked at her, puzzled. "Ok, I'm in kind of a hurry myself," He blew her sudden bitchiness off, and continued down with the soapy sponge, washing her beloved pussy, before telling her to turn around so he could get her back.

"Don't tell me to turn around. Say please," Lexy commanded.

Thomas rolled his eyes. "Please?"

"And don't roll your fucking eyes at me," Lexy grumbled as she turned around, hiding her smile. He was obeying so well, this was going to be easier than she thought!

Thomas washed her back, and purposely spent a few extra moments washing that perfect ass he loved so much. Lexy turned around and instructed, "Now my legs and my feet."

Thomas kneeled down and began scrubbing her legs and thighs, down to her calves, then her feet. He washed one foot, and then as he was washing the other, he felt her put the other foot firmly on his back.

Thomas looked up at her, "Um, you wanna let me up now?"

"No," Lexy smiled, "I like you down there."

She looked down at him smiling, that's where he belonged, on his knees. He had no idea how lucky he was just to have had that short hour of pleasure she'd given him. For whatever small shred of this man was actually worthy of her as a wife, he had been more than rewarded. Now she felt she had no obligations but to please herself.

Everything had been perfectly fine, she'd been a good wife to him, but it just wasn't enough. He had to come home complaining, the nerve of him to have said she wasn't sexy! Now he knew just how sexy she could be, only he would never be able to indulge in it as he would have if he'd been a good and grateful husband. Talking about how things had to change around here, she chuckled to herself, things were going to change alright, just now how he thought they would! The bastard, degrading her like that and telling her to act like a slut, she took immense pleasure in knowing the many ways she would be paying him back for that.

"Kiss my feet," Lexy demanded.

Thomas wasn't sure what was going on, he guessed that maybe she was still horny and wanted to play some more, so he decided he'd play along, just for a little while. He did as instructed and kissed one foot, then the other as she let it off his back. He began to rise again and Lexy put her hand on top of his head and pushed him back down.

"I didn't tell you to come up yet," She said. "You're not done with my feet."

"Ok, honey," Thomas replied, returning to kissing her feet.

"Don't just kiss them! Lick them, suck on them, worship them!" Lexy said sternly.

Thomas didn't know what kind of game this was, her acting all athoritive, but she did have some pretty feet. He kissed and licked her feet and toes, passionately. Then she raised one foot up at a time and pushed it in his mouth, forcing him to suck her toes, telling him what a good job he was doing cleaning her with is mouth, calling him her little toe sucker.
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