Husband takes revenge on cheating wife

*Author's note. I am in the process of editing and rewriting a number of stories from my collection, as well as editing those of a few other authors. I hope that you enjoy the tidbits that I am able to throw at you until the first flood of fiction hits, and then I can only hope you don't hit back.

In the meantime, here is a little something to hold you over. The story is in two parts, though there is little character relationship between the two halves. If there is any demand, from readers or my muse, then there will be further chapters. Parts 1 and 2 are being submitted on the same day.

Pt. 1: His point of view

Gary Davidson, a mid-level salesman for a semi-successful east coast company, sat in his first class seat and looked outside at the starry night. He had never been in first class before; lack of travelers on the Wednesday night flight had allowed the airlines to offer upgrades on the cheap, and he had decided to splurge. It wasn't because Gary thought he had clinched the sale, even after a week of trying, but he had secured something much more important. And an upgrade to first class was just the type of celebration he needed to start his new life.

The flight attendant saw that he was one of the only one awake in first class, and offered him a drink and some small talk to while away the time. But Gary was lost in his own world, and she soon moved on. In his hand he held a golf ball sized blob of black rubber. It was shiny and malleable, and could be stretched very thin if need be. He watched as his hand flattened the ball into a pancake shape, then extended it as he pushed his thumb through the center. The mass was warm to the touch, and held the shape for a minute, until Gary though about it as a ball again and it changed back. It had been the best thing about the trip, and was going to change things forever.

It was a gift from a wizened old man. Instead of spending his entire time pitching his sales proposal, Daryl and a number of other American's found themselves assisting in disaster relief in a small village along the coast. Daryl and the woman across the aisle, Susan Small, had saved the old man from a collapsed house. In return, he told them a story of his people's gods. Good deeds, such as saving his life, were to be rewarded. It was up to the old man to provide them with something that would give them an answer to solve the problems in their lives.

He took his hands and held each of their faces, in turn, and looked through their eyes deep into their souls to where their innermost secrets lay hid. Too each he gave a small black ball, about the size of a golf ball, and then explained how to use them.

Both Gary and Susan were appalled by what the man said but, when the time came to depart, neither left without the ball. They never spoke to each other again, but held each other's secrets in a bond that would last the rest of their lives.

The redeye flight from South America was due in to Philadelphia at 7:30 a.m., but a little weather front over the Carolinas delayed the flight a bit. Gary woke to the gentle prodding of the flight attendant as they approached the airport. He knew that whether he was on time, early, or late, his wife would have some excuse not to pick him up at the airport. He checked his voice mail and found it to be true once again. She had 'spent the night at her best friend's house and wouldn't be able to make it in time', so he would have to take a taxi home.

Best friend. So that is what she is referring to Jeanie as now. Their one time accountant was now her 'best friend'. That mother fucking dyke, that mass of female sexual energy wrapped in a stripper queen's body, that home wrecker, was now her 'best friend'. He hated that term with a passion. For a moment he felt the bile rise in his stomach again, then calmed it when he thought of the little black ball. There was a still a chance for him and Elaine, however slight it may be. He hadn't given her any indication that he knew of her affair, so they might be able to repair the damage if he could do something about Jeanie. The black ball would make it all good again. It would take away the pain. One way or the other, it would take away the pain.

* * * * * * * * * *

Elaine rolled over and snuggled in close to her lover. She basked in the smell of Jeanie, the touch of her skin, the way her hair glimmered in the morning sun. With great effort she forced herself away from the woman still sleeping in the bed, and headed for the shower. *He* would be home today, and she would have to return to her facade of dutiful wife and homemaker. It would only be for a little while, days at the most, before she could leave all that behind her. It could be her and Jeanie, and no more Gary, and life would be perfect. Hell, life had been good while he was away on his business trips. But he always had to come back. Well, this time it would be her that left, and she wouldn't have to worry about him coming home ever again.

Jeanie flicked her eyes open and watched Elaine cross into the bathroom. Elaine was such a gentle lover; passionate when allowed or directed to be. The perfect submissive in the real world. And Jeanie was the perfect dominant. Internet fantasies aside, dominant and submissive relationships were about willing sacrifices on the part of both partners. The male dream world of women in leather had been concocted to allow women to express an in-command part of their nature, but the costuming was not needed. Although the clothing could sometimes play a part, Jeanie had to admit, and she had used it on occasion to great effect. But it was nothing more than a spice to the main course. If it became the focus, then the relationship had changed for the worse.

Still, restraint could be a lot of fun, and Jeanie played with the idea of dressing up like an online dominatrix and commanding Elaine to be her pleasure slave. Yes, that idea had definite possibilities, just not for this morning. She had done it before; the leather, the ropes, the strap on dildoes. They both enjoyed that part, though Elaine was on the receiving end far more often than Jeanie. There were things to do today, for both her and Elaine, things they needed to do in order to get rid of that cock Gary and get on with their lives.

On second thought, maybe a little restraint would be appropriate later on.

* * * * * * * * * *

Elaine paused for just a moment, reluctant to get out of the car. Once, she had loved Gary. Or rather, had been in love with Gary. She still loved him, she just wasn't in love with him. That part of her life was now filled with Jeanie. Jeanie, with the magic hands that knew where to touch her and how hard or soft or slow or fast, the tongue that seemed to act on its own, the body and strength that could command and comfort. Sometimes, the pair of them would spread a blanket out in front of the fireplace, and explore each other until they were making soft, gentle, beautiful love. Other times, Jeanine would play the role of sadistic dominatrix, and ravish and punish slave Elaine repeatedly with her variety of strap-on dildoes. Elaine lost her self in the thoughts for a moment, then recommitted herself to what she had to do. Jeanie was a sexual dynamo, a force of nature to be reckoned with.

She knew Gary would be inside, waiting. He probably took the day off from work to be with her. He would have lunch ready, most likely from her favorite Chinese restaurant. Flowers; she liked roses this time of year, and he knew it. And then some gift from whatever place he had just come back from. They would eat, make some small talk, and then make love. Her heart was no longer in it; he would go about his business, and she would fake an orgasm or two so that he didn't feel that he left her unsatisfied. Predictability had been one of the reasons Elaine had begun seeing Jeanie. Jeanie was uplifting and exciting, where Gary was a stolid anchor that was now dragging her down.

He didn't like to travel, he said, as it took him away from her. He was right. His travels took him out her life long enough for Jeanie to fill the void.

The apartment was warm when she entered, and she could tell he was there before she even saw him. The apartment had become more and more her domain during his absences, although she wasn't there often herself. She could smell his cologne in the air. On the dining room table was the Chinese food, as well as two lit candles and the prerequisite roses. "Honey?" she called.

He came out from the bedroom and greeted her with a hug and a kiss. "I'm glad you're home. I thought something had happened."

"Oh, I left you a voice mail. I stayed at Jeanie's last night. She is redecorating the downstairs and needed help painting the living room. I told her I would be back this afternoon. I hope you don't mind."

His face blanked. "I thought you were staying home - I've been gone for a week. Seven long days away from you." He kissed her again, and smiled as best he could. "I had some things planned for us."

"Honey, you know the way she is. Very persuasive when she needs to be, and besides, you'll have me for the whole weekend. I promise, I'll make it up to you." she said coyly. The look that had once melted his heart and given him instant erections now just turned his stomach, but he didn't let it show on his face. He pulled her tighter.

"Then maybe we could do something right now to tide me over until then." With that, he swung her into his arms, and carried her into the bedroom.

Oh, he knew how Jeanie was, alright. He knew how persuasive she could be. Auburn hair, usually tied up in a pony tail even at the most somber of occasions. Eyes the color of sapphire. And a body that...well, a body that could get bring the dead back to life, in a manner of speaking. All controlled by the brain of the hottest lesbian this side of the Mississippi. As much as Gary had grown to hate her and that knowing smile of hers, he lusted after her. As did almost every man she met. And she used it to her advantage every chance she got.

Gary was rough and wild with Elaine, like a man possessed. She orgasmed at least twice, he thought, or at least put on a good show for him. He wasn't thinking about her at all, really. He imagined he was fucking Jeanie, and all the hurt and lust and hate he felt for the two women was pounded into the space between Elaine's legs. She was so caught up in the moment (or rather, uncaring and desirous of ending the encounter) that she did not notice the small, black golf ball shaped object that Gary had pushed into her vagina just ahead of his cock.

After twenty minutes of the most vigorous sex he had ever had, Gary orgasmed deep within his wife. The session had been nothing special or spectacular. Just two people intimate with each other; two people that were just going through the motions. But when he withdrew, it was only his own flesh that pulled from her; the black ball remained.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jeanie stopped at the small store on the south end of the city. She wanted to get Elaine a new gift, to celebrate the evenings festivities. Almost all of her important toys and clothing were packed and on the cruise ship already, as were Elaine's. In reality, they were taking very little compared to what they had; they would buy whatever they need when they got to the islands. Jeanie's eyes washed over the shelves of sex toys, and looked for the perfect accessory to tonight's outfit.

On the first night they had consummated their relationship, she had taken Elaine's lesbian virginity with a strap-on. From their prior conversations, Elaine had let slip bits and pieces of her sex life with Gary. Jeanie made sure that the dildo she picked out today was bigger than Gary's cock, so that from that point on she would always be bigger in that department. A little thing in reality, and one which didn't really matter much, but it was a heavily psychological one.

The night Jeanie made her move, she had gotten Elaine a bit drunk. The house was warm, Elaine got woozy, and Jeanie took advantage of each and every crack in Elaine's defenses. She set the house temperature higher when she couldn't be seen, and slowly convinced her employer that shedding a piece of clothing here and there would make them more comfortable. Jeanie had a a way about her, a confidence, a sexually predatory nature that drew men and women alike to her and which made her naturally dominant. Subtle suggestions and outright proposals soon had Elaine drunk with wine and desire. In no time at all they were naked on the floor in front of the fireplace, talking about men and their selfish sexual attitudes.

Every slip, every hesitation, every doubt that Elaine had about her sexual relationship with Gary was exploited by Jeanie. Subtle touches here, a comforting hug there, a little more wine, and Elaine was well on her way to be seduced by the beautiful and sexy Jeanie. She knew how to touch Elaine, how to kiss her, how to break past the barriers and worm her way into Elaine's soul. It was so easy that Jeanie almost regretted doing it. Almost. Okay, not at all.

That first night in bed, Jeanie kept Elaine on the edge of sexual ecstasy, and never allowed her lover to come down off the orgasmic high once she entered. By the time Jeanie brought out the strap-on harness, Elaine would have given over her wedding vows to anybody that could satisfy her lust. Jeanie made her suck it first, then she fucked her pussy and her ass. She made Elaine beg for sex by using her tongue and the dildo on the blonde, until Elaine was so deep in the sexual haze that she couldn't bring herself back out. Then Jeanie fucked her some more and made the one night experience a weekend that cemented their new relationship.

Great thing about dildoes, Jeanie thought, is they never go soft. Gary could never compete with that. Jeanie's mind snapped back to the present moment, and walked the floor of the shop, looking for a new delight. It would have to be bigger and better than anything they had used. She saw it on the top shelf: long and thick and white as snow, with small bumps all over the shaft, and a set off large balls to help hold it in the harness. Elaine would submit once again to Jeanie, and become Jeanie's submissive lover for all time. Her sex slave. Her lesbian bitch in heat. And this time, Gary would witness it all.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jeanie greeted a visibly shaken Elaine at the door to her modest townhouse with a quick kiss, then ushered her inside. She poured two cups off coffee, and offered one to Elaine as they sat at the kitchen table. "He's back, and he knows," Elaine said in a low tone.

Jeanie took a sip and watched her lover.

"Why, did he say something?"

"No, it was the way he acted. Cold, aloof. But determined. Like he knows everything, but is just going through the motions until something happens. We made love, no, that's not right - he fucked me this morning. He was like a man possessed. Not like the Gary I knew."

"I think you're overreacting, pet, but we did plan for this eventuality. Maybe we just push up the timeline. You said he wanted to have dinner with you tonight? Well, how about this. You and I give him his dinner, maybe get him a little drunk and relaxed, and then explain everything to him. We can't keep this a secret forever, you know."

"I know. It's just that, well, I feel I owe him a little more. We are married, and I was in love with him. Once."

Jeanie put her hand on Elaine's leg. It was time for the soft approach. "But you aren't anymore. That part of the relationship is gone. The marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper, pet, and it's time you moved on and grew to the person you can be."

"I know, I know, you don't have to lecture me on that anymore. Tonight it is, then. We'll have dinner and drinks, and then explain everything to him." Elaine glanced at her watch. "Crap - I didn't know how late it was. I have to run if I am going to get everything ready for tonight!" Elaine gave Jeanie a long, lingering kiss, then rushed out the front door.

Jeanie watched her drive away before closing the front door, then headed downstairs into the 'playroom'. She grabbed the last duffle bag from storage and began stuffing the only remaining items in to it: manacles for the bed, some leather fetish clothing, a few vibrators, a paddle, a crop, and her new favorite strap-on dildo 'Ivory'. She hauled the bag upstairs, went to the bathroom, and rifled the medicine cabinet for a long unused prescription. Tonight, she would take Elaine from Gary completely, and he would be helpless to prevent her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Elaine returned to the apartment and realized she wouldn't have the time she needed to cook dinner. Ironic, she thought, that their last meal was going to be takeout. The least she could do was give him that: his favorite was Italian. She picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hello, Tommy's. Vinnie speaking. What can I do for you?"

"Vinnie? This is Elaine Davidson. I'm in the mood for Italian tonight. I was wondering if you could send over lasagna for three."

"Salad and breadsticks, Mrs. Davidson?"

"Yes, Vinnie, and a bottle of wine, if you would. Something sweet. I'll need it for six."

"Sure thing, Mrs Daividson. Six it is."

* * * * * * * * *

Gary looked in amusement at the stack of financial statements on his desk. As much as he hated her, he had to admit that Jeanie was good. In the beginning, as their accountant, she had always invested wisely for the couple. But early in her employment he had found a couple of pages shuffled in some other papers on Elaine's desk. Since that time, a friend at the agency Jeanie worked at made sure he got duplicates to a p.o. box Gary opened to keep track of business matters.

On rare occasions, like this afternoon, his friend would email copies of the documents if the need was drastic enough. Slowly but surely, all the money the couple had earned and invested was discreetly funneled into offshore accounts in Elaine's name only. Jeanie had then rolled over their money into her own accounts, as well as money she had been skimming from other customers. The two of them had quite a nest egg squirreled away. Unfortunately, it was all in Jeanie's name. A recent flurry of activity over the past week (while he was out of town) plus some last minute account movements that afternoon all but confirmed his suspicions that they were just about ready to make the break.

Everything they owned had been liquidated. The house in the city was sold and the new owners would take possession at the end of the month. He wondered when she was going to tell him.

The money from the sale of their beach house on Cape May, all of their stocks, bonds, and even their personal 401Ks, all now resided in Jeanie's accounts.. The credit cards were all in his name, but Elaine had maxed each and every one of them with cash withdrawals. Hell, his wife had even taken out loans against his car. The only recent purchases of note were two tickets on a cruise ship to the British Virgin Islands. One way.

Gary buzzed his secretary. "Joanna? I've got a bit of jetlag. Am I still clear for the week? I think I am going to take some downtime."

"Yes sir, you're good. I'll let the men upstairs know. They were a little surprised you were in this afternoon, but everybody knows your attention to detail, so they figured you would be in for at least a little bit. Have a good day; I hope you are feeling better."

"Thanks, Joanna. Have a good weekend." Gary grabbed his jacket and briefcase and slipped out the back door.

* * * * * * * * *

Elaine was elusive when they sat at the dinner table. It was set for three, and Gary wanted to know who would be intruding on their first night together. She finally gave in.

"I invited Jeanine. She has some things she wants to discuss with us, and I thought dinner would be a good time."
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