The third and fourth match

Third match - Diamond vixen vs. Robert the Rod

I was in the dressing-room again, preparing for my next match with Robert the Rod. I was pissed by the humiliating loss by the newcomer Jenny the Blitz, and really didn't want to lose twice tonight. I have met him and lost once before, and it was very painful taking his giant prick up the ass. But it was almost a year ago, and I've been training a lot, and hope it will make a difference. Janet the Black Panther was also in the dressing room and asked my who I was up against 'Robert the Rod? He is a push over if you maul his balls. Don't hesitate, Vixen.' She told me

'I don't know, Janet. That man is a psycho case. He has the biggest prick I have ever seen, and I don't want to be on the losing end of that monster.

"Oh, don't worry, I think you will nail him this time. Girls rule here tonight, did you see how Lisa the Hellcat won over Tim the ranger tonight! She has now beaten all the guys except Frank and Leroy. That's really amazing. And that woman, Anne amazoniac is just mean. I hope you can keep the girls winning streak here tonight, by fucking up the Rod also. God knows he needs a good fucking from a woman.

I laughed at her " - OK, I'll see what I can do."

The girl were there waiting to help me on with my fox fur cape and fox-head hood. It had cost me 2,000 US dollars, made to measure, but the notoriety it had brought me had been worth it. That with my foxy tricks in the ring of course! As usual the girls were tapping me up for the fight.

As with all fuck-bouts, I was naked under my cape. Same as Robert the Rod would be under his. We stripped our capes off in the ring after we were introduced by the referee. I loved the crowd's response when they saw me naked, the whistles, the cat calls and the many lewd calls. They all turned me on and made me hot and horny. I was proud of my body, both curvy and strong, and loved how I could tease men with it. I made a few lewd gestures of my own, this whipped up the young and the old randy males plus a few ardent lesbians.

The women in the audience screamed when the Robert removed his horned hat and fur trappings to reveal his monster cock which he was brandishing to all four corners and at me. I felt my asshole muscles tighten up painfully, as I remembered how he had seriously fucked me up last time. He was about my length and size. He was smaller than Larry, my husband, but he was meaner in some way. His head, chest and his bollocks was a mass of red hair. Thick and unkempt where ever it grew. It hid my target, his balls. I want to get them in my fists soon.

A guy in the crowd was chanting, 'Fuck her! Fuck her cunt! " Then came a woman's scream, 'Bite his balls off, Vixen! Fuck his red asshole! Give it to him good, Vixen!"

They loved it! It was like they wanted the fucking to start right away. In a way, I did too. I really wanted so see the smug smile on Roberts face disappear as I penetrated his little butt with my strapon. It would be so great. I felt how my juices flowed again just from thinking about it.

There was no sign of Larry. He may not recovered from the brutal loss against amazoniac, but it was the very first time he had not attended one of my fights. It made me nervous. Too late the referee cautioned us and blew his whistle We dropped down to hands and knees on the mat and the whistle blew again and I darted under the Robert and made a grab for his balls. He evaded my clutches by springing up onto straight legs and fastening steel claws onto my nipples and squeezing them hard. He hurt me and I screamed at him in anger and grabbed him and turned him around and on his back like a rag doll. I tried to throw myself on top of him but he hit me hard with his knee between my legs and belly, and I rolled over in pain. It wasn't allowed to kick, punch or use knee, but the referee said it was no foul and it was me who had threw me on his knee. Damn him, Robert is playing dirty as always. Before I could recompose myself, he was behind me and I felt how his left fingers was pushing inside my pussy was he hold me with his other arm. I knew this hold was hard to break, as he had pinned me twice like this in our last match. "- Are you ready to lose again?" I heard him pant in my ear. I got angry by his foul play, and threw myself back at him. He managed to hold me but I could feel how he had trouble to hold me, and I tried the same move again. To my surprise I could break free this time and I could hear Robert cursing "- What the fuck!" and I guess he was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to break one of his special pinning hold.

I quickly threw myself on him again and we started to roll around the mat, both struggling fiercely to get on top. It was pretty close, but he wasn't as strong as I remembered, or if it was me who had gotten stronger since last time. Anyway, after a while, I managed to control the match more and more and stayed on top of him longer and longer before he could throw me off. I got on top of him again, and this time I could not wait to get revenge on his knee before, and quickly I busted his balls with my right knee. The referee didn't seem to have notice it, but he was temporarily stunned with pain and I could roll him over on his belly. I quickly got on top of him and my left hand got between his legs and found his sore big balls, and grabbed them firmly. Robert gasped out loud and wiggled his body from side to side, and trying to pull my hands off his ball with his left hand. But he had no leverage, and he just coursed more pain on his ball when he tried to pull my hand away. I smiled at his weak efforts, and played with him a little before laying myself on top of him, pushing his body firmly down the mat, while still holding his ball with my left hand. My right arm got around his throat and I was now pinning him to the mat and he could not move his body. It was easy for me to maintain this hold on him, and I could tease him, kissing him on the neck and so on. I could hear how he muttered, "- You damn bitch." But it didn't take long before he understood his hopeless position and shouted out his submission. "- First submission to Diamond vixen. Both fighters up on your knees!" Karen the referee said.

I got up and was very pleased with myself. The first pin was the most important. I had been afraid of his dirty tactics, but now I felt I could handle them and give him back with his own medicine. Physically I felt at least as strong as him, and I was both quicker and more skilled than him on the mat, and it made me feel very confident. Robert got up more slowly, and I could see he was angry. " -You going to pay for that, and it gonna be painful for you!" He hissed at me. " -You think so? but I think you have to work on your mat skill first, otherwise you and your ass is gonna get punished by the Vixen in the last round." I said a smiled at him.

He grunted and threw himself at me, his hand attacking my boobs again. This time I could grab both his wrist and he struggle to free them from my firm hold. He was frustrated when hid didn't manage to break free his arm and I could move in so we was standing chest to chest with me still controlling his hands and arms with mine, holding them wide out. We struggled a little before I could push him back and he fell on his back with me over him, straddling his chest, and pinning his wrist on the mat above his head. I moved forward so I was sitting at his face and could release my grip on his arms as I now pinned his arms with my legs. He twisted under me, tried to flip me over, but didn't manage. I poked him a little in his pinned face, before reaching back with my hand and grabbing his large cock, and squeezing it tightly. He gasped out in pain and frustration, and I really enjoyed looking down at his pinned face under me, thinking how cocky and arrogant he had been towards me before. I began to jerk his cock hard, and I smiled when I could feel how it began to grow in my hand. "- No, no, stop it. Stop it, I submit, I SUBMIT!!!" Robert screamed under me. I heard the female crowd cheer and I waved for them, this was going easier than I hoped for before, and I was a little surprised by my fast win.

"- Second submission to Diamond vixen and the score is now 2-0 to Vixen. You have to let him go now, Vixen!" Karen the referee said to me with a sharp tone. "- Oh, sorry." I said and got to my feet, letting Robert up.

I was pretty confident of winning the match now, and smiled as we circled each other for the next round. I must have relaxed a little too much, course he managed to get me down and on top. But I managed to push him off me pretty easy. The fight continued a few minutes on the mat, we both rolling around, trying hold on each others. I found myself enjoying the wrestling, how skilful, how tight it was, how I could feel his male body struggling against mine, how I could rub myself against his very large cock as we rolled around the mat, and I didn't go for a quick pin. He thought he was close to win in the beginning, but soon his began to run out of steam, and I could control him again. After a while I put my legs around his neck and forced him so submit as I began to squeeze them thigh.

" - And we have suuuuubmission!!! " The referee shouted out. " - The match is over, Diamond vixen have taken a brutal revenge on Robert the rod, winning 3-0. This was a free to all match, there Vixen have to ask the audience that she should do the loser in the humiliation round!!! Do we have any suggestions?" Karen the referee asked the crowd.

There where a lot of noise from the crowd, it was hard to hear what everybody was saying. But you could hear a chanting clearly, and when I looked up I could see it was the younger girls sitting in front of me before, except Sunny, chanting again and again " STRAP--ON--FUCK, STRAP--ON--FUCK, STRAP--ON--FUCK, STRAP--ON--FUCK..." Another very loud female voice shouted " Gag and fuck, gag and fuck. gag and fuck." and I was I saw it was a big black woman, who looked very excited, shouting with her impressive voice.

"- So, so. it looks like the crowd had chosen to let Vixen gag Robert and then victoryfuck him with a strap-on. Let it be so. Here is your strapon, Diamond Vixen." Karen said and handled me my favourite strapon, a black smooth dildo. " - And do we have something to gag him with?" Karen asked the audience, and smiled as she saw how the big black woman was waving with her large panties. " - I think this will do good. Thanks." Karen said to the black woman and gave it to me. I smiled as I felt how they where damp by cuntjuices. I put on my strapon, and walked forward to Robert, who was waiting for me with on all four and his head hanging down. I grabbed his hair and jerked it upwards and pressed in the large wet panties in his mouth, ignoring his muffling objections. I then got behind him and began to press my strapon against his exposed butthole. I was going to be great to be able to turn the table on him this time, showing this arrogant guy who's was the boss. After a little fumbling, it went inside him, and I firmly pushed it all the way inside him with one thrust. He jerked and tried to cry out, the panties almost fell out. I stopped this by leaning forward and held my right hand over his mouth, keeping the black woman's panties in place, and muffling his cries, as I began to thrust into him with a quick pace. The female crowd love to see his big semi erect cock dangling under him as I continued to fuck him from behind. I could see how one cute looking guy in the audience hade stepped close to the mat and was taking pictures of us wit his camera. I smiled for him, slapping Roberts's buttocks and I continued to drill him, and the guy took many pictures. I loved to use the arrogant guy like this, and I could rub my clit against the dildo knob every time I thrust into him and it didn't take long for me to climax, screaming out my orgasm as I thrust into him harder than ever. I held on a minute or so, before pulling out my dildo and pushed his exhausted body down on the mat. I waved for the fans in the crowd, posing a little over my beaten foe. The cute guy asked me to flex my arms and I did so, even if I hadn't cut muscles like other fighters, he seamed very pleased. When I looked up I could also see the cocky young Summer on the right side of the ring. She had strapped a dildo outside her low-cut jeans, and was holding the shy old man by the hair and forcing him to suck her dildo, while she was looking at my action at the mat. She was looking like she had the time of her life. I was feeling great fucking him in the mat in front of the great audience, but it didn't take long before Karen lead us off the mat, and began to prepare for the next match.

Fourth match - Larry the sergeant vs. Fairy Mammoth

The second opponent for Larry tonight was against a woman by the name of Fairy Mammoth. She has huge powerful thighs and had only gone matches against men, winning her last two, over Kane the stick and Jose the Mexican, convincingly. She had curly dark big hair, a curvy body with big boobs and butt. She didn't look very athletic, but looks can be deceiving and she had a very solid body and I had seen her a lot at the gym lately lifting heavy. She has a ridged strap-on which can be painful to take up already well fucked ass. I'm afraid that Larry, on the way home tonight, is going to stink of cunt juices and have a very sore butt.

They stepped up inside the ring waving and posing for the crowd. They were about the same length, but fairy was clearly heavier than him. But she had a few pounds fat on her body, so it maybe wasn't impossible for my Larry to beat her. Karen said go!!, and the match was on. They tugged and pushed each others, feeling each others up. I cheered for him, "Take her down, Larry!" I shouted. He seemed to take me on the words, and managed to push her down, getting a top of her as she fell on her back. She quickly got her massive tights around his midsection and began to squeeze. My husband screamed out in pain and surprise, as the big woman's scissor hurt him. He let go of his hold of her and tried to wiggle out, but her scissor hold on him was tight like a vice. He struggled to get out but her scissor hurt too much and when she locked one of his arms also he quickly submit.

He was shocked by the power of those thighs and the next round he did everything he could to avoid them. The next two rounds was a little more close, but as soon as she got her big rock hard legs around his body or neck it was just matter of time before he had so submit as he just couldn't break it. I now understand why she got the name man-eater, seeing her big curvy body controlling my husband more slim body, it looked almost like her legs devour him.

Karen declared Fairy Mammoth winner of the match and the big proud woman strapped on her infamous ridged dildo, and made my husband suck it before victoryfucking him hard on the mat. He was screaming out in pain at first, but as she continued his screaming was replaced by gentler moans. I knew I should be feeling sorry for him, or feeling jealous, and almost felt a little ashamed by how hot I got again by watching my husband treated like that on the mat.
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