A crossdresser turns to a Mistress who changes his life

This is a little fantasy of mine and dedicated to my Mistress. There is some explicit language and scenes in the story and you know the drill, if you are underaged or don´t like to read (bi)sexual acts than don't bother. This story is explusively mine and can only be copied after contacting me.

I haven't written in years and I hope I haven´t gotten too rusty and you all enjoy this new story. Enjoy!

I am married since, oh my, sometimes it seems ages. My wife Andrea and I have spent really good times together but in the last couple of years things really went downhill, not so much in everyday life but in our bed. I mean nothing happened anymore, the heaviest activity in our bed was when I got on top of her maybe once a month or sometimes even only once in two months. She simply wasn't interested anymore. I asked myself where has the adventurous woman gone I got to know of the first years.

We made love everywhere and even introduced me wearing sexy lingerie to our bedroom. Heck, sometimes I was dressed sexier than she was. No, make that most of the time. I simply love lace and silk, and the lacier and silkier the better. She prefers cotton underwear if you get what I mean. I am a crossdresser since childhood. I just can'tt help it. I love beautiful and sexy clothes but specially underwear, the frillier the better. Oh how I love to touch and let glide silky underwear through my fingers. It sends shivers through all of my body. Isn´t that soo sexy?

Since Andrea simply prefers her beauty sleep over having sex with me I have started to indulge myself more and more in the nether world of the Internet. Now and then you "run" even into a decent person and that was and is in my eyes Mistress Tracey. We had long sessions talking together and exchanging many mails.

She had explained to me that my wife Andrea wasn't interested in me anymore because she had contacted her and now Andrea was the virtual wife of Mistress Tracey. Whoa! Did I mention it before to Mistress Tracey that I found lesbian love highly erotic? Oh, no, she couldn´t have contacted Andrea. How? No, she was just toying with me. She also told me I would serve them in a wife-wife household as a sissymaid.

I was laughing inside, she really was toying with me. Still I went along with her train of thoughts and so in our daily mail exchange we spoke only of her wife Andrea and me as a maid and not about my wife Andrea and me her husband anymore. I simply didn't realize how much I told her about our life. It all came to a climax when Mistress Tracey coaxed me to come visit her with her wife Andrea on the pretext of visiting a couple of friends I hadn't seen in years. One evening when Andrea came from work I broke the news that I had a big surprise for her.

"Andrea honey, you come late from work tonight. I hardly could wait for you to come back. Today I got an e-mail from a couple. I mean Tracey and John are friends from long ago and I thought I had lost communication completely but somehow they found my mail address. The best thing is they are really rich and told me they wanted us to visit and would even pay for the tickets. Isn't that great?" I gushed.

She was equally surprised and said it would be lovely to take some time off from work. A few days later she told everything was arranged at work and so I got in touch with Mistress Tracy and a date was set. Besides Mistress had an unusual request for me.

She explicitly told me what to wear on the flight. It had to be distinctly feminine but not too obvious in order not to cause too much attention. So she had me purchase panties, bra and stockings with garterbelt. Then I had to buy slacks with either side or backzipper, a blouse which buttoned up in the back and low heeled preferably open-toed pumps. This was to show off my painted toenails which Mistress Tracey also demanded me to do.

Her wife Andrea was completely against it.

"You make yourself a laughing stock in this clothes. You look like a big sissy, absolutely ridiculous."

She continually shook her head.

"Do we have Halloween already? I don´t think so."

Finally she relented when I told her I would stomach any teasing from whom ever and the mystery would be revealed at the arrival of our destination. So I sat with her in the plane quite self conscious completely dressed up in womens clothes. I got a few sneers when we were waiting in line before boarding and I thought I could hear the word sissy a few times. I clung cloself to Andrea and pretended not to have heard anything.

During the flight Andrea teased me a couple of times. First looking at my open-toed pumps.

"I never realised how cute your feet were. Now with those shiny red toes it becomes really obvious. So dainty."

A while later she stroked my smooth front.

"Oh honey, why did they sell you pants without a zipper? Oh, I forgot it is in the back. It suits you soo well. Who would ever guess you have a penis seeing you like this."

Then she gushed about my blouse.

"Sweetie, I can't believe you've got yourself such a feminine blouse. And the little bra gives you nice little bumps as if you had real titties. You wish, I bet."

I took her teasing as good as I could, of course not without turning bright red each time but like I told her before I stomached all teasing I got. Thankfully she was the only one teasing me the entire flight. I guess the flight attendants were too professional.

When we finally arrived at our destination, Mistress and her hubby John waited for us at the airport in order to pick us up. When she saw us Mistress immediately went to her wife Roxana, took her in her arms by surprise and kissed her right on her mouth.

Andrea struggled and squirmed for a moment but then relaxed in Mistress arms because she obviously felt the connection between the two of You. The kiss turned sensual and John coughed politely because we were drawing attention. Two heavily kissing women, an obvious sissy and a man standing close by is surely not an everday sight at an airport.

Then Mistress looked at me.

"You did very good in buying the clothes I ordered and looking at your shiny red toes you also used the nail polish. Good girl."

She then turned around and while walking to the car Mistress Tracey and Andrea were already holding hands as if they knew each other since years.

I trudged dumbfounded with John at my side behind them to the car. I knew I couldn't protest in any way. I was the one responsable for this situation. What did I think would come out of it? Arriving at the car Mistress told John to take a Taxi with me and take me to a place where she had made an appointment for me. I held my breath, I didn't dare to ask why and what for but had a fairly good idea about what would happen to me. I saw Andrea smiling at me.

"Have fun honey, where ever you go with John."

Mistress laughed out loud. "Gr, err, Gary, will definitely have fun and I bet he will even look cuter than he does already."

Then they got into Mistress car not without giving me another show of their affection when kissing heavily. How was it possible that they were already so intimate after knowing each for such a short while. To my horror I saw Mistress tongue enter Andreas mouth and I swore I saw some sucking motions from my wife! My wife? Or already the wife of Mistress Tracey?

John took my arm and pulled me away from the crime scene. I lookd at him.

"Aren't you jealous?" I asked.

He grinned at me.

"She is your Mistress, isn't she?" he shot back.

I blushed and nodded.

"She is mine too you must know, but still I am also your Master little sissymaid Greta."

I gasped, turned beetred and felt totally humiliated. We got into a cap with me sitting quiet at his side.

"Cheer up girl. Enjoy the ride. That is why you came here, didn't you?"

Was he right? Did I come with Andrea because I didn't want her anymore, because I wanted to let go of everything and have Mistress decide about my life? Oh, I was confused. Totally confused. I vowed to go through with what Mistress had planned. I didn't want to disppoint her. After a short while we arrived at the place: A beauty parlor. John told me this wasn't just a normal beauty parlor but it had some extra features I would get to know soon enough.

He ushered me in before I could put up any resistance. He was taller and more muscular anyway so any attempts would have been futile anyway.

A girl attended us and Mistress hubby said "Greta here has an appointment."

Once again I blushed over both ears because of his comment and laughing girl. She caught herself quickly and told me to wait a moment. After a minute another girl arrived and took me inside. John asked the girl, who introduced herself as Amanda, when he could pick me up again and she answered in a few hours.

My kind of longish hair which hadn't seen a cut in months got washed, trimmed, dyed auburn and styled distinctively feminine. Then the girl waxed my eyebrows, triple pierced my ears, and put makeup explaining to me each and every step because I would have to do that from now all the time on my own.

After that was done she took me to a room in the back where she told me to take off my clothes, all of them. When I was naked she motioned for me to lay down, I would now get a brasilian wax. It hurt a lot but I gritted my teeth and in the end I was completely smooth like I never had been before. Then she left the room for a moment, quickly returned and also pierced my belly button. This is not the end yet I was told because Your Mistress told me You were going to be her maid and a maid has no use for a penis.

"At first she was toying with the idea to put you in a chastity device but then after talking with me we got to a different agreement."

Her devious smile drove all color out of my face. What was she going to do to me? She grabbed my wrists and tied them above my head.

"This is just for your own security. I don't want you to interfere with anything," she said.

Once again she left the room and it took a while before she came back carrying a bag with her. She placed the bag on the ground and told me to open my mouth which was quickly stuffed with a penisgag. After securing it behind my head the girl told me she didn't want to hear any screaming from me. I was even more frightened now after that comment with wide open eyes involuntarily sucking on the gag. She bend down, grabbed the bag and put it right on my scrotch.


I screamed into the gag because it was obviously an ice bag. After a while she lifted the bag and my penis had shriveled so much that it merely resembled a clit. She deftly emptied my sack by pushing my balls back into the body.

"That´s where they belong to. They are nothing more than ovaries which just go back to were they belong to anyway."

She took a syringe, looked at me and said: "I am not that cruel a girl, this is to prevent pain."

After a short prick she waited for a while before proceeding. I had no feeling down there anymore but with my head lifted I could see that she had pulled the empty sack over my little clitty and started to sew the folds over it just leaving the tip peeking out the end.

"Now that is safe you can get dressed."

When I got up she pushed me in front of a mirror and for all purposes I looked like a flatchested woman. Just looking down at me there was no sign I even grew a penis in my former life. I started to tremble and then cried.

"Yes", she said. "Let it all out. You are going to begin a new life serving Your Mistress."

When I left the room John was already waiting. I thanked Amanda for preparing me for my new life and John gushed over my new hairdo.

"My goodness, you are very cute. Mistress knew Amanda would work wonders on you."

I felt embarrassed and proud at the same time and blushed once again. He laughed outloud.

"Oh you like the comment. You are a real girl. All girls like compliments."

He finally took me home, caressing my leg all the way back to Mistress house. I wanted to get away from him but their was no way of escape. When we entered I immediately heard moans and screams all over the house. We stood in the hallway and after a moment or two John started to smile.

"Oh God, these two really have found each other. What is in there for me?"

He then started to rearrange his bulge in his pants. John looked at me, I looked back but couldn't hold his gaze and looked sheepishly on the ground.

"Get down on your knees. Now sissymaid Greta".

In horror I looked back at him and saw the determination in his eyes. He made a step forward, I shivered because I thought he was going to hit me but he simply pushed me down, quickly opened his zipper and a massive cock burst out right in front of me. Immediately his hands were behind my head and while hearing Mistress Tracey and Andrea making wild love I was on the brink of having a big cock in my mouth. John wiped himself all over my face.

"Open up, open up", he repeated himself.

In the same moment I wanted to cry for help he shoved his big snake deep into my mouth. I was forced to give my first blowjob of my life. After a while sucking him I got lost in my own world and so I didn´t hear that meanwhile the house had quieted down. Only when I heard Mistress voice saying.

"Oh hubby I am going to severely punish you later. She was supposed to service me first. Still let her finish the business quick so she learns that an order has to be obeyed even so it wasn´t given from me."

She then continued.

"Greta is the maid in this house so she is the last in the pecking order. Me and my wife to be Andrea are obviously the first, my hubby earns the money to support our lavish lifestyle and Greta provdes the domestic and any other service which is bestowed on her. Now Greta get going and try hard to swallow all of his cum."

I doubled my efforts after hearing what Mistress had to say and soon Johns cock started to harden and grow even and I was rewarded with a big load of cum. Since he held my head I had no chance but to swallow. Still, quite a bit escaped my mouth when I started to cough with the unfamiliar taste. I quickly wiped up the spilled cum and licked my fingers clean. They all had a good laught at me and Mistress spoke once again.

"Greta, you soon will get used to the taste. I thought it all out, Andrea has agreed and we can live as two couples together."

With that she took some papers out of a folder and presented them to me.

"This my dear Greta are several documents you are going to sign. The first one are divorce papers. Andrea and I are a couple now and you have no right to hold her back. Besides my hubby has already signed. He knows he can't hold me back. So sign here now."

I looked at her for a moment and knew she was right. I had lost my status as a husband. I ran with open eyes into the desaster, or wasn't it a desaster after all? What would happen to me I thought? Mistress Tracey revealed everything.

"After you have signed this paper, you will sign another paper which is a legal name change from Gary to Greta Lynne. Then you will move into the wing of the house where Johns already lives. You will soon become his new wife after some modifications will be made."

Once again I lookd at Mistress, slowly took the pen and signed myself into a new life.
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